Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

A bounty hunter is associated with one's goals in life.

The dreamers associated with money and also the feeling all emotional pressures. Bounty hunter dream normally appears when the dreamer is feeling the security is being breached.

A bounty hunter is a person who ensures that law and order are obeyed. A bounty hunter generally searchers for criminals and fugitives. A reward is offered by the court. Many states have recently banned three types of practices.

A bounty hunter can chase people that have skipped bail, and they seek a reward for recovering money.

Dreams, whereby a bounty hunter is featured is connected to how secure we feel in life.

It is a meaning of judgments of sorts.

In the dream

  • You are the bounty hunter.
  • You are unable to pay the bounty hunter.
  • Someone you know is a bounty hunter.
  • A strange person is a bounty hunter.

Detailed Dream Interpretation

When you dream that you are a bounty hunter, it means that you are aware of areas of life where you are feeling difficulties.

Maybe there are problems which you haven’t worked through that need correcting. Your subconscious is bringing them out to you so that you can make adjustments, clear your mind of past mistakes and move on with life.

To be the bounty hunter in the dream is connected to possible hindrances of the past. In your waking life, make sure that you reflect on what is positive and good. Try to review the mistakes you may have made in the process of climbing the career ladder. If there are people you think you stepped over - go back to them and ask for forgiveness. Even compensate them for by being kind and caring. If there are things which you can’t go back on and correct (or things you have said that are unkind) make sure that in future you don’t repeat the same mistakes again.

If a person you know in waking life appears as a bounty hunter then you are being motivated by money. If there is a relative or a friend whom you wronged in the past it is important to approach them and ask for forgiveness.

This might be the reason why you are stagnant in your progress in life. Whatever you did is emitting negative energy in your life which is preventing you from going an extra step further. If you don’t, they may come after you and cause embarrassment. To avoid this from happening, this dream is a warning, and you have to take it seriously. The sooner you clear the air, the better. Things happen in life due to unavoidable circumstances.

To be chased by a bounty hunter (or hunted) suggests you wronged someone dear to you. Explain yourself to them, and they will be understanding. They will move on with their lives. Once it is complete, let it be a lesson so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes with someone else.

A dream that involves a strange person being a bounty hunter is an indicator that you have something in your subconscious mind that is making you feel guilty. This is a good sign. You are living a life which is fulfilling, well planned and

Continue with the way you are approaching your life and keep it up. To see a court in your dream suggests that you are feeling emotionally empty. Try to educate those around you, so they follow your lead. Share with them how you have succeeded in your life so far.

Feelings that you may have encountered during this dream

Godly, guilty, stagnated, pure, forgiving, loving, emotional and worried about security.

By Florance Saul
May 5, 2017