Dream Of Dreadlocks

Dream Of Dreadlocks

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Dreadlocks are normally found in the African culture and are known as another term “Dreads” we sometimes find dreadlocks appear in our dream state. There is specific spiritual power in dreadlocks and these are sometimes connected to negative powers. In life, the hair with dreadlocks remains what is known as a “negative perception” of a person and a way to communicate spiritual identity. 

To see yourself wearing dreadlocks in the dream state symbolizes a relaxed mindset. They also represent a person who’s always easy going and doesn’t like drama. Negatively, if you dream of cutting off dreadlocks, it suggests that you’re not fulfilling your full opportunity. Or you’re probably not paying enough attention to the problems in your life.

Do you have dreadlocks in real life?

It is not uncommon to dream of dreadlocks when you currently have this hairstyle. Many people have emailed me to say that they have experienced a dream of their dreadlocks falling out or snapping off. If this is the case it can mean that you might be “overthinking problems” perhaps creating problems that don’t exist. Such a dream is communicating an important message. My advice is to relax and think positive. Things will work out for you eventually. I hope this resonates with you. 

The other element that I want to cover is that dreadlocks can sometimes be connected to trauma. Have you been through trauma lately? I remember about six months ago I had a distinct dream about a man who had long dreadlocks and we ended up climbing them to go to another world. Yes, the dream was freaky but what I learned was that this appeared because dreadlocks were connected to my spiritual development and the “climbing” was associated with reaching a new sense of spiritual development.

Spiritual meaning of dreadlocks

In any dream involving dreadlocks we do need to turn to the spiritual meaning. In the Hindu, tradition dreadlocks are spiritually associated with the pursuit of spiritual development. Biblically, dreadlocks are not mentioned in the bible specifically.  There were a few sentences about John the baptist where his locks reached the ground. Israelite males often wore their hair long and they were discouraged from cutting their hair.  Additionally, Leviticus 19:27 also said that “you shall not round off the hair on your temples or mar the edges of your beard” which means that you should not cut your hair, we can only assume this is because of trying to work towards spiritual growth.

Dream of dreadlocks falling out in a dream

I have touched on this before. To dream that dreadlocks are falling out means that you’re always overthinking situations. However, you should avoid overthinking matters. Any type of “hair” that falls out in a dream can mean you need to think about how you communicate going forward.

Never force anything in life. Otherwise, you might end up disappointed. Many dream books indicate that hair falling out is our own internal “fear” of getting older and losing hair, it might be the reason why you’re having such a dream.

Dreadlocks falling out is connected to getting old

Dreadlocks falling out in your dream might also reflect your fear of growing old. Also, your dream represents possible low self-esteem. Losing hair in dreams reveals how you feel in waking life. Remind yourself that you’re doing everything you can and take time to relax. Alternatively, losing or missing dreadlocks in your dream might symbolize your fear of change. Are you going through some changes that you weren’t expecting?

I always like to say that change is welcome in our lives. It’s what keeps us going forward. Imagine if everything was the same every day, and you had no problems to solve, no fears or challenges to overcome. I do feel we need to embrace new challenges and problems instead of fearing them.

Dream of braiding hair

Braiding hair featured in a dream notifies you that the time has come to establish “bridges” in your waking life. This is a very positive dream. It’s the perfect time to solve your biggest issues or stabilize relations in the family. It’s also the perfect time to think about your workplace if you’re not content with what you’ve accomplished so far.

To dream of seeing someone braiding hair can (according to older dream books) indicate gossip and fake friends. Also, you may face a certain issue that’s making you feel challenged every day. However, you shouldn’t because there’s always a solution. Everything else will fall into place when you do what you want and not what you’re expected to do.

Braided hair on children in a dream also signifies emotional patterns or thoughts that seem impossible to bear. It can mean you are feeling positive. Long, braided hair in your dream means that you’re very excited about something or someone that you can’t get out of your mind.

To dream that you lose a braid means from ancient dream books that your financial concerns will finally come to an end. Just keep on doing what you’re doing and don’t fall into traps. In the western tradition, a dream that your hair is braided symbolizes internal doubts and concerns. You’re the only one standing in your way. You’re probably exaggerating about something that doesn’t actually matter.

Dream of weaves

If you dreamed about a weave in your hair can indicate a possible love affair or something that looked like a love affair but wasn’t. Alternatively, your dream symbolizes freedom and hiding your emotions. To see yourself in a salon getting a weave can indicate that you are not someone who follows rules or lives life by the book like all the people you know in your life.

Seeing a weave on someone else in a dream is connected to adventure, change, challenges, and danger. Sometimes, you even get involved in problems and situations that don’t concern you just to feel the heat.

Dream of very curly hair

There was something someone told me ages ago that I still remember. If we have curly hair it can mean we had experienced some trauma at birth. I found this quite fascinating. In dreams though curly hair is connected to our own childish ways. If you dream about very curly hair, it means that you miss your childhood. Even if you don’t have curly hair, dreaming of curly hair reflects how you feel about your childhood.

Dream of relaxing hair

If you dream of relaxing your very curly hair this is connected to trying to “straighten out” your problems. The good news is that it is likely that life will result in a positive outcome. Also, if you’re in a new relationship, your dream of relaxing or straightening hair is telling you that everything will work out just fine.

Relaxing very curly hair in your dream symbolizes a very unusual thinking style. You’re not interested in the same things as the people of your age.

Dream of textured hair

I have already said that hair in dreams represents empowerment and strength. Seeing textured hair in your dream denotes knowledge, wisdom, prosperity and deep thoughts. It can mean you are probably entering a new phase of your life. Long hair in dreams is a symbol of both physical and spiritual strength. 

Textured hair is a symbol of sexual pleasure as well. If you are lacking passion in your waking life, then change is coming.

Dream of blond afro or dreadlocks 

Seeing dreadlocks that are blonde or blond afro hair in your dream symbolizes seduction, virility, sensuality, health, and vanity.  You’re going to keep a secret that will make you feel alive again.

Dream of afro dreadlocks

Afro hairstyle is a symbol of freedom and creativity in dreams. Seeing afro hair products in your dreams has two meanings. The first one is associated with your talents and potential.

This dream is a reminder of your potential. Get your talents to work. The other meaning is associated with a lack of focus. You’re not very excited about your dreams as you were before. And you’re ignoring the opportunities coming your way.

Dream of dark dreadlocks

black hair is a symbol of mystery, sexual temptation, and intense emotions. Seeing black dreadlocks in your dream means that you’re very mysterious. Also, you’re very good at hiding your emotions. However, it’s not good for your mental health. 

Summary of a dream of dreadlocks

To conclude, dreaming of hair is a great dream. Hair is a symbol of power, strength, and knowledge. However, dreadlocks are rich in spiritual development and communication. This dream, in general, can tap into our own daily life and even trigger nightmares. If you did dream of a nightmare (involving dreadlocks) then it can indicate tensions and emotions that you need to deal with in waking life. If your dreadlocks were “messy” then this can indicate that you are thinking about crazy things right now. If the hair was “uncared” then it is connected to a radical change in life.

By Florance Saul
Jan 30, 2020