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The Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords is a card known to many for its different challenges.

When you have received this card in your reading, there is an emphasis in your life on education, particularly advanced education, or some kind of trade that you are beginning. You are a calculating individual and you are going through a phase of needing to speak out and advance your opinions. Mental projects that you have applying efforts to be carried out into the physical world so that you can materialize your ideas into reality and so that you can see concrete results that you are proud of. This is a card of publishing, news, editing, computers, and storage of information as well as communication.

The importance of communicating yourself at this point, in your most honest way possible is that at this point in time you are traversing a potential trap of getting stuck into a lack mentality. Therefore the more that you communicate your wants and needs, the more likely you will be to get them without having to resort to behavior that can be interpreted as less then forthright. As an example, the image of the Seven of Swords as it appears in the Rider Waite deck depicts a man who is right in the middle of stealing some swords from a nearby military camp. He would like to be able to take with him all that are there, but he can only carry so much. This is directly symbolic to a fear of not having enough and the need to be slightly dishonest to either achieve more or acquire more in your life.

This also means that you have too much going on for yourself, more then you can comfortably keep track of. It is important now for you to consider what you do not need, and how you can acquire honestly that which you do require from life and from the experiences that you have. As we have learned, the Universe provides to us what we think about. If you are consistently thinking about what you do not have, and are coming up with faster ways that aren’t necessarily as honest to get something, then your mind is going to be going over that pretty well constantly. This means that you are showing your lack mentality to the Universe because you are showing that in order to get what you want you have to in a sense steal it. As we know, the Universe abhors a vacuum. So any moment that you are not actively intending your existence all the way down to how you feel then you will find that it is far easier for things to get bad for you. What you should be perpetuating is the image of yourself being an exceptionally abundant human being who needs only ask for more and more then will fall into your lap, as if by magic.

At this time, there are plans that you have put into play that may fall due to the unwise ways you have been trying to make everything work. It is time to try a different technique. Stabilize your mind, as this will assist you in encouraging a system of natural grounding. You have a mental foundation that allows you take great leaps in consciousness. It should not be difficult for you to regroup and try something new. You have the capability to take the potential degree of intensity out of any situation that is frustrating for you. Now is the time to do something that is out of character, something that is daring and proves to yourself that you are brave and have some skill as well as capable of being cunning for yourself in a real way.

One of the positive aspects of this card is that you have finally begun to claim others as extension of yourself. You are allowing the influence of others to be genuinely important to your everyday life, and so you are becoming more of a genuine person. The Seven of Swords tells you to make sure to work at this as much as you can. You can at points be a bit of a perfectionist, but you have begun to develop solid relationships where they understand you and even enjoy this personality trait.

The Seven of Swords in Love

The Seven of Swords presents itself in your love reading when it is time for you to focus on bringing more genuine people into your experience. You must not get stuck in your overly rational ways so much that you do not allow love into your life. It is understandable, given your character, that you at points can feel as though love is unnecessary. But the Seven of Swords is telling you that you must allow some irrational moments into your life because it is good for you to do so. You must let others in, so that they may help you when you need the help. When you are trying to do everything on your own, you become dishonest and fear motivates you. This is not something that you have to be stuck in because you have help.

The Seven of Swords in Health

There is a hoarding quality about your current situation in health. You are afraid of not having and so you surround yourself with items, both physically and mentally that crowd your existence. This could be referring to something as specific as your physical house or where you live. There is too much mess about. Now is the time to clean house spiritually and physically. Cleaning physically will encourage good health because you will be less likely to get infection from surfaces and rooms that are unclean, but it will also perpetuate your spiritual health because you will be taking action.

The Seven of Swords in Work and Wealth

In your work life you have become overburdened by too many projects at once. It is clear that you are trying to just make the money that you need to get by, however you are becoming buried by these extra projects and the amount of energy that you are putting in does  not justify the pay that you are receiving. Reconsider what you are willing to work on at one time. Lighten the load. Work does not have to be your entire life.

reversed seven of swords

Reversed Meaning - Seven of Swords

You must be aware at this time that there may be someone who is trying to offer you the exact advice that you need. You think that your situation is worse than it is. You need to listen to their advice. Do not sabotage yourself. You know what you want, so do not try to convince yourself that you can’t have it. You need to push through this negative thinking. Keep your mind open to the possibilities that surround you.

Upright Seven of Swords Meanings in Keywords

  • Untrustworthy individual
  • Afraid to face the music
  • Someone in disguise
  • Escaping responsibility
  • Lone wolf
  • Fear of facing issues
  • Escaping danger

Reversed Seven of Swords Meanings in Keywords

  • Self-inspection
  • Hidden secrets revealed
  • Acting against your will
  • Being two-faced
  • Stealing and lying
  • Dishonest
  • Hurting others

The Four of Cups

If you have received the Four of Cups in your reading then you are likely either experiencing a time of weariness or frustration in material affairs or you are about to experience a transit of this.

The Four of Cups recognizes that there is a lack of perspective happening in your life. The young man, depicted on the card, is sitting under a tree contemplating his material possessions in life. He feels broke, unappreciated, weak, and empty. In front of him are three full cups that he does not notice and from above, another cup is placed in his reach, but he ignores it. There is a level of jadedness associated with this card. A lacking of seeing what you have and only focusing on what you do not possess. The Four of Cups is pointing out that you have a lot more then you are willing to see right now. Taking all of your fortunes for granted is a fast way to ensure that you do not receive more.

This is a cautionary card; right now you have the option of stepping out of this kind of behavior by learning again to be grateful for what you have. When you are grateful, you are telling the Universe that you would like more of what you have, lots more. When you are taking what you have for granted, you tend to fill up much of your thoughts with a level of emptiness or frustration, and then being that we create our realities, the Universe gives you more of what you are thinking about. Right thought is what the Four of Cups focuses on. You need to reorganize your thoughts so that you are in a position of thankfulness. Should you choose to ignore this, you will continue on this cycle of frustration.

The Four of Cups suggests not only the meditation on what you do have but also consider physically putting yourself in a position where you might see others who are less fortunate than you to get yourself back on track. This is a great time to give to charity, to work in a soup kitchen. The offering of servitude will strengthen your sense of character and reroute you to a better mindset of receiving rather than ignoring. You are bored and are in need of motivation. But you haven’t been making any steps toward your goal because you are dissatisfied with what you have accomplished. You are being too hard on yourself. It is time for you to prioritize and to examine what you have done and then consider what you still have to do.

At this time, chances are there are people in your life or foundations or some kind of outside help that has been offering to provide assistance to you but you have not seen it because you have been so swept up in your own lack mentality. Now that you understand the guidance the Four of Cups has to offer, reevaluate and see if you can now identify those that have been trying to help you, and then accept their help with gratitude, not guilt or anger. Identify how you are feeling dissatisfied and then figure out what you are going to do about it. Identify what will help you find peace and serenity and then apply that to the areas of your life that you are feeling dissatisfied. Meditate on the changes possible for you to get you out of your funk.

If you find that you are still frustrated or angry at your circumstances, then use that energy productively. Start getting busy; work hard until you are exhausted just so that you can feel a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. When you have reached this point and have crawled out of the pit of ungratefulness, you will find that everything begins to work right again. Your main relationships are supportive and under control. You have an underlying knowledge that you are not alone and that there are those out there who love to experience life with you. You will receive back that level of peace of mind that you have been missing. And then you will become a magnet for abundance and creative energy where you will be able to make your fantasies into a reality.

The Four of Cups in Love

Stalemate. In this position the Four of Cups is telling you that your love life is stagnant, waiting for you to see it for what it is: Broken and stale. You are taking advantage of others as much as they are taking advantage of you. You are not seeing the great things that are possible to you. If you are single, it is possible that you have an admirer that you are not paying attention to because you are so worked up feeling as though you will never have anyone to love you. Consider how these thought patterns are potentially sabotaging who you are in your pursuit of love and romance and then stop it from going any farther.

Within a relationship, it appears that you are caught up in a life that does not exist. You feel as though your partner should be behaving in a different way and you have begun wondering what it would be like to be in another relationship. In this, you have become ungrateful for the love and support that you share every single day. Consider what fantasies you have that could be applied to your current relationship so that you might see it in a whole new, fresh way.

The Four of Cups in Health

The Four of Cups presents itself in a reading about Health to tell you that it is time that you take advantage of the physical strength and health that you do have. Right now you are allowing yourself to be victimized by your ill health. Or even by the fear of ill health. The only way to be healthy is to perpetuate it, and work at it. This card is saying that there are multiple healthy bodily functions that are happening in your body at all times, but you do not recognize them and are therefore taking advantage. This is creating a sickly cycle that you must get out of should you ever decide to live an active, happy life.

The Four of Cups in Work and Wealth

When the Four of Cups shows up in your work or wealth reading, there is a level of opportunity that you are ignoring. Meaning, you are so stuck thinking about what you do not have that others have, that you are missing out on your own opportunities to progress. This is your own doing and you must change the way that you think to acquire the abundance that you desire.

Four of Cups Advice

When the Four of Cups appears in your reading it means you are being offered help but are too preoccupied with something else to accept what’s in front of you. You likely feel apathetic or reluctant about accepting help from outside sources. Perhaps you are still nursing old wounds or acting independently to a fault. This card visually symbolizes a cup which is being extended to you, yet you close your eyes and refuse to accept it - an action you may later come to regret. 

It can also refer to your personal state of mind; you may be feeling numb, bored, or discontented. Your despondency is impeding your view of the world around you and you are missing opportunities as a consequence. The man in this card is comfortably seated, despite being visually ill-at-ease, perhaps there is more satisfaction to be found in your present situation than meets the eye. That is why this card is sometimes known as the ‘grass is greener’ card. 

Drawing the Four of Cups in an advice spread is a signal that you should accept the support being offered to you and reassess any hasty decisions you have recently made. Remember, accepting help is not a sign of weakness - welcoming the kindness of others will contribute to your overall strength and help you on your personal journey. 

The wands flash across the sky like arrows, they are a blur of power and radiance. Like the wands, you must move swiftly and decisively. The butterflies that fly about the wands - vivid and free - signify aimless movement, you are an expatriate soul wandering the earth. This card whispers that travel, fastness, and movement are the order of the day. 

This card shines with clear advice; you can forge and capture the opportunities that come your way. Remember, sometimes actions do speak louder than words. Pinecones are like houses to the seeds of love; the seeds are the affection and love of others. There is a very good chance you’re already considering a decision or actively making moves towards a particular path. You may find that this decision will light up the path of love - just like warming rays of the sun. Open your heart, and open your mind. 

Fill your days as if they were your last - at points, it may seem that time is running through your fingers, your life milestones fly before your eyes. It’s true what they say, life is like a rollercoaster; full of ups and downs, slow points and fast points. Even when you feel suffocated, with your breath snatched away, you must push yourself to keep going. Hold on tight and grasp your emotions, keep them close to you. 

Take a foundation - a friendship, a lover, a career - and decide with speed what to build upon it. You can let your attention wander, free like the butterflies and know that when it comes to love you should be picky. 

The overriding message of advice - is not to dawdle but cut to the chase. Things will happen fast. Remember to not sink into the sand but circumvent it. In love questions, the advice is to go for it. Why? Because the archer sees the mark upon the path of love and sends the arrow straight towards the heart of another. 

If you’re apprehensive, remember there is a good reason this card has appeared, continuing on and acting with assurance will lead you down an important and life-defining road, so go for it! 

Four of Cups Yes Or No

You ask for a yes or no answer, but the Four of Cups is restless, refusing to hold still. It won’t give you an answer because it has none; remember, in murky waters you can’t see even your own hand in front of your face. You can respond to this clouded viewpoint with consideration - careful thought and strategy are the lampposts to guide you through to a period of uncertainty, they will become your assets on a confusing life route. 

Moving out of a mindset of boredom will reinvigorate you and help you move past the stagnation currently blooming in your life, growing like weeds, you must pull this numbness out from the root. Lean towards positivity, there is a cup being offered on this card - you must first open your eyes to it, in order to accept it. Once you can see the opportunity before you, you can move forward with confidence in your answer. Thoroughly weigh up all your options before hastily saying “no” to new opportunities. Try and see your current situation with fresh eyes and express gratitude for what you have. 

Moving out of a mindset of boredom will reinvigorate you and help you move past the stagnation you are currently experiencing. The way you read this card will depend on your current situation and the rest of your reading, but one should lean towards a feeling of positivity and affirmation as this will steer you away from a place of dissatisfaction. When reversed, the Four of Cups indicates positivity - a “yes” to what you are currently doing. It suggests you are beginning to get your life back on track after coming out of a dull chapter - keep doing what you’re doing!

Four of Cups Past

You are like the first buds of spring, like land sighted on a lost voyage, like shelter in a storm - the Four of Cups appears in your past position to highlight a period you have since recovered from. 

The Four of Cups in the past position may also indicate recovery or revival in your life. You are likely breaking away from a chapter that you were not enjoying. Reflect on your past, have you come out of a period of dissatisfaction or depression? Whatever the situation, now is the time to keep pressing forward. Remember to check in with yourself and your life situation. Try and be appreciative of what you have, and remember to keep welcoming in new opportunities. Growth often means moving outside of your comfort zone and this is a good thing. Focus on honesty and transparency so that you don’t fall back into old habits or become embittered by small put-backs. 

If you are not happy or progressing in your current situation, then drawing the Four of Cups in the past position may indicate that your current situation has arisen out of your past refusal to accept help or take on new opportunities. If this is the case, it is easy to be consumed by feelings of blame and resentment. To move on from this situation, you must accept the past so you can move forward with new opportunities in the future. 

Reflect on your past difficulties, remember how escape seemed so fruitless at the time - when you are drowning, it seems like every breath might be your last. The Four of Cups reminds you of this most pressing lesson; you made it through this past time of desperation, take this lesson with you throughout every period of future difficulty.  

Honour your past by being appreciative of your present; so often, growth requires dipping a toe in a pool unknown to you. To step out of your comfort zone is to flourish with independence, like a bird flying the nest. The Four of Cups faces square up to you, it asks: are you repeating old mistakes? Falling into bitterness or denial? The truth will set you free, and you will be lighter for acknowledging your weaknesses. Acknowledgement, after all, is the first step towards amendment. 

Blame and resentment have never changed things for the better, but tenacity and a positive mindset so frequently do. Poke around in your mind and have a go at reconfiguring the dials, do so and you might just free yourself from future unpleasantness.  

Four of Cups Present

Drawing the Four of Cups in the present position suggests you are closed off to opportunities and solutions which would help you address the problems currently afflicting your life. Perhaps you are being hostile to those around you, needlessly acting stubborn, or ignoring advice from those who have your best interests at heart. You’re still reeling from feelings of past hurt. Bitterness is the feeling overwhelming you at present and it’s sucking up all your energy in the process. 

Seeing the Four of Cups in the present position indicates that there is still time to reassess your situation and throw off the shackles of self-imposed constraints. The cup is still being offered to you, you simply need to open your eyes and take it! Be honest with yourself and your situation - seek out areas where you can help, rather than hinder, yourself. Remember to chase opportunity and accept the support of others, so you can move out of a period of discontent and into a new era of prosperity and satisfaction.

You have become closed off to opportunities, problems are affecting your life and spreading like mould in the home, but instead of addressing these problems you are allowing them to take over your entire life. Is there hostility in your relationships with others? Does bitterness permeate your emotions, and sap any energy you might have for rewarding activities that nourish the soul? 

The cup is still being offered to you, you simply need to open your eyes and take it! Be honest with yourself and your situation - seek out areas where you can help, rather than hinder, yourself. Remember to chase opportunity and accept the support of others, so you can move out of a period of discontent and into a new era of prosperity and satisfaction. Once you accept sunlight into your life, you will be surprised by how fast you grow. 

Four of Cups Future and Outcome

The Four of Cups card is most beneficial when associated with the future. Drawing this card in the future and outcome position points to possible enlightenment; with time, you may understand that negative experiences in your past were actually lessons and the experiences have actually made you stronger. It may also indicate that you have understood past mistakes and will not repeat them again.

Seeing the Four of Cups in your future can also indicate another decision that is upcoming in your life; an opportunity (signified by the cup) will be presented to you and you must fully weigh up your options before making any rash decisions. Take the time to think with both your heart and head, the right path will present itself to you, make sure you are patient enough to wait for it.

The Four of Cups is happiest when seen in the future position, it beckons you, calling of future enlightenment - your negative past experiences will come to make you stronger than ever before. Past mistakes will be learned from rather than repeated, with the holistic view of hindsight you will see with contentment and truth of how every blunder is essential in moving you forward to become the best version of yourself.

The Four of Cups also whispers of future decisions, waiting to enter your life - the cup will be presented to you once more, be considered in any decisions you make when this time comes - do you sense wine or poison? Take the time to think with both your heart and head, the right path will present itself to you, make sure you are patient enough to wait for it.   

Four of Cups Love Reconciliation

Your heart beats with regret, the pain resounds from a relationship that has soured or become lost. Perhaps complacency has led to faded passion, do you appreciate the partner at your side? Your full attention is needed so you can see whether the love in your life is one worth fighting for - observe the patterns of your partnership, do you move in sync or in opposition? Do you grow together or apart? 

When the Four of Cups appear in love and reconciliation reading it can indicate regret for a past relationship gone wrong or pain relating to mistakes made in your current relationship. If you are single, the Four of Cups suggests you are focusing on what is missing in your love life rather than seeing opportunities for love that are right in front of you. Are you letting a preoccupation with past loves inhibit an opportunity for new romance?

If you are in a relationship, the Four of Cups usually suggest complacency; this may mean that your passion has fizzled out and your time as a couple has run its course, but it can also suggest that you are not appreciating what you have. Take the time to communicate with your partner, make an effort to reignite your flame - if your efforts prove futile, it may be time to part ways.

If you are single, the Four of Cups has a poignant message, your preoccupation with past loves is inhibiting new romances flourishing in their place. Like ripping off a plaster too soon, you are not allowing yourself to truly heal. Work on this so you may experience a dizzying and true love that fills up your soul.

Four of Cups As Feelings

Drawing the Four of Cups in a spread about how someone feels about you can suggest that the person you are interested in is closed off to new relationships. They may not have truly opened up yet emotionally - this does not indicate that you are doing something wrong, instead, it may be the case that they have yet to open their eyes to how wonderful you really are. In order for things to move forward, this other person needs to let go of their past so that they can achieve emotional clarity. Look for signs of their progress going forward - if you see none, you may be wasting your time on a person who is blinded to the potential of a new relationship.

You ask about the feelings of another, but the Four of Cups signals that they are closed off. This is a problem that goes far beyond you, the individual you ask after is emotionally stunted, wilting like a flower in the shade. Perhaps, with effort, you can help to shed some of that all important light back into their life. Be gentle, look for signs of their progression going forward - but if you see none, you may be wasting your time on a person who is blinded to the potential of a new relationship, do not fall trap to the same problem by focussing on them alone.

Four of Cups As Friendship

Now is the time to review the friendships in your life and your attitude towards those closest to you, sometimes our relationships with others transform when unchecked. 

Drawing the Four of Cups card in relation to friendship suggests that now is the time to review the friendships in your life and your attitude towards those closest to you. Look at your own actions and ask yourself whether you have always helped friends in times of need. Perhaps you ignored a difficult situation or closed down rather than communicating with a friend when things got tricky. If you have yet to make amends with an old friend because of historic resentment or difficulties, the Four of Cups is likely telling you to let go of the past and reconcile.

The Four of Cups can also suggest stagnation in friendships - are you sticking with one core group of friends and missing opportunities to befriend others? If it’s been a while since you last made friends with someone new, now may be the time to make new connections and watch your friendships blossom.

Look at your own actions and ask yourself whether you have always helped friends in times of need. Face this idea with honesty, don’t dwell with guilt or shame but seek to correct through your future actions. 

Did you ignore a difficult situation or close down communication with a friend when things got tricky? If you have yet to make amends with an old friend because of historic resentment or difficulties, the Four of Cups shouts firmly that you must let go of the past and reconcile if you want the friendship to remain intact, genuine apologies are a key ingredient in aiding healing.

Things may stagnate, too, friends who are not present are no friends at all. When opportunities for meeting others are missed out of complacency, you rob your life of variety and the wisdom of others. A rich soil of variety is needed for the best plants to grow, and so it is the same with your circle of friends, now may be the time to make new connections and watch your friendships blossom. 

Four Of Cups Tarot Cards Reversed

Reversed Four of Cups in a Reading

The Four of Cups visits your reading in the reversed position to tell you that you needn’t worry. Things are happening, people are hearing you, and you are capable of vocalizing your needs and strengthening your world and all of its possibilities. There will be new opportunities offered to you, with new ideas. Do not worry about life not happening or moving forward for right now there are actions being taken to help better your circumstances.

Four of Cups Reversed - Love and Romance

Like a train emerging from a long dark tunnel you are coming out of a period of solitude or despondency in a romantic relationship. Upright, the Four of Cups suggests apathy and a loss of passion - but inverted it marks the end of this period of boredom and instead marks a new, more optimistic start that is sure to bloom into something wondrous and beautiful.

The Four of Cups reversed senses that you have gone through a difficult time as a couple, but whispers that you are now ready to make a renewed effort to rekindle your lost love and passion. There will be touching moments of increased intimacy, a flow of natural affection between you and your partner - your love will find everyday expression that makes both of you feel cherished and important. 

Even for those without a partner or romantic attachment, this card’s reversal is a celebration of the end of a period of intense isolation, you are reemerging in the world, like an animal leaving hibernation everything seems bright and new. You are ready to knock down your emotional walls and open yourself up to someone new. Make sure you keep up your enthusiasm and fully embrace your fresh start, now you have healed there will be plenty of opportunities for you to spark a romance with somebody else - there is much to look forward to. 

Four of Cups Reversed - Family and Home

Drawing the Four of Cups reversed in a family and home spread can suggest your family is transitioning out of a difficult period. Perhaps you or your partner have come out of a time where you were allowing work to take over with lots of overtime and hours spent away from the home. You, or someone in the family, may have become self-absorbed and isolated themselves from the rest of the clan. Before, the joy and the company of loved ones was missing from your home - but now you have come out of this darker chapter and are all feeling closer than ever. This is the perfect time to spring clean your home and make an extra special effort to enjoy quality family time together. Having recovered from a chapter of apathy you can feel extra gratitude for your family and the security the home provides for you all.

Four of Cups Reversed - Work and Finances

A light in the dark, a growing light, see it settling across the horizon, spreading through the sky like the first glimpse of dawn. Work and finances are the bread and butter of life, when they are good we feel healthy and fuelled, when they are bad our souls feel lacking and our happiness wanes. 

The Four of Cups reversed is confident, a feast is coming your way. There have been tough times in your career in recent months and years, boredom, stagnation, competition. But now, new opportunities are presenting themselves to you, and you will be proactive in chasing them

Whether it’s leaving an old job that was draining your energy or achieving a coveted promotion, the Four of Cups gleams with hope, for you shine with potential. Keep a handle on this positive energy, use it to steer you in new exciting directions. Reach the pinancel of this energy and you might just find a personal epiphany or moment of realisation strikes your life with new, exciting colours. You have let go of past jealousy and instead turned your focus inwards to reinforce a feeling of contentment - be proud and revel in it. 

Four of Cups Reversed - Health and Wellness

An elevated sense of health and wellbeing is the key ingredient for vibrancy that starts from within and shines out of your body as a healthy glow, so that you are rosy with shining health. The recent period you suffered of poor energy, and physical and mental drain is over - your road to recovery is flowering with natural beauty, and your body is adjusting to true wellness. 

For those still managing continued health issues, this card suggests, instead, that you have secured heightened wellbeing through a spiritual adjustment in perspective. You are bathed in gratitude, you see with a sudden clarity all that you have and the many things you should be smiling and grateful for. 

In the past, you may have allowed issues with your health affect your overall outlook, but the Four of Cups reversed is a celebration of your achievement, you are ready to let go of bad energy and enjoy your restored health and wellness to the fullest extent - you are sure to be as free and contented as a child at play. 

Four of Cups Reversed - Personal Spirituality

Drawing the Four of Cups reversed in a spiritual context bears a message as valuable as a gold chalice; you are on a road to spiritual liberation, your aura shines with revelation and your emotional baggage evaporates so that you can see the vibrating energy of the universe with renewed clarity and appreciation. Your reconnection with your spiritual journey is of a sacred nature, you are closer to the highest form of living and every step of your life seemed imbued with glimmering gratitude. You are no longer adrift but focussed - now proceed to experience this spiritual fulfillment in new, revitalizing ways. 

Upright Four of Cups Meanings in Keywords

  • Bright sparks of love
  • Blocked path
  • Rejecting love
  • Fountain of memories
  • Mirror of time
  • Unhappiness

Reversed Four of Cups Meanings in Keywords

  • New possibilities
  • Clarity and love
  • Letting go of the past
  • Smiling
  • Fountain of change