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The Sun Tarot Card
The Five of Pentacles tarot card

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The Sun

The Sun is the most positive oracle in the deck.

In the Rider Waite deck the symbolism of the card is easily interpreted as the sun shines over a new baby and aptly named “sun”flowers in the background. The infant, along with the flowers growing, indicates new life and in readings and often represents a new direction. Children being born, questions of prosperity are answered, abundance of wealth, and recovery from illness are all implied by this card. As the infant rides atop the white stallion, he carries a red banner. The deck is famous for using color as symbolism and red often symbolizes power, momentum, and triumph. This card represents the universe coming together and agreeing with your path and aiding forward movement into something greater.

Think of the Sun as a representation of power without dominance. Rather, it is a power that allows you to be free. Essentially there is a win-win situation present in which all parties involved will get what they need. It is also an indication of liberation, freedom, and being at peace with your spirituality. Of course, depending on the position of the card in the reading as well as the type of reading itself, it can indicate success in different avenues. However, overall it is a prosperous card indicative of making the right choice and being able to be satisfied that you're on the path in one way or another.

In a reading, often this card is seen after dark times, when an a hidden opportunity is coming to light, or when clarity is needed. It can also be represented as having a new freedom to choose such as when it is time to take the next step in a relationship or job. It is not an overall “happy card”. It’s much more than that because the sun is rising on a brand new day, new life abounds, and momentum begins. The key here is to see what has been holding you back, standing in your way, or causing difficulties with progression and realizing that there is a way out and hope.

The Sun Card in Love

In relationship readings, the Sun does not guarantee happiness, but liberation. While it can state that the relationship is in a healthy place and headed on a positive path… more often it refers to everything being revealed. If there are aspects hidden on your part or with your partner these things will be come to light. In a situation, for example, where one individual is cheating or holding something significant back it can seem like a devastating card brining anger, loss, or jealousy.

A relationship with aspects hidden is by and large an unhealthy relationship. The presence of the Sun card is usually the universe’s way of telling you that you need to make a choice and provides you with all of the information to do so. Also, when the Sun card pops up in a relationship or love reading it acts as a reminder that you have the power and the strength of the universe backing you in making a choice of what direction to take in the relationship. Rest assured, it is certainly not a card to cause concern in the love department when you look at the grand scheme of things. Because even if you are asking about your current relationship and find that things are hidden or will not be working out - you can rest assured that there is s a beginning to a new relationship or even entering into a new stage of your current relationship on the horizon. The Sun promises new beginnings.

The Sun Card in Health

For those going through illness or preparing for surgery, the Sun is a positive indicator of vitality and recovery. The importance of this card in health and wellness is attributed to the growth factors and shows an emphasis in improvement of health and increased stamina. The energy of the Sun enables a healthy mind and body in healing as well thriving after illness.

The Sun Card in Work and Wealth

If you are seeking answers regarding your career or money, you will find the good omen for you. It will indicate monetary gain and growth. Health and wealth are often represented similarly in the tarot and with the Rider Waite deck it is no different. This card brings with it sound business practices and a boost of luck as well. It can indicate that it is a good time to take small risks with money or jobs such as gambling or seeking a change in your career.

Reversed sun

Reversed Meaning - The Sun

In the reversed position this card, like most other major arcana cards, it has a direct opposite meaning. It will represent feeling trapped, unable to see a way out of a situation, or having an unclear path. The key to this card in the reversed position understands that you are often the one that is creating the difficulty and that the oppression you're under is one of your own making. Often accepting responsibility for actions, making clear or final decisions, and allowing yourself to be open to new possibilities is all that is needed to find your way. Essentially, it shows that the Sun card is present in your reading, but you are not recognizing it’s force working in your life at present.

The Five of Pentacles

The Five of Pentacles can be a very worrisome card when appearing in a reading as it shows that there is a loss, usually in financial matters.

The card reflects a loss of financial footing and often will appear at a time of dire need regarding stability in your life. When you see the Five of Pentacles and you are in a good place in your life be warned that there are likely hard times coming ahead. Being prepared for this can often stave off a bad situation and therefore it is a good idea to set your focus on the monetary and stabilizing forces in your life.

By simply looking at the Five of Pentacles you can tell that the card is one of loss and struggle. Two people, often interpreted as a parent and child, huddle closely while heading into the cold and snow. They appear to be outside of a church with five pentacle coins appearing in the stained glass window. Many people will focus on the negative card and allow an overwhelming emotional response to miss the obvious solution at hand. The church is right there, usually a safe haven for the poor or needy, yet the two individuals are still outside in the cold.

While the card does have definite negative connotations, there is also an offer of hope within the card itself. The Five of Pentacles tells you to remember that you simply need to open the door and ask for help in order to get back on your feet. If you are not experiencing this in your life yet, now is a great time to prepare yourself. However, if you are in the midst of conflict in your own life do not ignore the help that is available to you. It is likely that you may have to start over in all or some aspects of your life. Remember that through loss sometimes there are aspects of our lives that need to be purged. Foundations that were poor to begin will no longer hold you up. Relationships that are failing will leave you alone. You don’t have to be excited about the loss that you have experienced or are experiencing. That doesn’t mean that the loss is all bad either. Think of now as a way to focus on the basic needs for your existence and be sure that they are being met.

The Five of Pentacles in Love

When the Five of Pentacles shows up in a love reading it often will accompany feelings of abandonment, insecurity, or a general lack of attention. The card is not a mild card and usually hen it appears there is a serious need to look at all aspects of the relationship and to ensure that you are getting your base needs met. Sometimes the Five of Pentacles will show up when things are at their worst and because of this there is hope that it will get better but in what way is up to you. Ponder how you are really feeling about your relationship in a logical way. Try to separate yourself from the raw emotions relating to recent strife in your relationship and focus on the true root of the problem. Often you will not find that the relationship itself is not the problem but rather other areas, particularly work or money, are causing a strain that is bleeding into your relationship. Before starting a new relationship make sure that you have your finances sorted out and that you have time to really invest in a relationship. It may be best to focus on the more material aspects of your own life before you seek out a commitment with others.

The Five of Pentacles in Health

The Five of Pentacles can indicate failing health problems that are not responding to treatment as expected. Often the card comes when increased health issues are present and it is time to take a drastically different approach to your health. Be mindful that you are doing all you can to improve health and following doctor’s orders precisely.

The Five of Pentacles in Work and Wealth

Unfortunately, the Five of Pentacles is not a good card regarding wealth and work. Financial situations likely have taken a turn for the worse and the card will often show as a result or a warning to job loss. If you are seeking focus on work specifically now may be a good time to look at all of the options that you have and make sure that you are not putting all of your financial eggs in one basket. Regarding money specifically, the card carries negative aspects regarding loss. Failure regarding finance may be causing a great deal of stress, anxiety, and worry. Focus on the positive aspect of the card and seek help where you can find it. You may have to be creative right now to make monies stretch until you get through this rough patch. Be exceptionally careful about your spending habits or making large purchases at this time. If you do have an excess of income or savings stored up then it is imperative that you protect this money source and avoid making risky or frivolous spending choices at this time.


Reversed Meaning - Five of Pentacles

The negative feelings of the Five of Pentacles are relieved in the reversed position. Usually, it will come up after a hard time or also can indicate that you dodged a bullet financially or materially speaking. While hard times are behind you and there is a more positive energy around you, you still want to be careful that you avoid situations like this in the future. It is important to take time to really concentrate on how you are spending your money and ways to protect yourself financially. A common response to hardships that are represented with the Five of Wands are celebrating, however, you are not fully in the clear yet. Things are definitely turning around for you but you still have negative emotions or consequences that you need to clean up in your life. Focus on aspects of your life in which you can harvest security from, design back up plans for the future, and make sure you are creating a new and solid foundation that will not crumble.

Usually, there is a cycle of money issues surrounding this card. The card will come up in a reading in the upright position then appear later in the reversed manner and then eventually not show at all. If you do not correct your mistakes that first caused the financial strain then you will continue with the same loss pattern until you adopt healthier spending habits or more secure income sources. Ponder ways in which you can completely alter you path. Consider perhaps seeking out a new job, implementing new savings plans, or cutting back spending where you can on a long-term basis. The card calls not for a temporary solution. Now is a good time to revamp both the way you think about money and the way you save.

5 Pentacles Reversed

Upright Five of Pentacles Meanings in Keywords

  • Darkness
  • Accepting evil
  • Feeling hated
  • Hatred
  • Witchcraft
  • Mystery
  • Uncertainty
  • Impressing people
  • Expanding views
  • Changed perspective
  • Emotional loss
  • Possessiveness
  • Hardships
  • Unused power

Reversed Five of Pentacles Meanings in Keywords

  • Paying off debt
  • Taking risks
  • Learning tricks
  • Act smart
  • Calculating moves
  • Mastering magic
  • Manipulation
  • Honest approach
  • Sneakiness
  • Keeping secrets
  • Bravery
  • Courage
  • Independence
  • Powerful