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The Nine of Wands

If you have received the Nine of Wands in your reading you will be receiving a strength of vision that you never thought was possible in the past.

This vision is going to be equally balanced with emotions, spirit and physical health. You are making the right choices for yourself. You have gained much knowledge from what you have been through and now you must establish a certain level of mastery. As a part of this mastery over your reality, you must hear what others have to say so that you can gain multiple perspectives which will help you make better decisions, choose better roads to cross and will teach you a tremendous amount about yourself.

In the Rider Waite Deck, we see again, the fellow that has been fighting all along the Suit of Wands. His wounded head indicates that he has been through a struggle in order to protect what he loves and even though he is tired he is prepared to fight some more. He is protecting a boundary made of the previous 8 wands. This means that right now you are in an intermission as far as the struggles you have been pursuing to get through to your initiatory phase, so you must regain your strength after resting and regrouping and speaking to others about what you should do. There are those in your life right now that have excellent advice to offer you. You must not be stubborn in this moment because you will benefit greatly from the help should you choose to accept it. The 9 of Wands says that you should accept as much help from genuinely helpful people as is possible. Remember this is a card of fire, but consider this moment as a time to gather more fuel so that you can burn brighter than ever.

The Nine of Wands is a card of self respect. The man depicted in the card is not afraid of losing, instead he has enough faith in himself and in his cause that he is willing to die for it. Obviously the card does not suggest that you go the lengths of having to die for a cause, but in this case, the willingness to be uncompromisable about your values is an important aspect of developing a strong sense of self. In this fiery phase a sense of self is extremely important to the overall success of your battle. If you are going through a hard time right now where you feel that you can’t go on, please know that the Nine of Wands is saying that you have already come far, that you have done well and you only have a little bit farther to go.

One of the best ways to prepare and win a battle is to give your body a chance to develop its muscles. In this you should consider your emotions, your physical state and your spirituality all separate bodies whose muscles need to be tones and strengthened. You have a huge amount of charm and attractiveness to both sexes, so you won’t have to worry about or fear not getting attention, but you need to focus on yourself, on your personal journey and on the work that you have yet to do.

The Nine of Wands in Love

In love, the Nine of Wands portrays you as someone who is very attractive to both sexes. Anyone who has fought as hard as you have, will have a certain kind of ‘extra’ physique about them that will send out signals to other people letting them know that you have a strong and good character. The light that you radiate illuminates all that is dark around you, and will attract many people, somewhat like a moth to a flame. However, for you, the love that you must illuminate needs to encompass not only yourself and those that love you, but you must also challenge yourself as part of your learning to love those that you find thorny to deal with. Embrace the people who are making your life difficult. You will have no problems in love at this time, but right now you must focus your attentions on bettering your circumstances so that you are ready for the final phase.

The Nine of Wands in Health

When the Nine of Wands appears in your spread regarding health there is going to be some level of anxiety and worry that you are going to have to push through. There is heaviness and a fear of losing grip on what you possess in your life. Whether that is love, possessions, money, or relationships, the Nine of Wands gives you hope because it is lending you the strength that it has and it is orbiting all around you to help you.

The Nine of Wands in Work and Wealth

Now is the time to protect the work that you have started and create a savings from it. When it comes to money and abundance, now is not the time to be frivolous. You are protecting yourself by buying insurance and making sure that if anything should happen that could create a financial bump that you are prepared to handle it. But you should not spend randomly. You must take care of what you have now so that you will have later when life gets rocky again. On the card shows a person that has been hurt in the past at work, maybe corporate bullying. This card can imply putting up a barrier and protecting yourself. In some instances, it can also suggest being paranoid. You need to have faith and keep on going. The person in the card I would say represents yourself carrying a burden, he can build a fire with those wands and fight his position, but he is wounded. There is a focus that you can overcome obstacles when this card is drawn in a work position, you may be hiding under a psychological wall and in the past suffered pain at work. This card also indicates that a goal is out of reach and this is a good outcome at work. The number nine is Eremita which represents knowledge and wisdom at work. The card also focuses on patience, sometimes doing nothing is defensive in itself. The card is also about moving when the time is right, to get to the end goal. Sometimes doing nothing or delaying in life is better than taking action at the wrong time.

Reversed Nine of wands

Reversed Meaning - Nine of Wands

If you have received the Nine of Wands in the reversed position in your reading this means that you are going through a phase of feeling defeated because something has happened to make you feel that your defenses, the ones that you worked very hard on, have failed. You have burdened yourself with problems that are bigger then you can handle and you feel weak and incapable of holding them back. Why are you giving away your personal responsibility? The Nine of Wands exemplifies that you are in control of your life and your reality; therefore, nothing is happening to you that is out of your control. Right now you just feel like it is because it is easier than admitting that you need to start over again. It is challenging to go through this because you have already risked so much. But the Nine of Wands assists you in being fearless. You must push yourself to continue the fight or you will lose to it.


The Nine of Wands Card Keywords Upright

  • Stamina
  • Protection
  • Magic
  • Soul seeking
  • Inner peace
  • Push forward
  • Healing Wounds
  • Rejuvenation
  • Rebirth
  • New attitude
  • Improvement

The Nine of Wands Tarot Card Reversed Card Keywords

  • Old lessons
  • Temptation
  • Going back
  • Compromise
  • Feeling crushed
  • Devastation
  • Hopelessness
  • Gaining strength
  • Hungry ego
  • Lots of pride

The Two of Wands

There is a duality in the Two of Wands that refers to doing a job well and then seeing the benefits.

It is a card of duty and hard work, indicating that you are working through physical issues in your life (such as monetary or work issues) or can also be internal (such as emotional challenges) that require strength and resolve to overcome. Often this card comes up when you are feeling distracted. You know that you have tasks at hand and you are not ready to complete them. Now is the time to get cracking! Events are about to unfold in your life – new adventures, new job opportunities, or new responsibly for example – and you need to be prepared for them.

The figure on the Two of Wands card is looking out over a great distance and often is thought of as Christopher Columbus type individual. Before setting sail on the voyage. There is a long road ahead of you and there is a need for you to take time to plan your course of action. Be certain of the direction you are taking and possible hurdles that will need to be overcome. Know that the path you are on right now is one that is good for you but without your own input or direction you will easily find your way off course.

The Wands overall are cards of action and they have a fiery or fervent nature to them. Putting off responsibilities at this time will backfire and soon you will find that you are overwhelmed. This moment in your life is the calm before the storm of activity, use this time wisely to ensure successful rewards when the job is done. Your work will not go unnoticed or unrewarded.

If you are willing to put forth the effort before you begin your endeavor, you will find that it was worth the work. The duality of the card indicates a need for balance. This is not a time to engage in conflict or to allow yourself to get swept away with the concerns of others. You have made a choice about the direction of your life and now you need to follow through. Distractions and arguments will cause you to lose sight of the end goal.

The Two of Wands in Love

There is a feeling of newness with the Two of Wands and often it will indicate the beginnings of a relationship that is established but in the earlier phases. The attraction has been confirmed and possibly even some dates, but in the end, there is a sense of boredom and lack of direction. Even in long-standing relationships or when referring to people who are married the Two of Wands references a change or series of events that have left you feeling less than fascinated in your relationship.

Sometimes the Two of Wands can indicate feelings of entrapment or boredom in a well-established relationship that can cause issues or concerns. Consider the spark in your relationship at its current time. If you are feeling like there is something lacking in the relationship focus on bringing you and your partner together through physical intimacy or interests that the two of you share. Make sure that you are planning and setting aside time for just the two of you.

In love, this also may be a time to consider your options. Are you being honest with yourself in what you truly want or have there been new avenues that have arisen that are more tempting to you than your current situation? Now is a good time to consider a change of some sort – whether it means ending a current relationship for a new person that has come into your life or starting a new relationship where there has been a void. A word of caution: before you decide to pursue other options consider that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

Two of Wands As Feelings

In a question about feelings, the Two of Wands tarot card can indicate that someone has "feelings" on a number of different levels. This could be just friendship or even romance. Often, drawing this card means that things are alright - just ok. As the figure is looking over the water (and water means passion and emotion) this can indicate that there is a block in the way this person feels. In regards to how someone sees you,  this card can mean they like the chance but they might not stick around. Often I see this card in new relationships, and a person moving from one relationship to another really quickly. It can mean strong passion but the ambitions for the longer-term mean that a decision needs to be made. The wands are sometimes shown to indicate impatience. Are you being impatient in finding the right person? One of the wands is secure but she is looking at the globe. Therefore, he or she might be getting satisfaction elsewhere but there are possibilities out there. Often this is the courage to tell the other person how they actually feel. If this card shows up in a relationship reading it can indicate that there are people who are rather stubborn.

Two Of Wands As Friendship

People around you like to have their own way. Two's are associated with creativity and relationship a real sense of passion. Often, this card represents thinking about progress or moving the relationship forward - but not wanting to commit or sacrifice because there is something that is standing in the way of the friendship. The good news is that it in regard to feelings pulling this card suggests that there is a sense of review in regards to the feelings of this friendship in the future.

The Two of Wands in Health

You are in a state of stagnation in your health if the Two of Wands has come up concerning your own wellbeing. Often boredom and fatigue combined will create health issues in their own right and can lend themselves to overeating or other unhealthy habits that have of negative consequences. Now is a time to balance the needs of your mind and body. You may want to consider walking, yoga, or mediation as a way to keep restlessness at bay. Irresponsible health choices are a common concern when the Two of Wands appears in your reading. Be mindful of your overall health especially if you are younger and take it for granted.

The Two of Wands in Work and Wealth

The Two of Wands will often represent a healthy cycle in work and money and come up when things are going well in your life. Even if you are going through a monetary crisis or have recently lost a job, the card indicates that things are turning in your favor. Usually, this card will be associated when you are about to receive a reward for work that was done well or additional perks in your current job.

This isn’t to say that everything is perfect. Rather it is a card indicating stability and a time that allows for a pause or reflection about making a new decision. The Two of Wands is present during times of change within a company. If you are worried about being fired or laid off, consider that there may likely be a better position within the same company that you are currently in that will be more rewarding to you versus the job that you currently have.

Two of Wands Yes Or No

The Two of Wands represent upright the answer is “yes.” This card is an example of the crest of experience that we all need at times - and reaching a place to utilize resources. After many possibilities, there is a chance to review and take time to see what lies ahead. Which is why the figure is overlooking the water. Notice how small the world is. Yes, the world is your oyster but it a small one. 

Two of Wands Past - Upright and Reversed

In a position to have one symbolizes that you have come to a certain point in life where you are exhibiting the strength and experience of past actions. Because the world is within the card it can indicate the huge array of possibilities around you. This is also quite a peaceful time and in the past, you may have been relaxing or taking this journey. The Two of Wands in the reversed past can indicate that talents have been wasted and that other people have been trying to get their view across. The most important things in life sometimes come to those who wait!

The Two of Wands present - Upright and Reversed

There is currently a focus on peace and finding your own self-confidence.  I’ve already mentioned in the overarching description that the card signifies a journey of determination in order to gain independence.  Currently, this means that you are making plans and possibly travel arrangements. Work or career moves you means you are gaining steady progress.  On a romantic level that could possibly be a friendship or relationship and spiritually. This is a great time for development and feels empowered to take advantage of the opportunities that have presented themselves.  

In the reversed position, the Two of Wands in the present position can mean you are feeling blocked or that you just need to have a change of scenery in order to appreciate existing again.  there is also a focus on relationships that don’t seem to be working out. 

The Two of Wands Future / Outcome - Upright and Reversed 

The two’s, in general, are all about our choices. When this card appears in the future or outcome of the spread it generally means that you need to choose and make up your mind. It is saying as an outcome you need to open your mind, don’t always follow what is in front of you.  I do feel that this position means a decision will need to be made. If reversed, this card in the future position can mean emotions may be high, think about the water being turned upside down on the image. It can signify that others may create issues and problems but these can be overcome. 

Two of Wands As Relationship Outcome

If you are asking a relationship question then the two of wands can indicate passion and happiness together.  There is spiritual, energetic and partnership in this card. It can represent a deep bond. The two of wands tells you to listen to your inner self. What do you feel? There is sometimes a focus on one partner waiting for the other one to make the move. It could also be that you are both busy but the "two" suggests a union. There is also a possible “power” battle between the two of you but there is a love connection. 

The Two of Wands Advice - Upright and Reversed 

The advice of this card is that you need to feel more connected to others and that you need to think about how you shine so make sure that there is nothing holding you back.  Also, it can mean that you need to take a journey. This could possibly be through spiritual development or indeed a journey across waters.

When this card is drawn in the reversed position for action it can mean that there is a blockage and that you have been putting your trust in someone or a project and that this has led to unreliability.  In love, the advice for both the upright and reversed positions indicate that there are opportunities that you need to grasp. But, it can mean that even though there are great opportunities on the way you are finding it hard to progress will move the relationship on.

Reversed two of wands

Reversed Two of Wands in a Reading

The Two of Wands reversed indicates worry and concern and rightly so. Usually, the card comes up during times of stress or turmoil in relation to your spiritual sense and being off balance. Rather than looking outward at what you have done and thinking about your next move, you are likely to be feeling unsure or lacking confidence in your abilities. Wrong choices or actions of irresponsibility are cause to miss out on opportunities that you are qualified for. Considering taking responsible steps to get yourself back on track. Implement schedules for a regular daily routine for work, exercise, or finances. In relationships you are likely to be experiencing distance or a lack of reciprocation from a partner. Take steps to invite them into your life by offering ways to bring the two of you closer. Do not wait for them to act.

Love and Romance - The Two of Wands Reversed

In love readings, the Two of Wands reversed can indicate a "longing" for a passionate relationship. There may be a range of possibilities or lovers. The particular emphasis on life, after drawing this card is that there is a surprise in store. This could be possibly a failure of a relationship or sudden resentments. There is also the focus of power in that it is not balanced spiritually. We are all curious about our perfect match. The universe generally sends us people in our lives and it is important to understand that our efforts do in the end bring a positive result. Drawing this card means that you need to keep on going in a relationship even though you may quarrel. The longer outlook is much better.

Family and Home - The Two of Wands Reversed

In the family and home life type question, if one pulls the reversed Two of Wands suggests that even though the world is one's "oyster" there are problems or courses of action which are blocking a happy content home life. It can also mean a journey or moving house. In family life, drawing the two of wands reversed can indicate that there is a balance of power that needs to be considered in order to focus on cooperation and the alliance of forces.

Work and Finances - The Two of Wands Reversed

Careerwise the Two of Wands reversed is focused on possible limitations or unexpected turn of events. This could even be an “amazing” time or that you are experiencing a sense of delay and stagnation. This is also a card of surprise, that you may be thinking about changing jobs or generating a new stream of income.

Seemingly the miracles and fun that normally happen in daily life somewhat delayed. In regards to the advice of this card (around work and finances) is that one really needs to hold onto money right now. The reversed Two of Wands also indicates that a journey is being blocked or delayed. This journey could be “spiritual” alternatively could be within the real waking world. 

Health and Wellness - The Two of Wands Reversed 

If you are asking about your health and general wellness then drawing the Two of Wands reversed can indicate that there is something in life you cannot seem to have. Generally,  even though this card is reversed I can’t say that it represents a considerable amount of illness. However, you really need to take care of yourself in order to make sure you remain important in life.

Personal Spirituality - The Two of Wands Reversed

Spiritually this card can mean that results are blocked. Possible certain turn of events and that one needs to think about how the focus on overcoming internal limitations. The Two of Wands also gives a possibility of regressing in the spiritual realm. Even though you may have limited resources. Decision-making processes are important at this stage in order to maintain spiritual growth.

The Two of Wands Tarot Card Keywords Upright

  • Making plans
  • Realization
  • Using power
  • Taking action
  • Efficiency
  • High expectations
  • Determination
  • Self-control

The Two of Wands Tarot Card Reversed Card Keywords

  • Anger
  • Disappointment
  • Frustration
  • Lost hope
  • False hope
  • Lack of ambition
  • Negative change
  • Lost control