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The Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups is an excellent card representing one being in control of her emotions and is a great card regarding emotions and love.

More than that she is a wise queen that understands that there is a balance between emotion and intuition and seeking out a common ground for your own inner feelings of peace.

Internally the Queen of Cups shows tender love and can reflect good signs as well for feelings of spirituality and harmony. It’s an excellent time to focus on the goals that make you happy and internal love. Pending the placement of the card, there are aspects of your life that are full and like a tapestry of warm colors adding to your own internal peacefulness. The Queen of Cups is already at her station in life and she has figured out the real and true aspects of her life that are worth her efforts. She understands that not all things no matter how well that they may sound, are good options for her. It can indicate a time for you to look at your life and ask yourself if you are truly happy. You want to be sure that the energies that you are putting out into the world are going to be ones that bring rewards back to you that matter and make you feel like you have done something worth doing.

When the Queen of Cups is present you may also want to be on the lookout for an older female, usually, someone that has somewhat of a mothering personality to her. She often will be lending her assistance while you are working out issues in your life and is someone that you want to be sure to be listening to. This is someone that you can trust and someone that you can know is looking out with your best interests at heart.

The Queen of Cups in Love

In love, the Queen of Cups often knows what she wants and can be a good indicator that it is time to follow your feelings or gut about a relationship or someone in particular. With the Queen of Cups showing up in your love reading, you can breathe easier knowing that there is some fulfillment coming your way. Because the Queen is ruler over the realms of the emotional and spiritual, it is also wise to understand that there is little tolerance in your life right now for not being responsible emotionally.

There is an air of acceptance and empathy around you, but do not take that to mean that you can get away with whatever you want. Right now, the pressure is on your whether looking for love or in a relationship to be the open one and to be honest about your feelings. You are in control. You have the power and direction to make things happen in love at this time.

The Queen of Cups in Health

The Queen of Cups can be a concerning card when it comes to health because she often can be a person showing concern or care. Where concern and care are present, it usually doesn’t bode well for health. Now maybe a good time to get your check-up and just make sure everything is on track. The good news is that water is a healing element and anything you catch now should be early on and easy to heal.

The Queen of Cups in Work and Wealth

The Queen of Cups is often a good card in other areas of life, but not the best indicator for finances or wealth. Think of her as a woman not concerned with money. She likes to be comfortable, but she isn’t going out of her way to make money. For you, this doesn’t mean it’s bad news thankfully… but it doesn’t mean good news either! Now isn’t a great time to be focusing on new investments or growth in this area. The card comes up when you are superficially asking about finances can tell you that it is time for you to be focusing on other aspects of your life.

In work specifically, it is a good indicator that you need to consider what you are doing to make a living. Is what you are doing paying the bills but not feeding into your happiness? If you find that you dislike your job it is a great time to find something that is more suitable to you. Be sure to balance out all of your needs in the long run. It is also good to focus on the other cards including this one in reading to see what direction the reading as a whole is taking. Often when the Queen of Cups shows up it will be when there are concerns about happiness but a requirement is present to balance all of your current needs. Focus on what will fulfill your needs in most areas.

Queen of Cups Advice

The Queen of Cups is a card deeply rooted in emotion and intuition. Seeing it in relation to advice reading is a clear message: now is the time to look within yourself and connect with your feelings. The queen of cups naturally avoids any conflict. They represent one's “loving” side. She is the carer, the nurturer, and ensures that her family is provided for. In my view, for advice, this card is saying to act through love and trust your instincts. Be more in touch with your sensual side. The mind, while useful, can sometimes be corrupting when it comes to decision making - it races and overanalyzes while emotions are pure and true. 

Whatever the scenario you are currently facing, the Queen of Cups is suggesting you trust in the deepest part of your own nature - seek settings which are meditative and peaceful, give yourself the space to access the most compassionate and nurturing parts of yourself. All in all, this card has a message of simplicity - it runs in opposition to the quick-moving power of the mind and asks, instead, that you think with your heart. If you keep working with your natural intuition, you won’t go wrong. 

Queen of Cups Yes Or No

If you’re seeking a yes or no answer in a tarot card reading, then the Queen of Cups isn’t a clear signifier one way or the other. That’s because this card is neutral, its meaning can only be derived by the question being asked. The reader can try and gauge this meaning by reflecting on their question and the general meaning of the card, the Queen is a symbol of womanhood, virtue, and emotional wisdom. The clear link between intuition and this card could be a sign that the right answer lies inside of you. Take comfort in this card, all the seeking you must do is within yourself. Try and let your feelings roll over you, see which way they push you, and you will find the solution you desire. 

Queen of Cups Past

When the Queen of Cups appears in the past position it is a symbol of a deeply important relationship you had with a person in your past. While this can sometimes point to a male figure, it usually signifies a female presence. Whoever the person, they were emotionally intelligent, deeply caring, and played an integral role in giving you a clear sense of your own morality. 

For this reason, seeing this card in the past position could be a reminder to reconnect with those values you of a female. In this position, it can also be a call back to an event or time in your life in which you were especially compassionate or creative - perhaps it is an old hobby or project you were working on? If this resonates with you, then the Queen of Cups is likely signifying the nurturing impact this creative pursuit had on you personally. It may just be the time to think about starting a new creative project!

Queen of Cups Present 

Though the Queen of Cups has a very clear relationship with tranquility, seeing this card in your present position does not necessarily mean you are currently in the midst of a peaceful experience. In fact, conversely, it may be suggesting that you are weathering a difficult emotional period, one that requires patience and reflection. If so, this card is a reminder to connect with your most nurturing side - give all your love, warmth, and kindness to those around you. This is especially true if you have recently found yourself taking on a maternal role of care (this doesn’t necessarily have to refer to your own children, remember). To make the most of this reading, you should look to be proactive in your empathy, try and be observant of those around you and see where you can help. You have a bright light within you, your creativity and compassion may be the saving grace for someone close to you. 

Queen of Cups Future and Outcome

When The Queen of Cups is related to future and outcome spreads, it signifies an upcoming chapter where you will need to draw from your emotional and spiritual knowledge. When the time comes, you will need to muster your strength to say consistent and calm, no matter how trying the situation. The Queen is a symbol of sensitivity, but also composure - she listens and reflects before she reacts. Try and draw strength by practicing your own endurance in even the most difficult and stressful situations. This upcoming period may be hard for you, others around you will likely be swept up in the chaos and become reactive, but if you can remain patient you will be the saving grace of those closest to you. It may not be an easy role to take on, but it is one that will leave you stronger, more mature as well as filling others with a deep sense of gratitude for your unwavering support and empathy. 

Queen of Cups Love Reconciliation

As a card with a clear connection to emotion, the Queen of Cups is generally a positive card to draw in a love and reconciliation reading. If you’re enquiring about a past relationship, it likely points to a nurturing romantic partnership, one in which emotions run deep and are entirely authentic. It is likely you will get back together. If you’re experiencing trouble in your relationship, it suggests that being emotionally open will benefit your mutual development. Now is the time to talk about your feelings and be open to both of your own unique perspectives. 

If you are single, this card is a signal that a loving experience is coming your way. It might be time to start meeting new people and develop new connections. Remember, this card is all about trusting your own instincts and appreciating people fully, not just on the surface level. Don’t be deterred by anything superficial. Instead, seek real emotional intimacy and you might just find your soulmate. 

Queen of Cups As Feelings

Encountering the Queen of Cups when trying to understand how someone feels about you should inspire reassurance. Just as this card is full of gentle feeling, the person you are curious about is brimming with positive emotion, they definitely feel very warmly towards you. However, it is worth noting, that as this card exists primarily in the emotional realm, this person may not be aware of just how deep their feelings for you go. We can store a lot of emotion in our subconscious, but trust that their true sensibilities will make their way to the surface eventually.

This card may also suggest that someone feels protective of you. They see your sensitivity and may interpret this as fragility. It’s true that if your nature aligns with the Queen of Cups you may be best-matched with someone with a strong rational who can balance out your dreaminess. However, never forget to trust in the strength and power of the emotional, creative realm you’re so in touch with. It is fine to trust in a person who wants to take care of you, but be wary they don’t clip your wings or limit your imagination. 

Reversed Queen in a reading

Reversed the Queen is still present but lacking direction. In the reversed position she can show erratic emotional states. The emotion is there but there is a lack of control and it will often show that there is a more serious underlying issue at hand. With the Queen not in control there is havoc in the castle and in your own life even you may find that you are surrounded with rumors, innuendo, or dysfunction. Now is a time to be on your guard and to walk on eggshells. Be careful how you react and ponder ways in which you are not being reasonable emotionally. Do not allow yourself to get overextended or emotionally exhausted as it is bound to cause problems in your relationships, friendships, and at work. 

Queen of Cups As Friendship

The Queen of Cups is a great card to see in a friendship reading - it is a card of love and community. It points to the power of embracing friends fully and not being afraid to give them all of your love and support. If your friendship group is feeling shut off at the moment, this card is a reminder that there is no better time to reconnect than right now. If a close friend is going through a difficult period, then the Queen of Cups suggests that you should extend your friendship and use your powers of reflection to offer valuable advice. This is a good time to exercise some selflessness - all the goodness and help you bestow upon a friend will come back to you in the end, anyway. 

The Queen of Cups Tarot Card Reversed

Queen of Cups Reversed - Love and Romance

While the Queen of Cups upright highlights the balance and power of emotional tranquility, when reversed it can refer to instability. In a love and romance reading, this is likely to relate to insecurity and jealousy. Are your feelings getting the better of you? Some emotions, such as love and happiness, are very useful driving forces, but negative emotions, such as jealousy or resentment, can cause a lot of harm. This card reversed is a gentle push telling you to reflect on your actions, take a step back, and see if your own behaviour has been fair and measured. If it hasn’t been, now may be the time to make amends by letting go of any feelings of bitterness. Now is the time to focus on your intuition - don’t let your head be clouded with the green mist of jealousy. 

If you are single, the Queen of Cups reversed is a reminder you should proceed with caution. There is an imbalance of emotions in your life right now, and this is not a good state to be in when entering a relationship. Vulnerability can draw in bad-natured people who will see your fragility as a chance to exert power and take advantage of you. If you’re looking for direction, this reversed card implies that time spent restoring emotional balance is important. Seek personal security and inner peace before you begin looking outside yourself for love. The only person who can truly rebalance your feelings within is your own self. 

​Queen of Cups Reversed - Family and Home

Seeing the reversed Queen of Cups in a family and home spread is a prompt to the reader that now is the time to rediscover love in the home. Sometimes, it is easy to forget that love is the core of every family. When you see this card reversed you should take heed: everyone in your home should try and adjust to a more positive outlook. Perhaps the family has become overrun with anger, stress, and instability. This reading may even be highlighting a particular person (possibly yourself), and likely a woman, someone who was once the foundation of the family has become untethered, leading the rest of the family to become insecure as a result. That isn’t to say this woman is entirely to blame for the situation, merely that she has reached her emotional limit. To restore harmony, family members should look to find new ways to express gratitude for each other and display their love. When people feel appreciated it is much easier to overcome resentment which might otherwise seep into the everyday. Female intuition and compassion can amend this and restore harmony in the home.

Queen of Cups Reversed - Work and Finances

In a work and finance context, the Queen of Cups reversed may be highlighting work stress or a burden of emotion relating to your financial situation. You may be overworking and leaving yourself in a fragile emotional state. 

If you’re feeling unsure about your career choices you may also be suffering from indecision, and allowing yourself to become overwhelmed with emotion. Whatever the case, you’re likely feeling unsatisfied. When reversed, this card is a signal that you need to evaluate your situation and your options. Are you feeling stunted creatively? Are the conditions of your work-life leading you to feel stressed? Are you spending money frivolously and then inflicting financial worries? Take the time to fully assess what’s going on in your life and then plan to take action. While you may have been reactive in the past, now is the time to change all that by reflecting deeply and carefully on your career choices and what you can do to make yourself happy and secure going forward.

Queen of Cups Reversed - Health and Wellness

The reversed Queen of Cups in a health reading may be highlighting stress or overexertion. If you’ve been spreading yourself too thin recently, then you should think about taking a pause and giving yourself the rest you need. You may be busy, but in the long run, you’ll only burn out if you keep on at the rate you’re currently operating. Remember that you have to take care of yourself before you can properly take care of others. The result of all this rushing around may also be impacting your emotional wellbeing - when you’re stressed, you’re more likely to be sensitive and if you’re not careful one small comment could be the straw to break the camels back. All in all, the reversed Queen of Cups in this kind of reading is a call to stop and rest for the benefit of your health. 

Queen of Cups Reversed - Personal Spirituality

Seeing the Queen of Cups reversed in a personal spirituality reading is a sign of limited potential. It may be the case that you’ve been ignoring signs to reconnect with your spiritual side or that you have allowed yourself to become so over-saturated with emotions your intuition is not functioning like normal. In some cases, the reversal of this card actually suggests you have psychic abilities that you are not exercising. To remove the spiritual blockage try meditation. Slow down and, with time, you will find yourself back on your predestined spiritual path. 

Upright Queen of Cups meanings in keywords

  • Lady over the age of 40
  • Softness and control
  • Energy and Life
  • Mystical love
  • Caring soul
  • Trance-like energy
  • Offer of love or marriage

Reversed Queen of Cups meanings in keywords

  • Over emotional
  • Depending on others
  • Flighting for passion

The Ten of Cups

When you have received the Ten of Cups in your reading, you are about to step into a very fortunate part of your life.

The two women on the card are holding hands, also twin flames and mirrored souls regardless of gender. This is as if two people are as one and gives a whole new meaning to the sensual dimension. This is a card that stands for family, for home and for nurturing as well as celebration. When you have received this card, you can know that everything you are wondering about or wanting is going to come into fruition for you. This means that you have nothing to worry about. Whether this is regarding love or a relationship, work and money or family, the subject of your reading will be blessed.

The image that is present on the card itself in the Rider Waite deck depicts a young couple jumping up and down and dancing with their children on a beautiful and sunny blue sky day. The rainbow signifies the passing of a storm. The worst is over, and now is the time to revel in the beauty left behind. Often times this card signifies a respectful nod to you from the Universe for making the most out of what you had to deal with. You were able to keep up with your work, and your focus, even though everything was dark and grey. You were able to keep yourself going, protecting yourself and your loved ones and ticking away at your goals. And now the clouds have parted and you are able to see the sun shining.

The whole transit that surrounds you at this time is joyful. There is a lasting happiness that is going to come from pushing through your adversities and the happiness that is coming your way is inspired from above instead from sensual pleasures previously referred to in the Nine of Cups. There is a perfection of human love and great friendship. Now is the time for you to connect to other people, to be a social butterfly and in home life to stabilize and focus on the home because the hearth is an extremely important aspect of this card.

Pay attention to your own intuition at this time, be spontaneous, listen to the beat of your heart and you will have the fulfillment that you desire and a deep connection to emotional satisfaction. At this time you will begin to feel the actualization of your personal hopes and dreams. Suddenly all of the doors are open for you; the world is full of YES. Inner peace is within your reach. There is even a possibility of travel if you play your cards right and accept some of the advantages that are being presented to you. Be open to opportunity and take advantage as often as you can to the blessings that the Universe provides. The passion that is within you is where your fortune is, therefore the more that you listen to what makes you feel a strong passion, the faster you will receive your intuitive and genius ideas that will bring you success.

You also have the ability of bringing that joy that you have pushing forward to everyone around you. Your family and the people that are close to you are important to have around. Especially with such a familial card it is very important that you are around those that nurture you and who you nurture. There is a reciprocal relationship within you and your connections that needs to be strengthened at this time because there is so much abundance in this area.

Continue to maintain your individuality even when you are around others, as this is an excellent opportunity for you to learn how to still stay you. In this you will be emotionally secure and stable, and life continues to be rich and meaningful. Now is the time to contemplate how you are living in harmony with others in your environment, and if there is anything that feels amiss, you have the spiritual backing to help you through it. Consider where you would like to find joy, and what good there is in existence already as well as what you want in the future. If you don’t have a family but would like to start one, now is the time to present to the Universe all of the ideas and goals that you have in your mind because success will follow for you.

The Ten of Cups in Love

If you are not married yet, but are in a relationship, there is an indication made by this card that marriage is in your very near future. If you are single, then you can expect for an emotional relationship and connection to blossom at record speeds at this time. You know that everything is going to work out, and you feel completely relaxed and excited at the same time.

The picture on the ten of cups indicates that there is relaxation and satisfaction. It is appropriate to think about your emotions. A relationship with another has reached a natural point of stability. This is a growing and deepening bond. It is important to make a choice at this time.

Ten of Cups Love Reconciliation

When this card appears in a love and reconciliation reading it alludes to a fulfilling and long-lasting relationship. It suggests happiness, contentment, and best of all, joy. If you are in a relationship it may indicate that you are ready to take the next step - now is the perfect time to strengthen commitment and revel in the elation of a harmonious partnership. Your bond will only cement itself over time, you are very blessed to have found a soul mate. Don’t be surprised if your partner makes a grand, romantic gesture in the near future. 

If you are single, the Ten of Cups, again points to happiness - perhaps you will reconcile with an ex, or maybe a new person will sweep you off your feet. Either way, you will enjoy the experience and find great contentment in your relationship. This new love may just last the rest of your life. 

The Ten of Cups As Feelings

The ten of cups as feelings in a love reading indicates that your dream has finally come true. You two are supposed to be together. If upright this can also mean that romance is well on its way, possibly marriage and children. Reversed as feelings this card can indicate that the relationship is false and is not bringing romantic fulfillment or support.

Seeing the Ten of Cup while trying to understand somebody’s feelings for you is a positive sign. This card encapsulates feelings of peace - the person you are asking about feels a great deal of love for you. They also trust you and feel strongly bonded to your spirit. It is a signifier of security and commitment, if the person you are inquiring after is a lover or prospective lover you should rest assured that they are wholly devoted to you, truly, you are the apple of their eye.

Ten of Cups Past

When the Ten of Cups is drawn in the past positon it generally refers to an untroubled history or previous period of satisfaction in your life. Depending on your age and situation this may reference a happy childhood or a positive experience in bringing up your own family. 

Whatever the situation, it points to a period of great harmony in your life - and one that was shared by you and others (this card rarely indicates independent happiness alone). You should feel comforted and lucky to have experienced this happy period, use this time to draw strength and comfort in challenging situations.

Ten of Cups Present 

In the present position, the Ten of Cups indicates a state of happiness and that two souls can enjoy the celebration of marriage and union - this is built on solid foundations. The psyche does not have to hide and there is complete connectedness with the divine which deep love and lust can bring. This is a fantastic time for new relationships and personal growth.

Drawing the Ten of Cups in the present position is a very positive omen. Whether you are coming out of a more difficult period or know about this happy situation through a more gentle incline you should feel blessed and satisfied to have made it into this new, bright scenario. The wonderful thing about achieving your dreams and uncovering a period of happiness is you can choose your own direction. Perhaps you simply want to appreciate this moment of bliss, or maybe this is the perfect foundation for the continuation of your goals. Whatever path feels right, keep your eyes open for opportunities and remember to be grounded by your gratitude and the support you’ve received from others along the way.

Ten of Cups Future and Outcome

Seeing the Ten of Cups in a future reading should fill you with motivation. Perhaps you are currently working hard on a project or career trajectory, maybe you are developing a relationship with a new person (platonic or otherwise). As they say, nothing worth waiting for is ever easy - but this card reminds you that it will be worth it in the long run, or even in the near future. Stay focused, devote your attention to your ambitions. Look to the mentors and influences in your life, they may help direct you on your path. There’s everything to play for and a lot to look forward to. 

The Ten of Cups in Health

Now is the time for you to revel in the success that you have made when it comes to your health. It is not the card of hard work; it is the card of enjoying where you have gotten yourself. If at this time you do not feel especially healthy, then now is the time for you to gather your wits about you and make some true goals, but you can only do that if you have been able to gather the perspective of what you have been able to accomplish that got you here. Ponder, reflect, be grateful and contemplate goals.

The Ten of Cups in Work and Wealth

If the Ten of Cups is blessing your work and wealth reading then you have nothing to be afraid of. Investments that you have made are coming through at top speed with full financial backing behind it. If you are worried about making a choice to get a new job, then you mustn’t worry any more. Now is the time for you to get what you deserve. The cards are recognizing the hard work that you have put in to get to this point, and now all you have to do is take advantage of all of the open doors that are in your life.

The Ten of Cups Yes Or No

This is a card that means “Yes” it is normally associated with a relationship that has reached a loving point. This tarot card stands for a couple that is happy. A loving bond between two souls. There is a focus on the family and each cup is full and the cup is brimming with love and emotion. The rainbow in the card symbolizes after the rain only sunshine is left.

Ten of Cups As Friendship

The Ten of Cups is a wonderful card to see in reading regarding friendship. Just as it points to love in a romance reading, here it suggests close bonds between friends and a community which loves and cares for you. 

If you have seen less of your friends of late then this card is a reminder of your deep and unbreakable relationship with your friends; you should give them time and appreciate their presence, for you can be sure they have time and gratitude for you. If seeking new friends, this card is a happy signal - you have a warm aura that naturally draws people to you, make the most of it by forging new connections with the kind and interesting people you meet.  

Ten of Cups Advice

The Ten of Cups is a positive and light-hearted card when seen in a bit of advice in ones reading it can be linked to a celebration of the great collaborators in your life. It suggests you should appreciate your friends, partner, and loved ones. This is a card all about community and honoring those who have helped you on your journey. It reminds you that no man (or woman!) is an island. You will find more success and happiness in your future by maintaining your bonds with loved ones and regularly showing your affection and gratitude for their support of you. The main message of this card is to remember your roots - don’t forget where you’ve come from, or the people who helped you get you to where you are today. 

10 of Cups Tarot Card Reading


Reversed Ten of Cups in a reading

When the Ten of Cups is showing up reversed in your spread, you have a highly charged situation happening that is making you feel burned out. This happens when you allow yourself to turn emotionally inward instead of putting words out there where others can hear them. Internalization of problems, of frustrations, can only ever make it worse. You are going to need to find a way to express yourself to those you feel have wronged you otherwise you are going to get stuck in a stagnate place. Denying who you are and your inner self is not going to get you anywhere. The rainbow of this card represents a promise for you, but you have to work on making the promise that is presented, actually happen. Be clear about your dreams if you want them to exist.

Love and Romance - The Ten of Cups Reversed

The ten of cups reversed in love readings can mean that you need to take a risk to move forward with a relationship but you are not quite ready. In relationships, it is not uncommon for this card to appear when you need to avoid a final decision. There may be a lack of growth in your mental acceptance of the relationship. You could possibly choose to start over with someone else.

The Ten of Cups reversed unbalances the harmonious meaning attached to this card when upright, unfortunately, that doesn’t bode well for a love and romance reading. It infers a difficult period within a relationship or a dearth of commitment. Now is the time to take stock in your relationship and decide if this is really what you both want; be honest with yourself, remember that comfort and familiarity are not strong enough reasons to stick together. In some instances, this card points to issues not relating directly to relationships itself, for example, this could be a reference to difficulty conceiving or disagreements over having children. 

If you are not in a relationship at present, this card highlights the struggle you are experiencing in finding a committed partner. It often appears when a person is repeating past mistakes or unduly holding onto a past relationship they need to move on from. If this sounds like you, you should take the time to fully understand your issues and how you can address them. Doing so will make any future relationships stronger and less volatile. 

Ten of Cups Reversed - Family and Home

When you draw the Ten of Cups reversed in a family and home reading you are likely experiencing familial tensions or going through a period of difficulty. Whatever your particular situation, there is a sense of unease between you and other family members. This generally happens when family members fall out of step with each other; remember that you are all on the same side. Even when bitterness is buried under your interactions, the love you have for each other goes even deeper still. Relieve yourself from this period of tension by learning to compromise. Especially in domestic situations, it can become easy to get wrapped up in stubbornness or digging your heels in. Lead by example and the rest of the family is sure to lessen their grip on conflict and head towards resolution instead.

Ten of Cups Reversed - Work and Finances

When doing a work and finance spread, the presence of the Ten of Cups reversed suggests something is off balance in your career. You, or someone you work with, isn’t behaving like a team player. There may be outward arguments and conflict or the resentment may be simmering below the surface. Either way, you need to find a way to either salve or leave the situation. If you can restore balance in your work scenario that’s great, but if you can’t then you should remove yourself from it. In a financial context, this card when reversed is an indication of reckless spending or unstable income. Remember, even when you feel like you can afford to be indulgent, you never know what's around the corner - you don’t want to end up out of pocket because of a lack of restraint.

Ten of Cups Reversed - Health and Wellness

Then Ten of Cups reversed in a health and wellness reading suggests there is an imbalance in the body. Our lives are hectic and sometimes we forget to look after ourselves physically. If this strikes a chord with you then now may be the time to put some extra effort into eating well and moving more. You may also be experiencing more serious health complications if so, try not to grow disheartened. Trust in medical professionals and focus on your inner wellbeing as this can help to restore the outer body, too. 

Ten of Cups Reversed - Personal Spirituality

Seeing this card reversed in your spirituality reading points to a divergence in your spiritual journey. Have you become distracted by the material world and the day-to-day mundanities of life? If so, now is the time to get back on track. In some situations, the reversal of this card indicates a negative experience which has caused you to distrust spirituality or lose faith in your own personal development, but you should not be ruled by fear. Take the Ten of Cups reversed as a sign you need to refocus your spiritual attention, doing so will benefit you much more than avoiding it in the long run. 

Upright Ten of Cups meanings in keywords

  • Love and happy families
  • Dancing with happiness
  • Harmony
  • Love left open
  • Hearts are tender
  • Hearted souls and healing
  • Long-term relationships

Reversed Ten of Cups meanings in keywords

  • Inability to make a decision
  • Driving through situations
  • Security and disharmony
  • Missing home and family