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The Page of Cups tarot card
The Eight of Swords tarot card

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The Page of Cups

The Page of Cups shows up in your reading to represent either yourself and the role you have in the reading or someone else and the role they are playing.

You are sensitive, creative, emotionally resourceful, affectionate, tender and loyal. You are ruled by the desire to transform. Usually a youth or a girl under eighteen or even a young person who is unmarried with light brown hair or hazel eyes. There is a melancholy and passionate energy to this youth, one who studies hard but gets distracted easily by her imagination. This is representative of someone who isn’t necessarily just young, but is someone who doesn’t have as many experiences or is still developing in their character. We are all developing and changing throughout life, but this card refers to someone who is going through quite a few initiatory phases at once.

This could also be representative of someone who is willing to work hard for you if you are in need of assistance. There is a level of desire to be drawn to the arts, to meditation, to magic. The Page of Cups is young, true, but she is also exceptionally connected to her intuition. She feels things deeply and intensely. When this card appears in your reading, there is news, a message or even the birth of a child. This level of newness is rampant at this phase of the suit of Cups.

The image on the card shows a well-dressed youth or maiden who stands pondering a cup from which a fish pushes out of the water. This is a symbol of inspiration or an idea of the imagination. Behind the Page exists the flowing sea, a symbol of the subconscious. In this suit, water is the connecting force that is in all of us, and it connects us directly to the Earth and to the Moon and too many other transits. So albeit a young perspective, this is a highly connected time of your life. Even though right now you may feel frustrated or inexperienced, the time will pass, most assuredly. Now you must focus on what you are learning, so that you might become wise.

You are going to be receiving help in what is worrying you, and much in the form of cooperative energy. This is going to be an energy which moves you past the relatively emotional and young form of possessiveness or jealousy, even manipulation and you have begun to master the capacity to offer a level of loyalty. You aren’t really interested in the ways of the youth, the drama of what you used to experience with petty people and experiences. You are in a space of desiring to be clear of all of that, and the Page of Cups is allowing you to have that. What you must do right first is examine what it is that you get out of the petty drama that surrounds you, and then once you have been able to identify it, let it go because you have more work to do. You must begin now cutting those out of your life that are causing you to still deal with that kind of drama. When you have cut them out, your life will be more relaxed and you will be able to feel as though you truly have evolved from childlike things.

The Page of Cups blesses you with the ability to speak with emotional strength and sureness, and you are able to tell people what you do and do not want. Once you have let go of those that bring you down you develop an unencumbered existence that is full of sensual desire, as well as a balance between your fantasy life and how to make it possible.

One of the other benefits of having the Page of Cups benefit your experience is that you will begin to develop great ideas and psychic abilities through meditation and study. Important messages direct from God to you are on their way. Spend some time at the beginning and at the end of your day to ponder in quiet meditation so that you can listen to what is being said to you. The transformation side of your world emotionally opens the door for emotional opportunities. Consider who you can depend on, who in your life will allow you to express yourself freely. Then spend time with them.

The Page of Cups in Love

The Page of Cups in love and romance tells you that you are in the place in your life where you are transitioning from the child who has unending and fantastical crushes to someone who takes that energy and creates something real. If you are currently pursuing someone who you have been pawning over for a while, now is the time to take action and to try for it. The fantasies will serve you no longer. Push yourself to deal with what happens in reality. If they like you, then move forward. If they do not return your affection, then MOVE ON. The key here is to differentiate between what is good and real and exciting and what is only in your head.

The Page of Cups in Health

When the Page of Cups arrives in your Health reading, you have news coming your way. If you have been worrying about the results of a test or are just wondering the overall state that you are in physically, these answers are going to come in the form of information which will tell you the next move. Currently you have been living too much in your head about your physical health, so now is the time for you to take your concerns to the doctor and find out what is really happening. The news will be good, so push yourself to go GET the news.

The Page of Cups in Work and Wealth

The Page of Cups in Work and Wealth is telling you that you still have far to go before you can rest in your work life. There is a work ethic required in the professional world that you have not quite latched onto yet. Perhaps you are coming in just a little late, or not getting as much work done as you could. The Page of Cups reminds you to put your nose to the grindstone so that you can get all that you can out of your work situation. If you are an excellent performer at work, great things are in store for you.

The Page of Cups Tarot Card Reversed


Reversed Page of Cups in a reading

Sometimes in life, we act without thinking and then we do something that isn’t really considered smart. This is what is happening now with the Page of Cups appearing your reading in the reversed position. Perhaps you have not met your commitment that you promised, or you have been somewhat dishonest. Now is the time to gain liberation by righting the wrongs you have made, and then attempting to not make the same mistake again the future to build your character. The important part of your transition right now is the learning of the lessons. As long as you are learning, it will all be ok.

Upright Page of Cups meanings in keywords

  • Emotional time in life
  • Refreshing love
  • Opportunities
  • Energy and Life
  • Mystical change
  • Offer of love or marriage

Reversed Page of Cups meanings in keywords

  • Creative future
  • Universe of magic
  • Envy and vulnerability
  • Childhood worry or abuse

The Eight of Swords

The Eight of Swords is commonly known as the card of victimization.

This means that you are currently going through a phase where you are completely bound by your circumstances. You feel as though you are not capable of getting yourself out of the destructive phase that you are in and that in fact if you were to try, devastating repercussions would follow. You fear pain and restriction, yet that which you fear is exactly what is blocking you the most. You are going through a season where you do not trust anyone and you worse you are constantly doubting your own abilities. You are perpetuating this cycle by trying to battle more than one issue at a time and that is part of what is causing you debilitating indecision.

You need to stop thinking that your emotions make up who you are entirely. Drowning in your emotions, which are as fluid as the tides, is not an appropriate way to work on your goals. The 8 of Swords can at points be harsh to take in because there is a level of personal responsibility that you must recognize on the role that you play in your own life’s miseries. The maiden that is depicted in the card is blindfolded as well as tied up. She is surrounded by swords and for all intents and purposes is indeed stuck. However on closer inspection you can see that her binds are only loosely wrapped around her, and there is a clearing in the swords behind her which would make escape possible if only she allowed herself to try. The key to this card is the lack of the desire to try, exemplifying where you are right now. You have complete control over your circumstances at this moment but you have allowed yourself to get addicted to the way things are even though the way things are causes you to be a complete stress case.

You are absolutely consumed by a victim mentality. And up until this point it was working for you. Now you are seeing the issues that can arise from this lack of decision making and a belief in your own ineptitude. It may be a way to survive, but it is most certainly not a way to live. The only opposition that is holding you back is your mental training, the habit from the practice of victimization and a certain level of blind acceptance or even ignorance to this very fact. Perhaps this was how you were raised, or you developed a habit due to a series of negative experiences, however now the 8 of Swords is giving you a warning, letting you know that it is time to improve your circumstances, and if you choose to ignore this warning, life will get worse for you.

The way out of this cycle is to balance your mind and your spirit. Recognize that you are actually an extremely creative individual who is absolutely capable of handling their life and can have anything that they want. The mind is going to open for you to include the extensions of your personal self with a partner and children as well as the necessity to widen your circle of close friends. You must stretch passed your comfort levels. The first response that you have to new situations is to close your eyes and hide because there is so much to do. But you must meet these challenges head on should you hope to escape death by swords.

The Eight of Swords in Love

When the Eight of Swords has appeared in a reading regarding love and relationships, you will find that you feel as though you are completely stuck in your situation. This card often comes up regarding the potential end of a marriage. Usually there is a deep level of unhappiness that has been going on for a long time, but the lack of deciding to leave the marriage is what creates a situation that is not easy to simply resolve. Many in love are afraid to change their circumstances because they have grown so comfortable with the unhappiness and worse, are afraid to be alone. Question yourself at this time; are you perpetuating something that makes you unhappy so that you do not have to be alone? How are you keeping yourself in chains? How are you behaving as if you are a victim? How could you better strengthen yourself and take control of your life?

The Eight of Swords in Health

The Eight of Swords in a reading about health is referencing a hypochondriac nature. That of a person who is constantly saying they are sick enough that they actually become sick. These are the people who are overindulging in medication that is prescribed by a doctor and who have a million ailments. In essence these issues that they have are self-created and self-perpetuated, and if you find yourself stuck in this kind of situation then you are going to need to learn how to live without believing that you are just a sick person.

Consider learning how to break the habit of indulging in these medicines so that you can perpetuate your own health. Some medications are important to survival, this is true, but some take medication just to dull out life. If this is you, seek substance abuse health. The Eight of Swords makes this recommendation so that you can gain control over your life before matters get worse.

The Eight of Swords in Work and Wealth

When the Eight of Swords shows up in a work and wealth reading, there is a feeling of being victimized by coworkers or supervisors. You feel as though you are entitled to have more than what you have received thus far. Sometimes you are being overlooked for promotions because there is nowhere to go in your position or money issues with the company. Other times you are being looked over because you are not working hard enough. When the Eight of Swords is influencing a work reading, the latter is more probable. If you are struggling in your work environment, consider how much time you actually spend working and see if there is a gap or you are taking too many breaks and the like. See how you can become a better employee.

The Eight of Swords in Outcome / Future Position

The eight of swords in an outcome/future position is connected to our own limitations in life. In a positive spread, the outcome can indicate that their have been emotional upheaval and that you will not give up and that you need to face the truth of the matter. There is also a focus on over-analyzing elements and this becomes a cycle of problems. In the future, it is likely that you still will not see things that you don’t wish to see. If she actually could see what has happened in the past there is no reason for her to continue. In terms of an analogy, it is telling you to open your eyes in the future to all the things that tried to hold you back.

reversed eight of swords

Reversed Eight of Swords in a reading

The 8 of Swords reversed is blessing you with the energy of freedom. You have done the work to improve your circumstances and you are now able to take off the blindfold of victimization and you can see clearly what is going on around you. Now you can truly use all of the creative energy that you have inside of you, freely. You are able to focus on wonderful ideas that set you apart from everyone else. You are no longer backed in a corner, so make sure not to fall back in old habits. You also might be so excited by your new found freedom that you may preach too strongly this message to others and this could prove to alienate yourself. Expressing gratitude and thankfulness for your healing is one thing, trying to recruit others against their will is something else. Keep this in mind. 

Upright Eight of Swords Meanings in Keywords

  • Limited by obstacles
  • Mental barriers
  • Feeling trapped
  • Wrongly accused
  • Seeking for freedom
  • Confusion and anger
  • Feeling lost

Reversed Eight of Swords Meanings in Keywords

  • Inner strength
  • Awaiting salvation
  • Escaping problems
  • Being the victim
  • Feeling comfortable
  • Carelessness
  • Avoiding issues