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The Empress


The Empress Tarot Card Meaning

She stands tall and proud, her eyes filled with the wisdom of ages, her hands holding the moonlight in an eternal embrace. Her dress is adorned with ribbon, a reminder of the wrapped up gifts she offers. The forest behind her whispers of secrets to be revealed - if one listens closely enough. Crows fill the air as they have for centuries because she is the empress; she embodies nature, motherhood and all things creative. She is a reminder that life is precious and can be found in even the smallest of moments. By her side stands a guardian to protect and watch over us in our journeys ahead. Her aura is one of elegance, power, beauty and love - an invitation to explore the possibilities of life. She is the Empress and she stands ready to nurture us all.

The Empress represents mothering love, an authority figure that is looking out for you and is often a kind guardian. She is wise and has attained her place in the hierarchy of the older tarot through her own missteps and finding her way. She has learned her lessons and is now in a position to bestow her wisdom upon you. This is usually a motherly representation in one way or another indicating that you need to look out for someone around you or that someone is looking out for you. She can be represented as an older woman with authority in her own right that has come from wisdom and experience.

The Empress also represents a pure form of extroverted abundance. If you have received this card in your reading, you are going to be well taken care of. You will get everything that you desire and more. The Empress sits on her throne made of cushion and revels in luxury and her station in life. She is depicted in the tarot with a field of wheat outstretched before her which is sacred to the Egyptian Goddess Isis. She wears a crown of twelve stars with six points, illustrating her control over the cosmos.

The Empress card symbolizes the Land of Milk and Honey after a long journey of hard labor and introspection. She is the Universal Goddess: Isis Unveiled, fertile, strong and dynamic. She is also Venus, Goddess of love: plump and curvy, attracting wealth like a magnet. This woman is the epitome of female strength as well as a symbol of ultimate abundance. Your needs will be fulfilled with joy and satisfaction. There is no need to fear. Having the Empress on your side is like having a fierce mother, protecting you always. Receiving this card in your reading means that you are making the right decision, that you are supported, and that there is a vast array of possibility for abundance currently transiting around you. Many rewards are coming your way.

The Empress, governed by so many feminine energies is pure emotion and deep intuitive understanding. The lessons that you have learned in your life will now continue to benefit you. As apply what you learn, you will reap the benefits of emotional rewards. She encourages you to express unfiltered emotions because you have earned the right to do so.

The Empress In Love

When the Empress shows herself in a reading about Love, be prepared to go through a cycle of being worshipped. Love is in the air when you are the Empress; everyone wants to be close to you because you are The God/Goddess of Love. How can they resist you? It is practically impossible. This is your time to say what you want exactly the way that you want it and have others rush to your side to provide it. Take this time to be a little selfish; do not compromise your beliefs or your integrity for anyone that isn’t similar to you. Take this opportunity to attract someone fantastic, that matches your energy, and let it happen. Now is the time.

The Empress As Feelings

If someone feels the empress towards you they adore you. They are going in with an open heart and generous spirit, the Empress tarot card speaks to us of a connection that is deeply honest and honoring. She means to “feel adored” and accepted by another person on a soul level - as if they hold you thought dear, respect and care for each of your needs. Regardless of circumstances or external factors, this tarot card can serve as a powerful reminder to show respect for others. As long as we do not attach any strings, requirements, or conditions to our love, we become an incredible force for healing.

The Empress has meaning that extends beyond just pregnancy, but also the earth by extension and the act of lovemaking, too. In your enquiry of feelings, it points to clear and obvious physical attraction that pulls the person you ask after towards you like a moth to a flame. Tread carefully, lust clouds the head like fog – physical love doesn’t guarantee feelings beyond the surface level. If the attraction is shared, take small steps forward to see if you are also compatible in terms of opinion and lifestyle before going any further with the relationship. 

The Empress Love Reconciliation

Love burning as hot as a welder’s iron and shining as bright as a star, emotional satisfaction permeates your relationship so that your romantic bond is solid and unbreakable. Your life is flooded with the best elements of love: commitment, beauty, happiness, and, of course, the starting of a family. There’s a deepening of feelings, like a submarine sinking into the ocean – now is the time to move towards a new level of commitment, and - yes! - pregnancy. If you are single, a new romance is likely to blossom as beautiful and fresh as pink petals on an apple tree. Keep your eyes open and enjoy every minute, this next love may well be “the one” you’ve always waited for. Remember to stay in tune with the emotional side of any fledgeling relationships, it is not just the physical attraction that matters, but emotional compatibility, too.

The Empress in Health

When the Empress comes up with a reading where health is mentioned, she is telling you that you have been working too hard and it is time stop and smell the roses. You likely are in a place where you can enjoy the rewards of your hard efforts and look upon them from a comfy chair overlooking the ocean and be pleased with what you have been able to accomplish. The act of healing from a busy time is just as important as any other preventative measure one to protect their health.

When stress is allowed to eat at the body, it begins to disintegrate. The Empress informs you that you need to give yourself the time off that you deserve so that you can have the perspective of a job well done. The Empress also weighs in on reproductive health. If you are trying to get pregnant or are pregnant, this card bodes well for you because you have her support. If you are trying to increase circulation or need to focus on feminine issues, the Empress will help you.

The Empress in Work, Money, Business, Career, and Wealth

Now is the time to invest, to perpetuate stock, and to place a bet on a horse. Anything that brings you peace and relaxation where you can enjoy the fruit of your labor is going to coincide with the energies of the Empress. If your reading is work related and you are trying to figure out whether or not to take your business to another level, the Empress tells you to not make a decision now. In fact, this may be a time to step away from work. Take or plan a vacation and enjoy the moment rather than constantly trying to find ways to make more money.

Often this card will come up when you are at risk of spreading yourself too thin. Do not make large decisions regarding change of employment or financial issues. If you are seeking work, the Empress says that it is going to take time. Even in the most dire situations, there are solutions that can be found and likely others that are willing to help you get on your feet until a more productive air is around you. As the empress is connected to the earth element in work she brings with her a nurturing move on the part of an employer or employee. Something is delicate, almost born. It can mean that you might be aiming high but you need time to develop yourself. The empress also indicates that one must be guided firmly but surely if contemplating a new career path.

The Empress Advice

Arms outstretched, reaching for the stars – it seems starlight might just fall into your hands directly, because opportunities are about to shower down upon you. Womanhood, fertility, rebirth – these are the aspects of the feminine which are bound to come to the forefront of your life with the drawing of The Empress. Where does this beautiful card direct you? Towards the light, where life reigns like royalty – now is the right moment to foster a family, whether literally with your partner or metaphorically with your friends. On the tree of experience, your fruits swell with ripeness, ready to be plucked – it could be your career which is ready to take off or a new love or friendship. See how the empress keeps her eyes closed, these rich opportunities may not be obvious to the naked eye but you’ll be able to sense them with your intuition. Lean into the news aspects of your life and discover the adventures of a life full of prosperity; now is a time to sew your seeds - the harvest is likely to be plentiful. 

The Empress Yes Or No

The question on your lips, you wonder – is your answer yes or no? And this card looks towards the affirmative, just like a call with good news, it seems the answer is ‘yes’. The Empress abounds with positive outcomes and new beginnings which is why she dwells in this positive meaning, now is the time to act on your answer. In questions regarding fertility or pregnancy, this card carries extra conviction; your answer is steadfast, and there is very likely to be a baby in your future. 

The Empress Past

The Empress highlights a significant female figure from your past, she walked through the pages of your history like a leader, leaving her mark and paving the way for you. She might have been maternal, she might have been an equal – whatever the case, she shaped you with the confidence of a sculptor. Did she teach you lessons that you are now ignoring? This card may also appear in your past position when an opportunity you seized in the past has come good in the present. Seeds do not grow overnight but instead, they must be nurtured and watered in order to become something more. The card reminds you that hard work is worth it, even when the rewards lie further down the road than you’d like. 

The Empress Present 

A new start, as fresh as a daisy and as vitalising as the sun, comes your way. This life-changing opportunity, it is like the tide going in and out, gradual, but consistent – don’t doubt its existence in moments of speculation, have faith and hold out. Often when a different chapter in our life is just finishing, we don’t realise a new part of our life is on its way. Taking on a new direction in life is frequently challenging and even scary, considering the maternal strength of this card, now is the time to draw love from the strong female figures in your life and revel in your own feminine aspect; be both gentle and strong, like a beautiful oak tree. This manifestation of womanhood will provide you with the wisdom needed to take the right direction. Remember that variety is the spice of life, and discovering this new period is likely to shape your worldview and make you a better, more confident person in the long run. Welcome this change with open arms and you’re much more likely to get the best out of it. 

The Empress Future and Outcome

The harvest glows golden in the sun, abundance is the headline of the feast, prosperity and reward; your future is adorned with opportunities come to fruition. Just think, pregnancy and new life is linked with joy and self-discovery. Even when the card does not highlight literal pregnancy, it still carries the weight of those positive emotions. You will blossom into something much, much more; it could be a personal ambition about to take flight, a new relationship or stage of commitment with a loved one, or simply a change in location and lifestyle. Whatever the transformation, be happy that you have it all to come - the results will be as beautiful and distinct as a peach coloured sunset over a crystal blue sea.

The Empress As Friendship

Communication flows as freely and transparent as water, cleansing and nourishing – this is the foundation of all great friendships. If you are a woman, you may find you have become the mother of your group of friends, regularly dispensing advice and wisdom to others just like your mother did for you as a child. It can also indicate a sense of harmony within friendships, a delicate balance has been achieved - you and your companions are finding the dynamic emotionally rewarding and beneficial. Certainly, if you are seeing this card, you are an important part of that balance so keep on doing what you’re doing and the happiness within your friendships will continue to fill each of you with gratitude and joy. 

Empress Tarot Reversed

Reversed Empress In A Reading

The Empress in the reversed position is symbolic of infertility, inconclusiveness, lack of abundance and confusion as well as instability and sometimes financial issues. This happens when one is too caught up in attempting to make everything perfect and there is never any rest to gather perspective. This also means that you need to use caution in your spending habits so as to not flitter away financial resources.

Take care to set up a nest egg for yourself so that you might be prepared should something go wrong. Question your poverty mindset and your feelings toward money or abundance. Do you feel worthy of relaxation? Of reaping the benefits that you have sewn after hard work? Do you feel as though it is impossible to catch up? Ask the Empress to help heal your poverty mindset so that you can reap the benefits of the abundance that she has to offer you.

The Empress Reversed - Love and Romance

Aggression reigns, resentment brews, the smallest things tumble into chaotic battles – sound familiar? The Empress reversed carries warnings of a love sourced by hardness and lack of empathy. You and your partner may have been arguing or ignoring opportunities to be tender and loving with one another. This card has feminine energy, and it may be reversed when the delicate balance of masculine and feminine attributes have become unbalanced.  Have you forgotten you are partners, not enemies? You can each counter this by reconnecting with your patient, nurturing side (this applies to both man and woman, as every gender has these qualities within them). If you are single, this reversed card sees promiscuity and a lack of emotional attachment in the dating world - take the time to consider whether you lack emotional availability and how this might be impacting your prospective relationships. 

The Empress reversed - Family and Home

Home is where the heart is, but The Empress and her emotional sensibilities became inverted when reversed and she sings a warning lullaby; there is a loss of harmony and balance in your family, like a ship rocked in a stormy sea. A greater level of conflict than normal and a general sense of unease infects the family relations, this often happens when family members feel that they can’t be honest about their feelings (causing repressed emotions and subsequent anger to go with it, all bubbling up like an overheated pot). It also might occur when the maternal figure of the family has been too busy or occupied to take on her normal role as the carer and nurturer of the family. If this figure is usually you, then it is worth refocussing your attention and lending the other members of the family your ear so that they can work through any problems they are experiencing (via your guidance and advice). Remember that communication and affection are two of the most important things in any happy, healthy family – talking is the oil that keeps the machine working correctly. 

The Empress Reversed - Work and Finances

Your career has become dull and unfulfilling, it may not be terrible, but like bread without butter, it’s far from ideal. Perhaps the pay is good, but the emotional side of things are lacking and leave a hole in your life. The Empress asks if you have put money and status above what you’re truly passionate about? Or maybe you are working hard and enjoying your tasks but not feeling the benefit of appreciation from your colleagues or boss. Now is the time to reassess what you have and see if you can’t find some opportunities that may be hidden to the naked eye. See if there are small adjustments you can make before rushing to jump overboard! Sometimes we can improve things without making huge changes, we just need to look at things in a new light and keep an open mind to see the possibilities before us. 

The Empress Reversed - Health and Wellness

Your body is a temple, it needs an empress to rule it – but where is your monarch? The throne is dusty, the floor is cracked; it seems your health has fallen to the bottom of your to-do list. Remember that the best way to break out of a lull of energy is to force yourself to get more active and reignite your passion for life, through movement and the great outdoors. This card has a connection with nature, and when reversed it may highlight that a person is spending too much time indoors and away from the natural world – are the four walls closing in? For women trying to conceive, this card reversed often suggests complications or issues with infertility. Go to your doctor for a check-up to see what your situation is.  These complications may appear both for women who do want to conceive and for those who may unknowingly be pregnant and so it’s better to be safe than sorry.  

The Empress Reversed - Personal Spirituality

A fork in the road, a signpost which has been switched – The Empress reversed points to a divergence from your true spiritual path. You may have allowed yourself to disconnect from your spiritual journey, sometimes the daily bustle of life gets in the way of the deeper meaning that sits behind everything. This card reversed urges you not to get caught up in the mundane things in everyday life. When upright, this card speaks to the power of the world that surrounds us and is strongly associated with mother earth - you should consider using nature as a route to enlightenment so that you can recentre yourself on your spiritual journey.

The Empress Upright Meanings in Keywords

  • Romance
  • Pregnancy 
  • Birth
  • Growth
  • Motherly

The Empress Reversed Meanings in Keywords

  • Delay
  • Domestic problems
  • Family problems
  • Stuck feminine energy 

Six of Cups


The Six of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Six of Cups is a pleasant little card that can indicate that there are a lot of positive energies surrounding you at this time… so long as they are balanced.

First we will talk about the good of the card and then we will discuss the pitfalls. This card represents nostalgia and ideal times of your life. Often the card will come at a time in your life when you need solace or healing because it represents the need to focus your energies on more simplistic outlets. It’s an excellent time to center your energies on clearing out the messes in your life that are unnecessary.

If you are feeling that there is a lot going on in your life and you are being sucked in by a whirlwind of events or stressors understand that you have the power to slow things down. It can be difficult to separate out what needs your attention right now and what you can let go. The Six of Cups can tell you to go back to the basics and rather than working on cutting aspects out of your life completely reworking areas of your life so that they aren’t taking out so much from you personally.

The imagery on the card shows a boy handing a younger child, seemingly a female, flowers. There is no hint of monetary exchange and it is often interpreted as a loving or childish gesture. The colors of the card are all indicative of spirituality and emotional strength. It is also a pleasant card in regards to the fact that there is no real downside to this card. Generally it shows the positive nature of universal love. The love in the card is represented as that between families and because of this it is a good omen for fertility and childbearing – as well as a great card involving familial bonds.

On the darker side of this card it can be a warning. Too much of a good thing sometimes is a bad thing and in this card that is the case. Depending on what other cards in your reading the Six of Cups, it can be showing that you are focusing too much on the past or reverting to childish behaviors. Be wary of this card paired with many reversed cards, specifically the 2 of Cups or the Lovers card reversed. If you see this card in your reading you may want to consider ways in which you could be possibly acting immature or childish in your own life to be sure that the card is not a negative omen for you.

The Six of Cups in Love

The Six of Cups in Love can indicate problems in a relationship when there are disagreements or arguments going on that one or both people in the relationship are not being mature. They are not meeting in the middle as they should and usually there is an indication of being selfish. While the card is positive and in certain aspects because it can show positive leanings toward family and children, when dealing with relationships specifically between people it usually reverts to the simpler meaning and simple isn’t always good regarding love.

The Six of Cups in Health

When the Six of Cups comes up in health usually there is a need to slow down or to “stop and smell the roses”. There may be ongoing health issues as well that flare up or illnesses from childhood that you are susceptible to and should avoid right now. In the case where you are concerned about another person, the card indicates that that person needs care and that you should be assisting them. They need your help or the help of others in general to get on the mend.

The Six of Cups in Work and Wealth

The Six of Cups in work will usually show a very good and creative time for you. It’s an excellent card when referring to working with a group. Right now your main focus needs to be on the simple approaches and avoid making anything too complicated or overly ornate so that you don’t miss your goal or deadline.

Six of Cups Advice

A tree's roots stretch out long and twisting, while the trunk towers above in a showering of leaves, it is what lies beneath that keeps the tree standing tall. Our past is our legacy, positive energy surrounds the Six of Cups like blossom blowing in the spring air. 

Just like the flower-filled cup being offered on this card, life is presenting you with opportunities for growth and expansion. It asks you to flick back through the past chapters of your life like you’re rereading your favourite book - is there something familiar that could be of use to you now?

Sometimes it is a mentoring figure from your childhood that this card calls upon, a parent or an older sibling. In your past, there is insight and wisdom, lessons which may have since been forgotten and a guiding hand that will bring you to new beautiful places in the future - make sure you utilise these gifts of your history. 

Six of Cups Yes Or No

Reconciliation, reconnection, a new lease of life - these are all qualities deep within the Six of Cups card. Like a full moon reappearing in the night sky, this card honours the cycles of life and the wondrous possibility of forgiveness and redemption. All this is to say, it has a specific and important type of positive energy; its answer to your question is yes. Keep your eyes fixed on the future while carrying the lessons of the past, this affirmative answer may serve you very well. 

Six of Cups Past

The past is thick with nostalgia and precious memories, you may find yourself dwelling more and more in these past chapters of joy. But like a treasured photo album, if you dip into your own history too much the pages will become dogeared and the keepsake will eventually lose its value. It’s fine to mine the past for inspiration and love, but make sure you’re not looking back more than you look forward - if you are, you might just end up missing the new, beautiful experiences right before your eyes. 

Six of Cups Present 

Hard work warrants big rewards; sometimes it seems we plant so many seeds, yet so few actually sprout in times of drought.  Good news! A new season of prosperity comes this way; observe this card, see the chalices filled with beautiful flowers and how they’re shared between two kindred souls with free-spirited butterflies surrounding them. 

Now is a great time to make friends, a connection might just spark new streams to hydrate and nourish other areas of your life. All those seeds you planted are about to come into season, roll up your sleeves and get ready to enjoy the harvest - beautiful spring and all its new creatures are here just for you. There is so much to enjoy, this is a wonderful card to see in your present position. 

Six of Cups Future and Outcome

Our lives are like towers, sometimes we’re building upwards towards the sky, sometimes we have setbacks and have to take a rest and recuperate. To keep your ascent steady and purposeful, you must recall the lessons and values of the past. After all, you wouldn’t be as high as you are without them. What materials have you used before, what served you best? 

Think of the decisions that worked out well for you and try and understand why. Doing so may just enable you to unfurl your greatest desires and manifest them into reality, like a ribbon coming loose and blowing in the wind. With an equal measure of craft and reflection all your wants and dreams are possible, just make sure you’re putting your full existing experience to use and you’ll sail as smoothly as a yacht on a sunny day. 

Six of Cups Love Reconciliation

A long-lasting love, youthful years that have been spent growing together like two strings of ivy that have become intertwined over time. The Six of Cups frequently appears here when a relationship has been formative and long-lasting, possibly even signifying childhood sweethearts.

For some, this card carries a message of deepened commitment - could now be the time to start a family? But for others, it may be pointing to a lack of maturity that is unbalancing your partnership, or even a wistfulness for a lost romance that is distracting a partner from their current coupling. A steady and responsible interrogation of your romance is in order, be as fair-minded and honest as a judge - sometimes, we must let go of even long-burning romances. 

Single? Perhaps not for long, a long lost love - a figure from the pages of your past - looks set to make an exciting reenterance. Sometimes we think of the past coming back to haunt us, but don’t let prejudice hold you back, sometimes love just needs time to come into full bloom. 

Six of Cups As Feelings

Warmth, heady and intoxicating like nostalgia. These are the feelings of the person you inquire after; to them, you are like an ambient Christmas evening - magical and full of potential. While there may not be sparky passion in this person’s feelings, there is definitely a sense of comfort and maybe even familiarity. The trust they have in you is like that shared between family members, while this might not spell romance, it certainly looks like a beautiful and steady friendship. 

Six of Cups As Friendship

Is there anything sweeter than reconnecting with an old friend? The women on this card demonstrate the beauty of two souls reaching out to one another, their respective joy exploding in a shower of butterflies and stars.

Sometimes we grow apart from friends, only to grow back together again as life’s path converges once more. Pick up that old phone book, dial around - now is the perfect environment for reconnection and it may just lead to a friendship that lasts a lifetime! All bets are off, and hearts are open - what more could you ask for? 

6 of Cups Tarot Card Reversed

Reversed Six of Cups in a reading

When you reverse the Six of Cups you are taking the possible mental health concerns – especially from ones that stem from childhood. The innocence of the card is turned upside down and can relate back to past trauma or abuse that you are still working through (or need to) as an adult. The card is a concerning card in the reversed position because it shows there is a need for help but you are likely feeling like you have nowhere to turn or no one to help you. It also can be a bad sign for finance because it shows that there is a level of irresponsibility revolving around money or the concern for money. It is also a warning for you to not be too stuck in the past and be willing to move forward on your path at this time.

Six of Cups Reversed - Love and Romance

Dwindling passion, a flame that blows out in the wind - is the oomph gone from your partnership? Commitment is important, but so is joy and love in daily life. Your relationship can’t rely on familiarity alone, if it does, it’s like a recipe missing its seasoning. 

Remember to focus on the now in your relationship, don’t idealise days since past or dwell on loves you’ve had before. If your thoughts are going everywhere but the here and now, you need to seriously consider why that is - perhaps the fire of your love has been snuffed out permanently?

For those without a partner, an even darker message emerges - it could be that a past traumatic experience is impeding you from finding a romantic partner in the present. There is no shame in this struggle, try and focus on self-love. You, like all people, are deserving of love; there is so much beauty in your soul, and with time it will open out to another partner like a small tulip on a hot day. 

​Six of Cups reversed - Family and Home

There is no history like family history, it stretches back and back and back to the beginning of time. It is this that makes it your foundation, but also what adds more complex twists and turns than a crime novel. 

Sometimes past events begin to haunt the family home - there is the exchanging of blame and feelings of bitterness. This card suggests exactly that, emotions are running high and there is a possible danger zone for the most vulnerable members of your family. 

Sometimes, this card even calls to attention abuse that has gone unnoticed. While this is not pleasant to consider, take pains to ensure that everyone within the family unit is safe and comfortable. From there you can work on reestablishing positive bonds and lessening resentment. Forgiveness is truly a gift, especially in matters of small pettiness. Work on swallowing your pride and in reward you will find a happier, healthier family. 

Six of Cups Reversed - Work and Finances

Watching the clock, the minutes ticking away so slowly - why does time pass so agonisingly when you’re bored? This reversed card sees your lack of enthusiasm for your work. The rat race has stalled to more of a could be a time for a change of speed. Wallowing is never the answer, but change often is. 

Alternatively, the inverted Six of Cups can also highlight an important but emotionally draining job. This is especially true of roles involving work with the disadvantaged or the vulnerable. Your work is honourable, it brings more good into the universe - but don’t forget to give yourself breaks when you need them. If you burnout it won’t help anyone, least of all yourself. 

Six of Cups Reversed - Health and Wellness

Humans are complex organisms, like beautiful yet confounding machines there are so many processes needed to keep things working, it sometimes feels like occasional breakdowns are inevitable. 

Here, it is the Six of Cup’s relationship with the past and inheritance that can illuminate hereditary illnesses that are passed down genetically. If you know of family ailments possessed by your parents, now may be the time to seek medical advice in these same areas. 

With peace of mind and professional advice, you can take the best and most effective road to full health and vitality. Remember, never beat yourself up about health problems, you are only human and challenges such as this only teach you to be more grateful for the health you do have (just like a rainbow after the rain).

Six of Cups Reversed - Personal Spirituality

Faith can be slippery - it requires a mixture of opposing things: tradition and innovation, solitude and collaboration. It is, of course, important to honour the classic practices of personal spirituality, but sometimes it is necessary to your spiritual development that you reach out and try new things, too. 

Faith should not transform into stubbornness, instead, it is about experimenting with ways of uncovering personal enlightenment in whatever form that takes. Expand your horizons, and who knows what incredible leaps of personal progress you might make with an open heart and mind.  

Six of Cups Meanings in Keywords


  • Old lovers together
  • Waters of the past
  • Mirror of reflection
  • Memories
  • Filters of the mind
  • Childhood love
  • Reminiscing


  • Change is accepted
  • Memories are not blocking
  • Childhood problems
  • Lack of creativity
  • Mirror of time