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Sacred Magick.


Have you ever just turned around and thought “my goodne


The angel Arariel is called upon in all matters related t

Amesha Spenta Angel

The Zoroastrianism religion recognizes spiritual angels c


The Archangel Abymael (also spelt or known as Abimael) ac


Archangel Ariel is considered to be one of the most power


Ambriel is an angel associated with the zodiac sign of Ge


Adriel stands for bliss, happiness, and togetherness.


The definition of Abaddon is the devil. The name Abaddon


This angel is associated with transmission from life to d


We are not on our own in this world.Spirits are here to b

Azrael - the Angel of d

This angel is associated with transmission from life to d


Using fire in ritual is known as a dangerous move.

Sigils for the Home

Sigils for the home come in many different forms because

Sigils for Protection

Sigils are used for protection for various reasons and ca

Sigils for Health

Creating a sigil for health can be a matter of life and d

Enochian Sigils

In order to explain Enochian sigils we must first discuss

The History of Sigils

The history of sigils date as far back as man using image

How do we make our own

We can use magical alphabets like the Nordic runes, Theba

What is a sigil?

What is a sigil?  Who uses them? How can it help one


Zombies are all over the place. Games for children, on th


Witchcraft has been a tool used by humans to harness the

Voodoo Fertility Rite

Many cultures hold heavy expectations in matters of ferti


The practice of Voodoo as we know it in today’s society


Thelema is a known spiritual philosophy/religion that was

The Turkey Curse

The Turkey Curse is a curse that is placed on those who s

Solomon Demons

The lesser key of Solomon is a famous witch’s book or g

Psychic Vampires

There will always come a time in your life where everythi

Haunted Items

When it comes to Haunted items, some people think that on

Haunted house

When one thinks of their home, they don’t really think


Throughout the world, culture to culture and country to c

Blood Sacrifice

For thousands of years, blood has been used in ancient ce

Sticky Sweet Blend Love

Sweet spells have long been popular with magicians as&nbs

Powerful Love Spell

Love spells often give great results when you are trying

Hoodoo Love Poppit

Hoodoo is a spell craft that is linked with voodoo.

Aphrodite Passion Spell

Passion spells are designed to renew passion and fire in

Love By Hearts

The purpose of this spell is to hold on to love. This spe

To Find True Love

We sometimes struggle when trying to find true love. It i

True Love

Love spells are one of the most popular spell.

Marie Laveau Love Spell

This spell is to ask for the help of Marie Laveau, so she

Yes or No love spell

Before carrying out any spell consult the tarot cards and

Protection Baths with O

Okra is a cooking ingredient but can also be used as a&nb

Okra Spell

If you have a problem with someone (or if someone has a p

Spell for cough and sor

In ancient times there was many witch doctors that helped

Invoking Healing Flames

This spell has one very simple goal: healing yourself.

Health Blessing

This is a Victorian health blessing spell and it is an ea

A Spell to Promote Joy

Sometimes the feeling of health and well being can be car

Healing Spell (of a lov

Sometimes the one who needs a healing spell isn’t ourse

A Spell to Sleep Well

Sleep is imperative to being healthy and most of us take

Stress relief Spell

Stress is something that affects everyone, whether we lik

Healing Bath Spell

A healing bath is a great way to draw out the feeling of

Get well now spell

This is a simple health spell to make someone well again,

Make a Money Altar

Increase personal wealth! When you need to increase perso

Alligator Feet

Alligators are found lurking in the swamps and marshes of

Money at Home Spell

This is another simple spell to bring money into your hom

Money In the Door Spell

This spell is a very simple and popular spell and there a

Financial Bliss Spell

Hard work is the cornerstone of making money, but some ex

Success Oil

Oil of Success is a helpful tool to create success in fin

Success Stone

Jewelry is worn to be pretty and inviting but you can als

Money Charm

Money charms can be use whenever to attract financial sec

Bail Out Spell

This spell is designed to help you when you are in a dire

Money, Money, Money Sp

Many spells require a sacrifice and financial spells are

Road Opener

The symbolic meaning is that in life we are on an open ro

Protection and Good Luc

Good luck spell To bring luck into your home purchase a g

Orange Candle Spells

Orange candles help when something is blocked or exam suc

Purple Candle Spell

Psychic Vampire Spell – ProtectionHave you been around

Yellow Candle Spells

Firstly, you maybe here because you wish to understand wh

Green Candle Spells

Candle burning has been a long tradition in magic.

Blue Candle Spells

Healing Spell Blue Candles are commonly used for healing.

Pink Spells

Here are two spells that require pink candles.

Red Candle Spells

Finding Love Again Spell Breaking up and seeking love aga

Candle Magic – Uses f

Candle magic is a simple spell working tool that can have

The Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones captured the minds of the masses when it in

Candle Magic

Candles have long been known for their mysterious and int

Monarch Butterfly

What is a monarch butterfly? There is over a milli

Hippopotamus Animal Tot

Hippopotamus is often violent. In ancient Egypt times the


The Quail is an unusual animal totem.It is associated wit

Road Runner

A road runner totem animal is associated with speed. We a


In ancient times the salmon was considered a legendary. I

Blue Tit

A Blue Tit represents love and trust.To see a Blue tit fl

Waxbill Animal Totem

The Waxbill is a small passerine bird from the estrildid

Meerkat Animal Totem

When the Meerkat shows as a totem animal (or you see this


Meadowlarks are normally found in the wonderful meadow, t


A marlin is a fish comes from the family of Istiophoridae

Manta rays

Manta rays have a very unique body shape; they have wings


Lemurs are known in the forest as the ghost. The lemur fr


Chaos magic

Chaos magic is about changing your situations in life and develop a responsibility to improve for the greater good. Read all about Chaos magic here.


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