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Backward refers to a situation where something is directed to the rear or behind; in the direction of the back.

So if you dream of something being backward, it is connected to the past, something that is keeping you stagnated in growth; something that is causing you to have no focus. This is affecting your self-esteem.

In the dream…

  • You might be the one moving backward.
  • A familiar person moving backward.
  • A strange person moving backward.
  • Falling backwards in a dream.
  • Moving backwards in your dream.
  • Driving a car in a backwards position in your dream.
  • Pulled backwards in your dream.
  • Items falling backwards in your dream.
  • going back in time in your dream.
  • Visiting the past in your dream.
  • A car that is rolling backwards in your dream.
  • Reversing a car backwards.
  • Going on a mode of transport and it goes backwards. (airplane,
  • The TV going backwards.
  • People speaking backwards.
  • Being on a fairground ride going backwards in a dream.
  • Going backwards and forwards in a dream.
  • Seeing someone who is “backwards” or retarded.
  • Going towards the rear in a car, bus, plane or train.
  • Unable to move backwards.
  • Being backward-looking in the dream.
  • Spelling backwards.
  • Writing backwards.
  • Running backwards in a dream.
  • Slow running in the dream state.

Detailed dream interpretation

Moving backwards in a dream is quite common and suggests that you have what it takes to succeed in life. A dream whereby you find yourself moving backward is symbolic of retarded growth. You have been in the same position for quite a long time and you need to do something about it. It might be a career whereby, no promotion has been forthcoming for quite a long time. Evaluate your goals and find out what others are doing that you are not doing. Once you find out, make sure you work on it seriously because it is unhealthy to remain in the same position for that long. It might be a business venture which is not growing; others are progressing on well with their businesses, opening new ventures while you are stuck with the same business which is not showing any progress at all.

The motion of moving backwards indicates that there may be some blocks or obstacles in your way. If you dream of switching places, such as living in one place and then suddenly living in another this is associated with the fact that you are easily bored in waking life, you have an inquiring mind and love to be in the know. To be pulled backwards in your dream represents that you cannot assume other people are going to carry out tasks.

If the TV or DVD is playing backwards then this can suggest that you need to have optimism going forward. If you’re on a fairground ride and you go backwards then this is a dream connected to social endeavors.

The social side of life is extremely important you have been working too hard to keep message of this dream. If you are unable to move backwards in the dream state then this suggests that you need to provide sustainability and a strong foundation for others. You are an excellent teacher and people like to listen to what you have to say. To encounter somebody with a backward-looking approach to life suggests that somebody you know seeks to satisfy your every need. This may not be apparent at the moment.

If you are walking or going backwards in your dream then this is a suggestion that you may be looking at the past and the nurture that you received. The actual backwards element of the dream is a suggestion that we can look to the past in order to progress our lives.

To see yourself slow running or in slow motion indicates that things are holding back in life. Do not try to waste your time on projects that will not provide you with success. Not being able to walk forwards in a dream indicates that something is holding you back. There is something in your life that you need to overcome. To run or walk backwards in a dream suggests that you have trouble with experiences.

If you are finding it hard to walk forward then something in life is holding you back. If you feel gravity pulling you back your dream then this indicates that you need to focus on yourself for a while.

To spell a word backwards suggests that you need to appreciate somebody much better than you already do. While you are strong but sometimes we do not find other people for their help. To see words or numbers backwards indicates that you must “watch” what comes out of your mouth going forward.

If you walk backwards then this is associated with your childhood. It can suggest that too much time has passed and you need to heal from difficulties. If in your dream you are called backwards by somebody or something then this is considered a possible fear of moving forward in life. If you find yourself going back in time then this indicates that you have a strong intellect but there are influences from the past that affect you. If you notice a car going backwards or in reverse then this is connected to trying to get things done in life. There may be an element of dishonesty and worry about different objectives in life. If the car is rolling down the hill then this is associated with making sure that you don’t lose what you have already gained. If you fall backwards then this is a suggestion that truthfulness and honesty will be required in a given situation. Make sure there is trust in a relationship and this is built on a solid base. If you see yourself falling from the sky backwards then everything in life is going to be okay. There may be some minor troubles and you may need somebody to help you.

Dreaming of seeing a familiar person moving backward implies that, a relative or friend will need your help because it seems they are stuck in the same position in their lives for so long and they need a push from someone - and that someone is you. Help them to get out and move forward because, it is not healthy for someone to remain glued in the same position, whether it is in marriage, career, or financial status.

When a stranger is the one moving backward in your dream, it can suggest that you have nothing to fear in life because you are several steps ahead of your colleagues. You seem to be moving in the right direction in terms of your career, relationship, business and even finances; every part of your life is going in the right direction.

Feelings associated with your dream

Blessing, hard working, stability, unstable and worry.

By Florance Saul
Jun 12, 2017