Dream of Child Dying

Child dying dream meaning

Dreaming of child dying

There is so much emotional pain involved in dreaming of a child dying or seeing them unconscious in a dream. If a child’s life is in danger in a dream this can be rather unsettling. I can honestly say - this dream is truly, a complete nightmare. One of the underlying reasons for having dreams of a child dying is that your child has reached some sort of important area of their life. Dreams about death are associated with a change in waking life.

To dream of a child dying in a dream could mean that you are experiencing worry and anxiety about your child, it could also suggest that you are questioning yourself to make sure that you can parent correctly. Dreams about your child dying can be one of the scariest experiences that we have, they can be unsettling and it is easy to take them as being literal. 

Death and dying within a dream can cause upset makers to feel stressed and fearful. Dreams about our child dying are rarely about actual death, in reality, instead, they are a reflection of our fundamental transformations that we are making in our own life. If your child was killed by animals or another person in a dream this can indicate that you are feeling out of control in a situation in waking life. To dream of a child killed by an adult is a reflection of the fear that you feel inside. These are what I describe as "trauma" dreams.

Such a dream is properly the most feared but also misunderstood. The dream itself indicates that there is going to be a significant transformation in life. Perhaps you are undertaking a transition or life is a change in some way. Such a transformational force in your life will often result in anxiety for the future. To dream that your child is dying but then survives can indicate you are coping well with significant change. 

Dreaming of a child or baby dying

There is probably some biological or developmental rationale around the child or baby symbol in dreams. We often dream of babies or children dying when we are facing a birthday or achieving an important milestone. For example, if you have a toddler in real life - and they point to things or begin to mention a few words it's common to have a dream of such an electrifying traumatic dream. To dream of a child dying that you do not know in real life can relate to your inner child.

Why did you have a dream of a child dying?

If you're not sure your child is feeling well in waking life, or it seems that something feels wrong and not right then such a dream could be a reflection of your subconscious mind. This dream can mean that you might have had a dream of your child dying because of daily worries about him or her. 

As parents we try to nurture our little ones and provide the natural love of learning and part of this is tackling tantrums and providing the discipline that we need to put them on the right path. The first few years of parenting are very exhausting but oh so rewarding. A dream of your child dying could simply be that that is your greatest fear, everything that embodies you as a Mother or Father - is invested in your baby or child and the loss of that child is something that you can't even imagine in real life. What I am trying to say here is the dream could just be the force of love that you feel for the child.

Dreams about child deaths could be due to developmental anxieties

Every child will go through a milestone. Our parenting adventure never seems to end. Every child is like one-of-a-kind, not every child say. This does not stop us as parents from comparing a child's development with the children the same age. Comparing their developmental timelines. Every time we have parents evening for example we are thinking about how they are doing against other children. Sometimes these types of comparisons go into our subconscious mind. When we tried to compare our child rated development from one year to the next, and we are worried about this lagging a little or perhaps even racing forward then our subconscious mind will automatically try to make sense of a major disruption or change in a child's life.

Dreams of your own child or baby dying

If you have children in real life you may notice that in 24 short months of their life a baby has come a long long way. With every change, growth, development, light and in speed learning and endless explorations we as parents nurture that baby or child. They become part of us even through all the challenges such as how do I get my toddler to eat/play/sleep/walk, experiencing these kinds of questions on a daily basis will provide an imprint to your subconscious mind. If you do have a young child or toddler this could be a reaction to a possible meltdown they've had or you are just worried about their safety in general. 

Dreams about a child or baby choking

Raising children can be challenging in a sea of change. Often, we can have dreams about their well-being, particularly when we dream of a child of our own in a difficult or dangerous position. If you dreamt of a parent-child interaction or that your child was choking to death and this can be a somewhat alarming dream. The dream is about anxiety and how we feel about ourselves and our parenting skills and how we think about the choices that we make in reacting to stimuli in waking life. I can remember having a dream of my child choking on the next day I was paranoid about him eating lollipops. Choking is one of the parent's worst nightmare. Common objects featured in the dream could be small objects, balloons alternatively food such as hotdog, round candies, grapes and nuts. If there was a bodily obstruction during your dream you may have tried to remove this from your child's throat. Perhaps you'd even tried to give some abdominal thrusts. I will try to break down the stream meaning so that you can have a more peaceful mind.

Dreams about our own children are very common, especially if you're pregnant or expecting the child. if you don't have any children in real life the dream could be interpreted as a metaphor for either personal growth, new development or a fresh start in life. The dream of choking the child that you do not know in real life could signify that you are feeling stressed or anxious in life and you need to deal with it somehow. It could also be a manifestation of trying to provide comfort and nurturing for somebody that you love. Even though these types of dreams or unwanted or even stressful the general causes of this type of nightmare could be traumatic events, recent life changes or fear of stress. Dreams often don't make much sense in the waking world there is a spiritual meaning to such a dream. The spiritual meaning of seeing a child choking can be associated with focus on trying to cover a solution or a problem to a pressing issue. In most ancient dream dictionaries, this is the interpretation and urges us to try to avoid stressful or upsetting activities.

Dreams about an unknown child dying or a child that is not yours

If you've been brought up in a troubled or unhealthy or even dysfunctional family then this can be somewhat painful. To dream of a child dying (but you do not know the child or the child is somebody that you do know) in the life but is not directly biological to you, can often indicate that we have lost our true selves and thereby our ability to connect with others in a meaningful way. 

In life, the only way to fill our emptiness is to try to connect with others. If you translate this dream into a message from spirit to guide you. This is the spirit of the inner child who is speaking to you. 

The inner child could hold the key to how you deal with intimate or toxic relationships. We are all children at heart and at times our inner child could be blocked and affect our zest for life. When our inner child is hidden we can also separate ourselves from the people around us - and have traumatic dreams about children and dying. The dream itself is telling you that the child within needs to be embraced. Nothing can alter the absolute loss of a child in real life, but the type of death featured in a dream can allow us to uncover the true meaning, here I am going to focus on some popular dreams grouped with meanings concerning a child dying.

Dream of drowning child

To dream of a child drowning is connected to our emotions. Water featured in a dream is directly associated with how we are feeling, the temperament of the water and the colour are significantly important. The murky water can indicate that we are feeling drained and stressed out. To dream that your child is drowning can be a terrifying nightmare but it is unlikely to happen in real life. The psychologist Carl Jung has written in widespread books that drowning in dreams illustrates our own universal human experience. 

We all have one thing in common we start out as children to be vulnerable and also dependent on others. During this time, we can misread situations and build our own characteristics. If you have encountered insensitive or violent people around you recently - then having a dream of your child drowning is quite common. If the child drowning is unknown to you, this can be connected to your own inner child. 

Dreams about a child having cancer or illness

If the child in the dream had leukaemia or a life-threatening disease then this can be an expression of anxiety in waking life. The seriousness of the situation of the dream could result in waking up feeling unsettled. Such a dream could have occurred because you are trying to work out your own thoughts and feelings of stress in an event in daily life. To dream of a child dying of cancer or any other illnesses is also connected to our worries over our children if your own child was featured in the dream.

Dreams about a child dying in a car accident or by a car

If in your dream if your child died as a result of a car accident this refers to our internal emotions. The car accident dream is associated with a warning, in a dream, the vision of the night may yield warnings - in small cases. I do feel that we need to be careful after having dreams of car accidents. If you were driving the car then this could be a dream of control. It often points to feeling out of control in some way. If you saw a car colliding with another then the dream indicates that you may feel dominion by someone. 

Dreams are there to work out issues we are facing in our daily lives; they sometimes come to us as fearful dreams such as accidents. The one thing I tell everyone who contacts me is to not think the dream is a premonition as it most likely is not. Determining the spiritual side of the dream is confronting our inner fears. Dreams about a car accident involving children can make you feel on edge the next day, but is normally about how you are fearing things in real life. 

Dreams about a child dying in a fire

To dream of a fire in a dream in the spiritual sense is about our conflicts internally. It rarely has to do with our child and more to do with our inner child. Dreams about fires in old dream books denote a loving companion, especially if you dream of seeing your own home burning. Fire is strangely a favourable omen in dream meanings it denotes purity of purpose and means you will accomplish your endeavours. Putting a positive spin on this dream can indicate that your child will flourish. Dreamers both children and adults could experience these types of dreams and either way it could point to problems in waking life.

Conclusion of dreams of a child killed

In conclusion dreams of a child, dying can be unsettling and worrying for anyone. If you dream of your son or daughter dying a dream of this nature is a sign that you need to let go of any unhealthy worries in your life and embrace change and new opportunities, or it could be that you are particularly anxious over a milestone or worrying about your child. These nightmares are directly associated with our deep shock level.

In Carl Jung's own words "the child paves the way for a future change of personality" and the dream could point to your own inner child, especially if you have no children of your own. The inner child plays an important role in our lives and our psyche. The inner child is our emotional self, where our own feelings are alive. Dreams of children dying in this instance could be associated with our feelings of sensitivity, aliveness and childlike feelings, especially if you had a dream of multiple children dying. It was quite emotional writing this dream meaning and I hope that it gives you some clarity. 

I wish you blessings. x 

By Florance Saul
May 4, 2021