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When the fire is deliberately started on the property (arson) in the dream state it can be rather worrying.

Arson represents a number of different emotions you may feel in the waking world. It can indicate that you are angry about life and at times feel a slight jealousy of other people’s achievements and goals. You may find yourself in a situation similar to another and you feel a sense of jealousy in that they can achieve things you can’t. The arson may also just signify you’ve had enough on the inside and you wish to start again in life. If you dream of an arson attack it denotes that you have a desire to fix things in life but you are finding it hard to focus.

You are in need of cowardice acts and behavior which will give you quick fixes that won’t last for long. If you find in waking life you have obstacles to overcome, then try to think of ways to solve your problems. If you are depressed then this type of approach won’t yield positive results. This type of dream could also be a representation of your life, having reached a boiling point and you can no longer take in any more information. Dreaming of arson can also mean that you are having problems in your waking life which are making you feel angry and frustrated. If you dream that you are planning to commit arson, it is a warning that your subconscious mind needs an outlet which is creative. You have many ideas in life!

Spiritually, when you dream of arson, it could reflect that, you have fears concerning eternal damnation. You might be having a tendency or guilt which is making you be hard on yourself with issues concerning your morals. A dream where you see an evil fire which feels like it is alive reflects feeling about a situation which is horrible and that is threatening to destroy you. It could also be reflecting your anxiety about the fire. If there are some fire safety drills that you are undertaking, it might affect your dreams. Also, if you have ever experienced trauma from fire, the chances of having nightmares about arson are very high. So to analyze your dream, you need to know all the details that might have led you to the dream.

What is the detailed dream interpretation of arson?

If you dream that someone carries out an arson attack, it could denote that, you have a desire for revenge or you are planning to destroy someone’s happiness or goals. It is anger bottled inside you. Make sure you never lose the power. Someone could be harboring bitterness, hatred, or jealousy. Someone around you.

A dream whereby there is an arson attack on your home relates to issues of control in your life. Even if you have this feeling that you are in control of your life, there is a feeling deep down that has created this attacking type dream. It could be that you could be waging war to stay in control and you fear that you might lose control. When you dream of an arson attack on your home, it doesn't mean that you want to hurt others, nor does it mean others want to hurt you, but it refers to your unresolved internal conflict.

This is what is disturbing you with violence, with the dream showing us the way to a peaceful resolution. A dream where there are a protest and an arson denotes that, you have a situation which is completely out of control and it is not functioning at all in your life the way it is supposed to. It could be that you are continuing to be frustrated with feeling or someone who has lied to you. It could also denote your desire to take action or defend yourself against something. You might be feeling very upset about a need for a major change in your life about an objective you or someone close to you doesn't like. On a negative note, dreaming about arson and protesting may reflect an awareness of people are not happy with the way you handle things around you. It could be that you are anxious about people whom you owe money to.

If there is an arsonist in your dream, this implies that there are issues in your life which are consuming you. You might be having a strong obsession or prolonged desire, and the arsonist is a symbol of your anger or intense bitterness which has gone beyond control. It could be that your temper is out of control and it is making you lose out on something important like close and trusted friends who can no longer take it in anymore. It could also represent a problem in your life that is out of control. Thus, you are having a fear of experiencing loss due to lack of control.

To see someone carrying out arson on your property is a dream that denotes that you secretly wish for destruction or complete failure of something in your waking life. You could be the trigger of the problem, or the dream could mean that you want to start a quarrel or something negative in waking life. A house is on fire in your dream implies that you don't have a stable mindset. You might be losing out on security due to careless oversight or mistakes. You might be facing a problem which is consuming everything in your progressive path.

To carry out arson in your dream represents your wish for total failure or destruction of something when you wake up. You may be intentionally trying to trigger something negative to happen to those around you; try not to be a sadist at heart. On the positive side, this particular dream could denote that you have a passion for starting up a business. If you dream that you have set a city on fire in your dream, it can mean that your relationships are being destroyed by the powerful emotions you are harboring or you have a condition which is beyond your control. It could imply that your social interaction might be ruined forever. For a building to be set on fire in a dream indicates that you feel your property is at risk somehow life.

Feelings Associated with the Dream:

Greed. Powerful. Sad. Angry. Obsessive. Arson. Strong. Insecure.

In this dream:

  • Someone carries out an arson attack.
  • There is an arson attack on your home.
  • There are a protest and arson.
  • There is an arsonist in your dream.
  • Someone carries out arson on you.
  • You carry out arson.

By Flo Saul
Jul 2, 2017