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Flowers are wonderful things to see in a dream.

If you see flowers in a dream this can indicate that you will encounter happiness in life. To see a bunch of flowers is symbolic of spirituality and perfection. Your dream could be an expression of joy, love and being content in life. Flowers may also denote a specific season or period of time in life. The color of the petals and the breed of flower needs to be reviewed for extra analysis.

Seeing withered or dead flowers denotes disappointments and bad luck, also difficult scenarios in real life. It might indicate an end of a career, love affair or period of life. Or it can indicate that you are not working to your full-potential and your abilities is going to waste. To dream that you give someone a bouquet of flowers symbolizes respect, acceptance, respect, and rewards.

In your dream you could have seen the following - scroll below for a more detailed meaning of each dream

  • You received flowers.
  • You gave someone flowers in the dream.
  • You could see red, yellow, orange, blue, green purple, white and pink flowers.
  • You saw funeral flowers in the dream.
  • You dreamed of a white flower.
  • You dreamed of seeds.
  • Wildflowers were in your dream
  • The spiritual meaning of flowers in a dream.
  • Flowers in the park.
  • Petals in dreams.
  • Seeing torns, stalks and bulbs in a dream.
  • Seeing flowerpots.
  • Hanging baskets in dreams.

Detailed dream meaning of flowers

To see flowers in a field, in a dream signifies that you will have a new challenge and this will result in a cheerful temperament. A flower that is seen in a home indicates the necessary skills to conquer your grievances. f you're picking a bunch of flowers in the dream, then this represents flourishing love or a fresh growing connection. If you are feeling failed by someone close in a relationship this can suggest that your feelings have been overlooked. Open communication is important to your life. Alternately, the dream may be telling you to not forget about somebody or something that is important it your life. Or it might denote yearning for a past love.

A hanging basket of flowers in dreams may bring feelings of wonder and beauty, it indicates you will have the best approach to problems. Flowers enable you to feel confident about yourself and everything you want to attain this is the “spiritual” meaning. You've got to focus on a more positive attitude which will allow you to bring great things into your life. A dream in which you select flowers, maybe for an arrangement or to give to another is a message that the promise of new love is blossoming in your life. Dreaming of a gorgeous flower garden is an indication of being happy - especially if it was a cottage garden. It's an excellent omen for business people and also for farmers. This dream is an indication of great harvests.

To dream of cutting up flowers indicates someone will challenge your happiness. A garden filled with many flowers is message of prosperity and pleasure is along the way. You may soon have peace.

Purchasing flowers as a present for someone in a dream can indicate that you will soon purchase something important for somebody close. This is a reflection of your emotions. Receiving flowers means you're achieving success. To receive flowers indicates emotional times but love and happiness with pevil. As an alternative meaning, you might receive flowers in a dream as expressions of love from another which implies lust.

Flowers growing in a field in a dream brings spiritual messages of beauty and simplicity. Your life might be over complicated so this omen means things will be easier. This can mean that now is the time to enjoy the good things in life. In addition, it can indicate that you will need to simplify your own life. You might have to get rid of your own emotions in a matter to do with money and start again. Wildflowers can also signify rebelling against a boss at work. To see cut flowers in a dream can signal a false friend. Bright colored cut flowers may also imply achievement and support from people that you love. They are there to supply you with confidence to attain your desires. Artificial flowers in dreams suggest you know someone who is a fake. Are you being fake? Or, are there people around you who are fake? Don’t be over confident if you dream of dried flowers. You might have to change your behavior to get what you would need in life. Throwing out a dead bouquet or dead flowers warns of trouble coming. It's an indication you want to manage matters more transparently. You have to stop and confront others to dream of arranging flowers.

Dreaming of withered flowers in a vase symbolizes disappointment you are feeling You could also be worried about situations in life and you don't understand how to rectify problems. It's a reminder to keep working to your full potential rather than being lazy and procrastinating. Be creative to discover more about yourself!

Various elements in the dream need to be put together reflect the whole meaning. The dream can signify your own expansion and avenues through life, your ideas and emotions. Flowers can signify the life source which keeps us going. This dream is all about life changes. Changes result in another part of life, or even a new profession, some flowers in dreams can be associated with feelings and love. In addition, this dream can remind one that there is a lot of potential in you. For a lover or ex partner to give you flowers in a dream indicates that you're all set to show your imagination and wisdom into the world. You've got new ideas or even a fresh outlook in life. In addition, it can imply new friends will enter your life. They could bring exciting new methods of approaching old problems. To enjoy the dream, due to the wonderful flowers is an indication you're on the ideal path.

Receiving flowers in a dream is associated with positive emotions. To dream of funeral flowers indicates that you need better vision to see anything in life that can get in your way. To lay funeral flowers on a grave in your dream can suggest hidden feelings of guilt. To see wedding flowers in a dream symbolizes charm and love. To catch the bouquet at the wedding indicated feelings for someone will develop - maybe a new love.

Here are specific “flower” dreams you may have

What does a sunflower mean in a dream?

The sunflower is associated with perfection. It is focused on your own direction in life and is a source of religious guidance. Even through tough times, you may persevere. The sunflower is yellow so this denotes happy, content times in life.

What do wildflowers imply in a dream?

To observe wildflowers in your dream indicates that you will encounter some complications in your lifetime. You have to simplify your own life. They could represent your concealed feminine side. They can also bring messages and joy of love. To pick wild flowers in the dream suggests you're loved and encouraged.

What do red flowers in your dream signify?

The red flower denotes passion, happiness, relationships and good times ahead. The red flowers can also be associated with having a hidden passion and money in work situations. To see poppies in a dream suggests recovering from issues and problems in life. The poppy can also imply messages will be delivered quickly. The poppy is associated with being a sedative in ancient Greek times, therefore this flower in your dream can indicate passion and also the need to “walk away” from problems. The poppy is associated with deep passions. Red tulips in a dream suggests that you will need to focus on yourself for a while. Red carnations in the dream state denotes the true spiritual self and can indicate perfection and enlightenment.

What do red roses in dreams mean?

Red roses convey deep feelings of lust, passion, love, yearning or needing a loving relationship. Red roses in the dream is also associated to a new love. It can suggest respect, happiness, love or devotion. A deep reddish colored rose can convey heartfelt sorrow and the need to forgive someone in waking life. To see one rose indicates one love in life. A bunch of red roses in a dream has particular intimate meanings related to them namely lust.

What do orange flowers or blossoms mean in a dream?

If you dream of orange flowers in your dream or luminous orange blossoms this is a positive dream. Orange blossoms suggest joy and happiness. To see an orange lily bouquet indicates immediate love. Orange blossoms also illustrate the concept of being experienced in one's career. To see orange daisy flowers in a dream suggests good times ahead, organe flowers also denote spontaneity. A radiant orange bouquet of flowers can suggest some amazingly good times ahead.

White flowers in dreams

White flowers seen in a dream suggests peace and happiness. If you are a young girl and you dream of fresh white flowers this is not a good dream to have. It can suggest sadness or trouble in love. For a man to dream of white flowers this means love and friendship. Dreaming of white flowers for a women suggests they will marry soon. White is normally a sign of being perfect, it is pure and suggests you need space to think. To see white petunias in the dream indicates that someone will have a message soon.

White roses in dreams can be classified as meaning resistance in life. If you can smell the fragrance of a white rose this can suggest a new start in life. A white lily in a dream is popular, this can suggest looking at a situation from all sides, due to the bell shape of the lily. White tulips can indicate a great mood in life, and the possibility of a new beginning. White carnations seen in full bloom indicates a new way of thinking, it can suggest the dreamer has had difficult times in the past. To dream of a white daisy, especially the Gerbera species foretells happy and good times ahead. Seeing white Hydrangeas in a dream means you will feel good in life. The large heavy heads denote that there is much more you can do. The fact there are smaller flowers on the head in a dream can also suggest protection.

Both yellow and white daffodils are associated with communication, this is due to the trumpet like structure. It also indicates hidden hopes and dreams due to the “star shaped” composition. The daffodil flowers in a dream also indicate lasting friendship.

Magnolias in a dream can suggest being elegant in a matter close to the heart. Jasmine is focused on thriving in life. It can suggest hard work is ahead. To see the trumpet flower (normally associated with weeds of nightshade) can suggest happiness. White dahlias are wonderful omens in dreams and can indicate new beginnings. White hyacinth denotes a fresh start as this is connected to spring time. White chrysanthemums in a dream can suggest being loyal to a friend. The meaning of this flower is also devotion.

Pink flowers in dreams

Pink flowers suggest romance in life, they are definitely a romantic color as they aren't as extreme or as heavy as red flowers, thus, they convey a deeper spectrum of hope and passion than red flowers. Pink blossoms seen in dreams are traditionally associated with femininity, and with that comes delicate and delicate connotations. In any dream pink flower beauties are certain to delight.

Pink flowers can suggest grace and happiness in life. Dark pink flowers are a sign of forgiveness. The actual type of flower is equally important. To see a pink rose in a dream indicates a focus on a soft heart and approach to a problem. Pink carnations in a dream suggests a new baby girl in the family. To see pink peony’s suggests a focus on renewed faith. Pink blossom on trees or a cherry blossom in a dream can suggest growth at work, maybe a promotion. To dream of pink lilies indicates sadness and pain but this can be overcome.

Yellow flowers in dreams

Yellow flowers represent compassion, trust, and respect. For all these reasons, yellow flowers represent appreciation for work well done. Exotic blossoms, with their delicate radiance, also promote sympathy. These gentle blossoms show your compassion and warmth and rekindle ties of friendship, even through tough times. Yellow daffodils are wonderful flowers and associated with loyal friends.

Marigolds in a dream can suggest a bright future. To dream of yellow roses represents a target will be reached. A yellow lily can imply a deep hidden talent. Yellow tulips foretell a new job. Yellow daffodils in dreams are connected to friendship and a brighter future.

A yellow chrysanthemum is associated with parental issue. It could signify a deep hidden emotion. Generally, this flower also suggests that happy times will occur in the future. A yellow daisy and going back to nature in life. Is associated with growth. To see yellow pansies in a dream suggest hard times are coming. Pansies in general (whatever the color) denote great times ahead. A yellow primrose in a dream can suggest that you need to control your emotions.

Green flowers in a dream

Vibrant healthy green flowers seen in a dream reflects harmony and great fortune. To see green flowers indicate a life of balance and control. To see green leaves among flowers can suggest resilience and a modern outlook in business. Green chrysanthemums in dreams is associated with being a parent caring for another, but to see them when dreaming can also suggest a possible conflict in a family. A green orchid in a dream is associated with the need for resilience in the face of problems. Green flowers in bouquets in the dream symbolize health, a new start, and a guarantee for good luck.

Blue flowers in dreams

Flowers with rich, deep blues in the dream are a great omen. Flowers such as the hydrangea, forget me not, pansies, or extraordinary iris, foretell peace, calmness and a new start. They are connected with cooling the feelings of others and suggest a good mood. To dream of blue flowers can be calming - think about looking out in the tranquil blue sea. To dream of a blue flower is connected to one's closeness. In Victorian times they represent love for long-term couples. It was not uncommon for blue flowers to be given to a lover that wishes to convey with their deep and abiding trust. The calmness derived from blue flowers in dreams also makes one question inner goals and ambitions.

Purple flowers in dreams

Purple flowers in dreams signify elegance, connection, wisdom, and refinement. Their ethereal qualities signify creativity. To see a lovely purple flower arrangement may also symbolize a significant transition. Purple flowers are a few of the most gorgeous flowers in the world. A purple bouquet of flowers that are mixed denotes fast messages. The cornflower in a dream is considered in ancient dream dictionaries, that a hidden secret will come out. A globe thistle, someone will be worrying over you. Iris in dream imply a new love. Purple hydrangea suggests the world's your oyster. Seeing periwinkle in your dream on the ground normally represents harmony with character and good fortune. To see blue roses denotes thoughtfulness and spontaneity.

Mixed flowers in dreams

Mixed flowers seen in a dream suggests innocence and wisdom. To be given mixed flowers by another can suggest excitement and harmony. Collectively, all the flower colors exceed their original meanings above. That is the reason why flowers are appreciated not only due to their sensory delights but also due to their symbolic significance in dreams. Artists understand the significance of the flower.

Seen painted flowers in a picture

Painters particularly in the past have employed flowers in their still life paintings to convey a key message. Nowadays, in modern art flowers are chosen on their aesthetic taste. To see a picture of flowers painted is significant, it can indicate a future anniversary or birthday.

Flowerpots in a dream

To observe a flowerpot on your dream symbolizes the female aspects according to Freud. Alternately, a flowerpot usually means that you imagination is working over-time. Colorful flowers in pots signify compassion, kindness, and that it is time to express your own feelings of spirituality. To better comprehend your dream, see the significance of individual flowers above, if in pots this denotes that you need to pay closer attention to the meaning.

Flowers in a park in a dream

To walk through a park and see flowers in a dream signifies distinct stages of your life. The park suggests that you have embarked on a cycle of life, you need to start again. It may be in regard to your own sexuality or worry about being creative in life. Flowers can signify your own hidden skills.

Seeing a bulb in a dream

This is connected to your complete potential. To plant bulbs in the dream is a reminder to not force matters. To see flower buds in a dream suggests one needs to nurture others. To have trouble planting bulbs indicates the end of a connection. This may come suddenly.

Petals in dreams

While petals are amazing, watching them fall to the ground in a dream is a certain omen that a romantic relationship will end. The love has gone and you've become disconnected. This can suggest that you feel you have grown apart from someone. Perhaps you are able to rejuvenate the love that you both felt in the start? However, you're probably going to part. For married couples, petals in dreams indicate a rough patch. If you are not able to fulfil a lover's wants, you might lose them. Plucking petals of the flower is an indication you might be a drama queen. It's a message to control yourself. Don't be the destroyer of the other peoples relationships. True love will see you come soon. But, only in the event that you refrain from damaging behaviour.

Pollen in dreams

Dreaming of pollen signifies you may probably recover from a problem in life. Dreaming of pollen in a garden may also indicate you're a hoarder and will need to cleanse your own life of baggage that you don't require. To see a bee on a flower is a dream that warns to not be complacent.

Dreaming of seeds

This is emblematic of fertility. You could have a brand new idea or relationship that's growing to fruition. To plant seeds is a good omen. To see the actual seeds represents your own strengths, weakness, and skills. Additionally, it may be a message there's a part of you that requires further improvement. Purchasing seeds and storing them means you're going to have challenging times. However, sowing them means you will attract untold success. Your company plans will advance nicely - bringing you prosperity in the not too distant future. Selling seeds indicates this isn't a great time to market anything. You're very likely to be ripped off since you might not be viewing everything in a given situation. Seeds in a dream means you are blessed. Eating flower seeds foretell of greater experience in life. To throw seeds suggests being well attached in your career. Dreaming of seeds are also a message of enormous successes in your future. It may indicate you have to generate some alterations to your present strategy to push you to the brink of succeeding.

Stalk/Stem in dreams

The dream of stalk or stems reflects your personal support system. This is sometimes tricky to balance several people competing for your attention. If the stem is broken, in the dream then it indicates the elevation of your anxiety levels. You might be near breaking point trying to keep everyone happy. It might be a time to rethink if those around you have become difficult, are these relationships worth your precious time?

Thorn in dreams

Thorns signify feeling unwanted. The thorn in a dream are a reflection of your own depression. To see large thorns in a dream are sometimes a indication of mental illness and sometimes an indication of stubbornness. Dreaming of the scottish purple thorn suggests you're working towards a greater future. To see a blackberry bush with thorns signifies that you will conquer all obstacles to accomplish your dreams. To get pricked by a thorn indicates you will bring your own success. For females, a thorn that pricks and leads to bleeding is an indication of sexual maturity. For a man a sexual encounter. If you are feeling pain in the dream it means that you lose your cool when you confront failure.

Dreaming of flowers if you are a women

Flowers seen in dreams are somewhat more common to females. This is probably a manifestation of a woman's inclination to need peace, or to show other people empathy. It might also represent women's inclination to become more sensitive to their own attractiveness. Negatively, dreaming of flowers might reflect a rise in vanity or self. These are the “positive” meanings of seeing flowers for a women in a dream:

  • The flower can indicate a pleasant time in your own life.
  • Accepting pride for something amazing in your lifetime.
  • Attempting to be loved or appreciated.
  • Appreciating the beauty of friendships or family.
  • Appreciating your very own physical attractiveness.

Negative meanings of flowers in a dream for a women

  • To dream of dead flowers can reflect feelings of losing focus being given to just how unsatisfactory a reduction is.
  • Eating flowers for a women means watching something amazing being wasted.
  • To smell flowers indicates feelings about something beautiful or amazing will be disregarded. Beauty destroyed.

Male dream of flowers

If you are male flowers in the dream indicates the love of a woman or partner. To dream of a snake in flowers might reflect a fear of somebody else's jealousy in life. To dream of white flowers represents feelings about being more honest. Enjoying or admiring flowers for a man in a dream reflects feelings about being “happy” in life. It is the manifestation of your own pleasure. To dream of giving flowers represents feelings of discovering just how favorable, pleasant, or gorgeous something or someone is. To see roses for a man in a dream is a feeling love. It might also reflect your pleasure of achievement that is eventually unfolding on your life.

By Florance Saul
Feb 12, 2017