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Seeing a lark in your dream is the omen of pleasure and happiness.

Dreaming about a lark flying it means that you have high goals that once achieved, will transform you into a kind person. Hearing the lark singing in your dream suggests that you might experience a change of house, but that your work will go well and you will be happy, relaxed, and content.

In your dream you may have…

  • You see a lark.
  • A flying lark.
  • A lark falling.
  • A wounded lark.
  • Larks eating.
  • Killing a lark.
  • Larks singing.
  • Catching or trapping a lark.
  • Lots of larks.
  • A lark with chicks.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • Be ready for changes ahead.
  • Claim your financial assets.
  • Feel happiness towards the lark in your dream.
  • The lark appears to be fertile.
  • It is spring, new ventures are positive.
  • You follow a clear path of action.
  • You enjoyed the dream.

New beginnings in your life are needed if in your dream…

  • You hear strange sounds that scare you.
  • The dream relates to negativity.
  • The lark is hurt in someway.
  • The dream involved fear, or things beyond the obvious.

Detailed dream interpretation...

Dreaming of a lark shows that you need to ensure the safety of your financial affairs. It is important to make a decision, and to admit to yourself that you have been overspending on occasion. In addition, it is important for you to claim your financial assets which you have not yet received.

To dream of a lark falling and singing suggests a state of despair that might overwhelm you soon. If you see a wounded lark, this is the omen of a possible death, and lots of sadness ahead. If in your dream you kill a lark, this indicates that recklessness might affect your innocence. Catching or trapping a lark predicts that you will be loved, and honored.

Dreaming about larks flying around is the omen of good fortune and encouragement. Larks eating in your dream suggest a good harvest. The lark portends that soon you will be richer than you are at the moment. To dream that you hear this bird singing is a sign you have simple pleasures that will make you happy.

To dream that you kill a lark it means that you will experience a series of unpleasant events.

However, a lark singing in your dreams can portend that good times are announced for you. In all kinds of dream interpretations, the lark is considered a good sign of health, wealth, and good luck. It is said that if a girl or a woman sees a lark singing in her dream, she will marry a husband with good heart, loving and with a big wealth.

A happy lark that sings and flies in a dream portends rapid advancement, or momentary good mood. The lark is the omen of luck, well being, richness, and progress. Hearing a lark singing means good luck in love, advancement at work, and pleasant news. If the lark in your dream is singing in a tree, you will take your new job in your hands very soon. A lark singing in a blooming tree means tenderness and emotionality. If you dream of a lark flying towards you, this indicates that you will soon receive affectionate proposals.

If an unmarried woman dreams of a lark singing, she will meet someone, she will marry a rich and loving man, and she will have gifted children with musical talents. A flying lark foretells joy.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of lark...

Happy. Relaxed. In control. Feeling good. Admiring. Pleased. Enjoying. Content. Joyful. Impressed. Mellow. Soft. Loving. Kind. Surprised. Amazed. Curious.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012