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Trust is an attribute of believing someone with something, no matter ordinary or important, public or confidential

. To have faith in someone that the shared information, memory, experiences or anything else will remain under the cover of belief that you had on that person is known as trust.

How to know that which trust situation represents what in real life? What is good and what is bad when dreaming about a trust, either build or broken? Several curiosities like these are made evolved by our mind inside it and we only get rid of this itching when we came across the answers to these.

Below are some interpretations concerned with trust. You can choose and interpret it based on your situation, relation, and the scenario in which you had that situation.

Different situations concerning a trust in a dream

  • Watching a trusted person in a dream.
  • Developing trust on a stranger.
  • Trust in love or friendship.
  • Hearing an inner sound of choosing to trust a person.
  • Someone blow into and breaking your trust.
  • Trust someone to perform a certain task for you, that you were unable to do.
  • Playing with trust of someone who blindly trust on you.
  • Someone is taking advantage of your trust in him or her.
  • Trust a close friend or relative.
  • Trusting someone with your secret.

Interpretations of experiences of trusting a dream

  • Act accordingly as you were trusted to do.
  • Happiness on fulfilling trust person or persons meeting on the playing of trust.
  • Cultural harmony and joy by a bunch of trusted companions.
  • Good news about the war success and business.
  • Inner satisfaction on maintaining trust.
  • Firm belief in the reliability of the trusted person.
  • Support from the trusted person or community.

Detailed dream interpretation of trust

In our daily life, we commonly apply this attribute over family, friends, fellows, and even on strangers. No matter how much opposite we are, we have to trust each other in some case. Trusting someone gives you inner power and strength of being you as part of the society. On the other hand, if someone whom you trust breaks it badly then you are completely shattered from inside. The game of trust vary from person to person but in the end, the consequences are same, so as their interpretations.

Seeing the signs of trust in a dream carry many meanings. These questions give birth to new curiosities in our mind about its interpretation in our real life.

In this modern era of socialization, trust has popped out in many natures. Dreaming that you are being trusted by a single person or a group of people that represents a community is a sign of confidence and strength. When you are being trusted, you gain confidence and from that confidence you get the inner strength to pass your life in a better way.

Whilst, on contrary to this, when someone breaks your trust that you found yourself in the world of isolation and gloominess.

In a dream if you are the trusted one, firm belief and reliability comes down your way.

Feelings that you could experience during a dream about trust

Happiness, serenity, trust, dependent, truth, reliability, responsibility, success, calmness, peace and joy.

By Flo Saul
Mar 21, 2013