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In the Western tradition, the dream of a body has several explanations. For example, if you dream of a dead body, this is a good sign foretelling that everything will go well for you.

It is great if you dream your body naked and white like milk. You will have gain if you dream of washing your body. Generally, dream of your naked body means wealth. In the Persian tradition, the dream of a human body is the sign of respect and appreciation from others.

In your dream that you may have

  • You see a body.
  • You see your body.
  • A dead body.
  • A clean body.
  • A naked body.
  • Washing a body.
  • A male body.
  • A sick body.
  • A female body.
  • Many bodies.
  • Your body naked.
  • A dirty body.
  • A thin body.
  • A fat body.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Be ready for some praise.
  • Pay attention to your finances.

Detailed dream interpretation

Dreams that feature any parts of your body generally have three main reasons:

1. The physical.

2. The symbolic.

3. Compensation for certain things in which we have failed, manifested as your appearance.

Dreaming of a human body can be a sign of honor and integrity. A white body tells that you will be lucky. Washing a body in your dream means forgiveness, but also gains. If you see the body of a man, this dream symbolizes courage and strength. A woman’s body means mudslinging.

Dreaming of a naked body suggests risk of illness. If the naked body is of a man, this means suspicions and jealousy. If the body belongs to a woman, this indicates exaggerated sexuality. A naked body that you cannot see clearly foretells abandonment, sexual impotence, and shame. Seeing your own body naked is the sign if poverty. Washing your naked body indicates that you are going to win something soon.

If in your dream you see a dead body, it symbolizes a long life and beautiful times ahead. This is a good omen telling that you will do well. More bodies in your dream mean complications in your family. Dreaming about the body of a beautiful woman means that you are going to win everyone’s admiration. The body of a man suggests a promotion.

A sick human body in a dream omens money loss. If the body is covered in sores, this means healthy life. A sick body of a man tells you that the character in your dream is a thief. Ants on a human body are the sign of a serious incident and illness. A body covered in leeches suggests that you do not trust your occasional friends. If cockroaches are climbing the body, this is the sign of troubles in your love life. A swollen body means power and acquisition of goods.

Seeing a fat body in your dream means power. A thin body means money loss. A walking body is the sign of disease. If you see a dirty body, this dream foretells economic and moral problems. If you see a body made of crystal, it means honesty and that you have a clear soul. Dreaming of somebody’s body is a sign that in your waking life you have to deal with a thief or a person concerned about sexual matters. If you dream of your own body it means that for you there is a heavy period ahead. You will be pretty lazy and you will lack any initiative. It is probably a good idea to give yourself a break, since a dream with such significance probably foretells that you need rest.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of body or bodies

Admiring. Happy. Grateful. Jolly. Surprised. Pleased. Disgusted. Impressed.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012