Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Christmas is a religious event that symbolizes the divine. In dreams that involve Christmas, this can be associated with new events in waking life.

If you had a dream of Christmas this symbolizes hidden emotions. Christmas is a time of family and happiness, therefore to dream of this celebration indicates new beginnings.

If you have a dream about Christmas day there are good times ahead. If you have encountered the snow man or seen presents wrapped in red ribbon, it means you are going to succeed in life or you are going to encounter some one you don't like.

Hearing Christmas bells means fresh changes in waking life. This could be either a new houses or car. If you see Santa Claus in the dream state, it means joy and happiness will enter your life.

If you see Santa without his sledge or wearing dirty rags this is negative omen. To dream of Santa's elves denotes that a friend will suffer hardship. To see a Christmas tree in your dream represents is an association with extreme self-confidence. It is also connected to happy times.

To see presents with yellow and black ribbon predicts disassociation. A frozen lake, snow or river on Christmas day means misunderstanding among loved ones.

As Christmas is a religious event the dream is connected with redemption. To see Jesus Christ is a symbol for powerful influences in waking life. The image of Jesus on the cross is associated with life, death and new beginnings. To enjoy Christmas day with the family in one's dream means peace and humility. There is a focus on being kind to others.

In your dream you may have seen

  • Santa Claus in rags
  • Santa Claus on his sleigh.
  • Playing children in the snow.
  • Empty church.
  • Trees covered with snow flakes.
  • Christmas day dinner.
  • Christmas eve.
  • New years day.
  • New years eve.
  • Houses covered with snow.
  • Jesus or Christ on the cross.

Detailed dream interpretation

Santa is the symbol of happiness, such a dream may also suggest that you have a problem on your mind. The key to this dream is that you will enjoy life.

To enjoy a peaceful Christmas time in your dream suggests that you will experience love in the near future. You can expect the unity and love of your family to see houses covered in snow see.

  • Playing children in the snow: this means the beginning of new hopes or positive relationships between loved ones. This can also signify a new child. If you see only girls, then the happiness will be short term.
  • To see an angel, saint or god or any other higher being in you dream that is connected to Christmas day, means that you will encounter spiritual development in life.
  • An empty church represents loneliness or hard times that you may face. The church is a good place to be in life. To see a church with many people is connected to a number of changes in your life.
  • Trees covered with snow flakes is a good omen. According to ancient dream lore the dreamer can expect something new will take place in life. This is good omen for lovers, as the branches embrace the snowflakes. This can represent the beloved (in spiritual terms) As the love and snow is always associated with the hopes of a new lover. A brighter tomorrow.
  • To see a house covered in snow denotes that a problem will present itself. Probably an illness or a misunderstanding among family members.
  • To see Christmas lights is a sign of happiness and wealth.
  • To suffer frost bite means you are going to experience new challenges in life. The frost means you have the protection or help of angel guides.
  • To see New Year's Eve is a direct representation of new beginnings. It signifies that in life new starts and beginning will be encountered.
  • If in your dream you see many Christmas decorations this indicates happy times ahead.
  • To dream of Christmas eve suggests the anticipation of great future events.
  • If your dream involves Christmas turkey this is an indication of leading a more stress free life.
  • New Year's Day is associated with new beginnings.
  • To see give Christmas presents suggests other people will give sound advice.
  • Jesus on the cross is a direct link to your own spiritual beliefs. It should not be interpreted in its literal sense.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a Christmas

Fun, joy, merrymaking, feeling of childhood, learn to be happy to get something, anticipation and happiness.

By Florance Saul
Jan 28, 2013