Deep Water

deep water dream meanings

Deep Water Dream Meaning

Water is generally accepted as representing the unconscious at the symbolic level. 

Dreaming of deep water often carries profound spiritual symbolism and can unveil much about your own subconscious feelings and emotions. If you’ve found yourself in the middle of a massive deep body of water it might just be a friendly nudge from your psyche saying, “Hey, there’s some deep stuff we need to chat about.”

So, let's dive right in, shall we? Deep water in dreams typically signifies the deeper aspects of our lives, I believe this is all about our emotions, intuition, and innermost truths that we might not be paying attention to when we're wide awake. It's like your brain's attempt to contact you without the busy signal of your day-to-day life interfering.

Now, imagine you’re swimming effortlessly through this deep water, feeling as graceful as a dolphin. This might point towards a sense of emotional control and freedom. You’ve probably got a good handle on your feelings, or you’re in a phase of self-discovery, exploring parts of yourself that you didn’t even know existed -- spiritual scuba diving, if you will.

I don’t know if you are on social media much, but on my iPhone I always see videos of the North Sea (the deep massive rough waves coming in) there could be so many different deep water dreams that happen. If you find the deep water in your dream is a bit more pointed to the strange, messy, and weird side of life --- dark, foreboding, or maybe you are struggling to stay afloat, I am going to be clear about what this means spiritually: your subconscious is likely reflecting on an emotional overload in your waking life. It could be a sign that you're diving into something that's way over your head, emotionally speaking, or there's an underlying fear of what lies beneath the surface. Deep water can be murky or clear in life. Take notice of the actual tone of the water, which I will go into below.

Is the dream of deep water good or bad?

Deep water represents darkness and worry (our deep, dark emotions) when seen in dreams. This can be quite a frightening dream. To see deep water is connected to one's emotions. This can at times represent your mood also. But on the whole, it is not about just bad times, it carries some positive interpretations as well. It all depends on the scenario in which they are seen. If you dream of clear deep water then your life will run smoothly, things are going to be as easy in life.

On contrary to this, to dream of deep water, either the sea or ocean can indicate that emotions may get out of hand. If the water is turbulent this is another sign of possible troubles. To go inside a lift/elevator in deep water means that you are trying to hide from the emotions in life. If the water is muddy then this represents difficulties. If the water you see in a dream is polluted it shows that time is not right for you to make a new start. Wait for a while is the message of this dream.

There is no better sport than swimming and people around the world enjoy swimming for fitness, fun or competition. Indeed, swimming often enters our dreams when we need to understand the facts. My account of this dream meaning comes from much research into deep water and the facts from a dream psychology point of view. I'm Flo and I am here to help you understand this dream. Firstly, the sea covers 71% of the earth surface and the deepest parts of the ocean are around 36,000 feet. It is enough water to fill a bath that is around 680 miles long and wide, so you can imagine how deep this really is. There are many different scientific books into dream psychology and what it means to dream of deep water. As human beings, we have only discovered 5% of the sea due to the fact it is deep water. So what does it mean when you have a dream of deep water?

What is the general dream interpretation of deep water?

It is really what kind of water you could see in your dream. Dreaming about deep water reflects one's emotions and feelings. For a female to dream about deep water represents her emotions and secrets deep inside her. As water is a part of nature and it represents most of the body, it can be a powerful dream. Having a dream of deep water represents a significant period in life. But on the other hand, if the deep water is muddy it can suggest a bad time and hard luck. Clear deep water in dreams is exactly opposite to this - it shows inner peace and calmness of mind, that satisfies one's soul. To dream of a deep lake, can suggest that there is going to be’s initial change on the horizon. As a lake is generally surrounded by land it can indicate that you are emotional but also grounded. If you dream of a deep hole of water, this can illustrate that at times other people may criticize you. Sometimes our dreams can be quite difficult to understand, if you dream of a city submerged in deep water this can be a reflection of how you’re feeling at work. It may indicate that you are in too deep! To dream of deep sea water. Can be a metaphor for how you’re feeling in life. You are dreaming of a deep swimming pool this can signify that you have strong thoughts and feelings about others. If the swimming pool is deep and crystal clear then this indicates you going to evaluate where you see yourself in life. The swimming pool as well is an indication of the fact that you just seem to be drifting through life if you are watching it as an outsider.

What is the dream psychology of deep water?

Sigmund Freud is associated with a number of interesting dream theories when it comes to water. He came up with a number of dream theories: segmenting our dreams into the superego, the id and the ego. So our dreams each categorize into a symbol that reflects each of these aspects and to be honest his work can be somewhat confusing and hard to get your head around. Water is connected to our ego, which is therefore associated with our mental state and mind from a psychologist's point of view. Freud spent most of his time analyzing people’s dreams. There was one account of a female patient who dreamed of wading in water, this resulted in some really interesting analyzes by Freud.

Freud believed that to dream of being rescued from deep water, if by a woman represents giving birth, and a new beginning if a man. Sometimes in dreams we see large, deep bodies of water. This could be represented in the sea, rivers lakes, swimming pools or even dams. I always find deep water rather scary and worrying and it can indicate our fears in life. Carl Jung another famous dream psychologist believed that our dreams are connected to our consciousness in everyday life. This Jungian theory suggests that the water is a symbol. Think of the deep water as if it is a dimension of our daily life, rather much like a newspaper. Jung believed that our unconscious mind shows what our conscious mind has missed in the day. So, as water is connected to our emotion it suggests that you are not paying attention to your own deep emotions in life.

What does it mean to swim in deep water in a dream?

This dream shows that you are in deep trouble, in fact, a series of troubles, difficulties and misfortune may hit you at any time. Don’t lose hope, as in time things will get better. Swimming in deep water can also indicate a possible turbulent time ahead. I have detailed this dream meaning quite intensively if you have swam in the sea just click here for the meaning. Swimming in a deep river during your dream is connected to our emotions. Near my home is a quarry, which over time has filled with water. The quarry water is exceptionally deep and there have been accounts of strange things that lurk at the bottom, for example, a crane is supposed to hide in the bottom of the quarry. There have been many accidents in this quarry where people have swam and ended up getting into trouble or drowning. If you have swum in a quarry during your dream it can indicate from a dream psychology point of view that you are focused on deep emotions in life.

What does it mean to see a vortex or turbulent or murky water in a dream?

This shows that you are dealing with anxiety, depression, insecurity, bad qualities, rejection, and possibly someone with a bad temper. If you dream of swirling water, possibly in an ocean, lake or river then this can suggest there are different events which are affecting your life right now. A whirlpool or vortex seen in the dream indicates that you may be facing some difficult and challenging decisions in the future. If the whirlpool is large and deep it can suggest that you may feel the other people are not supporting you. If we turn to the famous dream psychologist Freud he believed for women that swirling waters is a connection between fertility and pregnancy. For men, it denotes that there may be a possible separation or depression is on the cards. Obviously, we can all assume that a whirlpool is deep. To see a murky rotating body of watering your dream can suggest stormy emotions.

What does it signify if you dream of a river during your dream?

To swim in a deep river during the dream this indicates that you need to have more directions in life. If we turn to Carl Jung he believed that swimming in a river it’s focused on our psyche, in that we are feeling quite directionless during our waking hours. If river swells in a dream this indicates possible is flows of emotion. If you notice in the river that it is dark and deep or flooding in the dream it can often symbolize streamlining our life. It will be very wise to understand why you have this dream and what your conscious mind is trying to tell you. As it is connected to emotions, this dream is a wake-up call to think deeply in life.

What does it mean to swim in deep dirty water in a dream?

This shows illegal ways that you are most likely prefer in your business. To see dirty water in the dream indicates that there are going to be difficulties in life. If you are swimming in deep muddy water it can suggest that or challenges in the future. You may need to have a time predicts problems and if you see muddy water. Muddy water often appears in dreams when we need to recuperate and understand what we need from life.

What does it mean to see deep water and everything was calm?

This shows inner peace and satisfaction of mind and soul. If the deep water itself was not frightening in any way then this just signifies that you have some deep emotions that you need to deal with in life. If the deep water is crystal blue then this is a positive dream. I have had many dreams about deep bodies of water, especially dams. If you see the water moving in any way it can suggest that there will be a period of calm and relaxation in the future.

What does it mean to see your reflection in deep water in a dream?

It can be interpreted as you trying to show others the real you, rather than the possible illusion. The reflection in a dream often indicates the need to look within in order to understand your emotions. If you see yourself on a boat looking down at the water this can predict that there is an issue or problem that is likely to occur in the near future.

What does it mean to be in a vessel / submarine or ship in your dream?

This indicates you will be protected from being hurt in love. To dream of a vessel or submarine illustrates the need to protect yourself. Submarines generally travel at around 2000 feet below sea level. This means that you are able to access your deep emotions even though it may take time for you to understand what you really want from life. Seeing yourself in a submarine can also foretell that hard work is likely to pay off.

What does it mean to dive into the deep water in a dream?

Diving into deep water is connected to achieving goals in life, the actual water itself can be symbolism of your life depending upon how turbulent water is. If you are entering the deep water in the dream it can indicate that you may be thinking about having a child. This is due to the fact that Freud believed that being emerged in water is connected to fertility - rather like being in the womb. Deep water is a hidden unconscious part of your mind. If the deep water was rushing it can represent your own uncertainty in life.

Positive changes are afoot if:

  • You dream that you see clear deep water: abundance, happiness, and joys of life ahead for you. These are some feelings that are rare to experience.
  • You dream of non-moving deep water: shows internal peace and harmony of mind.
  • Deep black water: shows that your heart is clear and your mind is serene.
  • You are in deep sea water: you like to explore new things and ways to do things, just like the captain of a ship.


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water that is deep represents our uncertainty and emotions in life. There are some strong emotions if you dream of being in deep water. If the water is calm this is a positive dream, if stormy deep water appears then this can suggest emotional problems in life and that you may have difficulty achieving what you need to in life.

By Florance Saul
Mar 22, 2013