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deep water dream meanings

Deep Water.

Water is generally accepted as representing the unconscious at the symbolic level. Deep water represents darkness and worry (our deep, dark emotions) when seen in dreams.

This can be quite a frightening dream. To see deep water is connected to one's emotions. This can at times represent your mood also. But on the whole, it is not about just bad times, it carries some positive interpretations as well. It all depends on the scenario in which they are seen.


If you dream of clear deep water then your life will run smoothly, things are going to be as easy in life.

On contrary to this, to dream of deep water, either the sea or ocean can indicate that emotions may get out of hand. If the water is turbulent this is another sign of possible troubles. To go inside a lift / elevator in deep water means that you are trying to hide from the emotions in life. If the water is muddy then this represents difficulties. If the water you see in dream is polluted it shows that time is not right for you to make a new start. Wait for a while is the message of this dream.

In your dream you may have…

  • Swam in deep water. This dream shows that you are in deep trouble, in fact, a series of troubles, difficulties and misfortune. Don’t lose hope, as in time things will get better.
  • Seen a vortex or turbulent or murky water. This shows that you are dealing with anxiety, depression, insecurity, bad qualities, rejection, and possibly someone with a bad temper.
  • Dirty water. This shows illegal ways that you are most likely prefer in your business.
  • Seen deep water and everything was calm. This shows inner peace and satisfaction of mind and soul.
  • Seen your reflection in deep water. It can be interpreted as you trying to show others the real you, rather than the possible illusion.
  • Been in a vessel / submarine or ship. This indicates you will be protected from being hurt in love.

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  • You dream that you see clear deep water: abundance, happiness and joys of life ahead for you. These are some feelings that are rare to experience.
  • You dream of non-moving deep water:shows internal peace and harmony of mind.
  • Black water: shows that your heart is clear and your mind is serene.
  • You are in deep sea water: you like to explore new things and ways to do things, just like the captain of a ship.

Detailed dream interpretation…

Dream about deep water reflects one's emotions and feelings. For a female to dream about deep water represents her emotions and secrets deep inside her. As water is a part of nature and it represents most of the body, it can be a powerful dream.

Having a dream of deep water represents a significant period in life. But on the other hand, if the deep water is muddy it can suggest bad time and hard luck. Clear deep water in dreams in exactly opposite to this - it shows inner peace and calmness of mind, that satisfies one's soul.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of abundance...


Happiness, satisfaction, progress, inner-peace, and serenity of mind.

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