Walking Dream Meaning

Like life itself, walking is a way of life. The journey takes us from one place to another. There are times when the path is smooth and easy, and other times when it is challenging. But no matter what, we keep moving forward. Just like in life, we never stop dreaming and striving for better things. So to me, this dream means ..... keep walking, because your journey is just beginning. Dreams do come true. Life is an amazing adventure. Let's keep moving forward, one step at a time. I am here to help you understand this dream and the reason why it came into your sleep. 

To decode this dream I recommend considering where you are walking to, why you are walking, and what you get from your walk. I also feel walking is about freedom spiritually, being free to follow a path in your life that maybe you have been putting off. When you dream about walking, think about the surroundings as well, as they usually have special importance to your dream. Were you walking on a road? Were you walking on a beach? Were you walking down a street? I will go over the types of places you could find in the dream as this also has significance.

Walking as a dream symbol is important because it denotes movement in life. We use the term "walk" to mean walking or going at speed, it is our way to travel from one place to another. When we dream of walking in any sense, it is important to think about how the dream journey affects our life. The simple act of walking can be connected to many aspects of our waking life: finance, health, motivation, determination, direction, and attitude in the waking world. 


Is the dream of walking good or bad?

I do feel this is a positive dream, for example, we all have a physical body but also an emotional body. Emotions are part of us, and walking is moving forward. We are not defined by our internal emotions. Many people believe they are in fact full of emotions. However, believing and acting as though we are governed by emotions naturally restricts the reality of who we really are. Investing in emotions isn't real. 

Walking in dreams is not about your anger and hurt, your pain, your sufferings, or jealousy or passion it is about your spiritual path. Neither are you or the joys, appreciations, or happiness. All of these clear expressions are our own characteristics. It is the media that effectively manages these projections, combining them into images that portray emotionally charged people. As society accepts the repetitive nature of these projections, they are brought forth to create more realistic tones. The dream of walking is about getting your emotions intact. 

1930s dream meanings of walking

I have a library of old dream books and magazines from the 1930s and always feel it is important to review the old ancient meaning of dreams. In my dream books, the act of walking stands for your life at present. If you are walking forward with some purpose, with your determination and confidence you’ll be able to make things happen. Walking backward in the dream signifies that past experiences and events are holding you back. Walking through pleasant nature views denotes success in your personal and professional life which you will enjoy and be pleased with.

Many people ask me what the spiritual meaning of walking is, so let me mention that walking is about our life path. To dream of walking through rough terrain, entangled paths, or strange places in dreams denote that you could feel distressed over your business complications, and disagreeable misunderstandings will produce coldness and indifference, equally, you can overcome any hardships. The more obstacles or difficulties on the path in your dream the more you may face going forward. In older dream books, to walk in pleasant places, you will be the possessor of fortune and favor, this is a lucky dream. Walking along a road denotes happy times with loved ones, especially if you are walking with someone you know.

To walk in the night during a dream brings misadventure and an unavailing struggle for contentment. For a young woman to find herself walking rapidly in her dreams denotes that she will inherit some property, and will possess a much-desired object.

If you dream you are taking a walk through pleasant surroundings then you will enjoy success in love and business. This indicates peace with your path right now and that you are on the right track in your life. If the path is blocked or obscured with branches and a brush, you may experience hardships. However, if you manage to get through the debris then you will overcome all your adversaries and make your fortune. To walk in the day hours brings with it a way we can see more clearly. Walking on the sidewalk/road/path indicates that you are taking the obstacles in your life one step at a time and that you are likely on the way to recovery from some loss in your life. You will overcome your problems.

To dream that you are walking with ease represents the way you are moving through life and progressing toward your goals. Consider your destination and where you are going. If you know where you are going in your dream, the end destination is a representation of some goal in your life. To dream that you have difficulties walking indicates that you are reluctant and hesitant in proceeding forward in some situations. You may also be trying to distance yourself from certain life experiences. The difficulty in walking is a reflection of your current situation and the obstacles that you are experiencing. To dream that you are walking at night signifies discontent and struggle for contentment.

Quick meaning of walking in a dream

  • to go forward in life (walking forward in a dream)
  • to submerge in new hobbies (seeing an unknown place when walking)
  • to wonder about things (wandering around in the dream)
  • to get lost in your own thoughts (getting lost when walking)
  • to get more orientated (when you are map reading when walking)
  • to discover new areas (going to unknown places in your dream)
  • to meet and host (if you are walking and meeting someone)
  • To populate (gangs of people in the dream of walking)

What is the biblical meaning of walking?

I do like to turn to biblical meaning when reviewing dreams, not only does this give more perspective to the dream meanings but provides valuable insights. Even if you are not religious, let us consider what walking dreams mean biblically. “Walk” as a word is used metaphorically throughout the bible. The term walk can be used to refer to a particular way of living or how we communicate with others. It is possible to translate the verb "to move" as "to live" in a biblical manner. The old testament and the writings of Paul and John walking terms are used quite a lot, but not in relation to James and Peter. So where am I going with this? Walking in the bible is about our physical bodies and emotions.

As you have a physical body and emotions, we often forget about emotions. Emotions are part of you. However, you are not your emotions. Many people believe they are their emotions. However, by believing and acting as though they are, they restrict the reality of our inner minds. Walking is physical so this dream is saying it is real to get invested in emotions. Galatians 6:2 indicates that we carry people's burdens when we walk with them. If you are walking with another in a dream it can mean that we need to lighten the load of other people's emotions. We as people are not our anger and hurt, pain, sufferings, jealousy or lust, nor our resentments. We are not our joys and appreciations or happiness. The biblical meaning of the walking dream is about all projections of our personality, supporting others if they are walking in our dream. Scriptures encourage us to walk with Jesus and preach. (1 John 2:6) so it could indicate a spiritual path is near.

What’s the dream interpretation of walking with someone?

Walking with someone in your dream signifies how deep you feel about the person. If it’s someone you know, it means your relationship will get stronger with time. If it’s with someone unknown, it denotes a new person walking into your life in the most unexpected way. It’s a positive sign for the new relationships in your life. Keep your attitude strong and honest, and you will keep your friends. Biblically, I have already mentioned that walking with someone means you need to carry the burden of problems with another. The bible in Galatians 6:2 indicates that we should not walk alone.

What does it mean to dream of walking in a city?

It may seem obvious, but the only way for a city to be safe is for people to walk on the streets. In this way, people are able to watch out for one another without the need for surveillance cameras or fences. It is only possible to make a city livable and democratic if we are free to walk. To be able to march to protest and reaffirm our right to the city, we must not forget to resolve conflicts and differences. As a medium, I feel that the sight of a city in a dream indicates we will have greater responsibilities of people going forward. Also, that walking may help lower fear levels and unmask the fear we have in life. Let’s face it walking in fear or running from danger during our dream is never a good thing. 

This dream takes you to places you have never been before, and it helps to lift the rug from under your feet so that you can explore new territories. There is often a feeling of hesitation and distrust at the beginning. Doubts about our actions, fear of losing time, and reluctance. For those who persevere, the reward is in finding new paths and new certainty. It's a way to build thought with your body, and your mind, and create new possibilities. This dream will allow you to see new possibilities and open up your mind to other worlds. It is possible to let go of false convictions, and remember that space can be a wonderful invention with which to play like a child. One motto that guides our walk during the dream is "lose time to gain space." If we want to gain 'other' spaces we have to know how to play, to deliberately get out of a functional-productive system in order to enter a non-functional, unproductive system. Walking in a city during a dream means it is important to learn to lose time. You don't have to look for the fastest route but rather the best way to meet your goals.

What does it mean to walk alone in a dream?

Pure openness is your unconditioned self, a state of always being able to love. The dream of walking alone is about letting the love in. Walking alone in real life is peaceful, it opens doors to thoughts in the mind and enables you to tear down walls.

It is about how to choose a direction but to be open to uncertainty and listen to others' projects. A pilot is responsible for constructing a route, adjusting it continuously, reading the sky, looking for gusts, and avoiding storms. Walking alone in a dream means it is possible to achieve an indeterminate project with greater success rates.

What does it mean to dream of walking barefoot?

Problems do not go away. These problems must be resolved or they will remain as a barrier to the development and growth of the spirit. Walking barefoot is about making sure we are on the right steps in regard to our problems in life. As with a gardener, one must wait patiently for the seeds to grow. Your brain is being planted with positive ideas that will lead to new and powerful ways.

People tend to blame circumstances for everything. There are many things that can cause problems, not just circumstances. A successful person in the world is someone who is willing to work hard for the conditions they desire. A successful person will make the conditions they desire if they cannot find them. The fact your feet are free from shoes indicates that you may wish to determine what you will accomplish in five years. Without changing what you do now. The dream of walking barefoot is about focusing on the things you already have. There is power and grounding in your feet. 

What does it mean to dream of walking with your friends?

To see yourself walking with your friends in a dream is about loving others, about being able to deal with problems. You can deal with anything if you put your mind to it. Our perception of friendships can sometimes be distorted. Our feelings are projected onto the present moment. So we try to either retrace our steps to the past, or journey towards a better future. Therefore, walking with your friends is about forgetting the past and making sure that your friendships are on the right road. 

What does it mean to dream of walking with a lover or partner?

A lover walking with you indicates a calm time for a relationship. This is a positive omen when it comes to your relationships around you. Communication between lover dream figures is possible in real life - when two people appear in the same dream. Because we all reside in the same mind or are one mind, we can communicate telepathically with each other. This explanation-by-analogy is not meant to discourage the scientific investigation of telepathy. These explanations may help us overcome our resistance to using telepathy even though it is still a mystery. Sometimes dreams provide us with a way to communicate with our lovers past-present and future. Walking with a lover in a dream can indicate a new path for the relationship. This is about flexibility in life. 

What does it mean to dream of walking with a child?

Children in dreams often represent the inner child, walking with a child is a lovely dream. This dream can indicate that you feel protected by another. This is a sign that your spirits are watching over you and are always available for help when you need it. We can learn from the child's remarkable ability to learn to walk from a baby - this is a dream meaning that we should aim higher and have bigger dreams.

What does it mean to dream of walking along a road?

A road in a dream is a way to reach goals. Walking on a road is a positive omen showing you are on the right track. Humans, animals, and wheeled vehicles travel mostly on highways and roads in waking life, but in dreams, this is about the journey of time. Interestingly the road is a less-travelled route in our google age, walking on an urban roadway in a dream can indicate the need to follow your heart in a situation. The highway is a major rural road that can denote that good times are ahead. What you also see on the road is equally important. Cars or trucks passing you as you walk on the road in a dream can denote the possible obstacles passing you by. 

What does it mean to walk along a street or sidewalk in a dream?

If we turn back time, the word street indicates the Latin term "to pave" this means to pave your way into a situation in life. Dreams of roads being constructed is about your own application to situations in life - what are you building? To walk along a street and see properties can suggest other people will help the journey you have in life. The more populated the dream the more social interactions you will have over the course of the next few months.

What does it mean to dream of walking fast?

Walking fast in a dream can indicate that you want to get someone quickly. Speed in dreams represents how fast we navigate life. We always in our modern world rush around. I am sure you have seen those sad stories in the newspapers where people have been so rushed a tragedy happens such as a car accident or leaving a pet in a hot car while someone goes to work. This dream is about that speed, it is a call to say “slow down” remember life is too short, and maybe you have been at speed for so long that you have forgotten to relax. 

What does it mean to walk in a dream and see footprints?

In both Buddhism and Hinduism, footprints represent the presence of a holy individual or deity. Footprints in a dream can indicate people’s attributes and qualities. There are carvings of Buddha's footprints in many Buddhist temples, as well as auspicious symbols like the eight-spoked wheel, which symbolizes Buddha's law. In dreams, we can sometimes walk and see footprints of either others or animals. I like to follow the principle that the footsteps of Buddha may lead to enlightenment in waking life.

What does it mean to dream of walking to work?

Working in dreams is about your career in real life. Walking is about reaching a destination or goal in life. Mixing the two dream symbols together indicates that it may be time to walk to your goals. Being a super-successful business person must seem strange, being good at your job is everyone’s goal. Every enterprise that steals data from its customers, whether it is oil companies, behaviour-related advertisers, or social media platforms, will frantically remind everyone that they are simply trying to give people what they want. This dream is about what you want. 

For one thing, business is more successful than ever before. We live in an era of unprecedented wealth, profits are at an all-time high, and productivity and growth are booming. Income unevenness continues to rise, the political division has affected family gatherings, and sadly crime is on the rise. I've noticed that competitiveness is the same no matter where it comes from. With fibre and mobile data the internet speeds are faster, were always accessible, and laptops are cheaper. In business, there is a lot of vibrancy, but there is also a peculiar defensiveness that can come out of nowhere sometimes. This is an information age, dreaming of walking to work is about your success in such an age. This is how you are handling your life, maybe you want that quiet road to the right career. It could mean that you will reassess yourself, your job, your career, and your map to where you want to be. There are also questions to ask yourself: Are you too rushed? What do you think about spirituality? It is urging you to stop and take note of your path in life. Are you walking on the right path? We all tend to underestimate our abilities, intentions, and skill sets. It is believed that most people have above-average intelligence and are capable of most things. Are you? If so, then this dream is saying walk to your goals but first define them.

What does it mean to dream of walking home?

Home in dreams is about our comfort levels. Walking home in a dream is positive, and denotes that relationships are on the right road. However little psychologists know, there is one thing they all have in common: that they know we are defined by our childhood. The trauma (if we have encountered any) that we carry through this childhood is carried through in adulthood. Yes, we are all fragile as both children and adults. Walking home in a dream indicates that we want to look at our values and experiences and protect against our own vulnerability. The dream is in connection with formally asking what impact our childhood had on our current actions, so we can deal with this and walk on a better path. 

What does it mean to dream of waking at night?

At night we cannot see. When we walk at night we could bump into things. Maybe you were walking in a lit city, in the dark through woods? The darkness represents the many problems in life. Do we want them to be a source of frustration or do we want to solve them? Life's problems can be solved with discipline. No problem can be solved without discipline.

Solving and confronting problems is one of the most challenging aspects of life, this dream is urging you to do this. The nature of problems can cause us to feel worried, rage, sorrow, blame, regret, anxiety, uneasiness, distress, despair, or disappointment. As unpleasant as physical pain can be, these feelings can also be very painful. Our problems are caused precisely by this pain. In addition to being a painful and difficult experience, life is also filled with joy. The dream is telling you to get rid of the darkness on your journey and open that window of light. If you have been thinking negatively for a while then it is not uncommon to dream of a dark night. Walking is a good sign it is telling you there is a way out to find the light. For a dream to feature both dark and night sky then this denotes a new approach to problems.

What does it mean to dream of walking in the day?

Walking in the light is a wonderful dream to have, the day represents the happiness we feel inside. This dream is a great omen as it suggests spiritual light. This dream is urging you to accept that every thought is a possibility to make something better in your life and that all possibilities and suggestions are only suggestions. So let's ask ourselves, "What is real?" Where does your body go when you go to bed at night? Think about that for a moment. Where is it? It isn't in your dreams if you are half awake and half asleep. If you are asleep, walking in the daytime is in your mind. It is just a suggestion. It is not what is happening in real life - it is not real. When you dream, you change your physical functions. By doing this, you activate your higher dimensional parts of yourself and are able to let go of lower vibrational planes, linear time-based form, and this helps you understand your own goals.

After dreaming of walking in the day, you wake up in bed. You see it because it's there. Its presence is a result of your expectation, which is based on past experience. Memories are evidence of the past. The memories we have are projections or visualizations of our feelings into space and time that transcend time and space. Walking is about getting to a place you know in your mind. As a result, you can start over every morning with new goals. It applies to all aspects of your walking dream that you experience in the lower plane of sleep.

What does it mean to dream of walking but not knowing the destination?

The dream of walking but not knowing where you are going is about the fact that you can heal from whatever place you are at the moment, regardless of whether it's in your career, marriage, financial situation or health. It is important to work with whatever you have going on in life and not against it. Your life journey should be your friend and ally, not your enemy. Walking on the right path will transform your entire life in a miraculous way.

What does it mean to dream of walking somewhere you know?

Going to a known destination in a dream indicates psychic development. It helps to get the mind used to paying attention to small things and stimuli. After a dream of walking to maybe home, work, friends or somewhere you know is calling you to relax. Think about the place. What does this mean to you? The place that you go in the dream means something. Think about how you are feeling.

What does it mean to dream of walking to school?

School in dreams is about discipline and walking to school in the dream state can signify that you might be overthinking relationships with people. Perhaps it's an important relationship that you do not feel in control of your feelings. Such as causing you to make embarrassing calls to someone after midnight, blocking someone or just feeling out of touch or control of your emotions. This dream is calling you to have more discipline on your life journey. There is something my mother always said to me “if you don’t know what to say, say nothing.”

Maybe you are constantly medicating yourself using substances that you shouldn't - smoking, drinking etc. The dream of walking to school could indicate there is a problem with yourself that you wish you could fix. Losing hope may result from “out of control” moments. This dream is saying listen to yourself and have the discipline to look at every situation calmly.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Going the distance.
  • Getting healthy.
  • Worried about health.
  • Needing organization in your life.

In this dream you may have

Below I have provided an overview of various other dreams I have not covered in the above:

  • Walked with people you knew – friends or family. (Look at the relationships around you)
  • Went on a walk for a cause such as breast cancer or emphysema. (Making progress towards a goal in your life.)
  • Walked on the balls of your feet or on your tiptoes. (you are aiming higer in life)
  • Slipped while walking on ice. (be careful of events in the future)
  • Literally were walking on eggshells. (someone around you is worrying about you)
  • Walked through a doorway to another dimension. ( a new start)
  • Walked on glass. (watch what you say)
  • Walked on water or saw a miracle where someone else walked on water. (emotions will run high but you will be happy)
  • Walked on fire. (the fire in the dream is an opportunity and walking on this means that you will know what the path is)
  • Walked off a cliff. (changes will come to you)
  • Walked out a door. (Doors indicate new channels and new beginnings)
  • Felt pain in your feet while walking. (exposed to something uncomfortable in life)
  • Been unable to walk any further. (there will be barriers in life and worries but you can overcome thee)
  • Walked to the edge of the world. (this is a rare dream to walk to the edge of the world is positive it is about spiritual development)
  • Strolled down a street, mall, or promenade. (focus on life)
  • Walked to work. (see above I have covered this)
  • Remembered walking to or from school during your childhood? (see above I have covered this)

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You walk for health reasons.
  • You walk for an important cause.
  • You took a long relaxing or enjoyable walk.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of walking

Tired. Weary. Determined. Strong. Weak. Sore. Run Down. Pleasant. Calm. Cool. Relaxed. Bored. Freedom. Able. Adventurous. Excited. Healthy. Social. Happy. Proud.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012