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What does it mean to dream of a jacket? I'm quite excited that you had such a dream. It is very ironic that I am writing this dream interpretation as I'm looking forward to buying my new winter coat tomorrow, what does a jacket symbolize in your dream?

The jacket seen in dreams indicates that you need to be freed from the problems and worries you have encountered in the past. Once you have more confidence in life, the protection and jacket will just fall off itself. There is a spiritual meaning of a jacket that calls for you to “cleanse” yourself! Jackets from a spiritual context are associated with covering something up in life. I am a true believer that jackets indicate that there is something hidden aware of. Dreams for me are not just about gaining insight into life. It is about how you can use the insight into getting what you want. Every detail in the jacket dream can affect your dream state may be the dream itself features the fact that you have lost your coat, found a coat alternatively the coat is a winter coat. The jacket is often seen on our bodies it creates the whole sense of protection in life. What do you need protection from? The color of the jacket is equally important and as we move through this dream interpretation I will define what each type and color of jacket actually means. If you dream of taking off your jacket this can signify that you are removing layers of protection.

Welcome to my website, my name is Flo - and I've been studying dreams for a very long time. Additionally, many of my dreams have actually come true which led me on the path of creating this website for you. Jackets are quite a significant dream to have. It must have been what I call a vivid dream if you have spent the time researching this dream to uncover the meaning.

There are so many advances in fashion that jackets can be symbolized in many different ways maybe you in your dream you took a quick trip to a department store to choose a jacket? Maybe you passed jackets in a shop window? If I look at the dream symbolism from a psychological point of view both the famous dream psychologists from the 1930s, Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung both believed that our dreams are the symbolism of the images that we receive on a daily basis. Therefore, from a psychology point of view, the coat itself could be a symbolism of something that you have noticed in waking life.

Now, there are many different types of dream interpretation on the Internet but what I have found is that they fail to merge the psychological and spiritual contexts in our dreams. This is where I can help you. In order to decode the dream fully, we need to look at the details of the jacket and understand how these details. You may find this dream meaning rather long, I urge you just scroll down in order to find the detail of your dream you can decode it. We don't necessarily need re-psychologists in order to understand our dreams, that is what I'm here to do. So without further delay let's move on to the specific features in your dream. Scroll down to find your specific dream meaning of a jacket.

What is the spiritual symbol of a jacket?

Let's now just focus on the spiritual meaning of Jacket in the dream. As we have already discussed seeing a jacket symbolizes protection, covering one's emotions, hidden enemies and finally being able to grow and expand the problems and dramas that occurred in your life. Now, in my experience this dream often occurs only have encountered a difficult time perhaps you were unaware of how to fix problems in life and the jackets suddenly occurs in your dream when you know you've got to remove each layer of a problem or issue is and start to dissect it to uncover the exact problem or the heart of the matter.

What does it mean to be wearing a jacket in a dream?

You need to be more concealed, cover up, or there is a need for protection from elements outside of your own control in your life. Normally these kinds of dreams are indications that you need to focus on preparations or bringing aspects of your life together. These kinds of dreams show you what is needed and like most clothing dreams, indicate that you should or are covering something up in your life.

What is the general meaning of a jacket in a dream?

If you dream of a jacket it usually means that you need to be more protected in the world. That you feel like you have too much going on and you need someone to help you but you are too worried about asking for it. If you dream of children wearing jackets that is a sign of high fertility and that you are or will be pregnant in the near future. So watch out! It could also mean if you already have kids that they are happy and they are healthy. If in this dream the coat that you see or is wearing is shiny and brand new that is a positive omen. It denotes that you are very protected in life and that you are content and enjoy life and I don’t think you would want to change a thing. Oh… and I don’t think you should change anything. Wearing a jacket in the rain during your dream indicates that your future is in your hands and you have control over the direction of your life. If you yourself are wearing the jacket in ancient dream dictionaries it denotes that you need someone to be close to you and need to feel safe. It might not happen overnight but if you try hard enough you will get what you want and need. Now, sorry but it is a bad omen if the jacket you see in the dream is worn, ripped, damaged or holey. It can indicate that you are delusional and that you think you are safe and protected, but you really you're not! You need to change something in your life so that you will get the protection and security you need.

This is a time to consider those around you. It can suggest a “warning” type dream. These dangers are not carried out in malice but are usually negative influences on you. Being poor and not being able to afford a jacket in a dream can also be a negative omen. Unfortunately, in old dream books, this can suggest losing money or making a mistake that is costly at work or problems regarding finances. This is a sign that you need to protect your own finances or wealth in the future. Consider ways that you can protect your own finances and possible future losses. So, I have summarized a very quick meaning above.

What does it mean to dream of losing your jacket?

If you lose your jacket in a dream then this could be a sign that you have lost your protection in life. Perhaps you've been protected by somebody or you feel that your business is not working the way it should, your career is not going in the right direction alternatively a relationship is not giving you the fulfillment you need.

What does it mean to dream of a black coat?

The black coat in a dream symbolizes a new start or transformation. Black is connected to darkness and ultimately something is hidden in life. Grouped with the fact that you are dreaming about a jacket and the color black - can often imply that somebody is hiding something from you. It could mean that perhaps a person is keeping a secret from you in relation to love. Don't be alarmed, it could just be something rather trivial. If you see yourself wearing a black wool coat in a dream it can indicate you are feeling that relationships are not giving you what you want out of life. They could possibly mean your love relationship is up in the air! Alternatively, you will find it difficult to communicate with friends. The black coat in this respect is associated with transformation. Think about how the death card occurs in a tarot reading - after death there is change. So, in summary, a black coat seen in a dream indicates that once everything that is cleaned out a new start on the horizon. The good news is you need to remain vigilant. Over the next few months look out for any dishonesty or complex problems at work. If a dinner jacket was seen in a dream, which is black and white suggests that other people will want you to enjoy a social event. This is a great dream to have, especially for career prospects.

What does it mean to dream of a white jacket?

In order to decode the dream of a white jacket the spiritual meaning of white is associated with innocence, peace, and harmony. The fact that you are wearing or seeing a white jacket in your dream illustrates that there is a desire for peace in your life. Often, when users email me regarding their dream of a white jacket I've often replied back to say that this is a sign that you must “crave harmony and peace in life.” Normally, the white jacket is seen in a dream after a difficult patch in connection with one's career work. I believe that the white jacket is a positive omen and can indicate that no matter what happens you are protected from the spiritual world. If you see yourself wearing a white jacket this indicates that you are feeling happiness and contentment in life. If you lose a white jacket in the dream this can suggest that people are going to ask you for advice

What does it mean to dream of a yellow jacket?

The good news is that yellow symbolizes happiness, contentment, enlightenment and spiritual development. The color yellow is a positive symbolism, in addition, to see yourself in a yellow jacket in a dream can indicate the great times ahead. Perhaps you are thinking about taking a summer holiday? Maybe the yellow jacket appeared because you need to have time away in order to relax and recuperate in life. To be caught in the rain wearing a yellow jacket indicates happiness and contentment may be challenged by another. If you find a yellow jacket in the dream this can suggest that despite difficult times you will surface a better and wiser person.

What does it mean to dream of a red jacket?

A red jacket seen in dreams is connected to your passion and sexual power. Red jackets are therefore connected to our own inner passion. This could be in relation to a work context alternatively in a relationship. I believe that seeing a red jacket in dreams is a positive omen. If you're wearing a red jacket and this indicates that you will find happiness and peace in a relationship that is close to your heart. Try not to shut other people out and focus on your own wants and desires. The red jacket can also indicate a new start in life, this is because red is the color of blood which represents life. Obviously, I've looked at the red jacket to dream from a spiritual context. From a psychological point of view, Freud, for example, connects the red jacket with moving through the motions.

What does it mean to dream of a leather jacket?

The leather jacket in a dream can symbolize on the surface things seem content and happy but underneath there needs to be some form of protection in order to move your life forward. The material of the coat is very important in the dream. Now let’s consider leather. We know that leather itself is versatile, warm and waterproof. Therefore, the leather jacket in a dream represents durability in life. To see yourself wearing a leather jacket can indicate that you are fully protected life. If you see other people wearing leather jackets it can suggest not only are you protected but also other people around you. To see leather jackets on motorbike riders the dream is connected to how you feel about movements in life. It can possibly indicate that you are worried about moving forward because you're going to lose the protection that you need. This dream often occurs when we are looking to build our own business or move forward with a project - but we are too scared continuing carry-on.

What does it mean to dream of a green jacket?

In my opinion, I always connect and collaborate with the earth’s power when it comes to green. I believe the spiritual context indicates that we are grounded and you understand what the world can offer you. To see yourself wearing a green jacket can suggest that there may be some problems or issues in your life you are in the right position to overcome any problems. If you lose a green jacket it could indicate you've lost your grounding, you need to meditate in order to understand how you can move forward in life.

What does it mean to dream of coats?

For this dream interpretation I have used the term jackets, however, a coat is another common name for a jacket! If you see yourself in the coat it implies the same meaning as a jacket. You will find the growth that you need to understand a wide range of skills and experiences at work. To go into a coat closet in a dream is rather interesting. The coats themselves are symbols of protection, therefore it is a sign that you need to protect yourself from work. Think about how to retrain and reboot your career. To see many coats in a department store is a suggestion that many people will turn to you for advice. This will help others move forward!

What does it mean to buy a new coat or jacket in a dream?

So we all just love buying new coats! I am going to buy my winter coat at the weekend and just walking around the stores you know you have many choices. Whatever the dream of a new coat occurs this suggests that protection is with you. As I have already defined earlier on in this dream interpretation the jacket itself is connected to how we protect ourselves. Therefore, to dream that you are buying a new jacket indicates that there are certain aspects in life where you need to have a form of protection.

What does it mean of losing a coat or jacket in your dream?

To dream of losing a coat indicates that you're worried about how you are perceived in public. The coat itself is a form of protection, especially on a spiritual level. The coat can sometimes denote a feeling of losing your sense of belonging. Maybe you have a number of beliefs that may not fall in line with others. Therefore the loss of a coat is an indication that the layer of your own protection has diminished. The coat or jacket can also suggest that there have been some difficult times recently. To the point where you've been questioning your objectives. Sometimes it's really hard to keep on fighting, it is a much easier option is to sit back and let things unfold no matter what you lose. The lost coat in the dream is, of course, a worry, especially if you are facing rain or bad weather in the dream.

What does it mean to lose a jacket, steal a jacket or find a coat in a dream?

My advice from this dream is to salvage anything you can from a given situation. If you've stolen another person's coat during your dream this can suggest that you're not feeling comfortable in a relationship. Maybe the relationship isn't exactly what you wish or this is not what you want. We all try to work very hard in life to form healthy relationships but sometimes our own hidden desires and personal traits can sometimes get in the way. When they do it can result in difficulties. This, of course, have a lot to do with our personality the coat itself is a sign of your inner strengths and weaknesses. You are probably wondering whether you're compatible with your current lover or friend. Whatever the case may be, the dream of finding the coat, losing a coat or stealing a coat is all connected to your own inner awareness and self-knowledge in relationships. The most important message that I can give about the dream is that you need to build fulfilling long-term relationships where you don't mind removing your protection and allowing yourself to love with your heart.

I hope you enjoy this dream interpretation, try to check out the other areas on this website in order to gain some more information about your future. In conclusion, a jacket is a spiritual symbolism of protection. It can often be connected to how we forge relationships. Above all, it can indicate that you require time and patience in order to progress. If the dream is negative in any way there may be a problem that can impact on your relationship with others. In this dream you may have:

  • Kids wearing jackets = protection from childhood problems.
  • A holey jacket = issues that you cannot find a resolution.
  • Been wearing a jacket = taking off a jacket indicates exposing yourself to problems in life.
  • Bought a brand new jacket = a new start in life.
  • Needed a jacket = issues at work.
  • Borrowed a jacket = you will turn to others for protection.
  • Wished you had a different kind of jacket = problems and delay.
  • Seen, used, or worked in a coat room = you need protection right now!
  • Went to dinner where a jacket was required but didn’t have one= a dinner jacket in dreams indicate formal times.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Kids are playing around wearing a jacket.
  • A brand new jacket.
  • Lend your jacket to someone.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Getting pregnant.
  • Changes in life.
  • Protecting your assets.
  • Feeling secure when you really are not.
  • Losing money or having financial problems.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a jacket

Protected. Scared. Happy. Delusional. Cold. Shivering. Unsure. Thankful. Warm. Helped. Helpful.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012