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Grass dream meanings


Dreaming of grass suggests that everything in your life will go well, you will have an easy heart and maybe a gain will emerge. Mowing grass in a dream means you will have many worries.

Picking various herbs in your dream indicates emotional and material problems ahead. According to the Arab tradition, dry grass in a dream means that you will encounter stupidity and ignorance. It also foretells some health problems.


In your dream you may have...

  • Seen green grass.
  • Seen a snake or serpent in the grass.
  • Cut or mowed the grass.
  • Picked out blades of grass.
  • Planted some grass.
  • Burned grass.
  • Seen grass covered in snow.
  • Slept on the grass.
  • Lay on the grass.
  • Seen tall grass.
  • Seen yellowish grass.
  • Lay in dry and uncomfortable grass.
  • Walked on the grass.
  • Transported grass.
  • Encountered dry grass.
  • Seen grass with weeds.
  • Encountered grass meant for sporting events.
  • Made haystacks.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • The grass in a lawn is straightened and mowed.
  • The grass in a field is wild and green.
  • The grass does not cause allergies or illness.

Detailed dream interpretation...

If you dream of grass it shows that you may have happy times in the future. This can also demonstrate your waking self and suggest that you need to surrender to deep issues that may be holding you back. If you encounter grass in your dream it shows victory over others.

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To dream of a snake or serpent in the grass shows that you are trying to hide away from a situation with others and you need to face up to it.

If you dream of grass for sporting events, such as a cricket pitch or a football stadium, this dream shows that things are going to start happening soon and that your life is filled with new and exciting beginnings.

Grass can appear in a dream as lawns, pastures, weeds to be plucked and sometimes as herbs or medicines. The image provides symbols such as wealth and fertility. Where the grass grows, livestock can graze, plants grow and dryness does not exist. But this abundance must be maintained just like health. Only weeds could mean negligence or suffocation as opposed to desired development. Pulling weeds is therefore a positive sign.

Grass in your dream means prosperity and health. If you see yourself mowing the grass you will receive some guests, but if you are mowing alone this shows big worries. Mowed grass is a sign of concerns and troubles. Sowing grass is a sign of needs and fears. Burned grass could foretell that you will be unsuccessful in business. If in your dream you see grass covered in snow this predicts a fruitful year.


If in your dream you are sleeping on the grass this suggests a big financial gain. Sleeping in the grass is a sign of a lucky trip and happiness in general. Making haystacks foretells the visit of some unwanted people. Tall grass means illusions and unattainable hopes. Yellowish grass tells your health is in danger. Lying down on the grass means hope. If you lay down on dry grass you may also undergo some loss. Lying down on medicinal plants means revitalization. Walking on the grass is the sign of satisfaction and organization.

Cutting grass in your dream suggests worries. Transporting cut grass with a wheelbarrow suggests sharing gifts. If the grass is dry, this is the sign of drought, but also losing a lover or it shows that somebody’s health will worsen. Seeing grass and weeds in the same dream tells you to stay away from rude people. Green grass is an omen of happiness and health in your family for many years. Sleeping in green grass could foretell that you will lie in bed sick for a short while.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of grass…

Happy. Feeling good. Content. Busy. Satisfied. Relaxed.


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