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Dreaming of grass suggests that everything in your life will go well. Grass in your dream means prosperity and health. 

Thank you so much for visiting my site to understand what the grass means in your dream. We all love the smell of freshly cut grass, which makes us feel great in the warm weather. But, the grass smell is actually the grass in distress, and this is called "green leaf volatiles." I know quite scientific, but here I am going to address your dream and understand why grass appeared. The grass is a common thing we see in our day to day life. The only thing we need to take seriously is when the grass in your dream is a key feature. Picking various herbs (such as daisies) in your dream indicates emotional and material problems ahead. According to the Arab tradition, dry grass in a dream means that you will encounter stupidity and ignorance. It also foretells some health problems.

What does green grass mean in a dream? 

This is the most popular dream of grass, many people have contacted me after seeing green grass in a dream. Green is connected to balance and harmony. Green grass in dreams denotes something that will grow. This could be a relationship or a new job. Seeing green grass in a dream indicates that it’s time to retreat. It can suggest that there has been a lot of upheaval and problems in life recently, walking on green grass in a dream means that problems are going to work out in the future. Green grass is generally vibrant and represents the environment and nature. I will conclude that green grass in your dream symbolizes good health, fertility, growth, great luck and also money. If we look at the spiritual color of Green we also understand that this is the color of the fourth heart chakra, and is the color between the spiritual and physical realms. Mowing green grass in a dream means you will overcome worries.

What is the detailed dream interpretation of grass? 

Grass can appear in a dream as lawns, pastures, weeds to be plucked and sometimes as herbs or medicines. The image provides symbols such as wealth and fertility. Where the grass grows, livestock can graze, plants grow and dryness does not exist. But this abundance must be maintained just like health. Only weeds could mean negligence or suffocation as opposed to desired development. Pulling weeds is therefore a positive sign. If you dream of grass it shows that you will have happy times in the future. This can also demonstrate your waking self and suggest that you need to surrender to deep issues that may be holding you back. If you encounter grass in your dream it shows victory over others. To dream of a snake or serpent in the grass shows that you are trying to hide away from a situation with others and you need to face up to it. If you dream of grass for sporting events, such as a cricket pitch or a football stadium, this dream shows that things are going to start happening soon and that your life is filled with new and exciting beginnings. Grass in your dream means prosperity and health. If you see yourself mowing the grass you will receive some guests, but if you are mowing alone this shows big worries. Mowed grass is a sign of concerns and troubles. Sowing grass is a sign of needs and fears. Burned grass could foretell that you will be unsuccessful in business. If in your dream you see grass covered in snow this predicts a fruitful year. If in your dream you are sleeping on the grass this suggests a big financial gain. Sleeping in the grass is a sign of a lucky trip and happiness in general. Making haystacks foretells the visit of some unwanted people. Tallgrass means illusions and unattainable hopes. Yellowish grass tells your health is in danger. Lying down on the grass means hope. If you lay down on dry grass you may also undergo some loss. Lying down on medicinal plants means revitalization. Walking on the grass is the sign of satisfaction and organization.

Cutting grass in your dream suggests anxieties. Transporting cut grass with a wheelbarrow suggests sharing gifts. If the grass is dry, this is the sign of drought, but also losing a lover or it shows that somebody’s health will worsen. Seeing grass and weeds in the same dream tells you to stay away from rude people. Green grass is an omen of happiness and health in your family for many years. Sleeping in the green grass could foretell that you will lie in bed sick for a short while. Grass dream is a positive sign meaning that there is something in your life which is making you happy. At the moment, everything is going to plan (hopefully) and you are enjoying and having fun. Things are going as planned and you have nothing to worry about at the moment. Seeing green lush grass in a dream indicates a unique situation will occur. The grass itself is not really something we even notice but the grass does hold a significant meaning spiritually. Grass is all about connecting with each other, it is associated with our life and also the fact that it is green represents goodness will be yours. A dream of green grass can indicate wealth, relaxation, being happy, growth and growth.

What’s the general meaning of grass in dreams?

We sometimes don’t notice the grass in our dreams as the main symbol. As I have already stated this is a positive omen that points happiness, a fresh start in life, and can indicate growth both, spiritually and mentally. According to the dream experts, dreaming of green beautiful grass implies that you’re about to experience personal growth, soul awakening, and a positive outcome. The grass is connected to accomplishment. If the grass was dry in your dream, it indicates disappointment and failing to do something you wanted to do a long time ago. Who knows, maybe you’ve waited for too long? Dread grass in a dream can often be associated with our inner motivations. It can suggest that no matter what you will overcome and ride anything.

What’s the spiritual meaning of grass in dreams?

The spiritual meaning of grass is mostly connected with the growth of your soul and your mind. You will start digging for a more deeper meaning of everything you see, touch, feel, do, accomplish. Dreaming of grass indicates you wish to accomplish meaningful things. Maybe you need to undertake a new hobby? This will boost your own awareness and the awareness of others. Also, the spiritual meaning of grass stands for natural protection from evil forces, especially if the grass is green and shiny in your dreams. Don’t forget to water it with faith, so it stays protective.

What does it mean to dream of grass in the home?

A dream where you see grass in your house (maybe your own house) implies that, very soon, you will be moving onto something interesting in life. Maybe you may move out of your current house. You may experience some changes in your life which will force you to move from your current position to another one. Seeing grass growing in your home can imply that you could quit your job or get a job promotion that will force you to change residence.

What does it mean to dream about a frog in the grass?

A dream where you see a frog in the grass denotes that, you are going to start a new chapter in your life. The frog indicates a fresh new possibility in life. I will say, after this dream you need to embrace the changes which will come into your life and start things with a new chapter. Whatever changes occur over the next few months they may impact on both your career and personal life so be prepared. It is only human to fear change, so it might be a new start for you. It could be that you are losing something and gaining something else, so take courage and embrace the change as it is going to influence your future positively.

What does it mean to dream of grass inside a building?

When you start dreaming about grass inside a building, it means that everyone living in the building will soon move out. A dangerous situation or some disaster is going to force them out. If it is your building, then you will need to be cautious and alert for any danger. In case you sense any danger, run out as fast as you can.

What does it mean to dream about dry grass?

Dry grass in your dream foretells of disappointments from someone. Dry grass could be yellow in color in a dream. To dream of a field full of long dry grass denotes that life will be focused on a renewed start. Thus you should be prepared to deal with anything that life throws at you. Any pain and stress will be related to your relationship and life at large.

What does it mean to dream about a snake in the grass?

This is a rather popular dream. Snakes in grass can indicate deceit. Dreaming about a snake in the grass is an indication of people around you who don’t respect you and at the same time, make you feel negative about something. It is like they don’t seem to appreciate you, however much you try.  You are always trying to be good to them and doing everything possible to make “others” appreciate you, think about how you want to move on in the future.

What does it mean to dream of grasshoppers in the grass?

Seeing grasshoppers jumping in the grass in your dream denotes a romantic affair with someone or a new place of residence according to dream lore. The grasshopper in dreams represents love and this could enter your life soon. 

What does it mean to dream about worms in the grass?

When you dream that you are digging to seeing worms in the grass, then ancient dream lore denotes a conflict of sorts. It is someone who has been on your mind for some time, and you are now worried about other people’s behavior because you are seeking new relationships. Worms are earths representation of life. 

What does it mean to dream of grass in the mountains?

Seeing grass growing on a mountain is a positive sign denoting that, you will need to be on the lookout for a new start. There is a possibility that something or someone is going to approach you about an opportunity you in the coming days. In dream lore the advice is to try to take care of yourself and be cautious, everything is going to be alright. To see a large mountain covered in grass indicates goals should be achieved.

What does it mean to plant grass seeds in a dream?

To plant grass seeds in your dream signifies your recent efforts to change. It can mean you want to plant that “seed” of life.  When people contact me about this dream it often means you are headed in the wrong direction, but you will – in time manage to get back on the right path. This dream indicates that you are desperately trying to improve yourself, acquire as much knowledge as you possibly fight a good fight. And it may look hopeless now, but one day, you will be very proud of yourself. I often see these types of dreams when the dreamer has some element of competition business and people think they can overtake you. The most important lesson I believe that this dream is showing you is to keep on fighting. You know that in your deepest heart --- what you do is best when you know that it doesn't matter who comes in your way.

What does eating grass meaning a dream?

To eat grass in your dream is very common. Although you may see this as a strange dream, your dream has an important message to deliver. People are here to help you. According to some dream experts, eating grass indicates an unpleasant event that will happen in the near future. You have no power to stop this from happening, and you will experience some hard feelings that will be difficult to swallow. However, you can always control how you react to everything, remember? Get over it and move on.

What does it mean to mow grass in a dream?

To mow the grass in your dream state represents your need of refreshment in life, something, sometime soon will activate your wild side again. You know what they say, that once you cut the grass, it grows even faster and better than before. You need a lover maybe - that will sweep you off your feet, something that will ruin the current world that you’re living in, and give you an opportunity to create something better from scratch. Even if you like the life you’re living, you can always gain more. A new job or project can also represent the fact you were mowing the grass. To dream of a sit on mower is quite interesting. I believe sit on mower is associated with your connections in life.

What does burning grass mean?

To burn grass in your dream indicates self-punishment, regret, and failure according to dream lore. To dream of a burnt field, which we see normally in the autumn can represent a new beginning, harvest or renewal. Instead of regretting your mistakes, and wasting the time on feeling sorry for yourself, try to do something positive. This dream is about being productive and the people in your surroundings. This is the way, you will also avoid a possible failure coming on your way.

What does weeding the garden mean in your dream?

To dream of weeding the garden stands for a healthy environment, great living habits and happy relationships. This is according to ancient dream lore of course! Often, people that have these dreams are productive and admired for their unique abilities and a strong determination. Weeding the grass is like clearing out the old to make way for the new. The appearance of this symbol will give you hope and strength to move on. Never give up! You never know who you inspire! Practice patience, have faith and believe that everything will fall into place eventually.

What does sitting or lying on grass mean?

To dream of sitting or lying on grass means you will gain wealth and prestige in the near future – so a great dream if I say so myself. All your worries, especially those related to financial issues will finally come to an end. You will enjoy a stress-free, content life. Don’t forget to thank others for their efforts, patience, and determination.

What does walking or running on grass mean?

Walking or running on grass, especially barefoot is an amazing experience and can feel like you are connecting with mother nature. However, to encounter such dream represents your wild and free spirit, as well as your magnetic personality. People never know how to act around you because you always react differently to everything. And, yes, that is a positive omen. To run on grass due to a sport in the dream represents your competitive streak. If you see dog or animal running walking on grass it can represent friendly approach to matters of the heart.

What does a grass lawn mean in a dream?

To dream of grass lawn foretells good things on your way. You’re about to enjoy a peaceful, happy life very soon. It will be a gift for your patience and faith. Your efforts will finally pay off. Be patient. If the lawn was beautifully manicured then this indicates according to old and ancient dream lore happiness is just around the corner. There is an essential opportunity that will present itself shortly. You will also have the ability to protect yourself against any wrongdoings.

What does seeing a grass field in a dream mean?

To see a grass field in your dream symbolizes your openness, honesty, and creative mind. A green grass field represents a creative visionary who will soon create masterpieces and will enter your life. This is a great time to release your extraordinary talents and act on your self-made opportunities. My message here is to not give up on your dreams, and they can be achieved. 

What does it mean to dream of grass in a park?

To dream of grass in a park suggests that you will enjoy happy moments with your family, or friends. You wish for a simple but happy life, and soon, your wishes will come true thanks to your positivity. Grass park and also symbolise enjoyment in life and the fact that there are new opportunities that will arise shortly. If you see children playing in a grass park and this indicates you need some fun in your life.

What does it mean to dream of a sports arena that has grass?

To see a sports arena with grass in your dream state represents your competitive spirit and this will only grow in time. You will never settle for less than what you deserve, and you will always compete with others to get what you want, no matter the person’s reputation or the risk you’re taking. To dream of playing on the sports arena denotes a life victory.

What does short grass mean in a dream?

To dream of short rightly manicured grass represents expanding your outlook in life. You sometimes find it hard to see the bigger picture and you act according to your intuition. Continue to follow your own intuition but also work on your attitude and expand your horizons. Not everything’s is black and white. I would say, always question everything.

What does long grass mean in a dream?

To dream of long grass indicates secrets and hidden feelings. What is it that you’re hiding from the world, and even from yourself? Long grass seen in a dream can imply things are difficult, people are challenging and you feel somewhat overwhelmed. After everything, some people may deserve your silence, but they also deserve to be put in your past. It’s time you think about everyone who makes you feel worried. 

What does wet grass mean in a dream?

To dream of wet grass suggests that you need to stay away from rude and envious people in dream lore. I know this might sound a bit old fashioned but in many of the books I reviewed this dream indicates that you are wasting time with the wrong set of people, the dream represents losing your own path and identity. If the grass in your dream is drowning in water, it means someone will try to block your potential.

What does yellow and brown grass signify and mean in a dream?

To dream of yellowing or browning grass, it means that you must consider giving up bad habits, and set up a healthier lifestyle, you may prevent this from happening. I know it is too easy to turn to that cookie jar. Your body is your own temple, and it’s your steady job to take good care of it. I don’t need to remind you but brown grass in ancient dream books indicates that you need to watch what you eat. 

What does fast-growing grass mean?

To dream of fast-growing grass symbolizes the lack of control over your life and your daily habits that affect your mind in a negative way. But none of this is actually true because you don’t suffer from lack of control but from lack of motivation. fast growing grass can appear in different ways in a dream. Maybe you could see the grass grow really quickly or you looked out the window and one minute grass was short and the next minute long. I personally believe that this dream signifies that you are going to grow as an individual. Rather than the ancient meaning -- which is rather negative in nature.

What does grass killer mean in a dream?

To kill grass with chemicals in your dream means that you’re about to kill some part of your personality that’s helping you grow and develop. To see your own lawn dying or the fact that the grass is a strange colour can indicate that you will grow and become wiser in life.

What does it mean to dream of running across a grass field?

To dream of running across a grass field reveals your wish to feel free and easy, to walk your own path, and to live according to your own rules. To run with a dog across a field in a dream can imply that you fulfilling other people’s wishes, but who’s going to fulfill your wishes? To run across a muddy grass field implies that it is time you show your middle finger to those who take constant advantage of you and focus on rebuilding your life and accomplishing your goals.

Your dream

  • Seen green grass = a new start.
  • Seen a snake or serpent in the grass = someone who will take advantage.
  • Cut or mowed the grass = Connect with nature, the fact that the grass is cut is positive.
  • Picked out blades of grass =  this represents new beginning or clear way forward.
  • Planted some grass =  planting grass in the green indicates something startling.
  • Burned grass =  Difficulties.
  • Seen grass covered in snow =  coldhearted person who is great underneath.
  • Slept on the grass =  trying to connect with nature.
  • Lay on the grass =  great rules very shortly.
  • Seen tall grass =  something is hiding in your life - what you really want is the main question.
  • Seen yellowish grass =  wealth will be yours
  • Lay in dry and uncomfortable grass = time will be the healer.
  • Walked on the grass = a new tomorrow.
  • Transported grass = a new start is coming.
  • Encountered dry grass = bring on the tasks you are ready.
  • Seen grass with weeds = cleaning out the old.
  • Encountered grass meant for sporting events = being competitive in life.
  • Made haystacks = a bright tomorrow.


  • The grass in a lawn is straightened and mowed.
  • The grass in a field is wild and green.
  • The grass does not cause allergies or illness.

In summary, the grass is nature which represents the possibility of something new and the emergence of a new phase in life. Sometimes grass can indicate our deepest fears but grass will always grow. Thus, growth is the key message of this dream. I've outlined some specific areas which I hope come in useful. But if there is anything that I've missed in this dream interpretation of grass then please get in touch by leaving me a Facebook message below. I always reply even if it takes some time. To dream of green grass commonly symbolizes the fertility of nature and also personal growth. It is also connected to immortality and in ancient dream, lore the grass can denote "let go" in life. I hope this helps, Blessings, Flo

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012