Travel Bag

Travel Bag

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

If you happen to see a travel bag in your dream, it is a positive sign.

A travel bag denotes that you will be traveling. If you have a planned trip, it suggests that you might be leaving sooner than you expected. You might get a surprise invitation for a business or leisure travel which will come with some interesting experiences that will leave you feeling satisfied and content at the end of the journey. It maybe now, in the near future, or at the end of the year; whatever the time, the dream is a sign that, at some point, you will travel.

In the dream, you may

  • Packed a travel bag in your dream.
  • Left the travel bag on the train, plane or another mode of transport.
  • Wanted to pack a travel bag.
  • Lost a travel bag.
  • That a travel bag was on a conveyor in an airport.
  • The travel bag zip would not work.
  • The travel bag was heavy.
  • Unable to lift the travel bag.

Detailed dream interpretation

If you see yourself packing a traveling bag in your dream it implies that you are set to travel. This will bring with it benefits in terms of earning money and acquiring material wealth. This, in turn, can be used to change your life and that of those who are around you.

When you dream that you have left the travel bag on the plane, train, or another mode of transport, it can suggest that traveling will not be fruitful. There is not much that will be learned while away on a trip. You may feel there is a waste of time in connection with a project if you left the travel bag on a bus.

If in your dream you desire to pack a travel bag but you haven't done so, it suggests that you have a feeling that adventuring and going to places might just give your life a change that you have been looking for. To pack a bag full of makeup and toiletries indicates material gain; you should plan for fresh challenges that will yield wealth.

Losing a travel bag in your dream suggests that there is a trip which was scheduled for you. But someone has taken this chance. You don’t have to worry because another chance will present itself to you soon.

Seeing a travel bag on a conveyor belt in an airport implies that you will be going on a long journey to solve some of the issues you are currently experiencing. When you come back, you will be ready to tackle problems - and get solutions in life.

A situation where you see a travel bag with a zip which is proving difficult to close foretells that your travel is a secret. Even if you try to hide it, the purpose of your journey and its outcome is well known.

When you see a travel bag that is heavy in your dream, it suggests that you have a lot of issues which are preventing you from making progress in life. Until you shake off these problems, you will not be happy. Make a list of the things that you wish to achieve in life. You need to make things happen in life. You need to move and be adventurous because that is the only way to get things working for you.

Feelings that you may have encountered during the dream

Happy, in need, secretive, adventurous, shaken and worry.

By Florance Saul
May 17, 2017