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A bottle is a container – are you containing your feelings? A bottle in your dream often signifies aggression or aggressive behavior.

This dream is often associated with protection, in that you are trying to protect yourself from others. A bottle from which you drink symbolizes that you will need to make important changes in the way you think and feel in the future. This dream is focused upon the type of bottle that you see.

In your dream you may have

  • You drink from a bottle.
  • You break a bottle.
  • Glass bottle.
  • Plastic bottle.
  • Empty plastic bottle.
  • Baby bottle.
  • A bottle of alcohol.
  • Medicine bottle.
  • You recycle a bottle.
  • A green bottle.
  • A perfume bottle.
  • A bottle of champagne.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Expect some news from someone you love.
  • Do not hide your feelings.
  • Be more independent.
  • Connect with the feminine side of your nature.
  • Make the most of the people around you.

Detailed dream interpretation

If you are opening a bottle in your dream it symbolizes that you are trying to bring together resources in order to improve your life. Dreaming of an empty plastic bottle indicates that you will need to lie in order to avoid being hurt. To dream that you give a full plastic bottle to someone in your dream means that you will have a proposal for better collaboration.

To see a baby feeding from a bottle means that you feel you need to be nurtured in your waking life. An image of a baby's bottle indicates there is someone close to you that will enable you to find a solution to a problem. Witnessing a baby drinking from a bottle in your dream also represents that a friend or relative will look after you in times of need. To see a bottle of alcohol (rum, port, gin etc.) denotes the need to celebrate something. Good news is on its way. To dream that you found a plastic bottle indicates you are to hear some news from a person who you love.

A glass bottle means that you are trying to hide your emotions inside. A bottle of beer in your dream suggests that a talent or gift will be yours in the future. This dream also means that you are hiding your feelings. To dream of a medicine bottle means that you may have some minor problems with your health going forward.

To dream of drinking from a bottle is often connected to the attachment of others; maybe it is time for you to be independent? To see an empty bottle foretells that you have exhausted your inner thoughts. You may be feeling drained and empty inside. If you dream of a broken bottle it indicates some type of aggression, and that it is time to face facts. If in your dream you see a bottle top, this dream is associated with giving someone else a break. To recycle a bottle, or see plastic recycled in your dream means that you need to make a connection with another person who you have been ignoring.

To dream of trying to undo a bottle (if you can or cannot) signifies that you need to connect with the feminine side of your nature. Dreaming of a bottle opener (such as a corkscrew) indicates that you are trying to make the most of the people around you at the moment, in order to gain some important advice. A green bottle in your dream indicates that you need to go back to nature. If you dream of shooting bottles with a gun, this dream indicates it is time to clear away the old to make way for the new. To dream of anything in the bottle is telling you that you can live well enough alone.

If in your dream you find a bottle in the sea with a message this means that you need to decide if something is right or wrong. Dreaming of a broken bottle is an indication that times in the future are going to be tough, but this will only last two weeks. To dream of a perfume bottle indicates a knowledgeable person will enter your life.

To see a bottle in your dream floating on water signifies how you may be hiding your inner thoughts rather than expressing them. The contents of the bottle symbolize the nature of your own emotions. To dream of a bottle of champagne means good times with others are planned for you. To dream of a bottle of poison signifies evil intentions.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of bottle

Confused. Content. Dizzy. Upset. Happy.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012