Toy Car Dream Meaning

Toy Car Dream Meaning

Toy car dream meaning

Driving a car makes many people mad, especially if we encounter someone on the road that is aggressive. Maybe parked in the wrong place, and did not let you out of the road. The car represents a control that you have in life.

We are all often frustrated by other people's poor driving. Growing up, I knew that my frustration was not due to others not obeying the traffic laws. I put love in my car and can remember feeling it was an extension of me. The dream of a toy car can be about your mindset or your car in real life. When we affirm and know that we are always surrounded by competent, happy, and wonderful drivers, the world looks like a happier place.  When I'm driving, I see very few bad drivers because of my beliefs and affirmations. The toy car in a dream normally happens when there has been something about your car in real life. Dreaming of shopping for a toy car indicates that you need a more positive outlook on life.

Is a toy car in a dream good or bad?

We all consider the car to be an extension of our own lives. We naturally take good care of it. Feel love for the people around us on the streets and highways. As far as I'm concerned, the car parts in dreams are a lot like your own spiritual body parts.

My best friend felt she couldn't see the future and couldn't find her way, when she was driving down the highway, a stone cracked her windshield after this thought. I had a friend who felt trapped in her life. Strangely, during this time she kept getting flat tyres that prevented her from moving - one on the motorway and the other near her house. Initially, it may seem absurd, but I find it fascinating that these two people had strange things happen to their cars which perfectly described their mental states.

The toy car in your dream could indicate your own state of belief. Maybe you feel that your car is a toy, that you are being used as a toy for someone? Often, in our dating world if you are single the toy car can indicate being played with. Are you being played with by someone? How do you feel about this? Even in a committed relationship, the toy car dream symbol can indicate that you don’t feel things are going as they should.

I like to also say about this dream if you cannot see what's in front of you, you have no vision. Let's use the windshield I mentioned before as an example. Having a flat tire is another example of being stuck. Try to connect your feelings to the part of your car that is broken next time you have an accident. It may be unexpectedly effective. 

What is the spiritual meaning of a toy car?

A toy car in real life signifies the freedom that we feel in life, but this is just a game. We are playing, due to the fact that the car is basically a toy. Toys are also reminders of our childhood and indicate that we need to look at our childhood. The toy car I believe represents our own freedoms and playing with something important in life. If you have given a toy car away (in real life) it can indicate you hope that person (or child) remains free. Toy cars are also about being the golden child, the happy one. 

The model car is basically a smaller vision of a car, this can also include dreams containing toy planes, trucks, toy buses, and toy tanks. When we think of a toy car we can associate those with vehicles and play things. When we look at the word “model” this is connected to respecting others. To see a kit-building toy car set in a dream can suggest that you are going to scale things. Die-cast toy cars in dreams indicate that you are collecting thoughts about something important in waking life. To collect model cars in a dream indicates that you will have a childhood memory of joy. If you are choosing a toy car in a dream (say, from a box or shop) this could be associated with your car in waking life.

What does it mean to drive a toy car in a dream?

Driving a toy car in a dream is about not taking things seriously. Not understanding life itself is nothing new or unusual. It cannot be controlled. Recognizing that we need to control our life will help channel that energy in a positive direction. Getting sick does not have to be a negative experience. Rather than being angry at yourself, love and forgive yourself. As a caregiver for others, you can take good care of yourself. Without it, you won't be able to help your friends and family. Yes, this will exhaust you. This dream is about thinking of ways to dramatically improve your quality of life if you are able to manage your emotions positively. 

What does it mean to buy a toy car in a dream?

I remember not long ago I had a dream about buying a toy car in a charity shop, at the time my car was in the garage. At this stage, buying a toy car from a shop in a dream can mean that you are a bit confused about life, or that you need to sort out your car in real life. Maybe there is a time in your life that you need to think about purchasing a new car. This is expensive and it might not be the right time at the moment. Buying a car in a dream often is connected to the real car in your waking life. 

What does it mean to see a toy car in a dream?

New beginnings are the hallmark of the toy car. It could mean that you need the courage to move forward.  Think about garden beds, we often prepare these with soil in the preparation for planting seeds. You can spring clean your car, your office, or your life. Perhaps you can clean your relationships as well. Consider how you can plant good seeds in your own life. What will you do to ensure that they grow? What do you hope to achieve? How does the car relate to your life? 

What does it mean to dream of playing with a toy car?

Playing with a toy car in a dream is like playing in real life. The toy car is something that will make you happy, it makes children happy. The toy car is about not giving up or quitting. It is easy for us to know that life is too short - there are many that give up even playing. This is about others and not being played. How do you see others' energy? Light, dark, or blurring can be perceived as energy by others. It is possible for some people to sense the energy of others more viscerally. Have you ever felt exhausted when interacting with someone? It may be a result of their energy or the way they interact with you. The toy car is playing the game and pressing what energy you would like in your life. The dream of playing with a toy car indicates paying attention to the energy of those around you today.

Conclusion of a toy car dream meaning

As you have read so far, the toy car dream can represent your own car or alternatively about control in life. And I have touched on this also representing the energy of other people around you. In life, you may sense others' energy as warmth, fuzziness, or prickliness. And, importantly our own emotional reactions to others' energy may vary. 

By Florance Saul
Jul 1, 2022