Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Seeing a knight in your dream symbolizes your need for protection and unbiased love.

The knight also means that you should stay away and protect yourself from external influences to avoid being hurt by malicious people. If you are a woman and you dream of a knight, this is the omen of your love feelings, but also the representation of your masculine side in search for perfection. If you are a man and see a knight in your dream, this signifies your search for a hero. Being a knight in your dream refers to your loyalty and self-calm.

In your dream you may have

  • You are a knight.
  • You see a knight.
  • Many knights.
  • A knight menacing you.
  • A black knight.
  • A knight in armor.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Be ready and open for changes ahead.
  • Remain positive and open.
  • You did not lose your senses in your dream.
  • You did not experience sadness in the dream.
  • The dream had a happy ending.
  • Your dream was a positive experience.
  • You have learned something from this dream.
  • You feel happiness towards a good resolve of your dream.

Detailed dream interpretation

Dreaming of a knight represents your inner world, inner wishes, your inner leader, or in another words your higher self. If you see a black knight, this symbolizes a bad person is present in your life. A white knight omens your wish to undergo an adventure. If you are a woman, the knight represents the man you wish to have by your side.

Seeing a knight it means that you have loyal friends willing to help you in difficult situations. If you dream of yourself being a knight, this indicates your fear of people that you usually underestimate. The same dream portends the need to fight for keeping a good image among people.

If in your dream you see a knight in armor, this is the omen of an adventure ahead. Being a knight signifies your strong setting in the waking life, a good job, a good house and family, and excellent friends you can count on. To dream of wearing armor it means you must be careful with money matters. To dream of armor on display, this suggests that you soon receive some honorable mentions.

The dream of a knight or armor tells you to be a bit more careful in your waking life. Having an armor means you will soon have to wear a uniform. Seeing an armor it means that, with lots of effort, you will be able to reach your goals.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of knight

Romance. Pleasure. Happy. Comforted. Loved. Appreciation. Positive energies. Respect for others. Emotional. Used by another. Closeness in companionship. Willing to please. Suffering. Allowing others to take control. Expression of love and spirituality. Desire for someone else. Contentment.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012