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An anvil is often used when hammering a horseshoe, and I think it is rather rare to see this in your dream.

So, what does it mean? If you see one in your dream or alternatively hear the hammer hitting an anvil this implies you are about to embark on a great project that is bound to provide you with some great experience for a long time. Hello, I am Flo and here for you to decode this dream. This can also mean you will move towards succeeding some type of project connected to engineering or building something.

I am sorry, but in the ancient dreams I have reviewed an anvil in your dream represents a lonely work environment! Maybe you should think about working in a bigger group of people?  If you have an anvil, this means a big gain according to African dream dictionaries. What if you see yourself hitting an anvil with the hammer? This means exhaustion and hard work. If you were a blacksmith using an anvil in your dream, then this signifies your desire for learning new skills and ideas. Risks are also associated with the meaning of this dream. Therefore, you have been asked by your spirit guide to thinking about the risks that you take in life.

In other words, before you jump into a decision, think a lot more carefully. If you are a woman and you have this dream, it indicates that you need to be conscious of objective people around you at the moment. The most basic dream interpretation is a reminder that you have had stressful times in the past, and it is now time to move on in your life.

Detailed dream interpretation:

It is important that you can see the qualities within yourself and especially within others. The only way to success within the path of your life is to make a special effort to overcome any obstacle that may get in the way. If we look into the history of the anvil and hammer, we can see that this tool was used by many people and demonstrates an inner discovery. If you encounter a dream of more than one anvils, this is of great significance in connection to your spiritual development in the future. Seeing an anvil in your dream could mean that you are rough but fair. If you dream a blacksmith working on an anvil, it means that you will start new projects that will bring a positive outcome in your life. A blacksmith with an anvil can also be the sign of quarrel, dissension, but good luck in marriage.

Seeing both the anvil and the hammer in your dream foretell imprudence, a bad prediction, maybe even a murder. Hitting an anvil with the hammer means good progress in your business and happy marriage, but it can also omen problems and worries. A falling anvil suggests an unexpected hit in your life. If you dream of an iron anvil you will encounter a bad person and a quarrelsome mother-in-law. If the anvil is made of wood, it means you are sensitive and unstable, and you must calm down and be careful with your imprudence. A metal anvil indicates that you are making mistakes at work.

If in your dream you work with an anvil and hammer, you will rise by your own powers. Having an anvil means good business with good results, but only after some effort. It can also refer that you will do something important for the rest of your life. If a woman dreams that she uses an anvil and hammer, she will find life easier. If a man dreams he uses an anvil and hammer, it means he will have to be careful of accidents.

In your dream you may have: 

Used an anvil. Had an anvil. Seen a blacksmith using an anvil. 

Positive changes are afoot if:

You were able to use the anvil. The experience within your dream was positive. You were using the anvil. You had a dream that you were with a friend. In your dream, it was old times. 

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of anvil or hammer: 

Anxious. Worried. Angry. Emotional. Talented. Impressed. Strange. Insecure. Surprised. Content. Amazed. Curious. Enjoying.

By Florance Saul
Oct 4, 2012