Rat Dream Meaning

I'm going to firstly say that this dream meaning is for rats - meaning "more than one." If you had a dream of a single rat then please go to this dream meaning clicking here. if not then your blessed that this dream reached you. To dream of multiple rats symbolizes that you have an inner fear of being stabbed in the back, or that someone is soon to deceive you.

Buddha summoned all animals to him and only 12 appeared. The first one was the rat. Therefore he gave the rat the first year. If a rat has shown up in your dream it can suggest you need to be shrewd in all dealings in life. Do you need to be more adaptable?

Rats are also highly sociable and can represent that you have done something that you are not proud of in life. Rats could represent that you are trying to hide some unsurpassed thoughts, this may be a feeling of envy or feeling guilt. The rat could just be symbolic of the things you wish to forget in life. In spiritual terms from a mystical meaning, rats indicate an enemy. This is because interpretations mean that the rats can carry souls and the rat should be watched.

What does it mean when you dream about rats?

Rats (or many rats) can appear in many ways in a dream. And, rats can be quite an incredible symbol in your dream. I must say, I have had many dreams involving the rat. Only the other day I had a dream a rat was stealing beef I had bought for my dinner. If the rat was stealing from you in the dream this indicates double deceit. Rats have been domesticated for many years. Of course, we know that rates are vermin or pests, and keeping a pet rat from the wild is not legal. In dreams, rats have many meanings.

You may need to deal with issues involving development, success, and happiness. Much of my research dreams of rats often illustrate that there is somebody in waking life you don't necessarily trust. This could perhaps be somebody who you feel is taking advantage of. I know this can be quite alarming but the dream itself is a warning to you that you feel like you are walking around a maze you're unable to escape. We must also realize that rats can survive incredible situations and environments. And of course, the highly intelligent. Dreaming of rats (according to old dream lore) is usually a bad omen and can mean multiple things, for instance, if you dream of a rat and you can kill it or scare it away, then problems you are having will stay around for a while.

What does black rats mean in a dream?

The black rat foreshadows a broken spirit and inner issues. If you have been feeling depressed recently this is a common dream to have. Rats that are black represent our dark emotions. Do you feel like there’s something missing all the time and you don’t know what exactly? Ask your heart and be completely honest with yourself because this is the only way to find out why your subconscious mind is worrying. A black rat in a dream also symbolizes the darkness inside you. However, the spiritual awakening you will experience through having this dream will get you back on track. Once you meditate and understand why this dream appeared you will feel enlightened and your life will take on a new meaning again. So, you will be better with time.

In summary, the spiritual meaning of rats is connected to the unexplored areas of yourself. Perhaps it’s time to challenge yourself with a new hobby or new job that you always wanted to try but never had the courage to. Rats represent your dreams connected to your spirituality. Are some of your dreams or life goals related to your inner issues? Will your inner issues solve if you accomplish what you always wanted?

What does white rats mean in a dream?

To see several white rats generally mean -- your problems will solve themselves shortly. If you eat the rat, that is a sign that you yourself want to stab someone in the back or have already done so. It is also a sign that you will be feting or have gotten unlawful money. I will cover all rat's dreams here. I'm Flo and if there is anything that I have missed please leave me a Facebook comment at the end of the article. If a rat bites you on your feet then that is a good sign that you are being warned that you have problems in your life.

Is seeing loads of rat in a dream good or bad?

The dream of rats is not always negative, the dream could just mean that you are worried or anxious at the moment. If you are conscious about your health the rat dream could appear. If you think about the rat it normally denotes infestation. When a rat steals food from you it can indicate the need for survival.

Dreaming of rats is mostly a bad omen of jealousy or envy, and of people stabbing you in the back. It is a good way to take caution in your life and to be on the lookout for people who want to stab you in the back. What does it mean to dream of rats while pregnant? Dreaming of rats while pregnant can indicate that you have some worries about the future. Spiritually speaking, according to ancient dream lore, dreaming of a rat while expecting a baby is a positive omen that indicates a new start and safe delivery. If you see more than one rat in the dream this is equally lucky. If the rat was stealing items from you or eating in a dream it can mean that you need to be on your guard for someone stealing something close to you.

What’s the spiritual meaning of rats?

In the research that I carried out for this dream the spiritual meaning of rats is connected to the unexplored areas of yourself. Perhaps it’s time to challenge yourself with a new hobby or new job that you always wanted to try but never had the courage. Rats that appear in your dreams are connected to your spirituality. To see rats gnawing signifies life goals related to your inner issues. This leaves an important question. Will your inner issues solve if you accomplish what you always wanted?

Rats -often in the shadows are pests to the unspiritual eye. However, rats in many cultures around the world have symbolic meaning. In my research of this dream meaning I stripped away the common perceptions. In ancient Greek culture, both deities and animals were closely worshiped, and many animals were considered sacred to some gods and goddesses. Rats also had their place in the spiritual world, they were considered as an animal for protection by Apollo, the god of prognosis, healing, and plague, and in Greek mythology rats are connected to new knowledge in life.

Rats leaving a docked vessel in Scottish folklore were thought to mean trouble or doom the vessel. Unlike the gnashing rats of Europe, Native American cultures often rat them through lenses of survival and ability. Rats were regarded as adaptable and determined and could survive harsh conditions - cherished by many tribes that considered resilience and connection. In these traditions, the rat spirit animal was a reminder to adapt, plan, and make the best of what is available - and to follow suit by humans.

This is what I think you will find interesting: the rat is the first animal of the twelve in Chinese culture and represents wealth, intelligence, and quick thinking. These positive traits are thought to be passed on to those born in the Year of rat - the Rat being shrewd and charming. From my research, rats have a strong spiritual meaning in Chinese culture as well as practical life, and images of rats are often considered lucky and good luck for households and businesses.

Rats have complex symbolic meanings in the Hindu faith. Here the rat is considered the vahana', or the vehicle of Lord Ganesh, the elephant god who removes obstacles and gives wisdom. The rat -' Mushika' - in Sanskrit means desire and ability to gnaw on things - as a rat would gnaw through barriers. Thus, Indian culture sees a rat as moving past obstacles in life.

What does the symbolism of rats mean?

Rats are the symbol of new beginnings and changes. They also denote the emotional baggage that you could be carrying around. It’s time for spiritual cleansing. And the first step, to begin with, is spiritual cleansing. To see a pet rat indicates seeing physical things that remind you of a difficult period or represents a person who’s no longer welcome in your life. The cleaning act will make you feel free again. Also, it’s the first step toward your inside cleaning.

However, if many rats appear in your dream state, they symbolize your social activities in your reality. You’ve been hiding from the world for too long. If you saw a white rat, it’s a symbol of strength, wealth, and adaptability. You will gather the courage to take the first step toward something new.

What does dreaming of rats meaning your love life?

Spiritually, rats in your dream are connected to a "love rat" they can indicate that you may come across someone that is not to be trusted. I'm going to briefly go over the sex life of a rat as I think this will help determine the dream meaning. Apparently, rats are sexually mature at 5 weeks of age. They don’t recognize incest, therefore, mating between siblings is possible. However, people who mate rats should pay attention to their separation during the heat period and keep the brothers and sisters along with mothers and sons at separate sides. Rats don’t actually have a breeding season and most of the time, their breeding depends on the very hot or cold temperature. Sexually mature female rats come into heat every 4 to 5 days, except when they’re pregnant. However, even at the time, they may come in heat once or twice in their early pregnancy. The heat often occurs in the evening and lasts during the night. Now, let’s move to the interesting question – how do rats mate? Well, when the female rat is in heat, her vulva will gape open. Otherwise, she keeps her vagina tightly closed. When she wants to mate, she sends signs such as “dancing” which is quite an interesting view.

What does it mean to dream of rats according to old dream books?

To dream of rats is portrayed in old dream lore as traitorous behavior. Or it denotes your fear of being betrayed by someone in your waking life. It also represents a certain person you can’t trust in life, and as you read this, your intuition is probably pointing out to an untrustworthy person. Perhaps you see yourself as a rat? If this is the case then avoid telling secrets to others. Sometimes this can transpire to mean that you may be the untrustworthy one. Rats in dreams are also a symbol of survival and financial loss. Even if these two things aren’t related, once you experience a financial loss, your survival instincts come to action in order to help you find a temporary financial resource to survive. Your dream also denotes your mistrust of people.

It dreams that you fall into a rat trap means that you will have something valuable stolen from you. And you need to be on the lookout and to keep your stuff safe, you need to make sure your doors are locked and that you have everything of great value under a close eye. Always watch who your friends are, not only for stealing but also watch out for them stabbing you in the back or throwing you under the bus. Dreaming of rat poison is a bad omen that someone is really out to set a trap for you to fall and to fall hard.

If the rat trap is broken is a good omen that you will succeed in driving away the people and things in your life that try to cause you harm. It you set the rat trap it is a sign of your inner feelings that you want to have a baby, but if you do get pregnant after having this dream, unfortunately, that is a sign that it is possible you will have a miscarriage. Having a dream of rats isn’t usually a good omen, but you can always take it as a warning sign for you. And having a dream of rats can also mean that you might have some health problems that you need to check up on and just to be safe to go to the doctor for a checkup, I had a dream about rats and got my health checked as a result. If you are feeling ill in any way it is advised to do this.

What does it mean to dream of mice and rats?

Rats and mice come from the same type of family. They are both rodents and there are 700 different types of muroid family. They are found in various countries and display a wide range of similar behavior that is similar. As rats are the last thing some people want to see in real life, to see both a rat and a mouse in a dream means you’re not very focused on a task at hand. It can also predict meeting someone in your waking life. You may not be too happy about meeting this person because he or she may make you doubt your feelings, actions, and life choices. Your dream can also predict an unpleasant event coming. However, dreaming of mice and rats also has a positive interpretation. As mice like to eat plants they will feed on all sorts of things. Mice breed a lot and can have up to ten litters a day, which means dreaming of a mouse can indicate a great sex life. If you see a rat in your dream, it denotes an improvement in your personal life. If you had some issues with someone you care about this is likely to solve eventually. This dream can imply that you may make a compromise and learn that sometimes it is better to keep someone you love close. Being attacked by both rats and mice in dreams in Freudian terms indicates that you have to let go of your ego and pride, and make a compromise.

What does it mean to dream of giant rats?

Seeing loads of giant rats in a dream - big in size and weight - might represent a huge issue or a very large enemy that you are facing. Hitting or killing giant rats symbolizes your determination to conquer big challenges even if you are intimidated or outmatched.

The size of the rat itself provides the symbolic “size” of the situation you are attempting to deal with. I believe that the giant rat doesn't just suggest confrontation; It's a symbol for overcoming seemingly impossible odds. A giant rat may also represent how much a problem affects your emotions or other life areas, the goal here is to make sure that you don’t let things bother you in life as it is far too short.

What is the dream interpretation of dead rats?

To see a dead rat in your dream symbolizes the ending of a relationship with someone who betrayed you. It is hard to say if you are aware of the betrayal or will be soon. I feel this dream also portrays your fear of facing a certain problem or situation in your waking life. But what has to be done has to be done. And the faster you do it, the better.

What is the biblical meaning of a rat?

In my research, the Bible represents the rat as the father of lies and the traitor of brothers and sisters in Christ. This is probably why we use the phrase “He or she will rat on you” meaning he or she will betray you. The rat is a symbol of stealing, lying, and backstabbing other people. The biblical meaning of rats is related to keeping secrets as well. To dream of a rat means you fear being punished for your sins in biblical terms.

What does it mean to see multiple biting rat in a dream?

To dream of biting rats foretells backstabbing and betrayal in waking life. A close friend or family member will finally show their true colors. However, you won’t be disappointed or surprised because you never trusted this person anyway. This dream can happen when you are giving someone a chance to prove their loyalty. In many dream dictionaries, this indicates someone will soon reveal your secrets. If this has happened, next time, be more careful who you share secrets with and avoid people that your intuition tells you to avoid. One’s intuition can never go wrong.

What does it mean to dream about rats in a house?

Dreaming of rats in the house is about how you are feeling at the moment. If you could see rats in your home during a dream, maybe a childhood home, a home you use to live in or a home you do not know can suggest that the dream occurred due to something connected with your home life. I believe that if rats appear in our dream inside your home it can mean that you are feeling you are not getting what you want in life. Is dreaming of a rat good or bad? What does this mean? If you can remember the position of the rat in the house then this is important.

To see the rat attack in a house (for example chewing through a door) for instance is connected to your own spiritual health and struggle in life. The rat is a symbol in a house as a struggle. If the attic is full of rats in your dream it can indicate that you will organize yourself much better going forward. To generally see rats appear all over the house can indicate this dream is indicative of frustration at your inability to control everything and everyone. You must be able to accept the opinions, feelings, and thoughts of others if you saw a house crawling with rats. For rats to appear in a bedroom of a house it can suggest that you will learn from having the courage and willingness to accept help from others. Rats appearing in the kitchen is connected to your own diet in life. This dream about rats is in connection with your mindset and needs as well as your perspectives. Are you feeling you need to eat healthier?

Dreaming of rats covering the floor of a house in a dream can indicate This is also a test of your integrity someone’s underlying motivations. The advice here is, to be honest, hardworking, and generous in all situations in order to reap the rewards of your efforts. The basement in dreams is connected to your own mind and the appearance of rats can suggest your own decisions, this is a dream about unhealthy relationships. Are you sure your relationships are based on a deep inner knowing? You may become self-protective or insecure due to an increased sensitivity if you dream of not being able to escape the basement full of rats. Dreaming of trying to “shut” out rats through a door indicates you are closing yourself up to new opportunities. To see an open door in a house and rats trailing inside is connected to how willing you are to accept new approaches to old problems.

Locking doors can indicate that you are locking out something important to you especially if you are "locking out" rats. To see rats in a garage within a house is associated with your goals in life. The garage represents the car and how you can get from A to B. Rats appearing in the garage can suggest that you have decided on a certain path and you need to be weary in life.  

To dream of a rat or a succession of rats in the living room can indicate that you need your own space and freedom to express yourself. This is a crucial time in your life that will help you connect to the Divine (God/ Source). To make the most of this opportunity, keep a positive mindset and practice meditation.

What does it mean to see a gnawing rat in a dream?

To see gnawing rats in your dream represents your current mental state and excessive worrying. Are you afraid of something or someone? However, your fears are unfounded. There’s nothing to worry and once you realize this. The good news is that your mental state will improve and you will feel a sense of peace. A gnawing rat in a house in old dream lore can indicate you will experience a breakthrough.

What does a dirty rat represent? If the rat in your dream is dirty, this suggests you should work on unethical behavior. Or help someone improve their behavior if you believe there’s nothing wrong with yours. In my dreams, the dirty rat has appeared when I have a problem at work. Also, the dirty rat symbolizes hard work. You will work your ass off to earn more money but end up with a smile on your face. Be careful because a job opportunity may arise. And it won’t be the regular office job or anything else but something more ambitious, and more exciting. Think twice before you say “yes” if you were the dirty rat in the dream.

What does being chased by rats mean in a dream?

If you’re being chased by a large family of rats  in your dream it means you’re running away from whatever you have to face immediately in waking life. I will say that you are not a coward, but someone else is, ancient dream lore also predicted a person will enter your life who is deceitful. The advice is to show others who you really are. To dream of being chased by many rats predicts unseen success. The advice is to just focus on what you do best, and everything else will come as planned.

What does pink rats mean in a dream?

The pink rat symbolizes inner strength, purity, and the ability to adapt to changes without changing yourself for the worst. If you saw a pink rat in your dream, it’s a positive omen which indicates that you’re taking the right path. Such dreams indicate you are waiting for some new plans. Keep going and you will get where you want to be, eventually.

What does a brown rat mean in a dream?

The brown rat in your dream represents your balance, stability, and a steady job that’s making you feel rather miserable. I will say that you will lead a normal life but you know what you want because you were born for more. And the brown rat just entered your dream to remind you of your unused potential and ambitions. What do you really want to do in life? How do you imagine yourself one day?

Conclusion of a rat dream

Although disliked by many people, rats enjoy the company of humans. They’re extremely social and lovable animals. We can even say that they’re more humane than us considering the fact that they take care of sick or injured rats in their group. And amazingly, they don’t charge the favor. Research has shown rats have feelings and when alone and feel depressed and lonely. They also have an excellent memory and can remember a route without ever forgetting it – quite an amazing ability for such a small brain in such a tiny creature.

Another cute and interesting fact about rats is that they grind their teeth when happy. They even make cheerful “laughter” sounds when playing with each other. They can smell a potential threat and are shy creatures. Except for cuteness, rats are also gifted with curiosity. And no matter what you hear about rats they are the cleanest animals on earth. They spend hours grooming themselves and they’re less likely to transmit or catch viruses and parasites, unlike cats and dogs. Rats in my view suggest that other people are going to "rat" on you and cause problems. 

Your dream could contain the following:

  • Seen rats.
  • Set a rat trap.
  • Seen rat feces.
  • Eaten rat food.
  • Laid down rat poison.
  • You turned into a rat.
  • You eat rats.

Positive aspects of the dream of rats

  • The dream was enjoyable.
  • You learned how to receive messages.
  • You learned things in your life that were hidden previously.

Scenarios in lif related to the dream of rats

  • Trying to get pregnant.
  • Trying to get a job promotion.
  • Someone new and unfamiliar came into your life.
  • You have always doubted your partner’s faithfulness.
  • You have been getting sick.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a rat

Sick. Scared, Alone, Betrayed. Sad. Deceived. Deceitful.

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012