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To dream of Easter suggests that the worst of your problems is about to end, and good times are coming. You will have some fun and you will finally enjoy life after a period of darkness and sadness.

You have to move on, with the head up and without shame. To dream of this holiday is a sign that you will change something in your professional life, and that you will benefit from this change. The Easter in your dream also holds a spiritual meaning, representing your long awaited connection with the divine.

In your dream you may have

  • You celebrate Easter.
  • You see an Easter celebration.
  • The Easter Church Mass.
  • Easter eggs.
  • Easter bunny.
  • Easter resurrection Mass
  • You are happy and enjoy the holiday of Easter.
  • You are at the Easter dinner with family.
  • You are cooking and cleaning for Easter.
  • You are praying on the occasion of this holiday.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • It is a great time.
  • In your dream you connected with your spirituality.

Detailed dream interpretation

Easter is the most important Christian holiday of the year. The Easter tradition celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, the Son of God. The Bible says that two days after Jesus' death, his tomb was found empty. Soon, his disciples began to meet him. Christians believe that Jesus' resurrection means they can receive a new life after death. This belief is celebrated on Easter.

Easter may be associated with spring. Nature reawaken to life symbolizes precisely the new life that Christians have won through the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. The Christian Easter is similar to other two ancient traditions: one Jewish and one pagan. Both traditions celebrate the resurrection, and the awakening to new life.

Therefore, dreaming of Easter in any form could refer to your spiritual awakening. If you consider the above mentioned description of this Christian celebration, it is quite obvious that such a dream cannot have a common or ordinary meaning only, but most of the time it can refer to your connection with the inner knowing and the vastness of the universe. You might consider feeling privileged and blessed to receive the symbol of Easter in your dream. It is indeed a joyful omen for your days to come.

The more mundane meanings of this dream are as follows: dreaming of Easter can refer to the fact that you have communication issues, and you have a hard time expressing yourself. The celebration of this holiday seen in your dream can suggest that you are a complex person with high expectations.

One specific Easter tradition is the one of colored eggs. If you dream of this symbol, it means that you are going to have to make lots of reports at work, probably as many as the eggs in your dream. The Easter eggs in your dream can omen a reason for celebration, good results, and successful future plans. Pay attention to the color of the eggs, and for further symbolism of these colors, visit the appropriate entry of the Auntyflo Dream Dictionary.

Traditionally, the Easter holidays are about resurrection. If you dream you are participating in the Easter resurrection Mass, it means that you might receive a big dignity soon, and you will escape misery forever. The Easter Mass featured in your dream can be the omen of protection and joyfulness. Seeing yourself in a church at Easter is also a good sign of abundant future and good relationships with people in your entourage.

Like the colorful Easter eggs, the Easter bunny is a symbol of joy, sunlight and fertility. Dreaming about the Easter bunny is a very good omen.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of Easter

Pious. Happy. Blessed. Relaxed. Content. Jolly. Joyful. Grateful. Religious. Devoted. Humble.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012