Eating Glass

Eating Glass

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Eating glass is an unpleasant dream and can be quite painful. There is a direct message from your psyche when you have a dream like this though and it is a definite warning that you need to not ignore.

When you dream of eating or swallowing glass this is a direct warning to shut up, keep your mouth shut, or to keep your opinions to yourself. Sometimes the best thing that we can do to protect ourselves is to not do or say anything at all.

If you are forced to eat glass by someone else then this is an indication of frailty and vulnerability in your life. Your psyche is working out oppressed feelings in your life and it is likely a call that whatever situation you are currently in is too much for you to handle. Eating glass, even under duress, is you willingly hurting yourself. Examine ways in your own life where your own choices are causing you more harm than good.

In this dream you may have

  • Eaten glass.
  • Seen someone eating glass.
  • Called for help after you or someone else ate glass.
  • Seen someone die from eating glass.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Helping someone who has eaten glass or been cut by glass around the throat or mouth.
  • Receiving help after eating glass.

Detailed dream meaning

Cutting in a dream, dying, or otherwise being harmed is never a good omen. There is pain and fear associated with these dreams that you need to work out in your life. Often dreams like these come during a very tough time. Remember that all of this is temporary and that things in your life will pass.

If you see someone else swallowing glass or choking up glass in a dream then this is an indication that this person is in need of help. If you see someone you know like this in a dream then chances are that they need help in real life and you have the skills to do so. When you save someone from eating glass and bleeding from the neck or mouth – by your own stopping them or calling an ambulance etc. then this is a good sign indicating that while there is pressure around you in your life right now that there are people willing to help you in turn. There is a light to the end of a tunnel.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Depression or mental illness.
  • Recovering from a past trauma.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of eating glass

Pain. Fear. Loathing. Dismay. Traumatized. Terrified. Confusion. Shock. Disgust. Helped. Helpful. Needing.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012