Spider Bite Dream

Spider bite dream

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I have a certain allergy to spider bites so when the dream appeared to me I was not surprised.

A few years ago a spider bit my hand and a bump the size of a pimple appeared along with itching and pain. If you dream of spiders biting you then can represent manipulation from a female or if more than one bite difficulty with a group of people. Spider bite dreams are common and normally represent a dominating female.

If we look at dream psychology the spider is often a representation of the mother archetype according to Sigmund Freud. This indicates that somebody (normally motherly figure) is trying to trick you or force you into something if you dream of being bitten by a spider.

The dream of a spider bite could just represent a period in our past. Think about how they ingest their prey. Their behavior, creeping and lurking about can often make is fearful of the spider. Especially when the spiders spin their webs in order to catch somebody. If the spider was feared in the dream it could be a symbol that represents that you are trying to build or create something. Think about how spiders have the most incredible skill base.

The spider's web is almost invisible as if it is a plot in order to trap somebody. I’m going to turn it on the head and say is there somebody that is trying to trap you? Many dream books describe the spider as a symbol is connected to feeling trapped or in a prison. The spider's web is significantly sticky and can wrap itself around you any time! Grouped with the fact that you had a dream of the spider actually “biting" the venom itself could be an indication of danger coming your way. In spiritual terms, I have already mentioned that spiders are associated with female energy. They trap their victims but also represent something powerful and I do feel that this dream indicates something "meaningful" is likely to happen.

How common is this dream?

Spider bites cause pain when they bite and during the past 20 years, there has been much research by the American Archeological Society into the different species of spiders. Spiders (as a symbol) are one of the most popular dream meanings as I have not mentioned that sooner. Spider bites often in waking life can cause minor discomfort. All spiders kill their prey by biting so it is not uncommon to have a dream of being bitten by spiders. Spider venom does vary depending on the type of species. There is, however, little relationship between the size of the spider and the bite. The smallest of spiders, for example, the money spider or a black widow are generally very small to medium size but have the same amount of venom in their bites. To dream of a huntsman spider biting you an indicate a difficult female. The larger the spider the more conflict predicted!

Are you afraid of spiders?

Maybe in your dream, you saw multiple spiders or that they appeared as huge as a house! If you are afraid of spiders in real life then it is not uncommon to dream of them. In fact, if you have full-blown arachnophobia then dreaming of a spider bite is considered quite normal. Arachnophobia can in some cases lead to negative dreams, especially spider bites. Spiders also if aggressive in a dream represent your working life. Maybe you have come across someone looking to do while

What does it mean to dream of a poisonous spider?

All spiders on this planet have fangs. Think about how a spider creates a web in order to catch and eat a fly. Spider’s themselves are a symbol of a female who manipulates others. In short, the dream of a poisonous spider indicates that somebody is going to inflict pain and hurt on you in the near future.

What is the symbol of a spider bite?

Spiders in dreams are a symbolism of hidden dangers and as I have already mentioned manipulation. I don’t agree with the conventional meaning that spiders are a positive omen. My belief from my spiritual work is that spider bites are generally a spiritual message of a wake-up call.

What can I learn about a dream of a spider bite?

The spider bite can simply mean that while being manipulated by a whole range of different people. Spiders in older dream folklore represent prosperity and wealth. Especially the money spider. But also remember that the money spider can bite in real life! To dream of a spider like creature(or something that has 8 legs that is creepy) represents a habit that needs to be nipped in the bud. This could possibly be that you are addicted to smoking, food or even alcohol. In some ways, it might even be a relationship which is gone wrong.

Where did the spider bite you in the dream?

In real life spiders can sometimes bite you in bed while getting in bed, this is normally because spiders can creep into a fold of clothing or up your sleeve. A study by the new scientist magazine in 1981 (I know it was quite a long time ago) recorded that most people who are bitten by spiders have a bite on their hand or finger, followed by their foot, feet, and leg then their buttocks arm chest and knee.

What I am saying here is that the area the spider bit you in the dream should also be analyzed. If the bite was on the upper part of the body it can indicate that somebody is going to manipulate your mind. If you dream about a spider bite on the lower part of the body such as or the legs this can indicate somebody's going to manipulate your material possessions. For the spider to bite your foot in dreams suggest that you are running away from manipulation.

To dream that spider punches your skin but has no after-effects in the dream this can suggest that you can overcome any manipulation that you will face. In my dream, it felt like a hot needle was piercing my skin and I was being chased by a spider. The bite, in this case, was connected to my relationship with my mother which was not going well at the time!

What does it mean to dream of being bitten by a black widow spider?

Spiders are considered to be venomous they bite their prey and normally the bite ends up in paralysis. However, the majority of spiders lack an effective venom delivery system, for example, they don't have strong jaws or long fangs. In total, there is around 60 species of spiders in North America which can bite humans, despite this, there is only a handful of spiders that has caused significant poisonings.

Of all the spider bites recorded most are from female spiders. And, death is a rare occurrence. Bites are normally from the Black widow and Brown recluse, these are the most popular spider bites recorded. In real life, the spider bite gives us the following symptoms: sweating, dizziness, nausea, headaches, vomiting, tiredness and generally feeling unwell. To dream of being bitten by a black widow, indicates that there is hidden feelings around you at this time. The black widow is a representation of a female that is hiding her feelings. The black widow is one of the most worrying spiders and the victims generally have to have antivenin within three hours in order to survive.

If you are in the shower in a dream and you are bitten by a spider (Like in the movie Arachnophobia) then this can represent that someone is going to “negatively” affect your emotions going forward. The other type of spider that I need to mention it's a brown recluse. These are often known as fiddle back and violin spiders. This is because they have a type of violin shape on their backs. The brown recluse spiders are found normally in midwest states. The spider bite of a brown recluse normally looks like a bullet or a bulls-eye appearance. Bitten by a brown spider in a dream indicates that you need to be more grounded.

To be bitten by a tarantula in a dream suggests that there is going to be a period of time you have to overcome some difficulties of the past. There is a message if a tarantula appears in your dream. We don't always become the people that we are destined to be. People shape how we are, especially our parents. Unfortunately, we don't have control over our own childhood and the tarantula biting you could be a representation that you are thinking back on your childhood days.

Spider bite in dreams represent a dysfunctional family

From my research into this dream, the spider can be a representation of a dysfunctional family. The more unhealthy the family the more damage it can do to our dream mind when we are an adult. I am sorry to say, but if you were in a challenging family then it is not uncommon to dream of a spider biting you. Alternatively, the dream of a spider bite might just be you are not understanding how to reach goals in waking life.

Perhaps you are finding it difficult to live life with joy, contentment, and optimism? Most spider biting dreams indicate that you need to break patterns that could easily lead to a repetition of difficulties that you have counted your childhood.

I started having spider bite dreams when I become a parent. Being a great parent is hard and if you could see the spider biting your own children it can mean that you will be worried about the future! Don’t worry about things you can’t change is my motto!

If you kill the spider in the dream (after it’s bitten you) and this indicates you are going to end (squash) something that has been a problem / or issue. With the spider attacks you, and bites you and this can suggest that you are trying to work out how you can break negative cycles or tendencies which have been around in your family for generations to generation. It may be that you are looking to reprogram your thought process to make healthy choices in life.

If in your dream there are lots of spiders biting you and this represents a group of people watching you. It could be that you are from a dysfunctional or abusive background and these experiences as a child have come to your subconscious mind slept. Healing your own wounds provide you with unique insight and how you can make better choices in life. The spider could be a representation that it is time for you to heal.

To see a large black spider in a dream normally signifies that you are feeling somewhat overwhelmed in life. Our family when we are children teach us who we are and how we space to act in life. Positive and good families providers with the skills and confidence in order to successfully interact with the world and people around us. They lead us to live a successful existence. On the other hand, if you had a challenging childhood then this experience could teachers one survival skills and how to fight in life.

The spider biting (as I have already mentioned many times so far) could be a representation of the mother figure. It could mean that you might be programed to conform you are questioning this in adult life. If you see the web in your dream and this can be a representation of responsibilities, feeling trapped, obstacles, traitor alternatively turning on the family. Families generally take on role-playing and if this has been altered then a dream of a spider is likely to happen.

The spider symbol in dreams might be an enemy

Remember someone might only take you down when YOU have got something they want. The spider will come out of the dark to bite and paralyze you. Who can do this to you in real life? The enemy can chase you, let them come out and bite you because your angel will be there to protect you – always! Maybe your enemy has seen that you did not die from that spider bite and this dream is all about how you survive in life

In summary, the spider could be symbolism of our own hidden fear or a mother figure. In some cases, a spider bite is a representation of the situation that you need to review and change for the better. The spider according to Carl Jung ( dream psychologist from 1930s)  indicates that the spider provides insight into your symbolic relationship with your mother. It could be that you are in conflict? I hope that provides some peace to you.

By Florance Saul
Mar 26, 2019