Ankh Dream Meanings

Ankh Dream Meanings

What does the Ankh symbol mean in dreams?

Ankh is a symbol of hidden wisdom.

Now, did you know that Egyptologists named this the symbol of life? If this symbol appears in your dreams indicates there is a need for instability in a relationship. In addition, it is important that you make a good first impression. If you dream of this symbol it could imply that you will become more aware of your life and everything around you. My name is Florence, a psychic from England and I have been studying the effect dream two decades now. It's great to have you visit website glad you had this dream, it does in fact really mean something.

The great news is that you will no longer be affected by human feelings, and you will become independent in every way. However this dream can also suggest that you will start questioning your beliefs. If you saw the ankh symbol it is associated with your own spiritual beliefs. It could also imply that you will start learning new profound things and bond with your soul again. If you hold the ankh symbol in your dream it foretells that you will finally take control over your life and live it the way you want. It could also suggest that people will start asking you for advice and follow what you say. Interesting right!

Ankh dream meaning

If someone was holding the ankh symbol in your dream it means that you are full of judgments, however, with time, you will realize that no one should be judged by anyone. No one has the right to tell others how to live or what to believe in. Once you realize this, you will become wiser and kinder.

If you drew the ankh symbol in your dream on paper it could mean that you will isolate yourself from the world and start analyzing your life, your decisions, your beliefs, your mind and your own thoughts. You will even start analyzing others and become more aware of everyone else’s existence, pain, and happiness. To wear an ankh symbol is a positive dream it suggests a new start.

If someone drew the ankh symbol in your dream this implies spirit is trying to awaken you. However, you won’t let it because of your strong beliefs and judgments. Eventually, you will - with time! Wearing the ankh symbol on your neck in your dream means you will take responsibility for your actions, and become a more caring person. If you were talking to someone about the ankh symbol, it could imply that you will soon find your purpose in life. You will also teach others how to do the same and live the life they were given instead of surviving.

You kissed the ankh in your dream

You will start appreciating your life and teach others how to appreciate their life. You will also make some major changes to your diet: like going vegan or you will adopt an animal from an animal shelter or become an activist for animals and human rights. You will yearn for equality for everyone alive on earth. What if the ankh symbol was attached above your bed in your dream? You will accept that you know little spiritually and only those who know nothing are prepared to learn new profound things. You will open your mind on a more advanced level.

What it means to see people worship the Ankh symbol in a dream?

You will hope and fight for people to know what you have finally learned – the purpose of life and how to live instead of surviving. You will try to explain that love and happiness are all that matter.

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In your dream, you could have uncovered any of the following

  • You saw the ankh symbol in your dream.
  • You were holding the ankh symbol in your dream.
  • Someone was holding the ankh symbol in your dream.
  • You drew the ankh symbol in your dream.
  • Someone drew the ankh symbol in your dream.
  • You wore ankh symbol on your neck.
  • You saw the ankh symbol burning.
  • You were talking to someone about the ankh symbol.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of ankh

Enlightening. Peace. Calmness. Happiness. Confusion. Doubt. Wisdom. Freedom.

By Florance Saul
Aug 31, 2017