The New Year

The New Year

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

If you have a dream of New Year it has many things to express actually dreaming of a new year is interpreted as a mixture of good and bad.

Suppose you dream about a new year full of activity. You are going to have a busy time. It may be an event of pleasure, like marriage of a sister a party or an enjoyable function. Or you can expect some new income or relationship blossoming. As people and New Year associates with origin.

New Year without any flowers or haste means that you have on coming period of some loneliness or stressful situation. If there are some movements like running of the kids chasing of huge monsters, you have to be more vigilant as they are some signs of probable incidents which will not be in favor of you. If you have kids pay more attention their relationships between other sexes since the chase of the monster is assign of great embracement of unwanted relation ships.

If you have seen the following

  • A tree without leaves.
  • Some dancing people in the street.
  • Plants without flowers.
  • Dinning table without enough food to.
  • Drunkard man.
  • Shinning dresses of green or yellow color.
  • Some children dancing in the garden but cant see the faces.
  • An old man goes out of your house with an angry mood.

Description of the dream meaning

A tree without leaves though not seems too nice in appearance but it gives you many things to think. Here tree represents you and the branch should be your skills and associates. The empty tree shows you that you have to get both. So it is not a bad sign but an advice.

Dancing people in the street means that you are going waste some of your money or time in vain. Actually dancing should be done in the appropriate place, If you have seen dancing girls or boys in a stage or a in a ball room that will be the sign on coming wealth and happiness.

Plants without flowers tell us that you are going to have something new; it may be an occupation or relationship. If you are in need of an occupation you are going to have. as plants and flowers are usually associates with occupations and promotions.

The table without ample food means a sort of misunderstanding between you and members of your family. The table and food represents the harmony of the family. So be careful with your loved ones

Drunkard man represents the great wealth and happiness that you are going to have in the resent time. Though drunkard is out character in the society, here it brings luck. Both shinning dresses also have the same impact as the drunkard you will have a nice proposals and relationships.

The children in the garden is a sign of prosperity that you are going to experience but if you have seen it as mentioned above you should be aware that the there will be some misunderstanding with parents and the kids. (Especially with grown up kids.)

The old man goes out of the house is a rear symbol but the luck it brings is immeasurable. You should be jubilant all of your troubles are going to vanish like bubbles. The man is taking out all the hardships and sorrow from your family. Here old man symbolizes the hard life. Problems or anger you had, so his leaving represents a beginning of anew season of warmth.

Feeling that you have at the time of dreaming of the New Year

Happiness, anxiety, anticipation, dilemma, anger, worry etc...

By Flo Saul
Jan 28, 2013