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A bandanna seen in a dream indicates that you want to keep secrets from other people.

Bandannas were very popular in the 1970s and also 1980s depending upon the country. A bandana seen in a dream suggests that you don't understand how you're feeling inside. A bandanna is often connected to not feeling up to a job and trying to hide away from a problem in life.

A bandanna featured in a dream can have a number of different altered meanings depending upon the situation that is revealed within the dream state.

As we already concluded a bandana is about secrecy. In this dream to wear a bandana means that you need to rely upon your own stability and security in life.

In your dream…

  • You were wearing a bandana.
  • Someone bought a bandana.
  • The bandana was worn by someone in your dream.

There may be some emotional and financial times that will be challenging going forward. Try to be patient and work hard. You will meet somebody who will be persistent in life. If you see somebody's face in a bandanna in your dream it means a secret is hidden. We need to look at our spiritual energy when interpreting this dream. The bandanna is generally worn around the neck alternatively around the head. Basically the bandanna is scarf which can come in many different patterns.


As the shape of the bandanna is triangular this can signify that you may lack the flexibility with all resistance in life. There will be a change going forward. If the bandana is used as a headdress in your dream then this indicates that you are trying to hide away from a problem in your career. The bandanna is symbolic in nature and the fact that this is on your head in the dream state indicates that you are trying to hide something in life.

A bandana in 1960 was considered fashionable. The interesting part of this dream is the symbolic meaning of bandanna based on if you are male or female. Either sex can wear a bandana. If you see a man wearing a bandanna in your dream then this indicates some events are unpredictable. You can never be certain of how people are going to react around you. If you see a female wearing a bandanna it indicates that you are trying to improve on some inner ideas. This means perhaps you have a business idea that you wish to explore. If you notice an American gang is wearing a bandana in your dream and this suggests successful and happy times in a group context. The color of the bandana is also significant in a dream, bandannas can come in many different colors. To see a red banner indicates that you will be successful and happy in any kind of career going forward. If you dream of a blue banner then this indicates that you may rise to high places in your career but you must apply yourself to developing hidden talents.

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