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A backdoor is a door which is on the back of a home.

It is opposite the front door which is usually the main door for entry. If in a dream, there is a backdoor, it suggests problems have been avoided for a long time. These are supposed to be solved in order for you to progress. The more to try to shift these problems to the back of your mind, the more it interferes with your current issues making it impossible to achieve your goals.

In the dream

  • Close the backdoor.
  • Open the backdoor.
  • Get trapped in the backdoor.
  • You might be the one entering the back door.
  • A  friend might be the one entering the back door.
  • A strange person might be the one entering the back door.
  • Someone trying to get into the back door.
  • Locking the backdoor.
  • Others robbing the house from the backdoor.
  • The backdoor does not open in the dream.
  • Cannot lock the backdoor in the dream.

Detailed dream interpretation

A backdoor appearing in your dream suggests that problems you have been shifting to the back of your mind. A locked back door in a dream suggests a new start. To see a friend enter the backdoor in your dream suggests that in order to progress in your life, you need to evaluate your problems and handle them slowly.

To see a moving backdoor in your dream indicates that you will be able to tackle your current tasks and succeed. To get trapped in the backdoor in your dream state suggests problems that are interrelated. If you find it impossible to handle problems them on your own, it is advisable that, you get the help of someone you know well. Maybe someone who has been through what you are in order to avoid negative circumstances.This person will help you.

To be unable to lock the backdoor in your dream suggests that people will be gossiping about you.

A dream where you see a back door opening and a friend or a relative entering implies that there are issues which have been disturbing a person whom you are familiar with and you will need to handle it for them. To see a broken back door in a dream indicates a solution has not been forthcoming. Make sure that you sort out problems which you encounter along the way in life.

A strange person (murderer or monster) entering the back door in your dream is an indicator that you need to focus on home and family matters. Your life is on the right path and you are achieving your daily goals faster than most of the people around you. Let them know the secret to great success to enable them to become successful. Once you succeed, you will also benefit in life. To see robbers at the back door or trying to get in suggests that you will thrive in life. Your blessings will rise and your success level will go up. You will be surrounded by positive energy which will enable you to recharge your inner and outer energies for future use.  

Feelings associated with your dream

Successful, energetic, progressive, peaceful, interference, problematic and worried.

By Florance Saul
Jun 11, 2017