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Sigmund Freud believed that a birthmark in a dream is a signal that you need to understand yourself better.

The birthmark interpretation really depends on where you see this on your body or face and also the actual color of the birthmark. Ancient 1930s dream dictionaries foretell that the birthmark symbolizes great luck. A birthmark is an interesting dream. If a dreamer believes they have a birthmark in the dream state and not in real life this is associated with taking chances and risks in life.

  • Seen a birthmark on your body.
  • Others have a birthmark.
  • You see a birthmark on your face in your dream.
  • The birthmark is light in color in your dream.
  • The birthmark is dark in your dream.
  • The birthmark is circular.

Detailed dream meaning of a birthmark

To see a circular/round birthmark suggests that there will be problems in the near future. As this is circular it can also suggest that even though there will be problems you will overcome a situation with success. If the birthmark is large then it symbolizes good luck. If the birthmark is light in color then it indicates that a new property is on the horizon. To see dark colored birthmarks in your dream suggests possible difficulties but they should be overcome easily.

If the birthmark is on your face it can suggest that people are going to be gossiping about you in the future. To see the birthmark on the right side of your body in the dream state can suggest that you need to reignite your passion.

Birthmarks found on the left side of the body in a dream indicates that you will encounter some difficulties. The actual position of the birthmark is important when interpreting the dream and to see a birthmark on the leg in the dream state suggests a need to grow and move forward in life.

If in the dream state you see a birthmark that is actually there in waking life means that this is a symbolic dream and the meaning should not be interpreted. To dream that you have a birth mark which is brown indicates an incident or a problem in the near future. If you dream of somebody else having a birth mark on this is a suggestion that other people close to you will need your help. If you have a mark on your body then this is connected to a love relationship. You have been focusing on your home environment for quite a while, you are trying to make your home look good and the surroundings lovely. If the birthmark is removed by surgery in your dream and this suggests that you need to prepare for some minor delays in the future. To see someone with birthmarks on their face suggests a new start.

Feelings associated with your dream

Tough, helpful, troubled and worried.

By Florance Saul
Jun 12, 2017