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Jumping Spider

Jumping Spider.

To see a spider in a dream (especially a large one) can be rather frightening but to see a jumping spider can be rather scary.

What does it mean to dream of the spider jumping around? On this occasion the jumping spider is trying to protect you against ruining your own health. Maybe that is eating too much or not taking care of your self enough. The spider is a controlling force to try to make you see sense. The fact the spider is jumping indicates that you feel that you need to be in another place and take things more seriously in life. The jumping action of the spider indicates that your life will be better if you take care of your health better. As most spiders in the world "Jump" the dream can also occur if you have actually seen a jumping spider.

In your dream you may have...

  • Seen a spider jumping on you.
  • Seen a spider jumping around the room.
  • Seen the jumping spider growing larger and larger.
  • Been scared of the jumping spider.
  • Seen a jumping tarantula.

Dream Dictionary Meaning...

In essence this dream is focused on your own health issues. We have a detailed overview of the dream of the spider. However, the jumping spider dream meaning is somewhat different. To see the spider jumping on the roof or the wall indicates that your desires in life are firm. The larger the spider, the more significant the dream. For example to see a tarantula rather than a spider jumping means you need to give the dream more meaning / listen to the advice!

If the spider is any other color than black then people will be relying on you. To see the spider jumping around a room denotes that you are finding a relationship a problem, it also means you need to take care of yourself more. To see a black spider jumping symbolizes that a relationship is somewhat testing. To see a spider getting larger and larger in a dream suggests that you are not afraid of life. 

To be chased by a jumping spider in a dream indicates that others are relying on you to make the correct decision. To be in a zoo and see a jumping tarantula suggests that things are going to be challenging and you need to take care of yourself.

Feelings you may have in the dream...

Worried about the spider, frightened, scared.

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