Dream Of Dead Dog

What does it mean to dream of your dead dog?

What does it mean to dream of your dead dog?

You may be wondering what the dream about a dead dog means and the spiritual meaning. If we turn to dream psychology Sigmund Freud was a famous dream psychologist and observed and wrote many books on the topics of dreams. 

Freud himself did not have any pets but he kept Chows, He famously said that a dog is a friend but bites enemies. Therefore, it can be concluded that this dream is about making sure that with friends you know those that may turn into enemies. 

Is the dream about a dead dog good or bad?

We all find a connection to nature in pets and somewhat a disconnection to human beings. You see, our pets offer us no other person can and that is unconditional love, which human beings sometimes cannot give us. Owners can have nightmares about the dogs they once owned. These sometimes-heartbreaking dreams are basically a healing process by bringing out our inner emotions. Positive dreams can be used to symbolize happy memories. Negative dreams indicate that there is still a problem. In some cases, the loss of a dog in dreams can be interpreted as a loss in your own life or in your friendships. It could also signify that you miss the pet or you long for it to be your best friend.

A physical representation of your deceased dog in dreams means you should look within to find something that makes you happy. It could be something as simple as losing patience when you are working long hours. You may feel like you have lost the energy you once had and you want it back.

Our dogs are known as intervention specialists in the spiritual world. This means that in the earth plane they can connect to the spiritual real ways that enrich our lives. Often, we hear many stories about animals being able to sense danger before it actually happens because they have a slightly different connection spiritually than we do. Nature itself can give us many spiritual manifestations and an unlimited range of spontaneous situations in our daily lives. Our dreams as well can provide us with advanced animal empowerment.

Dogs themselves (out of all the animals that we see in daily life) have more spiritual qualities than most. This is because of their intellectual herd and pack mentality. If we look at the psychological interpretation of seeing your deceased dog during a dream it is often connected to our own motivations, experiences, feelings, and emotions around the animal as opposed to it being a connection from spirit. As I've outlined already many people have seen their pets during near-death accounts especially if they treasured their companions. Astral forms of different animals can vary and during our dream sleep, we can be uniquely and subconsciously acute to spiritual events.

Why did you dream of your dead dog?

Recently I lost my beloved Holly dog. Following this traumatic event, I had multiple dreams of seeing Holly in my dreams. Being a medium I do honestly believe that the dream of your deceased dog was a visit from the soul of your animal to you. Many people report seeing a deceased dog years after the death occurred. The nature of the dream is also important, maybe you visited a past event or could see yourself with your childhood dog. 

What does it mean to dream of your dead dog alive and happy?

In the spiritual dimension, this is a positive place to enrich every soul's existence, and we can coexist with our own dogs. To dream that your deceased dog is happy and alive in the earth world is common as this shows that the world of spirit is looking after your dog, and the spiritual realm shifts the focus on the sadness of the death over to the positive dimension. Dreams are gateways to our own interaction with our dogs spiritually and facilitate the enriching relationship that we have had. Lucid dreaming means that you may travel outside your body in regard to your dream. The spirituality of nature and our dogs can indicate that you can feel a connection of how your dog is doing in the spiritual world due to the power of nature. 

What is the spiritual meaning of dead dogs in dreams?

This is one question that appears time and time again when it comes to dreaming of your deceased dog - what is the spiritual meaning? People who have lost their beloved dog generally want to be assured that they are in peace in the afterlife. Often, going through the traumatic events of losing a beloved dog can indicate that you wish to understand and acknowledge the afterlife. Mankind has always had a strong connection with dogs, which has seen domestication. Every dog that we have will have a special place in our hearts, and there's no doubt about it that our dogs are good for us. If I turn back to ancient Egypt both cats and dogs were buried in tombs with their owners. Dogs were used for protection during this time and were also domesticated.

Egyptians worshipped dogs and they were mummified and buried in the tomb to protect and guard the spirit of their owner in the perils of the journey to the of the world. We need to understand here that the way the Egyptians approached the death and spiritual meaning of dead dogs can indicate that they are there to protect us and stay with us until we pass on. If you think about dogs they have a huge ability to sense, hear and smell what we can't. A dog is also there in the home to guard against anything negative.

Spiritually speaking dead dogs in dreams are connected to protection. God has given us our pets and animals to help us in our development on the spiritual road. If we turn to Native American tribes they loved and worshipped dogs giving them food and comfort. Most of us while growing up have encountered some type of pet.

What does it mean to dream your dead dog came back to life?

When our dog passes there is a feeling of quietness in the house, the loneliness and absence. It is perfectly natural to still grieve our companions and to see that your deceased dog is alive in the dream world. Dreaming your dog is alive in your home is common, it could be a visitation dream or just a dream to remind you that your dog is there around you. The spirit world is an alternate dimension that exists alongside ours, it's not that your dog is in the sky or removed from you, but your dog is accessible through your mind at all times. The term spirit guide is used as a form of spiritual beings that help us in a positive way during our life. We may see them, sense them, hear them or just know they are around us. Our dogs can appear in our dream due to this, whether we are aware of them or not. 

Can your dead dog visit you in your dreams?

The energy aura of our dogs while alive is in the fourth energy field and this is the thinnest energy layer and the hard part to see, therefore this energy field reflects our own energy and higher self. A dog's spiritual aura is similar in size to our emotional aura, and when it passes this becomes much finer.

Pet’s are just as spiritual as we are as humans. Sometimes our dogs will visit us when they pass on - when we can handle it. There is never an imbalance of our earth and animals often have a purpose in life. Our dogs overcome many of our spiritual challenges by healing us when we need comfort your deceased dog may visit you when you are feeling down when they can sense our aura is out of balance. If you are feeling particularly over-stressed then the effect of these thoughts will impact your aura and manifest visibility. I do believe that our dog chooses to connect with its owner when feeling down. This provides comfort - after-all dogs as symbols in our dreams is friendship. Just writing this makes me miss my dog. 

What does it mean to dream of your dog then a short while later your dog dies?

It is common to sense that you will lose your companion. We all vibrate on different frequencies and while on earth this vibration can tell us when we are going to depart to another state. Our energy on earth wraps around us and our deceased dogs may appear in our dreams a few days before it actually happens. 

The main issue of premonitions is not the rarity, but instead that these can happen to anybody in life. I'm sure if you ask anybody, they've always had that feeling that something is going to happen. In terms of scientific research according to Dr. Richard Boughton, director of Intuition Laboratories he noticed in his studies that generally around about 15% of the population have experienced a premonition. There are many stories that are sent to me through e-mail about people dreaming of events and then that event happens. 

It is our disbelief however that premonitions normally push their way through our daily life regardless of our rational irrational clarity. Often, people have the inability to talk about premonitions with others - some don’t. Learning how to handle a dream premonition can make us feel somewhat unsettled, especially if it's predicting the painful passing of your beloved dog. It is no doubt that you are now feeling scared, overwhelmed, or even worried about this premonition. I'm here to let you know that you shouldn't be lost or confused, it is perfectly natural that you have a connection with the soul and the wave of vibrations that was to prepare you for what was to come. 

What does it mean to dream of your deceased dog young and healthy?

Often, people report dreams of dogs that have passed over appearing healthy and young, I can concur that my meditations of Holly were of her young and free. Death affects us all in different ways and our dreams are symbolic, if your dog is playing, sleeping, and acting normal in your dream then this is considered a visitation dream. When our dog passes the signs of there, whether you are aware of the presence or not think of your dog as a little voice of reason your head that pulls you along through your life path. We all have different life paths and our dog soul is our invisible helpers, think of your deceased dog as your guardian angel. Is there to make your life a lot easier. We all learn lessons on earth and it can never always be an easy road. After your pet has passed you probably did quite a lot of soul-searching, perhaps even the strong desire to turn back time. Being around your dog every day will naturally be fulfilling and you may feel compelled to do something for animals in need. The fact that your dog is present in your dream as young and healthy can represent that they are with you as your angel - to help you in life.

What does it mean to dream of your deceased dog communicating with you?

Your dog can deliver messages to you through the dream world and reassure you that the energy continues. Communicating with the soul of a spirit that has passed is normal, try to focus on what information the dog is trying to communicate. You should absorb as much information as you can. Maybe your dog spoke or came over for a cuddle. Open your mind and this will validate the perception of what happens when we reach the spirit world. When your devoted dog appears in dreams communicating it makes us wonder about our physical realm. Spiritual communication with one's deceased dog is from our conscious mind, this is our higher self. We communicate with our spiritual dogs either through our own subconscious mind or what is known as our superconscious mind.

The more we understand the world of spirit and the different levels the more that we can effectively communicate with our pets. A long time ago, in Egyptian times there are many different developmental symbols related to gods, goddesses, angels, and other forces. Spiritual beings are able to access limitless powers and often saw things that they could not understand. The first step is the fundamental need to understand that your beloved dog is far more of a complex being than perhaps you commonly perceive, is not just the physical body, brain and personality is more about a multilevel being of energy that goes beyond the physical realm. When looking at the spirit world we are often known on earth to be asleep - when we are here however some people have psychic powers in order to tap into understanding that there is more to this life and what we perceive on a day-to-day basis. Whether people believe in this, in my view, that is their prerogative however when our dog has passed we normally have never experienced death before and such an experience normally means that we feel a profound impact upon our subconscious mind. This is due to a being from our soul group having now departed and separation occurs. Let me try to explain this further, our dogs could have been another part of our family soul group in a different life which is one of the reasons why you feel so attached, and to some degree, we feel a painful response especially if we grow as human beings to develop our self and improve our purpose. Dreaming of a dog that has spent considerable amounts of time with us in this way can suggest that you will have a distant need for a revolution, development, and growth. Not only physically but also spiritually. No one really understands what it feels like to lose a dog and how destructive it can be to the soul even years later.

What does it mean to dream of your dog's death again?

Living through the pain of the death of a beloved dog can mean you repeat the trauma in your mind. From personal experience there comes a feeling of “guilt” with the death. I did not spend enough time with my dog, I decided when my dog died so I feel bad, I will never see my dog again. Even years later, you may still dream of the traumatic death of your dog again. No one has all the answers of why, but this type of dream is losing the grip of grief and in spite of the pain know that everything moves on in life. We are all born with a divine gift from God and dogs provide us with joy and spiritual blessings.

What does it mean to dream of your childhood dog?

To dream of a dog, you had as a child can indicate your bond is strong, and you could be feeling a sense of reasonability to ensure your own wellbeing. Our dogs in childhood provide us with much love. Many children who have experienced NDE often say that dogs come back to them and greet them while going to search for the light. Your deceased childhood dog could be a spiritual awakening occurring inside and that you have a hunger for answers about what happens when we die. 

What does it mean to dream of sensing your deceased dog is sleeping with you?

It is common to feel the presence of your dog in your bed after they have passed over. You could smell, hear or sense them being close to you. I feel that more awareness is needed that we do feel spirit or souls around us. We also have a collection of experiences stored in the memory of our soul and our dogs represent the better us. The more real, clear version of our own self. Sensing your dog is sleeping with you indicates purity in the soul of the animal and indicates that we could have had a visit to let us know that we still have their loving nature around us. 

What does it mean to dream of your deceased dog in your house?

After my dog Holly died I heard her footsteps in the kitchen. Dreaming that you see your dog still in your home is a reminder that our world is complex and multidimensional. The death, dying, animal and energy of the afterlife is with you. Keep in mind this dream could be from your own memory but normally I believe that this type of dream indicates that you are connecting to the other side of where our departed dogs reside. Can you think of a simple reason why your dog would not want to connect with you after they die? Primarily, we as owners want to know if our deceased dog is safe. Our dogs provide us with much love and companionship and seeing your old dog in your house in a dream can indicate that you are celebrating this relationship.

Will you see your deceased dog again when you die? 

I believe you will. There are three schools of thought on what happens to a dog's soul. Firstly, dogs go to separate heaven to wait for us, once we pass they will rejoin us. The second school of thought is the rainbow bridge where all dogs and cats reside and only come back to owners over a brief period. Finally, the other theory is that the dog stays here on this earth plane until we pass on. 

For me, I fear the feeling of the dog or cat being alone in the spirit world made me feel unnerved. The fact that through the journey of our lives they have been there for us. Will I ever see my dog again? This is a question that entered my mind after her passing, we as pet lovers have a deep desire inside that we will see our dog or cat again. 

Death and eternity could be something that you never really contemplated. I’m sure that you miss your dear friend and that you are profoundly stricken with grief of the death of essentially your animal child. It gave me great comfort to read some near death experiences (NDE) that consist of going through a tunnel, and images of deceased loved ones, people being reunited with their pets. When I close my eyes I can see my dog in a lush green field young again, bounding over to me and licking me. I believe that what I see and the care of my dog with one of my guides is indeed real. 

But is it? Many religions reject the idea of animal souls on earth but there is credible evidence that our beloved animals reunite with us in the spirit world. It is surprising that man with his limitless approach to life must pause for a moment to realize that there is something more out there than our own material universe. Interestingly, I felt my aura was orange today and after looking in my books this means that I am an animal lover and such an aura color is soothing to animals. Once we die, our auras attract our animals back to us. Planes in the spirit world are still part of our earth plane and animals are supremely happy together. Only much lovelier and more peaceful. 

I started trying to search for evidence of NDP that meant people saw their pets again. In the book called “beyond the light” on pages 13-14 there is an account by Bryce Bond after he collapsed. He said the following: “I hear a bark, and racing toward me is a dog I once had, a black poodle named Pepe.  When I see him, I feel an emotional floodgate open.  Tears fill my eyes.  He jumps into my arms, licking my face.  As I hold him, he is real, more real than I had ever experienced him.  I can smell him, feel him, hear his breathing, and sense his great joy at being with me again.” and he was then greeted by other family members." The doctor told him that he had been dead for ten minutes.

Mediums and connecting to dogs in the spirit world

I have read “Animals in the Spirit World” by Harold. It is a rather old book but does have many examples of how animal souls live with us in the spiritual world. Heaven is about being in a world free of stress, exhilarating with love, purpose, and a feeling of belonging. George Richie was clinically dead for nine minutes. I find it important to talk about his experience during these nine minutes and his experience and wrote a book called “return from tomorrow” which was published in 1978. 

Near-Death Experiences can answer if you will see your dog again?

Various polls in America mean around 80% of people believe in heaven. Eben Alexander is a Harvard-educated brain surgeon who had a near-death experience and he woke from a headache at 4:30 in the afternoon. He took a hot bath but was unable to get out and collapsed on the bed, the pain getting worse. Eben was stricken with an infection and put into a coma. Bond his child rubbed his Father’s temples and this resulted in severe pain. Eben had a rare, aggressive bacterial infection called E-coli Meningitis. He finally went into the emergency room and went into a 7-day coma within 3 hours which gave a 10% chance of survival, at the end of the week they gave the family a 2% chance of survival and stopped treating with antibiotics. Eben had a super real robust experience with life after death. After being in a coma and essentially having a dead brain the doctors had some frightening set of circumstances. Part of Eben's medical history in doing research involved going to the labs and he visited Israel on a work trip where they believed he picked up the E-coli Meningitis. His human cortex in the brain was destroyed but when he passed over he did not have any memories of who he was. The journey started in earthworms' view. 

This was roots and vessels around him but nobody image, and he felt like an underground realm. When Eben awoke, following this Eben wrote a book called “proof of heaven” he said that he went into an orb of light into a wonderful world and he saw a woman riding a butterfly, in fact, many souls were on butterflies traveling looping and swirling and there were millions of butterflies he saw buds on trees as he flew by through to the light and once he reached up to the top he ascended and hundreds of souls dancing and children playing and dogs jumping dancing. The whole experience was loving and amazing and he said there were spiritual beings giving chants from above of the most beautiful music. He called this the gateway valley and was sharper and more real than the world we live in. 

Within our world, he said it is as if we live in a dream. You do not have any senses as you do in this world. When my dog Holly died I could see that each part of her life was going through and I also saw this when she was on my lap - like a filmstrip. It was a life review, of me and my dog doing various things. Eben described heaven as a set of crisp ultra reality.

Going back to the near death experience Eben said that love was in this realm and this is important for you as we are here in soul school to learn the lessons that we must. In the gateway valley that Eben described that there was a beautiful girl in this realm. The girl said nothing but thoughts entered his mind. She said you are deeply loved and cherished forever and have nothing to fear. 

When he later returned to life the woman he saw was his birth sister who had died several years before. As he was adopted he had no way of knowing who she was. Eben says our soul is freed to a higher state of knowing. The interesting account by Eben is that he was scientifically orientated and a skeptic about life after death before his experience.

The physical brain and pure materialism of the brain hold our world, and after the near-death experience, he believed that science now has a blind spot to explain quantum mechanics. Do we have free will? Do we have consciousness? Eben believes that spirit-soul-consciousness is what happens to us. He believed that we are here to follow a pathway of manifesting love, our consciousness is a connection to the loving source. Allowing our love to shine through and that is all that matters. My experiences and accounts of connecting with lost loved ones through mediumship make me feel that we do see our dogs again in the spirit world as they were part of our lives. The love we feel for our dogs extends out into spirit.

Will you see your deceased dog again? 

Understanding these near-death experiences can help us answer the question of if we are going to see our pets again. God and theologians believe that pets do not have a soul but Pope Paul VI reported that paradise is open to all God's creatures, but Benedict XVI also proclaimed that animals are not meant for life. Think about this, why would if God is real you be deprived of spending the time with your pet. I don’t believe that dogs are on another spiritual level either like the theory of the rainbow bridge where all pets are in a different heaven. That does not make sense to me, according to my sources our pets will be with us in the afterlife and waiting for us when we pass.

You are separated only for a while don’t worry

The separation from our pets is just a temporary state, there are a number of reports by the International Association of Near-Death studies. Jeff Long, a researcher for NDE has written about many cases of people seeing pets, of course, during the dying state our pets could be a figment of our imagination.

Will your pet wait for you on the other side?

I don't believe this as the bond we hold for our pets is not severed by death and we still carry this strong force of energy until we die. Heaven has been reported as having lush green grass, white light, trees and flowers, and fields. The book of Isaias proclaims the glory of God's creation proclaims the glory of God so why do we think that heavenward and do so even more and so it's and that God has prepared place in a city known Hebrews 11. There have been reports that many children who had a near-death experience talk more about seeing their pets maybe because there is no “known” adult in the spiritual realm who has crossed over.

Holly my 14 nearly 15-year-old dogs have given me everything that I need in life, my house always felt fulfilled spiritually when she was here. I have never really experienced death before and I am in no way saying that the death of my dog is on the same level as a human but I am hoping to share with you the spiritual side of death to help you with the suffering, pain, tied up feeling inside that you may be experiencing. Holly taught me many lessons in life, how to connect to nature, and the sacred way we deal with grief in this world. My parents are alive and most of my family so I never really experienced grief before and by far the passing of Holly was one of the most painful experiences that I ever endured.

I learned from caring for her and when she could see her elegant manner of spending time with me through the hard ways of life. I was merely 27 when I got Holly, and now at 42 I look back and she has carried me through the birth of my children and the separation of my relationship. She was there through thick and thin. Always present in my house and rarely was I away from her for more than a few days. 

Dogs are part of our higher being

Animals are the crucible of all creation and the ending of having them live our lives with us breaks into our souls as the oneness is not there anymore. As soon as the vet came to my door I began to fear what was coming next and I completely underestimated the whole experience and was shocked that this was the most painful hour of my life. Life is so chaotic, on that day my children went to their Fathers as soon as they were gone. It was time, I did not have enough time to really truly say goodbye. Of course, I had her on my lap snuggling but and Why? Our dogs are a symphony of our existence. Then I started regretting that I did not spend enough time with her as I had liked due to the hustle and bustle of my life and external challenges that have engulfed my life over the last six months. 

Holly was a symphony of my own existence, a pillar to my own higher being and my connection with her was not merely on the level of some human beings but more about my higher self. The pain of my decision haunted me in the few days that followed as I felt this immense amount of guilt. Holly was blind, dead, and she lost her sense of smell and went around in circles. As well as that she had an infection and she sometimes had a wee and poo inside as she stopped barking at the door. I nursed her back to health a number of times when she lost the use of her back legs. I called in the vet to assess Holly’s quality of life, to make sure that she would be able to carry on. The vet told me Holly was suffering. This made the decision for me to end the life even more prevalent as I could have kept her but the echoes of people's voices saying that I was allowing her to suffer and it was torture keeping her alive swept through me. If you are suffering the loss of your dog then no one really knows just how much pain you are experiencing because this is not a dog it is a spiritual being that has seen you through the ups and waves that life throws at you. 

In the epic silence of my house, the presence of the dog means that you are never alone. It has been four days now and I have just started eating again, the first two days I spent curled up in bed crying wishing I could turn back time and have her here with me. The pain of thinking I will never see her again eats me inside but I know that we do see our pets in the afterlife. 

Do I believe in the rainbow bridge? I’m not too sure. I have not at this stage bought myself to read about it as too heartbreaking. I will however apply my spiritual knowledge on what happens when we pass and will answer your question of why you dreamed of your deceased dog and if you will you see your dog again. In order to gain the answer to this, I need to pull in my spirit guides and this is what they have told me. In the spirit world, we have different levels of being. Progress is paramount and through every time on the earth plane we learn and progress in life. Think of a world without any time. Time on this earth plane is about when we are born and when we die, we are running out of time at the start of our lives.  When a deceased dog appears it is normally a message that your dog is there for you and waiting for you when you reach the other side.

How do you communicate with your dog after death?

Animals can see their own auras and the information can be useful for human beings. This makes it particularly difficult if the animal is blind for example. My dog Holly was blind for many years it broke my heart when she became blind. Her whole life was quite insular and it worried me greatly that I couldn't and didn't have the heart to end her life due to the blindness. So what happens after they die and how can you communicate with them? If you close your eyes you will (I hope) see your dog probably running around in a beautiful grassy field and being young again.

If that thought crosses your mind as soon as you close your eyes and think of your dog and this is connecting with them. Equally, our spirit guides can help connect to our dog during the dream state. As your deceased dog was part of your life naturally their magnets to our soul. While we also are surrounded by animals all the time the death of our dog will often lead us to questions such as how can we connect with them again. I'm not asking you to go out and get taxidermy, but to think about mediation as a tool to achieve this.

If you think about animals there are some that we do not mourn, for example, those that we kill for meat or animals are killed by cars. Think about racehorses some often enjoy a peaceful retirement over is however are slaughtered. It’s quite interesting the different perceptions of animals to our soul. The boundary between our inner and outer world is connected to psychic science. Connecting to your dog after death is associated with how you meditate and channel your own inner space to bring back your dog. Everybody, each and every one of us has the potential and the obligation to function between the worlds. Our own personal survival after physical death is often a topic of discussion, as is the connection to our dog. You don't have to die in order to consciously focus and experience your dog again. The afterlife is as I've said before multipurpose full and focused on growth. There is a natural emphasis on unfinished tasks each and every life which has been motivated by a variety of needs to connect to our past life mistakes. Time in the afterlife is very much focused on unseen rewards and how that we will approach a new lifetime or nurse. The driving force of the afterlife is to reincarnate, of course, if we choose to take on the challenges of a new life.

During the transition of the spiritual realm, it is often much more highly active than our current world. Our spirit guides and growth specialists there in order to understand and experience a lifetime with this so that we can take the responsibility for each and every action on the earth plane. In order to connect to your spirit dog, I suggest that you meditate or just simply lay down and start to think of your dog. Alternatively, mental projections will be prevalent within your dream state. The spiritual world is a positive repository of power that is there in order to reach your existence and connect with your soul group. Any attempt to engage spiritual power and positively connect to your dog will be seen as positive.

What does it mean to constantly dream about your deceased dog?

Equally, our dog is generally within our soul group. The spiritual world is always positive is always there for this always has a purpose and is ready to help you and intervene in difficult life situations. Seeing your dog in dreams is a manifestation in the spiritual world, which can often remind us - that we can avoid any adversity and cope with misfortune.

What is this dream about your dead dog all about?

Spiritual development and empowerment commonly involve connecting with your own soul group which will bring increasingly high levels of interaction spirit within your life. Unfortunately, in life, we are generally conditioned to review reality as it is. Your dog in your life could have bought you so much joy and a connection to nature, perhaps your dog gave you strength to meet the challenges annual personal experience of past memories of your dog, and the connections that you had with it has brought about this dream.

Nevertheless, we are often conditioned to overlook the spiritual aspects of our own reality. Spirit is the substance of our own consciousness and it is this consciousness and energy that leaves us through the universe and allows us to connect with our spirits and spiritual guides. Spirit is really the matrix of what we know, the spiritual being than the beginning. Spirit is also without body, which is why you questioned our perception of those that have deceased generally come to us in physical form. How can this be the case if the spiritual world is without our body? If we think about the journey in which our dog's spirit body leaves the physical body in order to enter the spiritual world we can often assume that our dog is going to be with us. If we look at shamanism for example they've forgotten about or put emphasis on the material world, and very much focus on heaven and the physical realities beyond the astral projection of spiritual reach. In the earth plane, we go through different altered states of consciousness and this can mean that we are trying to understand answers that lead to the beginning of our spiritual being.

Shamanic practices have long been around in order for us to visualize those people or animals that have passed on to the afterlife. Many people have described our societies as being asleep, that we are not fully alertly consciously aware. We often go through life reacting automatically to various situations and not many of us seek guidance or any secret knowledge of raising or altering around this sense consciousness. The reason why mention this is because this is where you can connect with your deceased dog. The modern world is too large, busy complex and we often don't give ourselves enough time in order to repress our human consciousness and be open to moving forwards with a spiritual focus.

We can all communicate with spirit think about it is receiving messages that the deepest level. We see ourselves in a physical body and experience our own consciousness or psyche against others. Potentially you are back on some level with your dog when he or she appears in your dream. You are the powerhouse in order to connect with your dog. Unfortunately, so many people are wrapped up in their own worlds in day-to-day life that they are rarely awake at the levels of conscious awareness and have very little control over anything that provides feelings on a nonphysical level. Think about it, our bodies are alive at the deepest level where we are basically broadcasting messages from our body to our inner selves everywhere. If we are missing our dog for example we are naturally broadcasting that we are in pain about the loss due to death, therefore in our dreams, it is not uncommon for the dog to present itself due to us "needing" the comfort to let us all know things are going to be fine in our life. 

On a more brutal front the dream of your deceased dog can indicate that you are missing your companion, equally the spirit of your friend may be visiting you in a visitation type dream. Know that the love that you feel for your dog will never be lost, it will always be in your heart and one day your friend will be there in order to take your hand as you move through the threshold of the spiritual real. Mostly we react in life with our own thought processes were awareness to physical events. Our attention is often drawn to the media and in daily life we all listen to many different accounts of tragedies in the world. We react unconsciously to many things rather than consciously. Inside ourselves we have our own answers and spiritual communication with our dog will be an engaging pleasant human to spirit empowerment. The vibration is key, and the shamanism thoughts around our inter-communication between animals and the spirit world is that communication is possible.

By Florance Saul
Nov 11, 2021