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An aura is a distinctive energy field which emanates from living things.

It is an energetic residue because; it is evidenced through plants, animals, and even human beings. Thus, it is right to say that an aura is a bi-product of life. Due to the fact that, it produces energy, it means that it produces residuals. All living things have an aura which is present in life, the energy. The truth about energy is that it cannot be eliminated, but can only recycle, the same case can be applied to an aura. If you dream of an aura, it can be likened to you holding onto various moods. You have a tendency of mood swings depending on who is close to you. An aura affects the inner person; it determines your happiness, sadness, whether to socialize or be a loner.

It can make you become more hardworking or decide to sleep the whole day without touching anything at all. An aura can determine your future; whether to be rich or poor. An aura can determine your physical, emotional or even your mental health. An aura is an amazing part of us and dreaming about it will depend on how it appears in your dream. In this dream, you may have…

  • Seen your own aura.
  • Your aura was golden.
  • Seen other people’s aura’s.
  • Been able to read auras.
  • Seen a blue aura.
  • Seen a red aura.
  • An aura around someone.
  • Your body had light coming out of it.
  • Experienced a spiritual awakening.

Detailed dream interpretation:

If you happen to see your own aura in your dream it foretells that your fate lies in your hands. Depending on how you handle yourself, you might become one of the most prosperous people in your community. You have the potential to control your aura, make sure you control it in the right direction. If you see your aura in the dream then this indicates that you will encounter a spiritual awakening in the future. To see a golden aura in your dream implies that your spiritual energy and power are awakened and awakened thus, you are an inspired person. You are on your way to achieving the amazing success that will leave others admiring you. Your spiritual well-being will also go that "extra mile" making it possible for you to be closer to your inner self.

If you happen to see auras of other people in your dream, it denotes that, you seem to be idling around, not working hard enough to enable you to achieve success. Unless you work hard, those around you who are working hard will continue to progress as you remain. You have to direct your energy in the right direction before it is too late. To read an aura in your dream denotes that, you have the potential to decide what happens with the energy that you possess. You can decide to use your energy to fight others, maybe this will be required in order to succeed. To see a black aura suggests you need to work hard.

  • Blue aura in a dream = sustainability in matters close to the heart. You are caring and sensitive to others.
  • Red aura in a dream = people will come to you for advice.
  • Orange aura in a dream = Work hard and you will become successful.
  • Pink aura in a dream = compassionate times ahead.
  • Black aura in a dream = As we have said above you need to work hard but with it will come success.
  • White aura or light around a body in a dream = you need to connect with your inner spirit through meditation.
  • Purple aura in a dream = change is on the horizon.
  • Golden aura in a dream = inner and outer riches will be yours.
  • Rainbow colored aura = this indicates a healthy constitution with good self-control and staying power in any situation.

Depending on which type of blue aura you happen to see in your dream, you will be able to analyze this dream interpretation further. A blue aura represents someone who is caring, loving, sensitive, love to help others intuitively. If you only see a blue aura, it can indicate that you are someone dependable because of your kind heart. If the blue is royal, then it suggests that you are a generous person, who is about to be blessed with opportunities which are coming on your way. A soft blue aura in your dream denotes that you are always truthful to those around you. A multicolored aura suggests that you are peaceful and you always seek to clarify more information before communicating. This is to avoid misunderstanding. A muddy or dark blue aura in your dream sometimes foretells that you are a person who fears expression. You have some fear about your future. Ancient dream dictionaries denote that to see a murky aura indicates when faced with a scenario where you need to tell the truth you sometimes find it very difficult to express.

When you happen to dream about a red aura, you will have to analyze the dream depending on the type of red that was portrayed to you. If the red was unspecified, then it definitely represents your physical body and the way the blood circulates in it. Maybe visit a physician for a general checkup to rule out any unforeseen problem; it also means that you are having financial problems and you need to look into ways on how to make money. It can also suggest anger or unforgiveness.

If you see a clear red aura in your dream it indicates that your sexual prowess is great; you are powerful and energetic making you passionate about life in general. A deep red aura in your dream denotes that, you can face anything in your life because you are a risk taker, you are survival oriented; you have a strong foundation which is not shaky thus not worried about the future. You are always realistic and not an illusionist. Your strong willpower is what makes you succeed in almost everything you do. A muddied red aura symbolizes that you are a person who is full of anger at the moment. If you saw light coming out of your body in your dream or a white aura it implies that you will encounter a "breakthrough" moment in life. If you are feeling stressed this will end. A green aura suggests being proactive in your life and now that you need to achieve a goal which you have been postponing for quite a long time, you have been forced to use all your energy at once, making you feel tired.

If you happen to experience a spiritual awakening in your dream (seeing light projecting from your body) denotes that you are trying everything possible to be the person you have always wanted to be. You are trying to be a loving, caring person. You are no longer fearing situations even though they have been somewhat chaotic, you are on the right path to gaining divine energy which will enable you to perform any task that is presented to you.

What does it mean to see a blue aura in a dream from 1930s dream dictionaries?

A blue aura seen in your dream typically is associated with the fact you are trying to find balance in life. The blue color is very important and the “type” of blue in your dream. It could be that you perhaps you could see light blue aura which is connected to being tranquil situations, flexibility in life and also the need to seek optimization. Now, if the aura appeared in your dream to be darker blue this is connected to how you demonstrate your own emotions over others. In dreams the aura no matter what the color is is connected to our own hidden emotions and how we are responsive to to others. Seeing the specific color blue can mean that you need to monitor how you approach matters going forward. It could also mean that you need to meditate upon elements of blue, such as a clear blue sky.

Feelings Associated with the Dream:

Divine. Loving. Kind. Sensitive. Dependable. Truthful. Anger. Ungrateful. Chaotic. Successful. Happiness. Sadness

By Florance Saul
Jun 19, 2017