A Bag Filled With Grains

A Bag Filled With Grains

Grains In Dreams

So you had a sign of wealth! This is a great dream to have. In a dream, a bag filled with grains is a sign of wealth.

Grains are quite interesting dream symbols. You could have had a dream about rice or did you know that dreaming of grains in bags implies you are very successful and you tend to be having more than enough money and material wealth than you need?

Either now or in the future. This is resulting in other people feeling jealous of you. All you need to do is, humble yourself in the midst of wealth and success. Focus on having a good character that will attract others to you. When you build your reputation amidst success and material wealth, you will enable people to love you and not feel envy. This will make it possible for you to co-exist and have a prosperous life.

Detailed dream interpretation of grains

If there are many bags that contain grains it suggests that you are a wealthy and prosperous person and it is best if you shared the wealth - to help those around you. Try and build a good relationship with the community. If you are in a field of grain in your dream this means new beginnings but success. Be grateful that you are successful. This will create a good rapport that will make you happy and them happy too.

If you lifted grain bags in your dream, it implies that you are being carried away by your success and material wealth. This is causing friction between you and those around you and it is time that you slowed down and considered others. To sell grain bags suggests you tend to struggle with insight into why you have been so successful. This is because you seem proud. A sack grain bag suggests a goal is unreachable. Amid wealth and success, humble yourself.

A situation where you see that you have broken grain bags or they are heavy suggests you seem to be stagnating in your wealth and success. You are not adding anything to what you already have and that is dangerous because, there is a chance that, you might slide into poverty. This is due to the fact that you are using wealth but not adding anything to it. You need to start working hard so that, you continue climbing the ladder of success.

If you see grain bags in a field, it is symbolic. You seem to be working hard, but success and wealth are not coming your way. Others seem to be benefiting from your work and this is leaving you frustrated, no reward is forthcoming for your hard work. You have an option of changing tactics because, it might be that, although you see yourself working hard you could be involved in the wrong project, which is not fruitful. You can decide to embark on different things and try to become successful with it. When you see opened grain bags in your dream, it denotes that, there are several opportunities that are presenting themselves to you and you can use them to obtain success and wealth.

In the dream, you may

  • Have seen that the bag itself was a grain bag.
  • Lifted grain bags. Have stacked grain bags.
  • Seen grain bags in a field.
  • Opened grain bags.  

Feelings associated with your dream of a grain bag

Successful, wealthy, dangerous, prosperous, and lucky.

By Florance Saul
May 14, 2017