Dream of Blindness

Blindness Dream Meaning & Interpretation

Dreaming of going blind is a freaky dream. Modern life and the use of our phones, and laptops can have a massive impact on our vision, if you have spent a long time in front of those glowing rectangles then dreams such as going blind are not uncommon. This dream is about seeing through things in life.  But in reality, it could mean something much more than just loss of sight - it could signify something deeper about your psychology and emotional state right now. To see yourself go blind indicates that you need to open up your third eye and see something in life – remember, you carry years’ worth of collective wisdom and insight but something is “closed” off right now. What is it?

What does it mean to dream of blindness?

The rate of myopia is at a crazy level and by 2050 a study in the Journal of Ophthalmology shows that 9.8% of the world will be blind due to the way we are living. I like to think of this dream as spinning the thread of life and that we need to clearly SEE something right now, maybe take some time "off" the screens. Dreams of blindness are funny and can include all sorts of aspects.  In some Asian countries, people associate blindness with infinite knowledge or ‘enlightenment’ because it seems impossible to physically look at the world without eyesight yet gain a deep understanding of the inner self. Similarly, people from the middle east believe our eyesight to be symbolic of spiritual clarity. 

In the Persian tradition, it is said that if you dream of being blind it is the sign of a life filled with difficulties and poverty, bear in mind this is a really old meaning so I don't want to alarm you. A more interesting explanation is given by the Western tradition, claiming that if you dream of yourself being blind or of blind people in general, you will have trouble in love. In the Eastern tradition, dreaming about blindness reflects our spiritual path toward enlightenment by understanding our true purpose in life (Swamiji 2017).  

According to dream psychoanalyst Carl Jung blindness can mean complete confusion in daily life due to lack of direction as well as inner struggles with accepting some parts/aspects within oneself that one instinctively feels is not right but denies consciously (Jung 1921). Besides this theory, Freud’s dream interpretation of blindness means the need to conceal from the outside world due to fear or shame (Freud 1900).

The American Dream Foundation (ADF), has suggested that blindness in a dream often reflects a lack of knowledge in waking life connected with whatever the dreamer was looking at before they became blind. Blindness can also suggest an inability to think clearly and come up with solutions for challenges we are facing. In other words, it hints at having internal psychological blocks that are preventing personal insight into certain situations in life.

What does it mean to dream of going blind?

Being blind in the dream world means that you may need to consider some elements of your life to be uncontrollable. This dream also means that you may have impulses to try to improve yourself. To dream of being blind denotes a sudden change from wealth in your life to almost poverty. It is important to be able to follow your impulses in life in order to develop yourself spiritually.

This dream also signifies that you are unable to recognize situations around you and that you may need spiritual guidance. The key message is to meditate in order to find the answers. If you dream of being at a blind school, then your mere existence justifies exceptional treatment, as you are going to do something worthwhile in the future. If you are underqualified and lack skills because you cannot be bothered with the minutia of obtaining an academic degree, professional training, or exams, then maybe it is time for a change.

If you dream of a blind person, and you are not blind yourself, it denotes arrogance and belief that you are superior to others. It refers to your ability to function in society. It may mean that you need to recoil, bolt, or obstruct each and every stage of negotiations or a business deal. A dream involving you blind walking down the street means the need to get to the bottom of a situation, in that it is really difficult to understand how you may do that without actually having any guidance from anyone.

In my old dream books if you are a man and see a blind woman, then this symbolizes an unstable figure in authority (if the man is not blind himself). If a women dream of becoming blind, it means that she has unrecognized elements of her character and her own self, which must be exposed.

What does it mean to dream of a blind child?

If you see a blind child in the dream (or maybe even your child), indicates your need to distance yourself from others. You are playing a part in the storybook of life which is clearly limiting your development to be able to make firm and successful decisions.  Dreaming of a blind child is not as uncommon or strange as you may think. According to the psychological literature, dreams about children often represent qualities within ourselves that we are struggling to accept or nurture, and can indicate our "inner child". I feel a blind child is something 'unseen' within yourself - it's possible that you feel like there’s something in your life that has gone unnoticed or unrecognized by the world around you. It might also suggest an area or idea which is too abstract for words – suggesting we need to look inward rather than outward for understanding. If the child is your own being blind can represent that you are feeling vulnerable in times of uncertainty or insecurity; meaning this dream may be reflecting feelings of helplessness and lack of control.

On another level, this dream could reflect aspects of yourself that require more attention and care. I believe, having this dream means you're likely dreaming of a child because they typically symbolize innocence, vulnerability, and potential development — all traits associated with the core part of our "inner child". So perhaps this dream is asking us to understand our innermost desires from a place beyond judgment but rather compassion and self-forgiveness. 

What does it mean to dream of a blind man?

Dreaming of a blind man indicates being led down a path, especially if you help this blind person. Generally, dreaming that you are leading or being led by a blind man may suggest that you need to be more aware and attentive to your inner self in order to understand what is really going on in your life. It could represent feeling lost and overwhelmed with certain aspects of life and needing a guiding hand, or it could just suggest that you hold too much faith in someone. A dream of a blind man as a spiritual guide could mean something important in your life or provide insight into the path you are on. It is possible that the symbolism represents being guided by intuition, faith, or an inner knowing despite not having full clarity or understanding of what lies before you.

For you though (depending on who the man was) I believe this dream is speaking to where you are in your journey and providing guidance while still leaving room for exploration and discovery. If you knew the man in the dream it can point to something around this person you cannot see. You are likely being asked to trust yourself—your instincts—while allowing yourself to stay open to new possibilities without trying too hard to figure them out ahead of time.

Dreaming about someone else leading a blind person could mean that you have some trust issues or emotional vulnerability that you can be dealing with right now. This type of dream can also indicate that there is something that needs attention within yourself, whether mental, physical or spiritual.

What is the spiritual meaning of dreaming of going or being blind in dreams?

I'm not sure if you know many ancient stories, but we can gain some insight into what blindness means in dreams by looking into some ancient texts. Horus was a god of the sky in ancient Egyptian mythology who lost his left eye in a battle with his uncle Seth - which is why many myths depict him with one eye. This myth has been interpreted as a representation of spiritual awakening through transformation and restoration. I also read that in Greek mythology there is a story about Odysseus who goes blind when he insults Poseidon – god of the sea. His blindness indicates his lack of judgment or sight into other people’s feelings which leads him away from fulfilling his goals. In other words, this dream could suggest that you are not “recognizing” something important on your quest or journey, be it physical or spiritual in nature. 

If you have checked out my Tiktok ( you will see I often do many tarot readings, what came to me when considering this dream is the classic tarot card ‘The Hanged Man” which also shows someone inverted with their eyes closed – suggesting that even though at first you may feel suspended from your current situation; if you surrender yourself spiritually and trust the process then clarity will eventually come forth again once YOU open your eyes again – however long this process may take! 

In dreams, spiritually going blind indicates inner transformation brought about through total faith and commitment to one “spiritual” journey - no matter how uncomfortable at times - so that new insight can be gained resulting from facing the darkness within ourselves along our path towards enlightenment, I honestly feel that blindness spiritually means you are not seeing something in waking life.

What does it mean to dream of someone who is blind but in real life they can see?

There is something incredibly odd and powerful about dreaming of other people. They can represent our hopes, fears, and anxieties in relationships around us - even when it may not be immediately clear to us what is actually going on inside of our heads when we dream. When you have a dream that someone is blind in your dream but not in real life, there may be a number of reasons behind this. 

I feel that this kind of dream could represent feeling lost and overwhelmed by the complexity of a relationship in real life, which is why you might be dreaming about someone being blind - as if they were unable to take in the full scope and make sense of what's happening around them. I also believe this dream could indicate feeling helpless or trapped in a situation where this other person has an advantage over you because they can "see" something that you cannot. 

What does it mean to dream of seeing blind people?

If you see blind people dream it means that a person will bid you good in money matters. If you are blind in a dream, it is a sign that you have to give up some good stuff that you actually saved for later. The dream that you take a blind by his hand is a bad sign, as seeing a blind means some worries will not give you peace.

We all have many people in our lives—who each give us something different and unique through our relationships with them. Each relationship serves its own purpose and contributes to our personal growth in some way or another. 

Sister: Our sister gives us comfort when we need it most; she is the yin to our yang – someone who understands us on a deeper level since they know how it feels to walk in our shoes yet offers a fresh perspective when needed, if she is blind in a dream it means that you cannot see a new perspective.
Mother/grandmothers: Mothers provide unconditional love and support no matter what happens; even if we make mistakes they are always there for guidance, if your mother is blind in the dream it can mean you are needing to have love right now.
Brother: Brothers bring fun into your life as well as remind you that laughter can go a long way; they also offer protection when the time calls for it, therefore, if blind in dreams it shows we need fun.
Stranger: Strangers might seem intimidating at first but interacting with new people broadens your horizons while providing valuable knowledge exchange opportunities if you see someone blind then it can indicate that you might be socially not able to focus on what is important
Seeing our children: son or daughter blind in dreams indicates that things around us need to be seen.
Fathers/grandfathers: seeing our father blind indicates that we need to provide strong leadership qualities such as discipline 
Partners: to dream of our partner going blind can indicate that you might find some sort of conflict in the future, it could be that you need to face things in the relationship and actually start to talk to each other more --- what are you not seeing?

Dreaming about the blindness of people in general --- can therefore be seen as an indication that although these relationships exist around us bring value and meaning – sometimes we struggle to recognize how much each person means until perhaps ‘blindness’ arrives offering newfound clarity on things (like family issues) allowing fresh perspectives into old problems or how we approach these relationships.


What do older dream dictionaries mean about blindness?

Ancient dream dictionaries on the subject of being blind generally guide you to the following advice: in life, you sometimes have the ability to approach problems in different ways. Each and everything that you do should be carefully thought out and then acted upon. Without this approach to life, things become difficult. Therefore, many people find various things interesting while others have no interest.

  • If you dream that one eye is blind means that you will give up half of your religion, or you will perform a sin in your life.
  • To dream you made someone blind means that you may lead people up the garden path.
  • Dreaming of anything connected to blindness can also mean that you rejecting something about your life. Make sure you do not let anything pass you by.
  • To dream that you go blind means that you want to escape a situation in your life.

This dream means you are not seeing something right now

I want to share something personal with you, and hopefully just give you some insight into what I feel this dream means from a personal viewpoint ---- about two years ago, I was diagnosed with optic neuritis – a condition where the optic nerve at the back of both eyes becomes inflamed and causes a significant reduction in vision. It was sudden, and it completely shocked me.  At first, my vision loss felt extremely scary and frustrating but ultimately it led me on a spiritual journey of self-love and healing that has been invaluable for my life's growth. When I started losing my sight temporarily I was freaked out as I could not write all my dream meanings anymore, I had to learn how to become more present not just within myself but also in life overall. Until then, I had taken many things for granted - from not appreciating every moment to being too critical of myself - but this experience challenged those deeply conditioned beliefs about self-worth. 

Once my eyesight returned after about 4-6 weeks of treatment with intravenous steroid tablets (that made me put on weight)  I realized that there was beauty underneath all adversity; insignificance in our own struggles when seen through the big perspective; kindness in allowing ourselves imperfections; ultimate strength in resilience; patience towards oneself when dealing with uncertainty or pain; inner peace amidst outer name it! So I want to share this with you: In short: no matter how tough times may get while going through temporary blindness or dreaming of blindness – be honest with yourself during difficult moments so that you don't get stuck overthinking your situation but instead accept your journey as part of learning from life lessons without having everything planned, sometimes we just need to know we can trust in ourselves and things just work out! Learning to love yourself unconditionally is key here so remember that although things may feel hard right now they will eventually pass by if you stay hopeful and persistent enough!

According to ancient dream dictionaries, this dream can represent

  • A disinclination to comprehend reality.
  • Feeling of disloyalty or deficiency of information, social association or other common elements.
  • Sensitivity to matters out of your control, or fear of being left alone.
  • Sudden abandonment by others close to you.

In your dream you may have

  • You are blind.
  • A blind beggar.
  • A blind person with a guiding dog.
  • You meet a blind person.
  • A blind person guided by another person.
  • A blind bird.
  • A blind trying to find his way.
  • You are blinded by something.
  • You blind someone.
  • A blind getting into a bus.
  • A blind that can suddenly see.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Take control of your life.
  • Follow your impulses in life.
  • You look for spiritual guidance.
  • Be ready to make some changes in your life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of blind

Scared. Anxious. Angry. Upset. Worried. Admiring. Helpful.

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By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012