Dream about my Sister

Dream About My Sister

Dream About My Sister

You may need to dig deep when you have this dream especially when it is repetitive. I know that this dream may crop up after some kind of contact with your sister, maybe if you have endured a Christmas, Birthday or big family event. If you yelled and had a fight with a sister recently this is another reason for this dream. Remember we expect our sister to love us unconditionally, and sometimes they do break this promise. Do you want to hide? Is your relationship with your sister full of ups and downs? I will explore some potential interpretations behind dreaming about your sister.

We all have different relationships with our sister, from a close relationship to a distant relationships. I recommend that you review your relationship with your sister as this in my view can be a clue as to why you have dreams of her. When you dream about someone you care about deeply, there is nothing quite like it. In my dreams, I feel a surge of warmth envelop me as I am reminded of our eternal bond. All that exists is us, together through time and space, in an unbreakable connection when she is holding me close or smiling at me with her brilliant eyes. This is what we hope for in regards to a sibling connection --- but is not always the case. Are these soulful dreams just sweet symbols of our sibling love, or could there be something even more mysterious? To gain a deeper understanding of this fascinating experience I have detailed specific dreams below.

What does it mean to dream and see your sister?

Listening to my sisters (I have 4) talk about how difficult it is to communicate, there is usually a struggle. Your relationship with your sister may be great or strained, but this could be the very reason why you have had this dream. I always feel that the universe weaves its magic when we sleep, and of course it is whispering secrets to you -- are you brave enough to listen? --- I am asking you --- are you listening?

I believe that dreaming of your sister is a sign of the infinite connection that binds you both, if you are in a good relationship with her or not. Even in the darkest of nights, you are never alone. It might be a message from your spirit guides, telling you to hold onto hope and stay strong. You will always have your sister by your side, even in the realm of dreams, so cherish this dream and let it fill your soul with calm and radiance. I also need to say at this point that the spirit of your sister (whether in this world or beyond) is with you --- remember we also have ethanal sisters in our realms, therefore in the spirit world you could have sisters that you don’t know about and these could be appearing in your dream. 

What is the biblical meaning of your sister in a dream?

In the vivid landscape of our dreams, we often encounter symbols and figures that hold deeper meanings. If your mind's eye has formed the image of your sister within this otherworldly realm, fear not, for this holds divine significance. According to biblical interpretation, the presence of your sister in a dream represents protection, guidance, and nurturing. She is a reminder that the inherent bond between siblings transcends the physical realm and can exist beyond the bounds of reality. Allow this vision to fill your heart with comfort and reassurance as you navigate the ethereal landscape of your subconscious mind.

There are several ways in which sisters are mentioned in the Bible and I feel that understand the scripture will help understand your dream better. As described in Proverbs 7:4, it states a foolish woman "does not stay at home". This is sometimes interpreted as a sister who is causing trouble within the family. In Luke 10:38-42, Mary and Martha are often cited as examples of two sisters, with Mary being praised for sitting at Jesus' feet to listen to his teaching while her sister continued to work. The Bible says "a friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity" - this verse often includes the word "sister" in addition to "brother," and I feel this states the importance of sisters in our lives. When Rebecca is reunited with Isaac, Genesis 24:60 mentions Rebecca's sister and her children. It is important for family members to be close, and the Bible speaks of the joy of sisters being united. Sisters are depicted in the Bible in a positive light-as supportive and loving family members who are willing to support one another when they need it. But is this the case with you? As the Bible reminds us, sisters can be important sources of encouragement and comfort for us, regardless of how we relate to our own siblings. Bringing this altogether it is my belief that sisters from a biblical perspective is associated with making sure that you see through any family conflict with a clear mind.

What does it mean to dream about your older sister?

Older sisters always know best (in my experience) this is something we live with. In the ethereal realm we sometimes (not always) have older sisters, our deep-seated desires and unvoiced concerns often go though our mind. And when it comes to dreaming about an older sister the “dream” experience can be somewhat surreal and sublime. So, what does it mean to dream about your older sister? I honestly believe it's a symbol of your keen admiration for inner strength and resilience, or a reflection of your longing for the wisdom and guidance. Whatever the interpretation may be, embrace the beauty of your dreams and cherish the bond that intertwines you and your dear sister, both in the waking world and beyond.

What does it mean to dream of your sister that you do not talk to in real life?

Let’s face it --- it is not uncommon for us to come across people we have lost touch with in real life. One of the most significant figures is that of a sister, who we may have drifted from, or fallen out with. A dream about your sister (that you do not have a relationship with) may signal your longing for connection and union. I’m not giving you advice, for example reconnecting --- as I know from experience these things are difficult. Let’s not forget that  unspoken words or feelings may remain unsaid. Explore the depths of your subconscious and find the courage to reach out to your sister in waking life. 

What does it mean to dream of having a sister but not having one in real life?

In the world of dreams, I always feel that our spirits give us a message, and yes, sisters may appear even if they don't exist in our real lives. Their presence can feel like a warm embrace, a guiding light, or a source of endless laughter. Think of this dream in the sense that it is reminding you of the beauty of sisterhood, the power of female bonds, and the importance of nurturing relationships. Maybe it's a message to create sisterly connections with the women around you, to seek out mentors, friends, or role models who can fill that void. Or it could signify your own inner qualities of empathy, kindness, and generosity, as sisters are often associated with these traits. Whatever the interpretation, cherish the dream and let it inspire you to cultivate more love, support, and sisterhood in your waking life.

What does it mean to see your sister small again (in childhood)?

As I reminisce about my childhood, I am reminded of the times my sister and I would play hide-and-seek. She was always the best at finding me, but there was something special about the moments when I found her. Seeing her small and running around (I still have the photos) was a reminder of the bond we shared as siblings. It meant that we were still unspoiled by the world around us and that our imaginations were limitless. To see her small again in your dream is  not just a reflection of our physical selves but also a reflection of the closeness that you have with others around you. 

What does it mean to dream of your dead sister?

Maybe her spirit comes to you in the depths of the night, dancing among the stars and twirling through the spiritual realm. I honestly believe that seeing your deceased sister who has passed is a reminder of her being around you ---- I want to share this --- she is from this earth but never truly lost. It is a reminder that she crossed over into another realm where she can offer you solace and comfort. Listen, her presence is a reminder that she is never truly gone, that her love endures beyond the veil of death. Through your dreams, you can continue to cherish her memory and hold onto the bond that will never be broken. If you did not get on with her in real life, dreaming of your sister can indicate that you will probably see someone soon. So if you dream of your dead sister, know that she is with you still, shining brightly in the endless expanse of time and space. 

What does it mean to dream of arguing or your sister getting angry?

I need to share this with you, the mind can weave tales that leave us perplexed upon waking. When you see a scenario that can involve arguing or an angry sister, it may leave you questioning what message from spirit is being sent. Maybe the argument is a manifestation of our subconscious urging us to speak up for ourselves or stand up for what we believe in. And as for the anger of a sister, it may be a symbol of the deep connection and strong bond we share with her, even amidst moments of confusion. I don’t want you to dismiss this dream as simply a “figment of imagination” but instead, embrace this dream --- as the mysterious and wondrous expression of yourself!

What does it mean to keep dreaming of your sister?

If you keep dreaming (over and over) of your sister then this is a reminder to hold onto the bond that you share. It could also be a sign to cherish the memories you've made together and create new ones to come. If you don’t speak to your sister and you keep dreaming about her then the dream is connected to your relationship with her, try to think of this dream (if you can) a source of positivity and love in your life, reminding you of the beauty of connection and the importance of keeping those relationships strong.

What does it mean to have the same dream as your sister?

I feel this dream signifies a connection deeper than blood - an unspoken bond that transcends the boundaries of the physical world. When two sisters have the same dream it is a reminder. A reminder that two hearts beating as one, two minds sharing in the same spiritual realm. It is a rare and precious gift, a reminder that you are never truly alone in this journey of life. 

What does it mean to dream of your sister hurting you?

I do find that in all dreams the symbols often take on a life of their own. So what does it mean when the image of your sister hurting you happens? I feel it is a reflection of internal struggles you are facing, a need to reconcile with past conflicts or heal from emotional wounds. Make sure that you trust in the power of familial bonds and know that forgiveness and growth are possible, even in the darkest of dreams.

What does it mean to dream of you and your sister fighting?

To see your sister fighting in a dream, it's true to say this is unsettling -- you may wonder if this type of conflict will occur in the future. But take heart, I feel such a dream is like code, and they often hold secrets that only intuition can unlock. Perhaps this dream is not foretelling strife between you and your beloved sister, but rather signaling a desire for greater harmony and peace in your relationship. Conflict between loved ones is inevitable, but it need not define your bond. So when you wake up, take a deep breath and allow yourself to see the bigger picture. Find ways to nurture the love that you share and let this dream serve as a reminder to cherish this bond that is so uniquely yours.

What does it mean to dream of your sister cheating with your partner?

In the realm of dreams, the mind can conjure up the most peculiar of scenarios -- including seeing your sister cheat with your boyfriend, wife, husband etc. A dream where your sister is seen cheating with your lover, can leave you feeling unsettled and confused. I know. You are asking: is this a sign? Are they having an affair? However, fear not for this dream does not necessarily reflect reality. Instead it could be a projection of your inner self struggling with certain aspects of your relationships. Perhaps, it is time for you to communicate your desires and apprehensions in your current relationship. Let this dream be a catalyst for you to delve deeper into your emotions and gain a better understanding of your inner workings.

What does it mean to dream of your sister leaving?

In the stillness of the night, as slumber takes hold, dreams come to play in our minds. And oh, what curious things they can be. To dream of your sister leaving, what could it mean? Perhaps it is a symbol of growth and independence, as she journeys forth on her own path. Or maybe it is a reminder to cherish the time you have together, for all good things must come to an end. Whatever the interpretation may be, let us find comfort in the beauty of dreaming and the mysteries it holds. For even in the midst of goodbye, there is always the promise of new beginnings.

What does it mean to dream of a step sister?

When we dream of a step sister, it is not merely a coincidence. For in the world of dreams, everything signifies something deeper than what meets the eye. A step sister (in my view) may represent harmony in our relationships, a blending of families or even a new journey we are embarking on. It is a symbol of growth, a sign that we are ready to embrace the changes that lie ahead. I want to urge you, that in this moment, we must trust the universe and the signs it sends our way, for this dream guides us towards the path that is meant for us. Your step sister is a beacon of light, illuminating your way towards a brighter tomorrow.

What does it mean to talk to your sister who has deceased in a dream?

In a dream, where the boundaries of the physical world blur and our subconscious takes the reins, have you ever found yourself talking to a loved one who has passed away? Specifically, your sister? It may seem like a strange occurrence to some, but to those who have experienced it, it can be a comforting embrace from the beyond. In that moment, it's as if time stands still and the veil between the living and the dead becomes thin. Perhaps it means that your sister's spirit is still watching over you, whispering words of encouragement and love through the dream realm. Whatever it may be, take solace in the fact that your sister lives on, even if it's in your dreams.

What does it mean to dream of your sister in law?

When your sister in law comes to you in a dream, it's more than just a fleeting thought. It's a connection that transcends time and space. It's a message from the universe, a sign that her presence in your life is meaningful and profound. Perhaps she represents a part of yourself that you have yet to fully embrace, or maybe she is a guide leading you towards a brighter future. Whatever the case may be, embrace this dream with open arms and allow it to inspire you to live your life with purpose and passion, just as your sister in law would want you to.

What does it mean to dream your sister is having a baby?

If you dream that your sister is expecting (maybe with a bump) then it’s true to say there is excitement that fills the air. A tiny life that's soon to be born, a new addition to the family tree! How wonderful --- but this is the dream world. I often feel when we see another person pregnant it’s much like the universe is reminding you of the beauty of creation, of the miracle of birth, of the infinite ways in which love can grow. 

This dream is about new beginnings, new possibilities, and new roles to play. Your sister is about to embark on a journey that will change her forever, and you'll be there to witness it all. It's a reminder that life is precious, and every moment counts. So, embrace this dream with open arms, and trust that it's a sign of good things to come -- maybe something will be born again! 

A dream involving your sister is a sign of happiness unless the sister appears to have problems, in which case this is rather a sign of bad luck ahead. Dreaming of having issues with your sister or that you do not like your sister is a sign that you will experience contempt from your friends because of the lies other tell about you. But overall, the dream of your sister is a good sign, foretelling happiness, good health, prosperity, and long life. In the Western tradition, the dream about a beloved sibling means that one of your best friendships will come to an end.

Older dream meanings - dreams about your sister:

When I turn to my older dream books, we can unlock a whole new idea of this dream. So in my books, dreaming of your young sister is a sign of renewal and regeneration coming in your life. It is a sign of happiness and long life, prosperity and financial gains. Taking care of your sister indicates that you are currently not wanted among friends or family. If you are taking care of your sister and she is a child, this is the sign of good and harmonious relationship with your life partner.

If you see a sister in your dream, this could suggest that you will receive a gift. If in your dream your sister is old, this means sickness and possibly some bad news from a loved one. It can also refer to a trip with unpleasant experiences. If you see your sister being sick, this could be the sign of an imminent death in the family. Dreaming that your sister is dead is however a very good sign, indicating that your life will be well organized and you will enjoy prosperity.

If in your dream your sister is blonde, this means richness. If she has brown hair, this is a sign of love. Seeing your sister with white hair symbolizes insincerity, uncertainty, regret and bitterness, but also a big damage. Seeing your sister without hair could predict a happy marriage. Seeing your pregnant sister means difficulties and something new and unpleasant ahead. If in your dream your sister is giving birth, this means you will feel relieved soon. If in your dream you see your sister’s face, this means worries, but if she is very beautiful, it predicts that you are going to fall in love very soon. If you hear your sister’s voice in a dream, this indicates you are enthusiastic at work and everybody admires you.

To dream of seeing your sister get married means will soon receive an interesting proposal that will improve your life. Talking to a sister in your dream tells that you have a moody character. Dreaming of your sister being in your house is the symbol of your future plans. A dream about your sister being dead means a serious betrayal of a friend. If your sister dies in your dream, you will experience separation from neighbors, friends, or relatives. If in your dream you find out you have a sister you did not know about and you meet her, this is the symbol of love and hidden desires. If your sister is brushing your hair, this means the rains will come. I do hope you enjoyed these lovely dream meanings! God Bless x

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of my sister:

Needing. Comfort. Tired and scared. Dependable upon her. Comfort, fun, laughter Anxiety. Denied. Inadequate. Loving. Happy. Content. At peace. Worried. Grieving.

Your dream:

  • You see your sister.
  • You see your dead sister.
  • You argue with your sister.
  • Your sister is dead even if she is alive in real life.
  • Your sister is dying.
  • You are taking care of your sister.
  • Your sister is old.
  • Your sister is in heaven.
  • Your sister is crying.
  • Your sister is young.
  • You are talking to your sister.
  • Your sister is pregnant.
  • Your sister gives birth.
  • Your sister is brushing her hair.


  • Avoid arguments with your sister in the real life.
  • Be happy and content with your sister.
  • Spend more time with your sister.
  • The dream had a positive outcome.

By Florance Saul
Jan 3, 2017