Death dream meaning

Death Dream Meaning

Death is the ultimate ending in waking life. It is mysterious and perturbing.

In some cultures dreaming about death is a positive omen, that represents prolonged existence and opulence. I know, it must have been a worrying dream and I am sorry you are here the next day trying to look up the meaning. Before I go on, my name is Flo. I am here for you to help you understand this dream. For two decades I have been helping people understand dreams spiritually.

Dying in a dream might appear to be terrifying, or joyful in a strange sense. The actual death encounter can be rather emotional. Now, the good news is that death dreams are about change. For the death to occur, we must end old feelings, remove outdated values as a brand new life is on the horizon. The question you need to address is: How can you develop a new mindset if you are clinging to the old? The issue with dreams that are related to death is the fact that they’re emotionally disastrous. It can be hard to cope with this dream. In the sense that it is hard to split your self away from the emotional impact associated with seeing a loved one die in the dream and also to focus on the proven fact that the particular dream is all about you. It is not necessarily concerning the actual death, yet about the dying thoughts, feelings and new ways of thinking within you.

Challenging, nevertheless, this dream calls for your own understanding your wishes and desires. Even worse are terrifying dreams when you are being murdered by someone. Once again, you must focus on removing the emotional impact of the dream to enable you to consider it's meaning and also identify how it can affect the way you approach your life. In summary, the inescapable fact is that death tends to be something in your life. Perhaps a new start is on the cards. To dream of death may also present future conclusions, like the end of a relationship or perhaps a job. They are emblematic goals connected to this dream. The great majority of dreams that feature death are normally positive and uplifting - change is on the horizon!

It means a fresh start in life

If the dream features a dead person who is a friend or acquaintance then it is important to take into account exactly what this person signifies to you in waking life. As an example, in the dream: if your lover passes away can this represent the 'death' of the old relationship and the start of something new. To dream of a mother dying means that your motherly instincts are going to be challenged in waking life. Maybe you should try to be a lot more patient and try to wait for great things to happen. It is important to work out why the person died in your dream. Going back to the meaning of death in your dream, at the point of death you may become aware of your body as it passes through paralysis in the REM state of sleeping, and this will consequently make you feel weak to defend what is happening in the dream. This can produce a formidable feeling of vulnerability towards threatening conditions in the dream, especially if you feel you are having a near-death experience. The particular emotional aspect is a component of feeling vulnerable because of the fact you are dreaming. This kind of danger can be tangible or perhaps merely experienced after you wake up from the dream. If it's tangible, the cause of the threat may be the area for the dream interpretation. Therefore, it is important to understand whom died, exactly why, how, along and what was in danger in your dream.

In the event that death was only a threat, which is just sensed in the dream, it can represent ambivalence of the soul. The true meaning of this dream is to try to unravel your own self-awareness. Learning who you are and your future goals. You may not wish to entirely take hold of this challenge, but this dream is a warning to think about things deeply. If in your dream you are looking at your body from above or struggling to go back into your body, or perhaps averted from your body is a sign of contradiction. There is a decision that needs to be made but you are unsure of the best way forward. These dreams are usually because you are trying to understand the realities of life that impact on your everyday life.

What does dying in your dream mean?

Most of us have not thought too much about preparing for death. To feel the loss of life can be a strong feeling. Even though the event may have been rather shocking, passing away in a dream is quite common. It normally occurs when you are trying to become stable or set barriers in life. Sometimes the symbolic death is the wake-up call that you need in your waking life. Of course, this wake-up call is rather troubling. Being confronted with the loss of life is a rather unpleasant experience, especially in a dream state. Also, how do you die in your dream is important.

How did you feel during your dream? What was your emotional state like during the dream? This is the first time you have felt this way in your life. If we're going through emotional turmoil, it is common to have dreams that echo our waking world feelings. These dreams can be very important and often provide clues to help us solve our problems. Even though dying is something we all feel fear about, try to think how this reflects on your daily life.

What does a loved one dying in your dream mean?

It is important to understand the particular loss of life and why this has happened in your dream. The actual death of a family member could be the result of several factors. You may be sensing anxiety for that person's well-being. Are you facing circumstances where your feelings of other people are getting questioned? Your own loss of life means that goals need to be representational, at the moment you are setting objectives that aren't associated with achievements in the past or present. To die of a natural cause, such as a heart attack or a disease means that you need to think long term. Wishes for loss of life in a dream means that you may need help with the next step in life. Take the advice that is offered.

The actual death might be emblematic of your dream. It can show that you have a problem with the reality of your love for that person, it can also show repressed anger in the direction of the person that died. Ultimately, if the person that died is a partner it might herald the end of a romantic relationship.

What does a stranger dying in your dream mean?

To dream of a dying stranger means that you will have the advancement of wealth in your life. Consequently, it is important to learn how the stranger is connected to you in the dream. It might be that the randomness of life is the main problem. In this case, taking a look at stranger's loss of life and your link with the other people in the dream is essential. The particular death of the stranger might signify life's stereotypes. It can also mean that something in your life is going to die and move on. Normally, this dream means that you are required to discover self-understanding.

Thus don't get worried about anyone dying: that is not exactly what the dream is usually about. These dreams contain the answer to elements of life. (not death) To see a stranger dying in front of you represents that you need to set goals. It means that at the moment, you're lacking a wonderful chance to have ultimately new and incredible life. The loss of life is a call to a new start. To see a stranger die of old age means it is important to modify and perhaps remove bad habits such as smoking, or drinking. We sometimes finish things too early. For example, we would finish a romantic relationship before giving it a proper go, or perhaps drop out of training for an event too early. An example, but end up being also fearful to build up your skills, picking rather a well-paid yet unhappy profession. This dream is all about changes to make your life better!

What does it mean to see a pet dying in your dream?

If a pet dies in your dream, such as a dog, cat, rabbit etc then think about what the pet symbolizes in your life. You might decide the actual pet signifies your childhood or comfort. Also, think about how the pet passes away, if the killing is done in cold blood within the dream, without any regret, and it is although getting rid of pets was obviously a normal thing to do. The particular dream marks a healthy stage in the growth and development of your life. Because as children we rely on our own mother and father or a pet for comfort. The death in this sense portrays that the comfort we feel should come from within. It is a wake-up call to be free to create your own values and this also helps you to turn out to be your own expert. The effect of pets is so strong on children that disposing of the old values that you have been carrying maybe difficult in life.

What does it mean to dream of my baby, son or daughter died in a dream?

To dream of your baby dying is a traumatic dream. If the baby in your dream is alive - in waking life (your actual baby) then this dream represents your fears. It is important to think about why you had this dream. The baby represents a new beginning and a new start. The child also represents the inner baby in you. It is important to feel happy in life. This dream means that you are feeling rather insecure about the future of certain events. The dream means that you need to try to listen to yourself and give yourself a big hug. Visiting a child’s coffin or that you learn about a child’s death in your dream means that you must ask yourself how old you felt the child was. If the child is nine years old, it may mean you need to set goals for nine years time. To see a child's funeral denotes a new start in life.

Being captive on death row:

If you experience the imprisoning you for a crime, for example, you are on death row, ask yourself what appears to be imprisoning you? Who is trying to ending in your life?

What does it mean to dream of the death of a dead person?

If you experience the death of a family member, friend, or lover in waking life, then you dream of them, you may be experiencing delayed grieving. In the early stages of someone's death in waking life, it’s normal to feel upset that this person abandoned you. Irrational, yes, but typical. If the person has recently died, this dream is common. You may even believe that they were uncompassionate in leaving you to live this life without having them around, and you might even blame the consequence of their death on yourself - perhaps blame yourself for simply not being able to tell them how you feel. Once more, irrational yet normal. Thus, if the person in your dream is a loved one then it is common to have such a dream. To see an older relative or grandma or grandpa in a dream means that you need to try to listen to advice that people give you. You might be dreaming about your feelings regarding grief at losing him or her. When you have this dream it can be a wake-up call that you need to follow the advice of others.

If the person recently passed away in waking life, then this dream means that you are working through the standard phases of loss. It is important to understand that you’re moving through stages of healing in the direction of inner peace. Usually, following the person’s loss of life, it’s typical to have a dream where the person died (in real life) is caring, soft and forgiving. What exactly is occurring during these dreams is that you are naturally forgiving as well as caring for each other, and in addition, you are looking to heal yourself. Once again it's a recovery dream leading you towards a feeling of internal serenity.

What does it mean to see a ghost in your room?

Dreams trigger your body to enter fear reaction, so your entire body releases adrenaline, your heart beats more quickly, and the dreamer may break out in perspiration and - often, struggle to move. This is physiological responses to general fear. Sometimes you get up in the night, open your eyes although the mind remains dreaming. In this state, something interesting happens. As your eyes are open, pictures of the dark bedroom are entering the human brain at the same time as your brain is still in your dream, so, you experience seeing a ghost. Confused, the human brain thinks that something is happening in your bedroom.

Frequently this normally frightens you awake and the ghost's existence vanishes, however, the sweat of your fear lives on. You may have problems trying to get out of bed. This is actually the body’s way of trying to create a secure setting: your muscles are stiff so you don’t get up too quickly. But when the mind wakes up before your body - such as in a very scary dream state: your physical body can’t move because it's still in a dream state.

What does it mean to be haunted by a dead person or demon in the night?

Now let’s proceed to those dreams where you sense you are being haunted by a dead person or even being killed or chased by someone you know is dead in waking life (typically terrifying) or perhaps believe that a presence is really in your bedroom. What can this imply? Once you think about being haunted by something then you must try to carry out protection work by working a spell or through meditation. If in your dream or in your bedroom you see a black-faced demon this normally means that you have opened the gates to the astral world. The demon will try to either have sex with you or attach itself to you by depression. The demon can be either represented in a dream or alternatively be in the physical form. We all possess inner demons but learn to control this negative aspect of our soul. To be attacked by a demon means that you need to seek the protection of Archangel Michael. Light a white candle in his honor and ask for his protection.

To be haunted by something other than a demon, such as a ghost. Ask yourself what issues are you worried about? Reminiscences, shame, remorse? Think about the nature of your dreams lately and ask your self exactly what this ghost represents to you personally. For instance, the ghost can be a person you use to know that passed away, which is nonetheless haunting your thoughts. Think about your relationship with this person. Ask this ghost to go leave you alone through meditation before you go to bed. If this still continues, and you have reoccurring dreams of people that are dead in real life this means that you need to close a door in your waking life, move on and up.

What does it mean to see the devil in your dream?

To see the devil in your dream is typical if you have experienced a strict spiritual upbringing. What happens is that you simply prevent all the information and emotions that you are feeling when you are a child, and you compress your inner thoughts so when you are an adult it is important to try to deal with these emotions, which come out in our dreams. Thus, when you are older this comes back to haunt you. This type of dream is very frightening due to the fact it’s easy to feel that the devil is part of your own guilt. What can you do concerning this dream? You need to find risk-free methods to communicate how you feel in life and how you deal with frustration.

What does it mean to dream of suicide?

Studies show that suicide in dreams is related to the end of something in waking life. So the dream is the symbolic death of something in life, such as a job, relationship. Thus, the desire to die is simply representational of the feelings of ending something. Independence may well feel like desertion. In this instance, dreams of suicide arise when the loss of parent comfort is actually grieved. Dreaming of any loss of life, for example, someone else's suicide may symbolize a change in desires. So, the dream is not necessarily negative.

What does dying from a car crash mean in your dream?

To see yourself or others die in a road accident, is associated with the feeling of releasing emotions. Researchers have summarized that this kind of "what if" dream is useful in reducing the stress of anxiety in daily life. It actually helps the particular dreamer to cope with potential demanding situations. Thus, the dream of being dead or seeing others in the car means that you will be better prepared for things in waking life.

What do dreams of dying or drowning mean?

Dreaming about dying from drowning is all about emotions. Water is our emotional make-up. Therefore, this dream is associated with the actual depths of the mind. To drown in your dream means that emotions will soon be tested. The actual subconscious mind is incurably melodramatic, and also mirrors the particular dreamer's emotions. Dreaming of your own loss of life frequently signifies the changeover from one stage of life to another, such as a child to teenage life, or even mid-life to retirement.

Dreams about other people drowning might also reveal the need to let go of a few negative habits or lifestyles. Once the habit is harmful, such as cigarette smoking or perhaps drug abuse or even poor eating patterns, these hopes for death could be lifestyle preserving!

What do dreams of dying from falling mean?

To die in a dream after climbing a mountain or cliff means that you lack your own personal space at the moment. On the other hand, the particular dream can indicate that what you want in life is going to hard to reach. Think about things that do not have any part in your daily life anymore. In the event you dream about the death of someone else falling off a mountain or cliff, it implies that you have to release the immaturity within and in some instances become more serious.

Falling from a tower or large building means that people will rely on you in the future. It can also signify that it is time to change. Perhaps, others have been relying on you too much.

What does it mean to dream of your mother or father died in your dream?

Death of a mother or father is usually a symbol of moving on to a new phase in life. It implies an end to something in life, normally that you need to release your emotions. It can also mean that you require comfort. Parent dreams have a positive representation. If your mother and father both die, it can suggest that you need to remove your inner worries and struggles. This dream also indicates that you might be having a substantial change in your own life. Your own connection with your mother and father has evolved into a new relationship. This dream can also imply that you need to forget about struggles as a new beginning is on the cards. To have a dream that one of your parents dies, can express fear of loss. So, that is it. Hope you enjoyed this meaning and don't be too concerned in life - oh and don't forget to visit my other sections on the website such as tarot cards. Blessings, Flo.

What can you learn from a dream of death?

Please take note of any emotions that seem out of place or strange. For example, hateful feelings toward someone you love. You can look at these feelings objectively and honestly to see if there is a hidden message. Perhaps there's anger that is hidden, but you don't want to confront it for fear of disrupting your life.

When exploring this way, be careful not to react too strongly. Sometimes dreams can show inappropriate emotions. For example, you might have a dream of your friend dying in which you aren't feeling that way in real life. Sometimes, our unconscious develops a silly sense of humor. It may play games with us or try out new ideas for fun. Maybe the message it's trying to convey is quite different. This message may not say, "I am in love" with my friend (as friendship), but rather, "I need to be more relaxed and less serious about myself."

By Florance Saul
Jan 21, 2013