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Baby clothes dream meanings

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Baby clothes in a dream are connected to our own views in life.

Are you living in the past? Are you expressing your ideas correctly? If you also see a baby wearing baby clothes this is associated with teaching others on how to succeed in life. There may be a new relationship or a time you need to gain better health. Try to make new relationships. To buy baby clothes in the dream is associated with happy times ahead.

To buy a christening outfit for a baby suggests a new love affair. To buy "boy" baby clothes in a dream suggests you need to let go of difficulties. Girl baby clothes mean you need to be more at ease with your own decisions. Baby clothes are the first items that are used on the baby after it is born; it refers to the wardrobe of the baby. Every adult alive has once upon a time, been a baby. Thus, we have all worn these clothes at some point. So a dream where you see baby clothes represents the way you “used” to do things in the past, which you no longer do. I hope that makes sense!

What is the detailed dream interpretation of baby clothes?

A dream where you see yourself buying baby clothes can imply that you are battling with past habits which for some reason seems to be taking charge of your life. You should not let them control you because, if they do things in your mind can cause harm.

Wearing baby clothes suggests a new start in life. Concentrate on building a fresh start that will impact positively on you and those around you.

To see dirty baby clothes means that friends you have that are making you fall back to the old habits, you are better off being your "own" person. Try to embrace others rather than find out you or others are lost. You are better with a single friend who will lead you to the future that has several of them. A naked baby without clothes in your dream means you need to make a choice and stick to it without being swayed by the wind.

Washing baby clothes indicates a new life adventure. Ripped or torn baby clothes in the dream suggest other people will help you in life. A situation where you see a familiar person wearing baby clothes foretells that a friend or a relative might be in need of your help because, they are in the danger of falling back into the bad habits, which are influencing them negatively. You need to be ready and willing to help them because, without your help, they will struggle. They will approach you, but if they don’t, you need to be the best friend and make sure that you are confident enough to help them with their life’s struggles.

A strange person appearing in your dream wearing baby clothes is an indication that, you don’t place an emphasis on the past and that is why your present life seems to be moving in the right direction to the future. This is what has helped you to progress on well in life without having to fall back into the past. Your future looks bright. A newborn in baby clothes is a positive dream that indicates a new start in life. In the dream:

  • You can be the one having the baby’s clothes.
  • You're wearing baby clothes.
  • Buying baby clothes in a dream.
  • Someone you know is folding baby clothes.
  • A strange person wearing baby clothes.
  • Washing baby clothes in the dream.
  • A naked baby without baby clothes.
  • Dirty baby clothes in the dream.
  • Boy baby clothes in dreams.
  • Girl baby clothes in dreams.

Feelings associated with your dream

Happy, progressive, negative, lost, concerned, ruined, charged, unbearable and immature.

By Florance Saul
Jun 11, 2017