Curved Lines

Curved Lines

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Lines most often show us boundaries we have set for ourselves or others, which is why a curved line in a dream can be so uncertain.

Curved lines can mean a variety of things related to your life, but it depends on what has recently been on your mind.

Curved lines connect us to our spiritual planes, and tell us that there is something that may need to be corrected or changed in our lives. Symbols such as these carry the most relevance to our daily lives, as they are representative of direct spiritual intervention.

In your dream you may have

  • Noticed a curved line become a straight line.
  • Seen a straight line turn into a curved line.
  • Noticed a curve line slowly turning into a visible object.
  • Seen from above a line of objects, animals, or people (such as a curved line of ants).
  • Been a part of a curving line of people.
  • Been standing in a line that moved very slowly or very quickly.
  • Been the leader of a curved line of people.
  • Felt stuck in a line or between two lines.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The line seemed wavering and suddenly became steady or secure.
  • The line was a queue for something important in your life, and you were quickly moved to the front.
  • The line straightened out once you became the leader.
  • The curved line represented a calm shoreline.
  • You felt certain of something despite the wavering line.

Detailed dream interpretation

A dream about a curved line can often leave people confused. A curved line can represent a spiritual connection, or it can mean that there is some wavering uncertainty in your life holding you back from a major accomplishment. If you can gain control of the curved line, or straighten it out, there may be some positive change in your life. However, if you find yourself still feeling uncertain once you awake, you may need to re-evaluate or change something.

The curved line can be seen as a spiritual symbol, especially if it is unclear as to what the line represents. Lines often show boundaries, but a curvy line may mean those boundaries are soon to be broken by someone or that you are planning on stepping out of a set boundary. Be especially observant of any rules you have set forth for yourself or for other people, as these may soon shift.

If the line seemed to be consistently curving, there is an unresolved issue in your life that needs to be looked at. Wavering lines represent wavering uncertainty, the idea that something in your life may not be going exactly as it should. The standards you have set for yourself or for others are slipping, and something needs to change.

If your curved line was in the form of something more specific, like a line of people or a line of objects, the interpretation may be clearer. If you are standing in a curved line of people, it could mean a variety of things. If, for example, you are stuck in a curved line, you may be experiencing anxiety about an upcoming event. You are stuck in a situation that seems uncertain to you. If you are at the head of a curved line, you may be uncertain about your abilities as a leader. If you are straightening out a curved line, you are gaining control of a tough situation.

If there is a curved line of objects that have little meaning in your life, it may represent those boundaries that are soon to be broken, especially if a part of the line wanders off. If they are objects that do have significance to you, the curved line may have been trying to communicate to you a shift in the importance of these objects.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Important ongoing or upcoming events in your life.
  • Your abilities as a leader.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream with a curved line

Anxiety. Worrisome. Uncertainty. Fearful. Rebellious. In charge. Controlling. Controlled. Wavering. Disconnected.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012