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ace of cups tea leaf

Ace of cups

To see the ace of hearts within your teacup is a suggestion that happiness and contentment will be coming your way.

In life, hearts are...

coat meaning tea leaf readings


To find a coat within your tea leaf reading suggests that one thing is actually hidden.

It could be something in your work place that's...

coin tea leaf


To locate a coin within your tea leaf reading shows that a wealth will be yours! it can connected to your work place.

To see more than two...

cockatoo tea meaning


To see any cockatoo can be a symbol of extreme feelings.

This is an indication that somebody is actually harmful. It is a symbol of an...



To see a cannon is a symbol of extreme emotion.

This is also a sign that someone is threatening you in a rather unsatisfactory manner. It...



To see a coffeepot is a symbol regarding intense feeling.

Coffee is connected to waking up, therefore, this means things are going to wake...

Tea Leaf Symbols Revealed

Tea Leaf Symbols Revealed

The Secrets Of Tea Leaf Reading

The Secrets Of Tea Leaf Reading

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