Unable to read

Unable to read

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If you are not able to read in your dream it is a symbol of inability to develop.

Psychologist Miller explains this action by a loss over adversity. Dreaming that trying to decipher the handwriting, deciphering words that are perceived as incoherent text or do not know how to read, it means that in real life, you will experience anxiety or disappointment.

In your dream

  • You were unable to read numbers in the dream.
  • You could not read words in the dream state.
  • You were unable to read out loud in the dream.
  • You were back at school as a child and unable to read in the dream.

Detailed dream meaning of to be unable to read

As you know, reading books is one of the main sources of knowledge and development. By reading a book, a person develops not only intellectually, but also in spiritual and emotional plans. Also, reading brings pleasure and allows you to relax, get away from the difficulties of the world around you.

Proceeding from the above meaning, we can conclude that the inability to read in a dream primarily means the inability to develop, change their views on life and gain new knowledge. Perhaps you should rest a little to allow yourself to restore strength and gain energy, which will allow you to open your mind to new knowledge.

In addition, the inability to read can mean that you are tired or unhappy with something and therefore you do not feel joy at what surrounds you. You do not get spiritual pleasure from what you do. You should change your occupation, which will allow you to get rid of fatigue and discontent.

If you see in a dream that you cannot read numbers, it means that you cannot think rationally and prudently. You should throw your emotions aside, allowing you to make deliberate decisions that will avoid a lot of mistakes.

If you cannot read the text aloud in a dream, it means that you are not self-confident and cannot say out loud what you really think. This situation causes you discomfort, you need to overcome your fear and learn how to express your opinion. Also, such a dream can mean that you are hiding something, trying to keep your secrets, which can injure your friends and relatives. Try to trust your close people and your life will change.

If you dream that you are a schoolboy who cannot read the text, then this may mean that you are not confident in your abilities and knowledge. This can prevent you from succeeding in your career.

Quick unable to read dream meanings

  • If you cannot read in a dream, it means that something does not allow you to develop.
  • If you cannot read numbers - you are not able to think rationally.
  • If you cannot read aloud - this means that you are not confident in yourself or are hiding something.
  • If you see yourself as a schoolboy who cannot read, it means that you are in doubt about your knowledge.
  • To see others not being able to read in a dream indicates a loss.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of unable to read

Fear, uncertainty, despair, confusion

By Florance Saul
Aug 12, 2017