Jewelry box

Jewelry box

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Seeing a jewelry box in your dream would signify that you have many riches coming your way.

A jewelry box is considered from a dream psychological point of view that you have an expensive and important decision to make in life but for the better. The jewelry box seen in your dream can also represent someone that is going to inspire or uplift you in the future. There are many times when I have had a dream of opening a jewelry box. Often seeing sparkly objects inside. And, I often awoke wondering what they actually mean. I’m excited that you visited my website and after much research, I have carried out on what this box signifies in your dream I hope you will understand your dream better. I am a bit of a history freak and I like to know everything about the symbol in dreams, this can also provide a clue to the meaning. The jewelry box is seen in your dream often indicates that your life is filled with delight. Perhaps you are feeling bamboozled by life itself? It is common to feel overwhelmed we have many different things going on and the “box” dream often appears. The great news is that if you have seen the jewelry box as I have already outlined, this symbol indicates an opportunity to evolve and grow especially money wise. If you opened the jewelry box in your dream it can indicate that the past is now gone and the future is on its way.

What is the general meaning of dreaming of a jewelry box?

If you have a dream about a jewelry box it is usually a positive omen and you have many riches coming your way according to old dream lore. And that your life will be more organized and happy. If the jewelry box is in perfect condition then you know that your life will be turning up and you will have a better future and that you will become a lot happier. I know myself it’s very common to look back at the past and have regrets. Happiness, after all, could be somewhat cultivated and I believe if you have this dream it can represent love and appreciation for yourself.

What is the history of the jewelry box?

The jewelry box is derived from ancient Egypt, it was mass manufactured during the 1900s. A jewelry box can be shaped like a casket or alternatively a small trinket box. In fact, the first account of the jewelry box is way back from 500 AD. Generally, the older more elaborate boxes were encrusted with many different types of gems and often made of gold. Jewelry has been worn since the Stone Age and the original term was named “jewel caskets” Additionally, the jewelry box can appear in many different materials in your dream. Gold, metal, plastic, and wood. Often the material inside the jewelry box is made of flocking. Jewelry boxes can be customized to include many different gems, seashells glass or plastic. If there is music coming from the jewelry box it is a sign of love and happiness that will be coming your way, and you can’t let it slip through your fingers.

What does it mean to dream of destroying a jewelry box?

In this dream, if you are destroying a jewelry box that is a negative omen. In old dream lore, it can imply that you are a going to be ruining something in your life and you won’t be able to blame anybody but yourself. If you have no remorse in your dream for destroying the jewelry box then that can imply that you won’t know what has effected your life until it turns around to bite you. If in this dream someone else is destroying the jewelry box it is again what I will call a negative omen that someone will wish to ruin something for you. Often, the dream of someone hitting a jewelry box can indicate that someone will do whatever it takes to get under your skin.

What does it mean to dream of stealing and a jewelry box?

If someone is stealing from your jewelry box that is a sign that in your life right now there is envy and hatred and you need to watch out for any signs that something is not right. But if you are the one stealing from someone else’s jewelry box that means deep down you envy what someone else has. You do not want to let the thoughts consume you because you do not want to have hatred in your life even if it is coming from yourself.

What does it mean to give a jewelry box as a gift?

To address this even though it’s not really connected to dreams many of you have contacted me to ask what receiving or giving a jewelry box means. I’ve been given many different types of boxes in life, normally from partners or lovers and I often wonder what the symbolism actually means. Do you remember the famous jewelry box with the ballerina inside? You turn the key and the figure dances while playing wonderful music. Here I will explore what the music box and jewelry box implies spiritually. The music box given to somebody indicates (according to ancient Victorian times) that you are giving a part of your own heart and soul.

In Scottish superstitions giving a jewelry box to potential lover illustrates the relationship would improve and be rather intimate in a positive way. Basically, the jewelry box represents the “heart” of a partner even more so if there is music coming from the jewelry box. Psychologically this represents winding up the music in order to provide the radical love and companionship in the future. If you have received a jewelry box from somebody then be sure that this person feels you are valuable. It is important as well to outline that in Victorian times many people gifted potential lovers with golden jewelry boxes which are supposed to be a sign of marriage. As this symbol is also something practical it means that you can hold valuable ideas and thoughts inside - it can suggest that it might be a new relationship opening up in life. If a potential partner or lover gives you a jewelry box it indicates he loves and cares for you deeply. My first love gave me a heart-shaped jewelry box and I still have it 25 years later. What I will say is that it is a love that will last. I hope this answers your questions but if not drop me a comment on facebook below. Flo x

Your dream

Buying jewelry to put in the jewelry box. Breaking a jewelry box. Hearing music coming from the jewelry box. A shattered jewelry box. Someone stealing from your jewelry box.

Positive changes are afoot if

You have a lot of jewelry in there. The jewelry box is in perfect condition. Someone gives you a jewelry box as a gift. You give one as a gift.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

Getting a job promotion. Finding a new love. Someone else getting the job you wanted. Things going wrong one right after another.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of jewelry box

Jealousy. Hatred. Love. Sadness. Hurt. Joy.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012