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The image of a tent in your dreams is about a property or hidden things.

This is associated with a possible status of one's present situation - also an indication of what is going to happen next in life. Why did I see a tent in my dreams? What was I doing in the tent? What does a tent signify? These are some of the questions for which you may be looking for answers.

You see yourself sleeping in a tent signify that you are ready to remove the problems and prejudices that are keeping you from enjoying life. The dream can make you think about a situation. This is only a temporary phase. To be asleep in the tent is associated with one's state of the body. When asleep one's cares are limited, thus, the fact that the tent is a temporary residence means that dreams of this nature often reflect our own sense of purpose in life.

What is the detailed dream interpretation of a tent?

The tent stands for a temporary dwelling in comparison to a brick and mortar or concrete building which stands for a more permanent setting. A tent means that the accommodation is temporary and you will soon be on your way. The appearance of a tent in your dreams may occur when a decision about something in waking life has not been fully formed or taken. A green tent signifies instability and insecurity which you are feeling in your current real-life situation. It tells you not to get too depressed in life. A red tent is a sign to go ahead with a decision in life. The dream also warns that present accommodation is like a brick house with a shaky foundation and one must think about leaving. The tent in your dream signifies that instead of going forward in life, you may have gone back in time. It also reminds one of the ability to rest and seek knowledge to start on an inner journey. The dream encourages you throw off old shackles which are tying you down. Think about taking some time to travel to far away places to find happiness and joy. A white tent in a dream portends to gloom. It tells you that you are not well at that moment or that you may be ill soon. If you love to go on adventures then this dream means it is time to settle down in life.

Sometimes the image of the tent reminds one to be more practical with finances and to be more in control of money to avoid difficult times. If you see yourself pitching a tent in your dream, it may suggest that you are thinking of getting a permanent roof over your head. It may also mean that you are feeling a sense of relief from personal or financial problems in life. If you see a colony of tents in your dream, then it means you are feeling unsure of the people that you work with. When you see a broken tent in your dreams, it means that you are unable to take care of problems in your real life.

What does it mean to dream of a tent?

To dream of a tent has a special meaning. It has an important message to deliver related to your freedom and state of mind. This dream can signify that you are feeling like a prisoner in your own thoughts lately and you don’t even know why. Maybe your regular life is starting to cause you issue because nothing special seems to happen. Buying a tent can indicate a phase of life that is temporary. To put up a tent and camp in a dream is a positive omen. Tents in ancient dream lore indicates your waiting for something new to happen. Why not create new opportunities for yourself? In regards to love, why are you still trying to tame your wilderness when you know that a wild heart like yours can’t be tamed no matter what? It’s time for you to think about your comfort zones and enjoy “life” more.

The tent in dreams represents your insecurity but also your free spirit. Tents are meant to be temporary homes. Therefore, you can’t feel secure and safe like you feel when you living in some house or apartment. However, living in a tent has its benefits. Like having the freedom to do what you want, when you want, without worrying about how it affects other people and money – it is cost effective.

The tent in old dream lore signifies your wild spirit, as I have mentioned, and your wish to travel in life. Such a dream reveals your desire for adventure and adrenaline. Alternatively, if dream turns out a nightmare this portrays your anxiety and tiredness. In my view, it means you wish to remove yourself from your responsibilities, even for just a few days, and spend some time on your own.

What is the spiritual meaning of a tent?

We obviously associate tents with camping and also a holiday. Symbolically from a spiritual perspective, the tent originates from the Kabbalah and the nomadic generation where the tents were used as homes. The word “tent” comes from the Hebrew term “loss” so spiritually you need to understand what you have lost in life.

What does a dream of a white tent mean?

White is a wonderful color representing peace and empathy, a tent that is white tells us that you feel a temporary period of calm in a matrix of conflict. This could be associated with how strong you are feeling about a transformation in life. In my view, dreaming of sleeping in a white tent can indicate that aspects of your daily life are somewhat calm.

What does it mean to dream of a circus tent?

The circus is all about fun, the value of this dream indicates a victory or time that emotions are driven high. Think about how you can immerse yourself in fun. It may well be a dream about an inner journey and a strong desire of presence regarding in engaging in a practical activity. From a kabbalistic perspective, the dream could be a defending source and that you are heading for the divine.

What does a large tent in a dream mean?

A large tent in a dream can indicate spiritual goals and the image of a large tent shows certainty and a vigorous approach to working. If you find yourself inside a large tent it means you might rise higher in a career and that you should pursue your spiritual goals. If you are in a nightmare and see a tent it stands for discovering something in real life. There will be a risk in taking something in my life. And, it might be time to understand this better.

What does a marquee mean in a dream?

A marquee in a dream is all about hiding something in life. In our modern world, a marquee is often associated with weddings or events. In short, this dream means you may wish to suspend certain plans - however you could face a number of breakthroughs. I can confirm that marquee is overall positive and to dream of being in one indicates wealth.

Positive changes are afoot if

The image of the tent reminds you of getting away from your daily routine in order to enjoy life. The dream signifies you that you are trying to rediscover your inner feelings by coming closer to nature. Gives you an urge to free yourself from your present predicament and want to have a better sight of the worldly affairs.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a tent may be

Restlessness, insecurity, urge to travel, financial loss, gloom, indecisiveness, trying to change and helplessness.

Your dream

  • Seen yourself lying in a tent.
  • Seen yourself pitching a tent.
  • Seen yourself in the midst of a large number of tents.
  • Seen a tent falling down.
  • Seen a tent in front of you.
  • Sleeping in a tent.

By Flo Saul
Mar 19, 2013