Astral Projection and dreaming

Astral Projection and dreaming

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It is a term used to describe an out of body experience.

When we rest at night it is important for us to get a good night sleep in order for us to maintain our brain cells. When we sleep we also manifest various events through our dreams. Dreaming normally occurs when we are unconscious and in the dream state. Some people believe that the dream state is just a connection to our daily lives. That our fears and hopes manifested during the dream state are played out. Every day our brains are exposed to various events or information. Trying to remember everything that we’ve encountered during the day is quite difficult. Therefore, when we sleep our mind keeps only the important events and information during that day. Of course, this is where we process information.

There is a theory that dreams do not mean anything in life. Consequently, there is a belief that when we dream we go into astral projection mode. This means we connect with different planes and are given specific messages from our Angels and spirit guides in order to help us in life. Even if we look at the Bible this shows us how Jacob saw a staircase that connected both heaven and earth together. It is often assumed that when we have a dream and it is mostly lucid in nature, remembered by the dreamer then we are encountering astral projection. Astral projection can be defined as leaving the body. Another term for astral projection is known as an out of experience, often abbreviated as (OBE.) Sensations that you feel when having an out of body experience can include any of the following: falling sensation, floating in your dream, jerking of limping or suddenly dropping and then waking immediately, sinking, tingling or numbness. If we now briefly look at sleep paralysis this is often connected to an out of body experience. It is true to say that if you are feeling that you have project astrally you could sometimes encounter sleep paralysis.

Astral projection is associated with the sensation of one's body moving out of the physical body. In order to understand astral projection especially in the dream, state scientists have often associated astral projection with the multidimensional nature of our subconscious mind. In another respect, astral projection can also be the link at which we display our reality is not only physical. The difficulty is that astral projection cannot be seen or shared by anyone. In fact, the astral projection is experienced by us all every night when we dream. Many people don't actually remember their dream. There have been many experiences of astral projection and during sleep. If we look at research by Dean Shiels in 1978, he found that astral projection was popular among different cultures around the world. He believed that 46% of us can successfully travel beyond the physical body.

So what is an astral projection in connection with the dream state? It is a form of telepathy which assumes that the soul or the consciousness which is the astral body comes out of the physical body and we are able to travel to places while your physical body remains in the same place. So a dream where you see yourself "out of your body" is something which happens every night. When you dream, you are always in the astral projection; the physical body is normally on the bed, but your astral part might be somewhere else. And when you awake from the dream, you come back into your physical body and wake up.

In this dream:

  • You could see yourself project astrally.
  • You meditated.
  • You had an “out of body experience.”
  • You visited another world during the astral projection.
  • You really carried out astral projection.
  • Floated up to the ceiling in your dream.
  • Been Traveling across the land.
  • Floated across landing a dream.
  • The dream is seen in 360°

What is a detailed dream interpretation of astral projection?

If you see yourself projected astrally in the dream denotes that, you are aware of a certain objective in life. It is a situation which causes you to view yourself in a different perspective or to criticize your person. It could be that you are critical of yourself due to a reflection you made or you have just noticed something wrong about yourself after a comment someone has made. It could also imply that you are stagnant in some areas of your life; no growth forthcoming in business or you have difficulty in meeting your goals. You could also be having a concern that, everything seems to be working apart from the most important things in life.

A situation where you see yourself meditating in your dream denotes that there is fears, insecurities, jealousy or guilt which you are harboring about your friends and this is influencing you negatively and making things difficult. You are preoccupied with problems instead of looking for solutions; self-pity is what you harbor in your soul. You might have heard some truth being told about something but you have chosen to ignore it and continue in your unknowing attitude because you don’t like facts being told.

If you had an out of body experience in your dream, it foretells that, you are having unfinished business in your waking life which needs your attention. You need be realistic in whatever you happen to carry out and make sure that it is finished; stop doing things in halves because, that way, you will end up not doing anything at all. If you happen to visit another world via astral projection it means that it is important to try and involve others in tough issues that you are facing as they may have had an experience of the same and will willingly help you. If you carried out an astral projection in your dream, it implies that you are always detached from reality; you don’t seem to separate reality from fiction and this has created problems in your life.

Feelings Associated with the Dream:

Detached. Fear. Strong. Visionary. Attentive

By Florance Saul
Jun 28, 2017