Busy Dream Meaning

Busy dream meaning

Busy dream meaning

To dream of being busy is an interesting dream symbolism. David Meyer, a professor of psychology at the University of Michigan, found that jumping between tasks can add 40% to the total time required to complete them. That is quite a huge statistic. What this tells us is that in real life when we are busy it makes things slower. The dream in essence is a sign to review where you are now in life and if you are feeling rushed or unable to get tasks complete. 

Is this dream about being busy good or bad?

In life, we rush around. There is always something that happens in life. This dream has come to you for a reason, in my view as you need to ask yourself the following: 

  • Do you have any pressing concerns? 
  • In what ways would you like to improve your life? 

Sometimes we cannot get away from being busy in life. Life is busy. Busyness indicates you may be multitasking in life. Are you regally on your mobile or jumping from one thing to another? Rushing about in a dream is about your current exhaustion and distractions in life. Being busy is bad for our health in the real world, equally, it is hard for us to function. There is always something to do in life. Rushing about in dreams is about how you are feeling currently in life - simply being rushed.

What does the dream mean about being busy?

The ancient part of your brain, which is specialized in assessing dominance, watches how other people treat you. This evidence determines your worth and status. It reduces your ability to serotonin when you are not valued by your peers. You will become more emotionally and physically reactive to a situation or event that produces emotion, especially if it is negative. 

The ability to be busy can be seen as a badge or a sign of self-worth and a mark of one's status. We have all watched TV programs about work and how busy people are in life (my personal favourite is suits). Over-stretching yourself can impact your own emotional health as well as your ability to focus on yourself and think about why you came across as busy as you did in the dream. According to research, office workers switch tasks frequently. It is necessary for the brain to adapt to new rules in order to accomplish tasks. There's nothing more enticing than a ping that alerts us to new outside messages. Looking at a screen can cause us to become distracted and lose productivity. 

What does it mean to dream of rushing to an appointment?

This dream is about the outside (non-dream world) and our stress. It is true to say that stress prepares us for actions in life. For many people we can feel overwhelmed in waking life and being busy in a dream is about pushing ourselves in regards to being more productive. It is hard sometimes to get through all we have to do. We often feel that we push ourselves to stay busy and we naturally worry about pausing. I do feel to dream of being busy can denote extreme busyness in life. The Japanese term for being busy is known as "karoshi" and this stems from long hours in life, being busy is also linked to reductions in performance in dreams and people do feel stressed out. An appointment is about setting a time, in dreams to rush and be too busy to attend an appointment or even miss this is about how you will focus on life going forward.

What does it mean to dream of being busy at work?

This dream is about making some assumptions about life and asking you to just slow down, if you are busy working, rushing a job in a dream then this is asking you to review things in life. Do you find yourself questioning things on how to build a better status, and gain money at work? Being busy at work during a dream is normally a sign to think about our general health, relationships, and personal well-being. 

I do feel this dream is about achieving these goals will have very little impact on our well-being. Secondly, think about things you have sacrificed - career opportunities, relationships, and health. Ask yourself has this made you happy? In addition, those who place too much emphasis on external values, such as love-life, connecting with people, and material wealth often are busy in life. Do you have enough energy to make it through the day? If not, how can you improve it? 

  • Career: Are there any problems in your work life or business activities that need attention? Think of the following questions:
  • Money: Do you have any financial issues that require attention? 
  • Home Life: Is everything okay with the people you share your home with? husband/wife/partner, your children and wider family?
  • Social relationships: Are you enjoying a fulfilling, active and varied social life?

What do you want, if any, in your life? The four areas above are interconnected and cannot be separated. In life, our work affects family, health, stress levels, and intimate relationships. You might prefer to use that energy for your hobbies, sometimes we are so busy we forget what is important in life. We can all be impacted by our home and family life, and this affects our work and other parts of life. This dream is saying it is all interconnected.

What does it mean to dream of rushing or being too busy for a meeting?

Meetings are a major source of chaos. It has been a consistent trend since the 1960s that meetings are becoming longer and more frequent. At work once, I decided to cancel all my meetings for one week as I could not get my actual work done. The dream could mean that you may avoid a meeting this week. The dream is maybe urging you to identify at least one meeting you can cancel or skip to save yourself some time.

What does it mean to see others being busy in a dream?

To see others in the dream rushing about can indicate how you are viewing your commitments. It can indicate you need to think about timings better. What is the best way to determine whether you are capable of doing something? We often think about how much time it will take and how many things are going on at the same time. But we always get it wrong. Next time you're asked to do something, take a look at how much time you have left over from all other commitments and then divide it by half. Next, estimate how long this new task will take you. Then double that number. You can now make an informed decision about whether or not to accept the task.

Conclusion about being busy in a dream

Being busy in dreams is about our current life. We need to look at why you were dreaming of being busy and also if you are busy in real life. It is urging you to ask the following; What are your goals? What are your real goals? How would you set goals if you had any? Would there be anything you could do right now to help you get closer to them? 

The achievement of one goal could transform your life and ease the stress. Could a career or business goal solve a financial problem, this gives you the opportunity to pursue a passion, or fulfil a dream to travel? We all love being busy in life, but this dream has come to ask you to relax. I do hope you can take something from my dream meaning. Flo x

By Florance Saul
Jul 5, 2022