Dream of Mouse And Mice Meaning

Who's the mouse? Just like the mouse in your dream we must control our actions and take control of how we live our lives. I also feel that maybe you have been hiding away from the world. We all do that. I do that. It is a defensive tactic when things are not quite what you want them to be. I’m here to let you know that you have the power. You are not the mouse. What you do now from this very moment can shape your life. You will be grateful you got this dream as this is your time, your start to get out there and focus on this moment.

I had an idea ages ago that we just don’t have any negative experiences,  no matter how difficult or pleasurable things are in life we need to see the value, just like the mouse sneaks in our house, this is about making sure we remove those negative vibes, like removing the mouse from our house. Removing those negative thoughts. You have the power to do that.

I am excited to share with you that Freud was a famous dream psychologist who wrote a book called the (interpretation of dreams in 1900) this was a turning point in history and he interviewed many people and tried to find some meaning to their dreams. Sigmund Freud believed that animals seen in dreams represented parts of us. For example, the hair on the mouse represented our own characteristics. That is why I asked you before --- who is the mouse?

When we think about mice we often look at the positives, for example, a children's desire to have pet mice rather than the parent's fear of mice. We often don’t think about the fact companies are built on selling mouse poison, mousetraps, sticky boards, mouse cages, or animated mouse films.

  • Dreams of a black mouse: trouble but you will not suffer and you can do anything!
  • Dreams of a white mouse: peace and happiness - this is a great time to plan out your future.
  • Dreams of a brown mouse: grounding is required - connect with nature.
  • Dreams of a gray mouse: Clouded judgment - don't let people tell you how to feel!

As a society, we try to get rid of mice. Mice are used in scientific experiments and our economy and as human beings, our economic growth is based on creating a better mousetrap to kill the mice. This broader sphere of the dream meaning is understood by distinguishing what the mouse stands for in the dream world. So what does this mean? Does it mean there is something in your life that you want to remove? Is the mouse frightening in any way? I will now break down your dream.

Is the dream of a mouse or mice good or bad?

Cartoons often portray the mouse as a hero. Almost every time, he triumphs over the cat. In America, the mouse represents the small guy beating the powerful. Mighty Mouse used this model to defeat enemies ten times his size. This is a good dream but it is about fearing what is not there. In 1928, Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse and Minni Mouse as the first sound cartoons. A mouse is often associated with someone that has a small personality but can overcome difficulties. To dream of a small mischievous mouse is a sign that you are timid in a situation or blind, think of the term “blind as a mouse.” Maybe there is a danger but you just cannot see it? This dream means that you should represent goodness, devotion to your family, success, and pleasure. There is a focus on making sure others hear you and understand your desires. If any additional vermin is featured in this dream, or the mouse was eating cheese, then this can show you will soon be told of a nice surprise.

You have an opportunity to experience full wisdom over the next few months if this dream omen came in the summer according to old folklore. Did you ever fail to share your knowledge and experience with others? Failure to do so can lead to a lack of understanding. The color of the mouse in the dream is equally important which I will discuss below.

What is the spiritual meaning of a mouse dream?

Mice in dreams indicate that spiritually there is something that you are not seeing. Think about how a mouse reacts, it hides, it scratches, dives and teaches us to be silent. The mouse creeps around our house as unwanted guests. This dream is connected to your ability to focus on the positive and negative aspects of life. When we look at the older mythology of a mouse we can get more of a clue as to what your dream can mean. I honestly feel this dream is about removing something that is a problem in your life. Dreaming of mice, in my view, is connected to spiritual and paranormal links. In ancient times dreams of mice were seen as messages from the gods, to warn of danger. This comes from the ancient Egyptians who believed animals in dreams are connected to gods and seeing mice indicates that we need to communicate with others better.

In Greece, the mouse is considered sacred and associated with the weather god, Apollo. Apollo was the lord of mice, he was a god that was associated with divination and seeing the future. Therefore, I do believe the spiritual meaning of the mouse is seeing the future - making sure you are aware of all dangers. Understanding the spiritual implications in your life. Try to ask yourself the following questions; How does dreaming of a mouse make you feel? What does it mean to dream of a mouse biting you? What does the mouse symbolise? What do you want to remove from your life?

If you dream of mice, the first explanation is that the mouse is the symbol of women’s lechery. The Old Persian tradition’s explanations of mice say that such dreams predict a gain. The Eastern tradition says that if you dream you catch a mouse, you may win the lottery. Mouse dreams can portend trouble with others. A woman dreaming of mice may have trouble with another woman. If you hear the mice making noise in your dream, this is a warning of possible theft. Of course, these are old folklore dream meanings but worth mentioning.

What does dreaming of a house mouse mean?

To see a mouse in your own house can sugest that there is something not wanted. This could simply be an unwanted guest or that you just need time alone. Of course, a house mouse is an unwelcome guest, in dreams, in my view your dream is can be connected to something "unwelcome" at home. Seeing mice droppings in a house is associated with movement in life. Remember, that mouse droppings are normally shaped like rods and they normally have a light brown look, it can indicate that things need to move fast in your life. Seeing a mouse often represents that you should do something important to you. Seeing a mouse in your house mouse during a dream is about coming clean with something in life, this could be your goals or what you really want. If you have no idea what you are doing in your life it can be about not being caught. Just like the mouse we want to catch. Ask yourself: what do you want to catch right now? What are your goals?

What does it mean to dream of mouse poop?

In dreams, we can sometimes see mouse poop and droppings. It can be difficult sometimes to tell mouse droppings from rat droppings. You may have also seen the mouse in your dream. Mice can produce about 70 droppings a day, the is a lot of droppings. The dream is about waste, about making sure you remove something from your life.

Mouse droppings in dreams is about being connected with unknown territory. Our inner self is unique. We try things that are unfamiliar to us. This is how we learn. The experience of change is frightening. It has always been and will continue to be. Although people have different approaches to their fear of change, or fear of waste, it is the same if they want to change. For courage, fear does not need to exist. It is the ability to face fear and move forward. In order to grow spiritually and to love, there is always a risk involved. Are you willing to take the risk?

What do brown mice mean in dreams?

When I think of a mouse it is normally a brown mouse, as these are the most common. Brown mice are symbols of warmth, happiness, home, and memories. Maybe an old friend will call you and you will have some fun times. An unexpected visit from a friend or family member might bring back memories of good times. A brown mouse could also be a sign of career advancement. Let’s take the color brown - this is a color of grounding. It could mean in a dream that you wish to ground yourself but are having difficulty. 

What does it mean to dream of a white mouse?

A white mouse is associated with healing. A white mouse in olden dream books means that your love life will yield new possibilities. Remember, in life, there is nothing impossible. You will need to put in a lot of effort to find the right solution for you going forward. It will be worth it. The white mouse in your dreams could also be a symbol of your innocence and pure heart. Be sure to trust the people you have faith in. The color white is a combination of empathy, healing, persistence and patience, as well as bravery. You need to persevere to face a potentially dangerous opponent. Confidence, not strength, can help you achieve your goals. To live a fulfilling life, you must love, not force.

Often, I find in these dreams that you might be helping someone who acts like a mouse or you are worried about moving forward to heal. To see a white mouse running across the floor - our own desires might be revealed if you see white mice in your dreams. This dream can also indicate that you are looking to form a friendship with someone you've known your whole life. This is a person you have met recently but felt a special connection with that makes them unique. A white mouse in a dream is believed to represent happiness, luck and romance.

Dreaming of white mice can also be a symbol of a new beginning, a fresh start, rich life and mental strength. You may be offered a job or meet someone who will win your heart. Or get promoted. It's a wonderful dream.

What does it mean to dream of catching a mouse?

In dreams we often see mice run, trying to get away and we try to catch them. What does this mean in dreams? In dreams we often see mice run, trying to get away. What does this mean in dreams? Although there are many baits that work, peanut butter works best. Cheese is another effective bait to use in traps. To dream you are baiting mouse traps with peanut butter during a dream is about a situation that you may not follow up on. 

What does a black mouse mean in dreams?

Dreaming of black mice can be interpreted as seeing through the darkness. But not all dreams of black mice have a negative meaning. A black mouse dream may be a sign of transforming a citation in life. This indicates that you are about to end something that was not good for you. It can also be used to signify forgiveness and letting go. To see many black mice in dreams could indicate self-doubt or a lack of self-discipline. It could be that you are avoiding difficult emotions such as anger, and therefore are prevented from getting past an obstacle. It is only harmful to avoid confrontations and run away. It is also recommended that you curb your baser instincts such as excessive eating and drinking.

What do pink mice mean in a dream?

Firstly, pink mice aren't real. They may appear in your dreams as a manifestation of your imagination. Small opportunities offer great potential to you. In addition, you may have had a dream of pink mice eyes, which are sometimes pink this means seeing past reality. As a dreamer and opportunist, you are eager to make something happen. The pink mouse in dreams in olden times represents a new love relationship.

What does it mean to catch a mouse?

If you dreamed of catching mice, it is connected to a victory. In spite of your belief that you have won or overcome something, you will be disappointed to find out that you have lost something or someone that you loved. In your dream, you may be trying to demonstrate your power and influence by winning a small victory over someone. Maybe focus on the big picture instead of the small details. 

What does it mean to see running mice in dreams?

A mouse runs fast and normally holds up the tail for balance. This indicates that you need to balance things in life if you see a mouse running. Remember that mice are nocturnal and normally come out until sunrise. Mice running indicates that you may be trying to catch something in life. In your dreams, if you see a mouse running around your house in your dreams, this could be a sign of a potential conflict with someone. This could be connected to home improvements or thinking about improving something around the home. To see running mice outside (maybe a group of them) represents groups of people. 

What does it mean to see a mouse eating?

A dream in which a mouse ate cheese could also be a sign of a negative event that will have a negative impact on your confidence and life. There are many things on your plate right at the moment and the cheese represents you can overcome such negativity. Do mice really love cheese? Many traps use peanut butter, but what they are eating in a dream is irrelevant. What this dream means is that you should focus on yourself.

To see a mouse eating could be a sign to protect your money and possessions. Do not share your most intimate secrets with anyone. A close friend or family member could exploit your vulnerability against you. Imagine a mouse eating cheese as your ego. It's all about you.

In your dream, the mice eating food means that you will experience some challenges. You may be left behind by someone who has always been there for you when you need them. That doesn't mean you are at fault. But the food can indicate something being stolen from you. I hope that explains what this can mean but don’t be fearful as it could also mean as a dream symbol that you are not looking at what you don’t need in life. 

What does it mean to dream of an Infestation of mice?

You may dream of mice infestation in your dreams. Remember what I said above that mice is about removing something from life that is causing issues.  In waking life, you may need to control something important. Perhaps emotions may also overwhelm you. To see many (even thousands) of mice in a dream can also signify financial success which is a good omen. For you to see an infestation of mice in your home in older dream books indicated unexpected circumstances will bring you success. Perhaps you'll win an unexpected award? 

To dream of mice in a sewer can suggest that a person who you don't like in your waking life will make you irate. Even though you are not close to this person, it is important that you show respect for them, especially if they are someone you care about. 

What does it mean to dream of a mouse biting?

Can a mouse or other small animal bite you in real life? Certainly. You will not become superhuman. In dreams we often see creatures attack us. This is an interesting dream symbol. All animals with teeth on the planet will attack you if they feel threatened or disturbed. This includes mice. Mouse bites usually don't cause much pain but in dreams, they can cause immense pain. The symbol of being bitten by the mouse is about talking your way out of something. 

What is the biblical meaning of mice?

In bible times the ancient Egyptians found mice to be pests. There are many scriptures about mice in Moses. Mice were rather destructive and in these times they were connected to other pests such as rats, snakes and mosquitoes. The scripture around mice is normally about being unclean. Leviticus 11:29 indicates that you may need to purify problems. The mouse is about swarming problems in the bible. Many of the scriptures talk about golden mice. My research shows that mice in dreams biblically is about negativity. They can be a negative symbol and signify overcoming experiences. The Bible says that the mouse symbolizes robbery and slavery as well as poverty. Not every dream about mice is negative. Other dreams of mice could be about minor problems and conflicts that won't have a significant impact on the dreamer or their future. If you dreamed of a mouse, biblically you may need to challenge others. Perhaps you are hurting someone unknowingly. Think about your surroundings, emotions, actions, and the people you take for granted in your daily life. Do you earn a living doing something negative?

What does killing mouse mean?

If you kill mice in your dream, it signifies happiness. You have conquered an animal. When someone has treated you negatively, you will confront them and place them in their proper place. It will make you feel so happy and right that you won't let anyone do this to you again. The dream you have might be the solution to your current problem. It could also mean you will receive good fortune and luck according to older dream lore.

In your dreams, killing a mouse with a trap will bring you independence. By becoming independent, you will no longer be influenced by other people's opinions of you. The only opinion that matters in your decision-making process is your own. If the mouse was killed by someone else it means significant change. 

In your dream, to see a dead mouse is positive and indicates that negative times will end. However, to achieve that, you need to interact with others and be open to meeting new people. When was the last time you tried something new?

What does a grey mouse mean in a dream?

As I said earlier, a white mouse symbolizes purity, positivity and naivety. A grey mouse could indicate that you are generous even when people don't deserve it. The color grey can indicate that your eyes and mind might be opened to something exciting and new. Making room for people who care about you, not just your fake friends.

What does it mean to see mice living in your home?

A nightmare about mice in your home can indicate trouble with someone you love or a family member. The mouse is also a symbol of conflict and the enemy. It is possible to fall in love with someone you never imagined could win your heart. The dream may also suggest that you check your health. There may be some minor health problems, but nothing to worry about. Negative energy and motivation can be found in your house. Seeing a lot of mice or mice in your home is a sign of happiness. Burrowing, building, hiding, and squeezing through tiny holes are things mice love to do to keep warm. It is important to assess these traits in your life.

When researching (for this article) the meaning of the dream of mice, the most important stance is to take the dream as a whole and interpret its meaning both from a dream psychology and also spiritual perspective.

What do the older (1930s dream books) say about dreaming of a mouse?

To dream that you catch a mouse in a trap is a sign that you need to protect yourself from negativity. To dream that you are scared of a mouse means you will be put in an embarrassing situation by a person younger than you according to older dream books. If you kill a mouse in your dream, the older dream books indicate that you will probably buy a new wardrobe according to older folklore (I know a bit strange).

A mouse in your dream foretells that you may obtain an interest, income, or gain. The dream that you catch a mouse is also a sign of gain and maybe winning the lottery. The dream of mice means trouble with a partner, usually in business, and money loss.

If in your dream you see a white mouse, this is the omen of a happy marriage. If the mouse is running, you might have a night without rest. A trapped mouse means victory against your enemies. Seeing a mouse playing tells you to expect a suitor. If you are killing mice in your dream, you may have good news, and you will get rid of unwanted guests in your house.

Dreaming of lots of mice foretells trouble because of a friend that you did business with. Mice can also be the omen of hunger, a hidden enemy, and an employee stealing from you. If the mice are black, somebody in your family is the one stealing from you. Catching mice in your dream is a good omen referring to financial gains of all sorts. Seeing the mice nibbling on some food means big joy coming your way.

What do dreams about being bitten by mouse mean?

These animals spread disease and people are afraid of being bitten by mice. What does it really mean to be bitten by a mouse in your dreams? This could be a sign of your real fear of mice. The dream of being bitten by mice has many interpretations, according to my research. You might feel insecure during the day. Perhaps you are trying to solve a problem or situation that causes stress and anxiety.

What does a mouse attack in a dream mean?

The attack of a mouse in your dream is about feeling threatened or attacked in real life. It is possible to feel pain in your dream and experience a horrible betrayal in real life. You might also get hurt by someone that you underestimated. These dreams can also show you your mental state. This dream might make you fear the emotions you feel. Those around you might accuse you of revealing your true feelings, and they may use that against you. It is possible that someone will frame you at work because of a mouse biting you. The dream in which the mouse bites your finger means that you are about to end something in life, and new beginnings will be yours. It is a sign of problems at work if the mouse has bitten your toes in the dream. But, it is not worth your time. People who are jealous of your abilities, independence, or talents will likely have communication problems with you. It is best to ignore them and focus your attention on the important things like a promotion. It is possible that you will even be offered a job with a higher salary.

What does it mean to dream of mice destroying something?

Not long ago, someone emailed me about a dream of a mouse destroying their bed in their sleep. There are many facets to time. This dream is about hiding something destroyed. Remember, that despite the passage of time, our spirit remains the same. We are not subject to the effects of areas of life being destroyed. Destroying anything in the dream is about the fact that there is time in life to make things better in life. Therefore, the mouse is about improving something that has been destroyed.

What does it mean to dream of mice eating your food?

If mice eat your food in the dream indicates that something important does not matter as much as you think it does. Dreams of food are symbols of determination, assertiveness, and adventure. The mouse eating food in the dream may indicate that you can propel yourself to a new relationship or job. To see many mice eating indicates a lack of control or direction and aggression, arrogance, and ego. There may be a slowdown or a halt to progress if the mouse was eating cheese.

What does it mean to dream of poison?

Mouse poison in dreams is about eradicating something in life. Despite the mouse being physically present, the dream could also mean that we should challenge the traditional wisdom. The most important feature of this dream is removing something in life. What do you need to remove?

What does dreaming of a mouse trap mean?

When we are feeling trapped mouse traps often appear in the dream world. Seeing a mouse trap in a dream points at being confined or trapped in some way. It can indicate feeling trapped in a situation, whether it's an oppressive job, a difficult relationship, or any other challenge that feels like an "inescapable" prison. To get out of a difficult situation, you might need to take careful steps and observe your surroundings. In some situations, it might also mean being more aware of how your actions can trap you. It is also possible that your subconscious is alerting you to potential dangers or pitfalls ahead. If you pay attention to the details of a dream, you may be able to determine what the dream is trying to convey.
A mouse trap is generally associated with caution and the need to be aware of potential risks and obstacles in your path. It can also serve as a reminder to take proactive steps to avoid being 'trapped' by unhappy decisions or circumstances. It is a sign to find ways to escape from a difficult or oppressive situation if you feel oppressed or difficult.
 If you understand the dream symbolism of mouse traps, you can gain insight into your current situation and make decisions that will help you get out of sticky situations. Consider your dream as a sign to take action and listen to what it has to say.

In your dream you may have

  • You could see a white mouse.
  • Seen a mouse eating.
  • Tried to catch a running mouse.
  • Set a mouse trap.
  • Could see the mouse playing.
  • Seen lot's of mice.
  • Had mice attacking you.
  • Killed mice.
  • Caught mice.
  • Seen mice nibbling.
  • Could see a mouse eating cheese.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Try to be less timid.
  • Do not expect much from others.
  • Beware not to be stolen.
  • Be ready for a financial gain.
  • Better understand everything around you.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of mice

Scared. Terrified. Surprised. Upset. Worried. Anxious. Frightened. Fearful.

By Flo Saul
Oct 12, 2012