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Mice Dream Meaning And Interpretation

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Although it is a nice animal, at least in the eyes of children, women are withholding and experience a natural fear when faced with the poor little mouse. Mice love to keep warm, burrow, build, hide, and squeeze through tiny small holes. All these characteristics need to be evaluated.

Dreaming of mice, in my view, is connected to spiritual and paranormal links. In ancient times dreams of mice were seen as messages from the gods, to warn of danger. This comes from the ancient Egyptians who believed animals in dreams are connected to gods and seeing mice indicates that we need to communicate with others better.

When researching (for this article) the meaning of the dream of mice, the most important stance is to take the dream as a whole and interpret its meaning both from dream psychology and also spiritual perspective.

If you dream of mice, the first explanation is that the mouse is the symbol of women’s lechery. The Old Persian tradition’s explanations of mice say that such dreams predict a gain. The Eastern tradition says that if you dream you catch a mouse, you may win the lottery. Mice dreams can portend trouble with others. A woman dreaming of mice may have trouble with another woman. If you hear the mice making noise in your dream, this is a warning of a possible theft.

Detailed dream interpretation

To dream of a small mischievous mouse is a sign that you are timid. You represent goodness, devotion to your family, success, and pleasure. There is a focus on making sure others hear you and understand your desires. If any additional vermin is featured in this dream, or the mouse was eating cheese, then this can show you will soon be told of a nice surprise.

This is the omen of a positive time for you, and you have an opportunity to experience full wisdom at this time. You should exercise the need to understand everything around you, as there have been occasions where you have not shared your knowledge and experiences with others, which has resulted in a lack of understanding. With time, you will be able to grow and express yourself in a more positive light.

To dream that you catch a mouse in a trap is a sign that you are getting bad news in a letter from a nagging friend. To dream that you are scared of a mouse means you will be put in an embarrassing situation by a person younger than you. If you kill a mouse in your dream, it indicates that you will probably buy a new wardrobe.

A mouse in your dream foretells that you may obtain an interest, income, or gain. The dream that you catch a mouse is also a sign of gain and maybe winning the lottery. The dream of mice means trouble with a partner, usually in business, and money loss.

If in your dream you see a white mouse, this is the omen of a happy marriage. If the mouse is running, you might have a night without rest. A trapped mouse means victory against your enemies. Seeing a mouse playing tells you to expect a suitor. If you are killing mice in your dream, you may have good news, and you will get rid of unwanted guests in your house.

Dreaming of lots of mice foretells trouble because of a friend that you did business with. Mice can also be the omen of hunger, a hidden enemy, and an employee stealing from you. If the mice are black, somebody in your family is the one stealing from you. Catching mice in your dream is a good omen referring to financial gains of all sorts. Seeing the mice nibbling on some food means big joy coming your way.

Dreaming of mice and psychology:

Freud was a famous dream psychologist who wrote a book called the “interpretation of dreams in 1900) this was the turning point in history and he interviewed many people and tried to find some meaning to their dreams. It is worth drawing attention that dreams of mice are connected to animal dreams. Sigmund Freud believed that animals seen in dreams represented parts of us. For example, the hair on the mouse represented our own characteristics.

  • Dreams of a black mouse: trouble but you will not suffer.
  • Dreams of a white mouse: peace and happiness
  • Dreams of a brown mouse: grounding is required.

In your dream you may have

  • You could see a white mouse.
  • Seen a mouse eating.
  • Tried to catch a running mouse.
  • Set a mouse trap.
  • Could see the mouse playing.
  • Seen lot's of mice.
  • Had mice attacking you.
  • Killed mice.
  • Caught mice.
  • Seen mice nibbling.
  • Could see a mouse eating cheese.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Try to be less timid.
  • Do not expect much from others.
  • Beware not to be stolen.
  • Be ready for a financial gain.
  • Better understand everything around you.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of mice

Scared. Terrified. Surprised. Upset. Worried. Anxious. Frightened. Fearful.

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