Dreams About Smoking

Dreams About Smoking Meaning

Dreams About Smoking Meaning

Dreams about smoking can appear in many ways during your sleep and I feel it is all about illusion in life.

Maybe you had a dream about smoking cigarettes, smoking weed or smoking cigars. Many people who smoke often dream about smoking, myself included. We all know that smoking causes fatal diseases but there is something that keeps people smoking. There is “pleasure” connected to smoking and it shows that you need to take a break away from stressful times. In many old dream books smoking indicates that you may be trying to protect yourself and you are building a shield in defense in response to a difficult situation. I often see “smoking” dreams as a call that you need to defend yourself in life. Also, an illusion. For example, I like to think of this dream as a smoke screen in regards to a situation. I’m Flo and I will go into more detail listed below and take each dream with it’s meaning.

What if you smoke in real life?

If you smoke in real life and dream that you are smoking this could just refer to a dream that is about your waking life and the meaning should not be taken literally.

What if you don’t smoke in real life?

Dream about smoking for a non-smoker can be somewhat worrying. If you are non-smoker then the dream of smoking can imply that there is “illusion” around you. The color of the smoke is equally important. To dream of normal tobacco smoke can imply that through a difficult time you will gain rewards.

What does dreams about cigarettes mean?

To dream of smoking cigarettes denotes you’re putting up a defense. There is a focus on someone else's emotions that are rather intense. To see yourself smoking more than one cigarette in a dream can indicate imperfections going forward. In fact, you will turn them in your strengths. Alternatively, to smoke cigarettes in the dream represents addictive thinking patterns, some bad habits you can’t give up on, or something you feel dependent on. Smoking also reflects sexual excess, adultery, abuse, power, flirting and doing something you know it’s affecting you negatively.

What is the biblical meaning of smoking in a dream?

Smoke is addictive and the bible says that we should not be a slave to anything. See Romans 6:16. When we are controlled by something we are degrading ourselves. Therefore, the biblical meaning of smoking in a dream indicates we need to move away from a negative habit (this could be something other than smoking). In the Bible is outlined in Genisis 19:28 smoke is not a positive omen. Smoking damages us and can cause cancer and lung problems. The dream could mean from a biblical perspective that we need to show more care to ourselves and love the body. If we look at Matthew 22:39 this means we need to love our neighbor. Therefore, we need to show others love and happiness and neighborly love. If you are struggling to give up smoking then it is not unusual to dream that you are smoking in a dream.

What does dreaming of enjoying smoking means?

To dream of enjoying smoking means you’re aware of your past mistakes and everything you do wrong in the present. You’re care-free and you don’t notice how this affects the people around you. But you will once karma kicks you in the face. To avoid this from happening, you have to wake up on time. Your dream’s not suggesting you put your happiness last but not to ruin the happiness of others.

What does a dream about a pack of cigarettes mean?

Seeing a packet of ciggies indicates that there will be temptation close. Think of the packet of cigarettes as being the opportunities to become addicted to a situation in waking life. Buying a pack of cigarettes can mean you are walking into a worrying situation in life.

What does dreaming of smoking with friends signify?

To dream of smoking with friends signifies the deep relationship you have with them in waking life. It can imply that you feel free to speak or do whatever you feel like in their presence. Your dream also reflects your insecurity about something related to your friends. Do you feel like you have to sacrifice your own happiness to make your friends happy?

What does dreaming of dark smoke represent?

To dream of dark smoke foretells an unpleasant experience in waking life. As you know, dark smoke causes your eyes to cry. And if the same happened in the dream, it’s not a positive sign. You will encounter the consequences of your past actions. If the smoke was due to a fire and it's “smoking” then the dream means you will encounter emotions in life.

What does dreaming of bright smoke symbolize?

Seeing bright smoke in your dream, on the other hand, denotes a positive outcome from a past investment or decision you’ve made. Bright yellow smoke indicates happiness and it can show that you’ve done the right thing after all. Keep up the faith.

What does dreaming of smoking in a place where it is not allowed to smoke says?

To dream of smoking in a place where smoking is forbidden says a lot about your waking life and behavior. It can imply that you don’t follow rules but you always follow your gut. And you often worry about the impression you leave more than you should. Just be yourself. And if someone doesn’t like you the way you are, that person doesn’t deserve you to be a part of your life. Or anything connected to you.

What does dreaming of other people smoking foretells?

To dream of other people, smoking reveals your general perception and self-doubt. I do think that seeing others smoking reflects our fears in life. What are you trying to hide? Is this how you imagined your life to be? Are you satisfied with how you’re living at the moment? Seeing others blow smoke into your face in a dream indicates someone is being false or dishonest.

What does dreaming of offering cigarettes to someone else means?

To dream of offering someone, a cigarette represents your content attitude and desire to help people in need. Clearly, your charitable actions don’t always end up well because you always end up trusting the wrong people. And someone always takes advantage of your kindness and compassion. Use your experience and let your heart decide who to trust and who to turn down even if the person seems trustworthy and helpless.

What does dreaming about smoking in a group of people denotes?

To dream about smoking in a group of people represents your need to feel accepted. You want people to accept you for who are but it’s not that easy because you’re not an ordinary person. This dream can mean that you are special and aware. And you will do well in other people’s company. To dream of everyone smoking in a dream indicates feeling lonely. Don’t accept being a sheep only because you haven’t found your wolf companions yet!

What does dreaming about a man smoking indicates?

To dream about a man smoking indicates an announcement. Something very important will happen to you soon. And it will be connected to some female figure you admire in waking life. Be prepared for some serious changes in your life.

What does dreaming about some stranger smoking says?

To dream about some stranger smoking says a lot about your sexuality. It can mean you have the sexual energy that needs to be unleashed. But something’s always stopping you from acting as you feel worried or apprehensive at the moment. In fact, you always act the opposite of how you’re feeling. Why? What are you so afraid of? Your dream advises you break free.

What does dreaming about smoking weed symbolize?

To dream about smoking weed symbolizes your deep need to feel accepted and understood by people you love. Rolling a joint and smoking this can imply that you have a lot on your mind and you’re feeling kind of lost but it won’t last long until you find your path again just like you always do.

What does dreaming about not feeling the smell or taste of smoke from a cigarette means?

Not being able to feel the cigarette in your dream reflects the numbness you’re feeling in waking life. You’re perceived as an emotionless person because you no longer care about how others feel and you put yourself first. Smoking without smoke indicates that you worry about your life more than you worry about feeding their ego. Try to focus on what can and will bring your emotions back. To dream of a lit cigarette that does not go out indicates that you are one brave person.

What does dreaming of someone smoking and blowing large clouds of smoke say?

To dream of someone smoking and blowing large clouds of smoke reveals how you live your life. You worry too much about their lives and less about your own.Why not try the opposite? Your dream is advising you to do more of what makes you happy?

What does dreaming of someone blowing clouds of smoke in your face represent?

To dream of someone blowing clouds of smoke in your face represents your short temper and the people who are testing your patience in waking life at the moment. Some annoying person may bring about the worst in you. Alternatively, your dream denotes the sweet temptation you can no longer resist.

To conclude, remember that smoking is like a metaphor of protection from something addictive. It can indicate a dispute or that something is hidden. Additionally, smoke can mean someone is rebelling in life.

By Flo Saul
Jun 14, 2018