Gorilla Dream Meaning

A gorilla in your dream symbolizes your fight, as well as the victory over difficulties in your waking life. But a dream of gorillas could predict trouble with false friends and business partners and it is a sign of disappointment and hostility.

To dream that you attacked a gorilla means that you will have major conflict with others. Owning a gorilla means trouble in real life. Gorillas are a sign of animosity from others, as well as spiritual problems, doubts and suspicions; especially from your colleagues. If you dream of a gorilla in your house you will fall in love deeply.

Dreaming of a Gorilla can suggest some powerful and telling meanings. I believe that it often reflects your inner struggle with becoming conscious, particularly when it comes to recognizing the person or group you are mimicking or trying to be like.  
This dream could signify the frivolous surface workings of our mind and emotions that make us act impulsive and irrational.

It may also represent greediness and self-centeredness; something which we all have within us at times! Perhaps most concerningly though, dreaming about gorillas could indicate an unhealthy reliance on others for approval - in other words, a worrisome level of monkey business in our lives! Whether its through monkey tricks or simply making a monkey out of ourselves - this theme regularly pops up in dreams as a warning against taking unneeded risks just for validation from others. It also reminds us to watch out for any ‘gorillas’ on our back that are adding unwarranted stress onto our lives. All these meanings together suggest caution not only against risk taking but immaturity too if we allow ourselves be influenced by frivolity instead of relying on more logical thinking. 

What does it mean to dream of a gorilla?

Dreaming of a gorilla in the jungle means there is an aspect of yourself that needs to be addressed before you speak to others. The gorilla symbolizes some parts of your personality that need to be developed and it shows that you have a strong connection with family around you.

A gorilla dream could often be a nightmare. If you dream of fighting a gorilla and losing, you might soon come down with an illness or disease. The same explanation is given if in your dream you eat gorilla meat. The gorilla symbolizes deceit, evil and hidden enemies. An agitated gorilla represents bad times ahead. Fighting a gorilla is a sign of enemies. Playing with a gorilla foretells buying a house.

If in your dream a gorilla bites you, this is an omen of difficulties ahead. Looking at a gorilla means that you cannot count on having too much luck. If the gorilla in your dream runs in the wild; this refers to some pleasant news from your relatives. Having a gorilla as your pet means a new love story is coming your way. If the gorilla is in a tree, you could be cheated by untruthful people.

Dreaming of a gorilla can represent the fact that you could be an aggressive, rigid and stiff character. The dream is telling you to try and be less forceful. Clues to the meaning of this dream can be found if you pay attention to details; such as what the gorilla was doing. Alternatively, the gorilla could be a symbol of your primitive impulses and wild nature but it can also refer to some repressed sexual energy.

A happy gorilla in your dream is the sign of luck coming your way. The gorilla foretells your state of mind once you hear the good news. If the gorilla in your dream makes you feel happy too, this means that you will enjoy success for a very long time. If you feel uncomfortable around the gorilla, your success will be short term. Playing with the happy gorilla is a sign of your confidence in regards to your career and predicts good times ahead.

Is dreaming of Gorillas good or bad?

In order ot answer this we need to look a little more deeper spiriutally. In total there is 1,063 gorilla species that exist in the wild. Recently, Netflix released a documentary called ‘Gorilla which aimed to explore this question while highlighting the beauty and grace that these animals possess. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Gorillas are largely herbivores - meaning that they feed off mostly plants rather than other animals - it is much less likely for them to dream about themes related more commonly found in carnivorous animals such as hunting or territorial disputes.

Dreaming of a gorilla can represent many different things, depending on the context and your personal feelings about gorillas. In its most basic sense, dreaming of a gorilla is often symbolic of strength and resilience in the face of adversity. This means that you have an inner strength and courage to overcome any obstacle life throws at you.

Gorillas are also associated with grace in spiritual terms; they are rarely aggressive which means this is a good sign – even though they weigh anywhere from 200-400 pounds! Dreaming of a gorilla in a zoo could be interpreted as a sign that taking more graceful action in whatever situation you’re facing will be beneficial for all involved. It could also suggest it’s time to stop being so hard on yourself emotionally or physically and just go easy on yourself -- take it slow, recharge your batteries if needed, and then move forward.

What do gorilla dreams mean?

Gorillas sometimes get confused with apes due to the similarities between them both (including brown hair!)There are some crucial differences that should not be overlooked when trying to interpret these dreams spiritually: gorillas tend to live much longer than apes do - so they signify long-term connections which may manifest with resilience over time versus fleeting moments brought forth by their smaller counterparts!

Remember as well, our dreams are a reflection of our innermost thoughts and feelings, so when you dream about seeing a gorilla it can be very revealing -- and in a good way. The spiritual meaning behind the powerful gorilla symbol -- is often associated with brokenness, or getting lost in what we do. In Africa they have a saying “overcome obstacles like the gorilla.” A gorilla may represent struggle in your life but also remind you that anything is achievable no matter how hard the task may seem. It also suggests that you can accomplish a great deal if you break things down into smaller tasks. For example, if you're feeling overwhelmed with work try taking some time out to meditate on your goals and plans.

The symbolism of seeing a gorilla in your dream might also represent communication – whether with yourself or somebody else. Have you been having trouble expressing yourself lately? Maybe it’s time to sit down with someone close to talk through whatever issue has been popping up for you recently. Seeing a threatening gorilla can suggest you have slipped into unhealthy modes of communication such as using technology (your mobile phone) instead of speaking face-to-face. In this way, I see a gorilla as a reminder not to become too reliant on technology.

On another note gorillas are renowned for their nimble fingered dexterity, thus suggesting creativity needs cultivating within ourselves - whether through painting, sculpting (e.g., making your own gorilla sculpture), dancing etc - sometimes all it takes is just getting stuck into something creative enough times until mastery is achieved  Not only does this create opportunity for self-growth but these activities offer solace from everyday stressors too… both important components needed when faced with any kind of challenge!  All in all I feel gorillas are powerful symbols when appearing during our sleep.

Where was the gorilla?

Understanding "where" the gorilla emerged is really important. Gorillas are considered powerful symbols of peace since they live in groups and share many physical traits with humans. Seeing a gorilla looking at you --- might signify that there is something powerful inside yourself that needs attention or recognition - whether it is part of your personality that has been neglected or forgotten about.

If the gorilla was in a zoo during the dream then this could suggest being confined by certain boundaries which limit potential. I also feel if the animal was seen in its natural habitat then this might be reflecting our connection to nature which should help you draw on resources from outside yourself.

I'd also say that if you feel scared by a certain situation then seeing a peaceful yet powerful figure like a gorilla could indicate assurance.

What does it mean to dream of a gorilla in a cage?

Cages are really strange in dreams, they could be metal or just simply iron railings. I believe that dreaming of a gorilla in a cage is often symbolic of repressed emotions or feelings. It could represent the need to take control over our lives and overcome negative influences imposed by external sources. Dreams of gorillas being “trapped” can also be interpreted as an unconscious reminder that you should face challenges head-on and not fear them, no matter how intimidating they may seem at first glance. Think of it like this: the gorilla in a cage is sort of a reminder that we are feeling trapped.

If you recently visited a zoo with gorillas, then this dream might just be your mind processing what you experienced during your visit. Or if you generally enjoy interacting with animals at home (such as a dog or cat) this dream can just symbolize your own strength and ferocity within their own environment while seeing a cage simultaneously expresses your own vulnerability when out of its natural habitat.

What is the biblical meaning of seeing a gorilla in your dream?

Dreams can often feel like they contain mysterious messages. Some people believe that animals in dreams have symbolic significance, and it is possible that seeing a gorilla in your dream could be meaningful to your life.

Luke 12:6 states: “Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God.” This verse sheds light on the value of animal and human life alike—accordingly, some take the appearance of animals in our dreams as a reminder from God to care for ourselves.

Matthew 10:29 says “But even the hairs on your head are numbered; don't fear; you're more important than many sparrows." In other words, we should treat all living things with respect and appreciation because whether or not they're explicitly mentioned in Scripture doesn’t change their worthiness or importance to God's plan.

Certainly depending on how everything appears in your dream this could add another layer to its meaning— although there is no clear answer, each person's interpretation may vary significantly from someone else’s experience. The name "gorilla" itself actually comes from an ancient Greek word which means "shining one" —and so while it doesn't appear likely that gorillas were meant symbolically --- consideration should still be given for what unique message might lie underneath the appearance of this symbol --- as part of our own internal vocabulary for understanding spiritual truth encountered during sleep or reflection.

What are some strange Gorilla dreams?

Whether you're in a dream jungle, or just dreaming about a giant gorilla looming over you, this mighty primate has a deep and mysterious symbolism associated with it. First off, it's important to note that gorillas and apes are not the same animal; gorillas tend to be 200-400 pounds heavier than apes, with brown hair contrasted against the black fur of an ape. It's also worth noting that Gorillas have long fingernails—a symbol of both power and protection. If you feel threatened by a gorilla in a dream then they may represent oppressive forces keeping down your ability to truly express yourself—perhaps there is something within yourself that needs liberating? 

I believe dreams about gorillas often symbolize power, strength, and primal emotions. They can represent your own emotions, giving you hints as to how you are feeling in your life at the moment. However, these symbols can also be interpreted differently depending on personal experience. 

A dream featuring a gorilla could signify that there's something influencing your feelings or decision in life that is larger than yourself and more powerful - like an intimidating boss or family member pressuring you to do something against your will. 

If the dream features a giant gorilla standing in front of them but not advancing or attacking them it might mean you are struggling with inner feelings and seeking balance between your rationality and instinctive reactions to stressful situations or challenges. 

Seeing an aggressive gorilla charging forward could represent fear of failure -- on the other hand succeeding over this obstacle might reflect trepidation.

Expressing a repressed emotion such as anger – This appears when we have troubles expressing our anger either because it feels inappropriate given social expectations for civilized behavior; fighting an imaginary gorilla may be manifestation for this hidden within subconciousness providing an opportunity for emotional release without real-life repercussions.

What does it mean to dream about seeing a gorilla?

Seeing a dream about a gorilla can be interpreted in various ways, depending on the context and your personal feelings when you were dreaming. However, it could signify that you are facing something that feels like an obstacle or challenge in life and you need to find the courage to overcome it. It could also represent a secret storm of some kind - something lurking beneath the surface which needs to be acknowledged and dealt with.

Seeing a gorilla in your dream could also mean strength within yourself. We often associate gorillas with physical strength and resilience so this interpretation may refer to your own untapped inner strength or determination. You have been through difficult times before but you can still find a way out while smiling in the face of problems - it is time for you to tap into your internal strength.

What does it mean to see a dream of getting chased by a gorilla?

Seeing a dream of being chased by a gorilla could actually mean many different things. On the surface level, it may simply represent feelings of fear or anxiety in your waking life. This type of dream may indicate that you are feeling overwhelmed or under pressure in some area of your life. It could also suggest that you are facing an upcoming difficult task or challenge. It is important to identify and confront any underlying triggers when trying to decipher this kind of dream meaning.

However, there might be another interpretation behind this particular dream symbol as well: A ‘gorilla’ can also represent joy and satisfaction in our lives. When seen from this perspective, seeing yourself running away from a gorilla could signify that you are focusing too much on materialistic goals rather than seeking out simpler forms of happiness – like spending time with friends and family or participating in activities that make you feel alive! In other words, maybe the chase is symbolic of your desire to run away from what truly brings true joy into your life.

At times like this, dreaming about getting chased by a gorilla often serves as an important reminder to stop over-complicating life --- because we get so caught up trying to attain more wealth, status or power. 

What does it mean to see a dream of an angry gorilla?

When you dream of an angry gorilla, it can carry a significant symbolism for what is going on in your life and the people around you. To see an angry gorilla could be a sign that you are feeling overwhelmed by the emotions of those around you. Perhaps it’s someone close to you who is very emotional or maybe they’re taking their frustrations out on those in their immediate vicinity. I also feel, this dream might suggest that someone has recently challenged or threatened your own power and authority over certain matters. It can equal an internal struggle within yourself as to how much control or influence over a situation do/should have. Many cultures see gorillas as wise spiritual animals who point towards strength but also bring harmony. 

What does it mean to see a dream of a baby gorilla?

Seeing a dream of a baby gorilla has some interesting implications. It could mean that you are totally crazy about life and all its possibilities, but at the same time it might suggest that you are not strong enough to take on all these challenges head-on. It all depends on the context of your dream—what was happening in it? How did the baby gorilla fit into the picture?

One dream interpretation is that you feel overwhelmed by everything life has to offer and need help navigating it. The baby gorilla could be a symbol for someone or something offering assistance to someone. On another level, seeing a baby gorilla in your dreams may signify physical strength as well as mental resilience. To be successful in life requires both strengths – when faced with difficult decisions we have to rely on our mental fortitude just as much as our physical capabilities. This can be represented through imagery like that of a young gorilla learning how to move around and progress despite any obstacles they may encounter along their journey. 

What does it mean to dream of a gorilla trying to kill you?

Seeing a gorilla killing you (or trying to) in a dream is a sign that there is a sort of power struggle taking place in your life --- perhaps there is someone or something threatening your sense of security, safety and/or confidence? It is not uncommon to have dreams about animals or creatures attacking us. I feel that it could be your “wild side” awakening and wanting to come out, as gorillas are seen as very powerful and strong creatures in nature, but can also be incredibly gentle. It could signify a need for strength or power in your life, the desire for control over something or someone in particular, or challenging yourself with more difficult tasks than you are used to taking on. 

If you had been involved in an argument prior to dreaming this might suggest feelings of frustration or aggression towards someone else which represent the gorilla attacking you in your dream. I also feel it could just mean that your feelings of being overpowered by an authority figure such as a boss at work, with whom you may feel threatened. 

Dreams involving gorillas often evoke emotional responses associated with power ---- either our own inner power that needs unleashing and asserting itself against outside forces (the fear we face when facing a perceived enemy), or the feeling of being overwhelmed by oppressive forces which cannot be challenged head-on during our waking moments because they are too powerful (causing you to maybe retreat into the dreams).

What does it mean to see a dream of a gorilla in your house?

Dreams can oftentimes be strange, but seeing a gorilla in your house in a dream can be particularly freaky! It’s important to remember that dreams don’t usually have a hidden meaning and are simply ways for our brains to work out emotions or conflicts. However, if the gorilla appearing in your home is causing you distress, it could mean something deeper.

Gorillas are naturally peaceful animals who live together in groups of around 10 ---- unless they feel threatened. They are also incredibly strong and powerful creatures who would easily overpower an individual human being. Seeing a gorilla inside your house might suggest that you feel like there's a powerful presence invading your personal space -- and taking away some of your responsibilities. I believe that we all have the power within us to overcome these feelings of vulnerability and intimidation by learning more. 

What does it mean to see a dream of a gorilla protecting you?

When it comes to seeing a dream about a gorilla protecting you this is something meaningful. To begin with, the symbolism of a gorilla carries different meanings in our lives. Gorillas are usually seen as symbols of power - they are strong and imposing creatures intent on protecting their families and ensuring their safety at all costs.

What does it mean to see a dream of a gorilla hugging you?

Gorillas normally live in an isolated group, that is why seeing a gorilla hugging you is a symbol of kindness, security and protection. This is especially so if the hug was gentle and loving. It could mean that now is the time to pay more attention to yourself, take some time for yourself, and nurture your own needs. Gorillas are also known (as I have watched the Netflix documentary) cozy up at night so it is not uncommon for them to have that cuddle.

If you are cuddling a gorilla it could suggest that you are expressing something positive happening in your life right now or something you hope will happen soon. A gorilla's hug can be seen as an expression of tenderness from your spirit guides. If you felt scared or uncomfortable during your dream then this dream could indicate conflict in some area of your life such as an imbalance in power between two people (maybe at home or work). 

Some people associate gorillas with shadows so this might suggest unresolved issues in the past which need addressing. But generally speaking when we see ourselves dreaming of being hugged by a gorilla it’s just really cute and can show how much emotion we put into our dreams!

What does it mean to see a dream about a black gorilla?

There is no denying that in dreams the gorilla is normally black and the other interesting fact is that they are around 95% our own DNA. Now, dreams can be quite mysterious and difficult to interpret. But from an allegorical standpoint, it's important to know that gorillas are actually brown in color – not black, I bet you are surprised. Therefore, dreaming about a black gorilla indicate feelings of being overwhelmed with dark thoughts and emotions; like feeling alienated, discriminated against or misunderstood by family/friends/work colleagues.  It could be you feel this way at the moment? This dream may also reflect the idea of exerting too much power over someone else in order to get one's way which would often make others feel powerless and helpless.

I feel that overall, dreaming about a black gorilla usually means something positive; having control over your destiny regardless of outside forces as well as standing tall in the face of negative comments. Gorillas move in family groups and around about 40 members so the dream could suggest that you may encounter some negative comments from family members going forward.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen or owned a gorilla.
  • Seen somebody else with a gorilla.
  • Visited a gorilla in a zoo.
  • Had a gorilla attack or chase you.
  • Encountered an agitated gorilla.
  • Beaten a gorilla.
  • Played with a gorilla.
  • Encountered a gorilla in the jungle.
  • Eaten gorilla meat.
  • Attacked a gorilla.
  • Hunted or poached gorillas.
  • Had a gorilla bite you.
  • Walked a gorilla on a leash.
  • Seen a gorilla jumping from tree to tree.
  • Had a gorilla in your house.
  • Encountered a happy gorilla.
  • Killed a gorilla.
  • Seen a gorilla with a baby.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The gorilla was friendly in the dream.
  • The gorilla approached you with curiosity in the dream.
  • You observed the gorilla in their natural habitat.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a gorilla

Rigid. Anxious. Scared. Upset. Depressed. Afraid. Strong. In control. Aggressive. Lucky. Playful. Strong. Confused.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012