Siamese Twins

Siamese Twins

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If you have a dream where you see Siamese twins, it denotes that, there will be a major conflict in your life and you will lack direction.

Siamese twins is another name for conjoined twins. The dream could also be a warning to you that, whatever decision you are about to make will affect those around you. Thus, you have to take precaution before embarking on it.

In your dream

  • Seen Siamese twins being born.
  • Seen a Siamese cat.
  • Identical twins.
  • Conjoined at birth.
  • The torso joined.
  • The Separation of Siamese twins.
  • Conjoined animals.

Detailed dream interpretation

A dream where you see Siamese twins being born can be a symbol of matrimony and union. If you are in a relationship or single, there is a high possibility that you will be married or you will meet your ideal soulmate. In the case, you are married, and you are having a dream of Siamese twins, it indicates that your wishes of having a large family and having many children will be fulfilled.

If you dream of seeing a Siamese cat, it can denote that, you are turning to your partner for support. The Siamese twins arguing in your dream predicts a fight, theft, disloyalty, adultery, backbiting, eavesdropping or bearing a child from an adulterous relationship. It could also represent a gentle speaking person or someone who wants to be accepted by others, and anytime you find an opportune moment; you need to grab all opportunities.

Dreaming of identical twins in your dream is a fairly positive symbol which can be associated with family celebrations. It could be that you are going to attend a birthday or a wedding shortly. But in case one of the twin chokes, it could be a reflection that, you are having difficulty in changing or moving on with your life. An example is, you could be upset by a friend who is getting married without involving you. A dream of this type could be a reminder that, you should live life to the full and embrace what is in your future instead of sticking to the past.

Twins conjoined at birth can be an indication that you have bliss in your life which is blossoming and you can move faster than you expected in achieving your goals. You need to continue working hard so that things remain the way they are. There are greater things ahead of you so try not to relax.

Dreaming of twins who have their torso joined is an emphasis on your feelings. It could be denoting your confidence and pride which is making you achieve. Make sure that, you go for whatever your heart directs you to with confidence and in the process, gaining more opportunities in life.

If you dream of the separation of Siamese twins, it denotes that, you have taken precaution and make sure that, whatever decisions you make don’t affect those around you, thus enabling you to live in harmony with everyone. In the process, those around you are helping you to achieve your life goals willingly.

Seeing conjoined animals in your dream is an indication that there is a threat to your ego, which you are fighting and you need to work hard on it because, if you leave it as it is, it might affect your productivity and thus, you will be unable to meet your daily targets.

Feelings associated with the dream

Comfortable. Threatened. Successful. Confident. Proud. Progressive. Happy. Determined. Hard working

By Flo Saul
Jul 2, 2017