Prophetic Dreams / Prophecy

Prophetic Dreams / Prophecy

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

A prophetic dream is when you dream of something and then it happens. Like predicting the future.

Sometimes you will be able to tell a prophetic dream before it happens and there will be a feeling, like knowing in your gut that your dream is going to become a reality.

Other times a person may dream of a specific prophecy – such as a dream of something happening that was said in the Bible, by Nostradamus, or something of this nature. Both of these dream types have a nature of psychic ability and while the dream may not be specifically psychically induced, it does indicate that you are going through an episode where you are sensitive to the hidden or invisible world around you.

In this dream you may have

  • Seen a vision.
  • Seen something happen before it did in your real world.
  • Felt like you needed to warn someone of something.
  • Received a warning in a dream.
  • Experienced deja vu.

More often than not though, the dream is going to be one where you don’t realize until later that it was a prophetic one.

Additionally to dream of the future can be somewhat unnerving.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • See someone die in a dream.
  • Witness the birth or see someone pregnant in a dream and it comes true – this is a blessing for the child or family.
  • Are able to warn someone of a situation.

Detailed dream meaning

Seeing events in a dream is not all that uncommon, but still people tend to get a little uncomfortable with these kinds of dreams, especially when the dream is about something negative. Understand that everyone has a certain amount of psychic ability and there are times – especially if you are very close to someone or during stressful situations – where your natural guard may be down and you find yourself more in turn with the other energies that are constantly around.

Dreaming of a happy experience such as the birth of a child, someone getting engaged, or a promotion at work and then seeing it happen in real life is a sign that the event is blessed with more positive energy than usual.

If you have a dream where you witness a loved one that has passed and then you see them during the birth of a baby, often this is a sign that the baby or the pregnancy is given extra care by this person. Other times this can mean that a reincarnation is happening.

Dreaming of negative events is stressful and sometimes scary. Understand that negative events have certain energy and sometimes these dreams feel like nightmares then you see them witnessed in real life. Do not be scared or startled and do not feel guilty because you were unable to warn someone of the negative action. When you have dreams like this it is often good to share these dreams with someone especially if you have a feeling that they may come true.

When you have dreams like this, consider your own life at the moment. Also, always trust your own instincts.

It is better to share the dream.

Often dreams of the future are given to you because you can do something about it. If you find that you have prophetic dreams on a regular basis it may be a good idea to look into psychic training.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Having a baby.
  • Something bad happening.
  • Health concerns – positive or negative.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream Prophetic Dreams

Scared. Smart. Intuitive. Kind. Helpful. Purposeful. Gifted. Blessed. Curious. Unsure. Confused.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012